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    Ok, is there a Mom or Dad out there that can tell me how these "kill" or they fall out if it wasn't for lack of parental supervision? Thanks in advance!
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    You forgot the new rule of todays society, Thou shall not be responsible for one own failure to be responsible.
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    I totally see your point... but in defense of parents everywhere, it is when the baby is asleep that we feel comfortable about leaving baby unattended and getting something else done... people buy these sleeping platforms so baby is comfortable and will sleep well, not so they can sit and stare at them and worry abut their safety.
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    You miss his point. His point is any interference with a free market, even if babies are dying is unacceptable. You give him to much credit for being reasonable. I'd be shocked if your argument changes his mind.
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    Just a thought here, but a "baby napper" should be a perfectly safe place for a baby to, you know, nap. A mother would not being neglectful in the least to let her baby nap in the baby NAPPER while she, for example, took a shower.
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    Ok, before you guys start I'll say it: Obama is responsible for every child who died. How dare he interfere with the free market by removing these recliners. If he doesn't remove them he is responsible for continuing to kill babies. You see? I pay attention. Now, are you convinced I'm not a liberal?
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    I'm waiting for the minister of propaganda for the current regime to tell all of us how Bush is responsible for the deaths and how he is profiting by the sale of each one.
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    @PoliticalSpice: "Obama is responsible for every child who died."

    Okay, but you said it. It's a little wild to jump all the way to the president in order to place blame, but I'll roll with it.
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    well if this product has disclaimers on it then it shouldnt be the blame of the manufacturer for the initial deaths..but Now knowing the dangers of these recliners they are obligated to make a change inthe product to make it safer.. Of course parents should hold some responsibility in that instance.. but If the baby recliner is advertised as "Safe" well I believe the responsibilies are that of the manufacturer..
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    Disclaimers are great.

    My wife got a hair dryer with a disclaimer that said not to be used in the shower or in bed.

    Did some idiot try this, get hurt and sue the manufacturer?

    I read disclaimers on pestacide cans that tell me not to drink em.

    Again why? I mean is there someone out there drinking Ortho?

    I read disclaimers on 5 gallon commercial plastic pails of paint warning that unattended toddlers will die if you let them fall in head first.

    Who the hell had unattended toddlers running loose falling into commercial paint pails?

    In the end it all comes down to the object in the room that can freaking think.

    YOU THE PARENT have to be smarter than the object.

    Remember, just because Crayola crayons say they are Non-Toxic and Safe for children of all ages, that don't mean you let the little snot gobblers eat em.
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    If there is a way to misuse a product or fail to follow directions consumers will find it, unfortunately. I can tell just by looking at the photo that putting a baby in this seat without securing the child even while the adult turns their back just long enough to grab a blanket will have the child out of the seat and on the floor. An older baby will be able to roll the whole seat over too.
    I would not purchase this seat. A baby is safest on his back in a crib without a pillow. In fact, our daughter's pediatrician just yesterday told her to put the newborn in a blanket sleeper that fits him properly and put him to bed on his back with no additional blankets.
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    On behalf of all parents, thanks for sharing.
    Anything to keep an infant, or any child, safe and secure and out of harm's way.
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    Ok, you convinced me. It's the parents fault, the kids deserved to die. I mean really! Even your daughter, growing up with your influence needed reminding. Unless you beleive in post-birth abortion, lets allow a bit of reasonable govt intervention to save these babies, or is it inly the unborn who have a right to life?
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    @PoliticalSpice Excuse me but I don't think you read all of my comments correctly. First let me say that for a few years my husband worked in the area know as product liability. It was his job to find as many ways as possible a consumer could abuse a product and sue the company. The ways people misuse products, or fail to follow instructions is just mind blowing.
    Where did you get the idea I was against goverment intervention in this?
    The instructions my daughter received from the pediatrician are merely the latest guidelines for the prevention of SIDS (she has a two year old). And by the way, those instructions have changed dramatically over the years. When she was an infant we were instructed to always place babies on their stomach. That was 1974. Look it up if you don't believe me.
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    Well your post was not clear as to what the doctor said to your daughter, in any event I did jump to the conclusion you opposed To goverment intrvention based on the tone if your remarks, as above, basically saying it was the fault of the consumer for mot following directions, and that is stupid, no question, but the issue here to me is that it is the baby, not the person failing to follow the directions that suffers. And when people start blaming the victim, as it were, that usually means they are against regulation. At least that has been my observation of the people who do so on this web site.
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    About a hundred deaths in cribs each year, another hundred in tubs, a dozen or so in hot cars......babies are's an unsafe world.....quit blaming the manufacturers.
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    Research how many children drown in BUCKETS, especially the 5 gallon paint kind, in the US each year. Gives one a bit of perspective. Will the nanny state ban buckets? "Oh won't someone think of the children"? Typical government pandering to the weak of mind.
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    The parents who apparently left their children in such a low safety device such as this.
    No rails, safety belt... I mean.. Come, on.....
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    That thing might as well be 10 feet off the ground from an infant's perspective. Look how high up the kid is. Bad product. Kill the nap nanny...kill it with fire!
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    They are your kids your responsibility!! But the company does have to explain these deaths because these sound like unnecessary tragedies
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    well, if a product isnt used properly, why should the company be to blame. when should people start pointing fingers at the parents? babies drowned in tubs each year, because mom/dad steps out to have a smoke or make a phone call. should we discontinue tubs as well? it is clearly the tub makers fault for letting it hold water and they are purposely making these baby killing devices.
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    well i think we should also ban, cars, bathtubs, and parents, since more deaths of babies die as a result of them.
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    What about the rights of the child? If there is a pattern of parents not being careful and the child getting hurt then these products should be recalled.
    When a product hurts adults due to their own negligence then that's the adult's own fault and only the adult is hurt.
    When a product hurts a child though it isn't the child's fault.
    If it's the parents' responsibility then it should still be recalled but the company reimbursed.
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    Apparently liberals care about a child's welfare once its out of the womb while conservatives are only concerned about a baby's well-being while its a fetus.
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    I have no idea how people could think this is a safe item. Other than just looking at it I mean. What the hell are people thinking? Could a baby flop out of one of these? A dead branch could flop out of one of these thing.
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    So let me get this straight. We all know that cribs and playpens have bars and walls for a reason, but some people think you can put a baby in a chair without any kind of restraint and it won't fall out?

    Maybe the problem has to do with the people who are procreating.
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    The PARENTS!!!!! I have 4 grandchildren, three did not have the nap nanny, three had to take medication at an early age (under 3 months) for severe Acid Reflux, ONE, the one with a Nap Nanny at home and a Nap Nanny at my house, used according to directions, not in a crib, not on a table, not on a sofa, ONLY on the floor, has absolutely NO acid reflux. Point made, parents who did not follow directions had a problem, parents who followed directions had no problems. It's a shame, a very few irresponsible parents did not follow directions and this small company, started by two mothers, could not afford the legal fees to defend their product. I urge anyone who is going to have a baby, or is going to be a grandparent, get one, get one now, otherwise your child or grandchild will be on medication for acid reflux at what I consider an inappropriate age. Really? Meds. for children under 6 mos. to control acid reflux? Get a Nap Nanny and after feeding, keep your child in a semi-upright position for at least 20 min. That will help.
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