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    LOL..that's too funny...some idiot from the washed up Left "News" MSNBC, wants to punch a Far Right Republican in the face?...and I always thought leftists were wimps...WoW, they're getting tough, silly me...
    Old hippies want to fight, go figure! laugh I've had since I saw Psy hopping
    around like a bunny with sun glasses, It just keeps getting crazier...and I thought Libs were all about Peace...?
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    Sorry, Mimi...Scarborough was a Republican throughout his political careeer...albeit he was often viewed as a Rhino. His political evolution to the left after his congressional career has been interesting to watch.
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    @CanisCanemEdit Never watched or heard of him...he's still a Leftist to me, I don't trust Rhino's or bunnies. lol
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    Do you know that Scarborough is a former congressman and republican? You though leftist were wimps? Have you been paying attention? Leftist aidded the allied forces in defeating Hitler? Kick the butt of u.s. forces and won the war in Veitnam, through Batisa out of Cuba and defeated a cia invasion of that country, chased the u.s. marines out of Nicaragua, and 31 years later through the u.s. favored dictator out the country. And in each of those conflicts, except ww2 the leftist were less well armed then the u.s. and prevailed anyway. If that is your definition of wimps, what is your definition of winning. Oh, thats right, you saod Romney would win the presidency.
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    @mimi57 - I don't trust anyone that misrepresents their position to garner favor. That includes RINOS and DINOS.(When you lead your political life with a lie, what is to trust?)
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    I do not agree with Scarborough. if the Republican Party rejects the "far right", the Tea Party within their base, and a large part of their base they will reap the same results they have in the last two Presidential elections. they can listen to "radicals" like Scarborough and ignore their base at their own risk. what risk you say? if the Republican party continues to ignore their conservative base and Platform...i look for the Tea Party to eventually become a party on their own. then the so called Republicans will be sunk. they will not take away the Democratic base by trying to mirror them. i think Rick Santorum said it best when he was running in the primary.... he said we needed to make a start contrast to the Democratic party and their ideals and he said Mitt Romney was a moderate and would not be able to draw that stark contrast. However the Republican Party "Powerful" go their way and the Conservative base (which could have one this election for them) stayed home.

    People who have a belief in God and a belief in Conservatism will not sacrifice that just so the Republican party can score a "win" for winning sake.
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    And since you won't sacrifice any of your policies then your party can have a slow painful death. It'll make great news. I live in the deep south, and I know many republicans that are moving parties....wonder why?
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    I AM a former Democrat born and raised that HAS switched to the Republican party because I embraced their Conservative platform......i also am a Tea Party member because they represent a Conservative platform. The Tea Party is not at all what "some" are "painting" it to be. They stand for and represent all the standards that made this country great. Now this country we love is under attack from within and has started a downhill slide. with both the Democratic Party and the Republican party it is all about their "power", their "control" and their "money". People be damned. The Republican party as it currently merely the lesser of two evils to me.
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    Sanatorum and Akin are two reasons Romney never made it to the White House. The Republicans need to throw idiots like this out of their party and they may actually have a chance in the next election.
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    i respectfully disagree. their wording I'll admit was not what it should have been. That being said, they could have lied and completely changed their stance to suit the left and the media and they didn't. you either believe in what you are presenting or you don't. That is a foreign idea to the vast majority of politicians on both sides as their opinion seems to be to change stance with the wind, lie and do all that you can to stay in or to obtain "power" and all that goes with it.

    Personally I am real tired of the two faced bunch on both sides. Santorum and Akin...and I will add Murdock stood for their principles. God help us these men actually said what they mean and mean what they spite of the "media" and "liberal" skew that was put on their miswording.

    Remember that old saying: "stand for something or you will fall for anything"?!?
    this country is in a state of "fall" that we likely will never come out of.

    Woe to our children and grandchildren who will not know the very Blessed life we had in this country and we just let it slide away. Shame on all of us.
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    @Jean. I must say I am in complete agreement with this statement, but Santorum, Akin, Murdock can still kiss my well you
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    Another Re-democrat comes out of the woodwork! Funny a lawyer talking about punches to the face when they're the whole reason you can't do that anymore. I bet the first thing out of his mouth if someone punched him in the face would be... "I'm suing you!!!"
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    @PoliticalSpice ah, there's that liberal superiority at its finest. Yes I know Sherlock, hence the "Re-". I'll try to dumb my wit down for you libs next time.
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    @PoliticalSpice Joke? Perhaps, but be honest and admit that if some Democrat said the party should reject the far left like Bill Maher or Ed Schultz with a punch in the face more than a few lefties would be having conniption fits.....
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    @Nemesis3X Theres that conservative ignorance. If you think i'm liberal that is further proof you don't know how to label anothers political ppinions correctly...
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    @LGRepublican the Dems have been doing that for years. We are usrd to it. Mondale criticized che when he ran for president, jack kennedy was a staunch anti-communist in congress, indeed most of the dems supported the war in Veitnam until the late sixties. More recent history has gibbs, obamas press secretary criticizing the "professional left" at a white house press conference...
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    Scarborough is a RINO lightweight whose show is loaded with MSNBC-SLATE approved DINOs. Even as a congressman, Scarborough was a joke. Many would prefer to simply urinate on him but he does that himself on a regular basis.
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    Seeing as I am the far right, no. The Republican party planks are sensible and appropriate. It only becomes a racket when you promise to be tea and when you're delivered you wind up being warm water.
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    Interesting comment since I'm sitting here with a cup of tea. The thing is I know I need that cup of warm water to make that tea. I don't expect that cup o' tea to just be handed to me. I take the ingredients and put a little effort into it and voila- tea. Sounds more like you want a right wing hand-out.

