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    I wish Rand would take his fathers mantle and fight to get rid of the damn IRS and Income Tax altogether.
    The country existed for how many years without it?
    The answer fellow Americans is what we've done for so long until morons in DC felt they were entitled to our earnings, excise taxes, non-protectionist tariffs, and massive cuts in spending.
    You people argue what is fair and what isn't fair to take. NONE OF IT IS!! Any cent taken from our earnings is unfair. Anyone arguing percentages is a Communist, being as its the second plank in the Communist manifesto. Go read up on your leaders you Commie bastards.
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    Good idea but as you can see it's a total waste of time and you're labelled a nut if you actually try to fix the cause and not the symptoms! Ron Paul has the solution to the problem but the majority are welfare bunnies, government parasites, and idiots so nothing is ever going to change unless the working declare war on the deadbeats!
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    I say go for it. Everyone in congress should vote their convictions. I say bring on the fiscal cliff. I want 50 percent reductions in military spending. I want the Bush tax cut to expire. That is what the fiscal cliff will do. And I want Obama to have to negotiate with the left wing of the dems instead of the repubs.

    As to the IRS I agree, think there are better ways to tax that are less invasive of privacy.
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    @JustTheFacts - Do you feel like if we had no "deadbeats" in the entire country that would could balance the budget? If so, please explain how that works, and how can we establish a deadbeat-free nation?
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    with their backs against the wall like they would be and if no one signed on with them, the dems might loose some of their on come vote time.
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    You do realize he is doing this so he can have it both ways if he runs for prez, right? Didn't obstruct so won't piss those who want co-operation too much. Came out against it so he had the right anti-obama position for the right. I hope people on this site understand pols enough to see this for what it is...
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    @PoliticalSpice-- Interesting... Might be a good strategy. The 2012 election demonstrated that getting the ignorant, gullible and angry voters are the way to win... If he can get them by claiming to represent the "gimme gimme voters"...

    You really don't understand the concept of "principles"... do you?
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    Principles means taking a risk for something one beleived in. Here he takes no risk. Duh.

    And if the key to getting elected is getting the votes of ignorant, gullible,angry voters to turn out Romney would be sitting in the white house.

    And btw you are again making foolish assumptions about my veiw of my policy/political positions. I made a statement about pols, and election stratagy, I did not criticize any of pauls policies. But you go ahead and beleive what you want, past debates with you have shown you lack ability to think outside of bumper stick rhetoric.
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    Yes, give them want they want...they want to destroy the Country, have at it, their going to do it anyway. That's
    what Socialism does...Let em have their way, the 'adults' will clean up the mess...we know the 'children' won't!
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    @dances-weebles We are on two totally opposite sides of the political say you are a Pastor and
    then go on about public nudity, etc. etc., I'm not sure I believe what you have to say Weeble...
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    @mimi57 well, if you were to read what i say aloud you'd know. you seem to believe that there's some 'sin' in nudism, and i'm simply pointing out that it's hogwash.

    it's just not important enough to worry about.
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    I got an easy surefire way to fix the economy. Problem is, my plan would get 0 votes from liberals who think the government's job is to bathe them, fed them, clothe them, and provide them with shelter.

    Here's my plan:
    1) Slash tax rates across the board. As Rand said, let's get more money circulating in the private sector.

    2) Slash regulations. Look, there are smart regulations and then there are regulations designed to make it easy to extort businesses. Let's streamline regulations to be helpful to businesses, not rob them.

    3) End Unemployment benefits after 10 weeks. Look, the program was designed to be a safety net not a way of life. Why get a job when obama will pay you to stay in your mother's basement.

    4) Pay down the deficit. We can do that easily if we make radical cuts to entitlements, as they are the biggest drivers of our deficits.

    5) Repeal obamacare. This new entitlement scares the bejesus out of any hardworking businessperson.

