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    OXYMORON ALERT!!!!!!!!!! Principled Politician

    SIMPLEMORON ALERT!!!!!!!!!! Chucky Crist

    Great move, the Republican Party just experienced a massive gain. Chucky will fit in quite well with the party of the turncoat, maybe Bozo Biden will help him get into Clown College and Der Fuhrer will get his records sealed.
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    Head line should read: " Professional Politician Starts New Business Venture " ....This guy simply see's better career opportunities with the Democrats... end of story...
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    If the republican party continues to allow the the tea party, paul ryan & the likes of rush limbaugh to control its message and policies, they will continues to lose the support of the American People, and, thus more and more people will cease to call them selves "republicans". Not many Americans continue to believe in many of the "theories" that the republican party continues to push. Like "cutting taxes on the most wealthy will result in jobs & prosperity for all". Its already been proven that "trickle-down" did not work...So if they continue on this path, they will lose more people, support, and politicians each and every year.
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    He can join the ranks of Spector and 'Biggy Big Chris Christy'...I've never trusted middle of the road <<<</ >>>>>
    can't make up my mind politicians, the same way I've never trusted people who don't like dogs...
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    Well I like dogs. Actually we have one as a member of our family. Stub's her name. Walking on three legs is her game. But I am also firmly planted on one side or the other of the political middle usually. So I guess you can only half trust me. I assume that puts me a tad higher on your "trust" gauge than many if not most politicians. If not, then I would suggest you re-calibrate that gauge. ;)
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    @MRMacrum Yep, anyone who loves dogs can be trusted a point. I love three legged dogs, they are so
    determined to get around and over come their handicap, I have a 16 yr.old Chow, and he is falling constantly,
    I pick him up and take it a day at a time, I know he doesn't have will be one of the saddest days in my life when I have to let him go. Politicians could learn a lot from dogs, especially loyalty!
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    @mimi57 - Yeah. Dogs do not judge. Dogs do not question. Dogs just always want to be either in your lap or on the other side of the door.
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    The Republican Party is having a Civil War within itself. They made a mistake by letting the crazies take too much control of the Party. Now any decent Republican has to entertain the fringe in order to be chosen by his/her own party. By the way Rick Scott should be in prison for Medicare fraud.
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    If that wasn't so true it would be somewhat funny...HELLO...The Dems are already there, and the Republicans are trying to save what is left of the country. Get it?!
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    @mimi57 - "Republicans are trying to save what is left of the country." ...

    Well maybe they should stop trying to save the US of the 1950s and update 60 years and try to save the US of the 21st century.
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    From what I know of him, he's one of the more principle one. In my view, the ability to change one's mind based on new information, insight or introspection does in no way indicate one is "not principled". That said, his switch to the Democratic Party is only being a turncoat to Independents. Crist's coat turned the first time when he left the GOP. The two issues are not mutually exclusive.
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    Crist would join the Nazi Party if he thought that would get him elected. Anything to live off the taxpayers once again.
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    LOL - I thought he already had switched sides, turncoat, no, he's just a politician who is a bit more obvious in his attempt to garner a vote, you know, say and do whatever it takes. Arlen Spector was the same, he switched sides for his own advantage.
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    "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom,— go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!" - Samuel Adams
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    He's just being a typical gutless, hollow, politician. I'm sure if republicans get an upswing in power after Obama's next 4 years Crist will be registering as a republican.
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    Definition: politician- charlie christ
    public servant-Allen West
    Crist inspires no one. He has no courage and no sense of loyalty. He is a poor example for todays youth and he earns no respect.
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