    With these simple five steps the economy could be turned around. Too bad obama hasn't a clue how to create jobs. We had the opportunity to put a job creator in the White House and this foolish nation blew it.
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    That sounds like the laissez-faire doctrine of the 1920's that led to the Great Depression. Is that the best you got?
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    I'm glad Rand doesnt have the attitude, if you cant beat them , join them. He knows the presidents plan is the wrong plan for America and he doesnt want any part of it. I hope he continues to be a spokesperson for conservatives. He has a backbone and hes not afraid to use it.
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    Partisan politics is always detrimental to the country. However, we as a nation have become so comfortable, lazy and apathetic that perhaps we should let congress run the country all the way in to the ground. People might then actually get involved and replace the parties in congress with leadership that puts the country first ahead of their careers.
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    A sad commentary yet I am afraid one that is true. The question I am more afraid of is can we recover without one of our "friends" seizing on our moment of weakness so that we don't have the time to then recover. I have few doubts about the USA, it's the puppet govs. we have supported for so many years that I fear thwarting a true reconsiliation. They may well seize the moment of our weakness. However, I think we have to go forward because a stalemate is where we are now.
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    @kathyparsell Have no fear, the best of the American spirit comes to the surface in times of adversity.
    The best of the American people are silent, they get up, go to work, pay their bills and raise their families. They don't get involved in politics because the moral bankruptcy turns their stomachs. plus they are still relatively comfortable.
    I personally know hundreds of hard working, ethical, brave, intelligent, courageous and talented blue collar(and a few white collar) Americans that will stand up in a heart beat if they fell their families, homes or communities are seriously threatened.
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    And when the Nation is stronger, not destroyed, let the G.O.P. and Paul concede and say, "You were right, we were wrong."
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix ummm like it did under Clinton. Is this even a conversation. Clinton raise taxes in the rich, he creates 23 million jobs. Bush cut taxes for the rich, he created one million jobs in 8 yrs. is this really a conversation. What are we even arguing about?.
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    How is it that you always equate "the productive" with the rich? Most of the "productive" people are NOT rich. The guy who stocks shelves, cleans floors, digs ditches, etc........
    Few laborers are wealthy and they are among the MOST productive.
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    Wonderful idea! I think its fantastic! Let the ignorant populus learn the hard way ..Unfortunately for the rest of us, we'll have to suffer as well but how else these imbeciles going to learn? I'm sick of these idiot liberal democrats Hell I used to be one! LOL
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    I would prefer to go over the cliff. Painful for Americans yes, death blow to both parties and those life long members......priceless with side order of unimaginable value. This will clean house on both sides of the fence of the likes never before in history. Its the kick in the ass we need.
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    You know as painful as it would be for two years for this country I think you may be right. It may well be the only way we can get that cess pool of a congress cleaned out.
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    I think Paul is saying give them what they want to avoid the cliff. If obama’s policies work he will get the credit, if they don’t he should take the credit. If they work I’ll try to be a good little socialist but I’m already feeling less incentive to work. A mother of two makes $29.000 lives like she is making $69,000 a year. That is a better standard of living than me and I have work for all I get. I shouldn’t have gotten married I could have just lived with my family when the social worker wasn’t looking. That is an actual strategy I was once advised to by a coworker.
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    "when the economy stalls, when the economy sputters, when people lose their jobs, they know which party to blame," Been there, done that. Thank you Republicans.
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    Yes allow the Dems to slow business, Allow the dems and the Obama to have the economy that they all voted for "A Bad One"
    Truly allow them to be the victims they wanted to be.
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    The more they screw things up, the more they will get to blame Bush or the Republicans. Nothing is ever the Democrats fault, they are beyond reproach. (sarcasm) If only the Libertarians could get a good following, then it would be harder to play the blame game and blame everything on both other parties.
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    The liberal mantra of 'free stuff' and entitlements has finally taken full charge of the country. "Let the rich pay!" has become the rallying cry. Sadly, basic math is lost of liberals as the current level of spending simply cannot be sustained by simply raising taxes.

    America has made her bed. The lone voices of fiscal reason from the Conservatives have been drowned out by baseless whining about the point of shutting down the debate entirely.

    When folks can vote themselves benefits at the expense of the public treasury, it is never long until democracy fails. That's our path, and I see nothing on the horizon to change it.
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    Regarding the issue at hand, someone needs to explain something to me. The tax rates have never been lower yet our unemployment is very high. Historically, there has never been a time when tax rates were high and the unemployment rate was high ( except to say when it was transitioning to that point). So why does the GOP advertise the illogical notion that raising taxes on the wealthiest of individuals will cause the unemployment rate to go even higher?
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    The wealthiest already pay over 40% of the combined F.I.T., whereas half the country pay no F.I.T. at all, is that fair?-- only in a communist country. The so called rich that make over 250,000 are the ones that create jobs in the private sector through their investments. Instead, they are faced with new repressive regulations that have been instituted in the last 90 days that can stall this economy even more.

    Why do you think businesses move off-shore? It's because of the high cost of doing business here through union demands, ridicules corporate taxes @ 39.2%(the highest in the world) and stifling regulations. In comparison, Canada recently lowered their Corp. taxes to 15%.

    What could go wrong with a person in the oval orifice that had no previous executive experience, or an understanding of how businesses work and economies flourish -- he would rather engage in Bolshevik class warfare and envy, instead of doing the right thing....IMO.
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    Gees, I dont know where to start. First, I didnt mention corporate taxes. But I will play along with your change in topic.
    If the USA is so replete with "union demands" and high tax rates then how can you possibly compare it to a communist country? Communist countries have neither of those. Obama has wanted lower corporate tax rates since the beginning. It congress that keeps shooting that down. Big business didn't move off shore SOLELY for lower- sweatshop labor costs and lower taxes, they also moved because ITS LEGAL. These companies also got tax breaks FOR shipping jobs overseas. The corporate tax rate has existed long before Obama took office. BTW, Japan and UAE have higher rates currently than us.
    In the country I live in ( the USA) is in a financial crisis. We didnt get here due to regulations. We got here due to DEregulations that have been systematically and gradually reduced since the Nixon era. The rate of these deregulations vary. The more pronounced rates came during the Reagan terms and the Bush terms, however, both parties are guilty. Historically, you give a person an inch, they will want a mile. Greed is king and the evidence is overwhelming. By removing regulations to the banks and Wall street, and heightening their transparency while dissolving their accountability, it was only a matter of time till we go to the mess we are in now. It didn't happen overnight.
    Id like to know your source that states as actual fact that over"half the country does not pay F.I.T" but before you answer that, I need to know if your source is talking about the people who are actually employed who are required by law, as per their income eligibility, TO pay FIT.
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    Yes, I agree, that many of the problems that we have were generated by others in the past, but he's not interested in that -- he has an agenda that strays further from our representative Constitutional Republic and sets in motion more of the same, and worse.

    At the on-set of communist ideology taking root in in the former "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics," there were high taxes and union support before and after in the newly formed USSR. Unions were used only to set the wheels in motion and were marinalized in the end because of the nationalizing of industry.

    "Trade unions in the Soviet Union trace their history back to Russian Revolution of 1905. Many trade unions were shut down or restricted on the eve of World War I and during the War, but they revived after the February Revolution and their leaders were democratically elected during 1917.

    Anarchists and some Bolshevik trade unionists hoped that unions would manage industry after the October Revolution. A strong factory committee movement had sprung up, from workers occupying workplaces or forcing their bosses into compliance with demands as the government would no longer protect them. However, as the Bolsheviks seized and consolidated power, this movement was ended by nationalizing industry. This only with the Russian Civil War and its policy of war communism the trade unions lost staff to government, Party, and military organs."

    The high-tax, Big government, economic growth-killing regulations, centrally planned economic regime favored by Obama; is essentially the first step leading to Socialism/Communism. a lesson Obama learned well from his early mentor, Frank Marshal Davis, an avowed Communist

    Obama, inflicting Obamunism on the US, will raise taxes on capital gains, dividends, social security, medicare and ordinary income, which will destroy incentives to work, save and invest. This will result in less economic and job growth, as was the case in the once, and now defunct USSR. And as a consequence, less overall tax revenues comining in. Eventually, there wasn't much money to tax, especially sharing the wealth with others who haven't earned it, a princible ingrediant that Obama shares with Marx & Engels.

    Of course, some of those that pay no F.I.T. are exempt by IRS standards of exclusion based on take home pay. My point is, if their going to require only a segment of the country to pay higher taxes in the future, then that burden should be shared by all! This folowing has nothing to do with govt. taxation, but what is fair for a person to pay in support of others -- Biblically speaking, all were to share in the 10% tithing, which was deemed fair and equitable.

    Who pay the taxes....
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    Rand Paul is a imbecile. My republican party was taken over by cowardly plutocrat Neocons and they completely destroyed our economy and country from 2001 to 2009 and I expected a rejuvenation of the intellectual side of true conservatives that believe in smaller government, less spending and government out of our lives. Instead we got the dumbest of the dumb from the Tea Party and subsequently the candidates for President had to curry favor from these inbred halfwits. Allow Obama to try his policies and if they work then he deserves the credit either way. Something has to be done and allowing Tea Party morons to dictate our government is not helping at all. These people are only concerned with their own power and they couldn't give a flying rat's bottom about the country as a whole.
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    My Republican Party was ruined the Day Ronnie was voted in in 1980. I kept hoping it would bounce back, but sadly, it hasn't and now I just do not care anymore. The GOP can go to Hell for all I care.
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    So Rand wants big government when he wants us out of these unconstitutional wars, out of the over 150 foreign countries we occupy for reasons unknown to everyone and for us to stop policing the world. Rand wants big government when he wants them out of the business of telling us what we can and can't put in our bodies with regards to drugs. Rand wants big government when he wants to legalize hemp. He's the one in favor of big government although he's been fighting to get the indefinite detention of American Citizens out of the NDAA, he's the one in favor of big government although he wants us to be able to choose our light bulbs, toilets, and other products free from the beaurcracy of the EPA telling us what we can and cannon buy. This is the guy who wants to cut spending across the board and even realizes that every dollar to the military is not sacred and we can cut some there as well. How exactly is Rand in favor of big government?
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    @DrFunkenstein Right because you know that I watch Fox News. I dislike the Republican Party because they stand for too much government. You have gobbled up whatever propaganda you subscribe to as well Einstien. Whether it be NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox or however you get your news you're getting it slanted therefore its propaganda that you particulary like. Try looking at their records and facts. I dislike Rand for him supporting DOMA and sanctions and among other things. Tell me exactly what you think true conservatism is please DrFunkenstien? What has Rand done that's advocated more government in our lives? Tell me what he's done to make bigger government? What exactly is your idea of smaller government, less spending, and getting them out of our lives?
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    I think it will be very destructive for America but we have a large portion of the population that will not understand unless we are in collapse... The Dependent Class have a mind set that there will always be someone to bail them out, to send in the money when they are hungry... And if the republicans keep things just getting by by stopping most of the Dem's socialist moves we will slowly bleed and many will become accustom to a lower life style and it will take much longer to revive after the fall...

    I say the Repub's should make clear that they do Not Agree with the Dem's policies but stand back and vote Present and let the Dem's install their hopes and wishes... But everyone should start now preparing for the disaster to come when jobs vanish and social programs are forced to be cut drastically... Then after the smoke clears and the riots end then we can start a recovery... It's sad that America will have to fail in the short run but it may make a future for our children after the fall...
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    @Fishbone345 Rand Paul is my Senator, I voted for the guy and I e-mail him often. I think he's frustrated and a bit confused. He ( or an aid) e-mailed me back saying that he supported a Term Limit and a separate Flat Tax bill, but neither would ever get past committee. I'd love to see him move to the Libertarian Party. That's where he belongs.
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    @Fishbone345 looks and sounding as though it's still bouncing and rolling, too... and had some pretty nasty knocks about the head on the way. his brains are addled.
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    When you KNOW you're going to lose the fight, pretend like that's your intention. Great strategy, Rand!!! Gawd, Kentucky sure can pick 'em!
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    I think the republican party should get out of the way. Stop being obstructionists, and allow the President to implement his save this country....If they do, the country & economy will be spared, but it will all but decimate the republican party...Which, as far as I'm concerned, is perfectly fine with me.
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