    Excuse me, I hafta go make another cup of tea.
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    @DerivePI Just the fact that he is an MSNBC talking head is enough to keep him from earning any brownie points from me. However, he did make a valid observation and a sensible one at that.
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    @justapirate - I confess that I haven't watched him in years. The need to confront the conservative pundits in a time where we have $trillion annual deficits and a president giving lip service to fiscal responsibility, is laughable. We'll see how much the conservative voters enjoy a racket, when the people who pledged, in writing, no tax increases seek re-election in 2 years.
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    We reject you and MSNBC and wish we could punch you in the face. Blame FOX and Talk Radio all you want for dividing this country, but it's at least 1 to 7 in favor of liberal media.
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    The problem being that Fox News fans assume anything that's not Fox is "liberal" because it's not spewing the propaganda 24/7. Unfortunately, that's just another way Fox News fans tend to diverge from reality.
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    Scarborough used to be a resonable principled conservative, I guess the years he has spent with MSNBC, some of that spoon fed glycol has leaked into his brain-pan. This canard about raising the taxes on the Rich wouldn't fund the govt. for 8 days, this is nothing but a distraction from the real problem, this catastrophic DEBT AND SPENDING!!!

    The 'empty suit' in the WH wants to raise the debt cealing again!!! 16+ TRILLION $$$ is not enough, plus an additional 4 BILLION is being added daily. What could go wrong??? You would think these 'ersatz' leaders in this government would be connected to a 3rd world despotic regeme., with one foot on a banana peal, and their collective heads up their 'wazoo'.

    Our founders warned us of these clowns....

    "A departure from principle becomes a precedent for a second; that second for a third; and so on, till the bulk of society is reduced to mere automatons of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering… And the fore horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression."-Thomas Jefferson

    "We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt."- Thomas Jefferson

    "Allow a government to decline paying its debts and you overthrow all public morality — you unhinge all the principles that preserve the limits of free constitutions.Nothing can more affect national prosperity than a constant and systematic attention to extinguish the present debt and to avoid as much as possibly the incurring of any new debt."- Alexander Hamilton

    'Nuff said!
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    Didn't most of the MSNBC pseudo-newspeople meet with Obama last week? They must have returned to NYC with their brand new propaganda teleprompter in tow.
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    Yeah ok sacarborough, that's great adivice let reject some of our own, weaken the right, and give obama blank check, tiss the season for giving.
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    Yes, The Right has allowed loudmouths and idiots to take over its messaging. What I want to know is, why has it taken so long form them to figure it out?
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    I hear more vile and hatred from Ed Schultz than I do from all of the conservative talk shows combined.
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    Yes, Ed Schmutz and whiny Chris Matthews...always name calling and spewing insults, they just can't take them..
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    More "violent rhetoric" from the left by self described moderate talking heads. They need to come out of the closert and go the route of charlie crist. Talk about cowards.
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    People who "punch in the face" don't say "punch in the face". Guess 'ole Scarborough woke up with a burr under his saddle!
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    See, they can't even 'talk' a good 'punch'...I wonder if he was wearing his PEACE sign tie/dyed T shirt when he
    was gettin all tough and ready to start "punching", personally I thought they were calling it 'B%tch slapping' now...
    'punching' sounds sooo much like a 'girly' boy.. lol FOX NEWS # 1 for almost 11 years in a row now. Gotta love i it !!!
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    @mimi57 By the way....there still is "PEACE sign tie/dyed T shirts" around. Dang, if only I had kept mine from the early '70's...vintage or antique? bahaha
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    Damn, sorry, typing on iPhone. I think anyone who thinks punching, or even using language like a couple 8 year olds in the school yard makes both sides look immature and with poor impulse control. If that is an expression of your problem solving skills than I really think you are beyond any useful opinion. No wonder our children grow up bullying.
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    @jamie91 - Mr. Scarborough is not without stain.

    "On July 20, 2001, one of Scarborough's aides, Lori Klausutis, died after hitting her head on a desk when she fainted while alone in Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach, Florida, office...soon after her death, allegations "spread all over the Internet" that he had been involved.

    In 2003, he joked about the incident with Don Imus on Imus's radio program.

    On July 23, 2012 Joe Scarborough speculated on The Morning Joe that James Eagan Holmes, the Aurora Colorado shooter suspect, could be on the autism spectrum.

    The National Autistic Advocacy Organization expressed "deep concern" over Scarborough's comment."

    I don't see Mr. Scarborough as relevant on nearly anything. He is a grade "C" celebrity.
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    So who was Lori Klausutis? I heard about her death, but didn't have a name, just that a female aide was found murdered in his Florida office and he was supposed to be in Washington at the time. Anybody ever factchecked this? Interesting!
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    @CanisCanemEdit when did I say I thought any thing about Scarborough other than he was acting like an immature child? I actually never watch him, I make it a habit to avoid news shows because of the biases. Your barking up the wrong tree if you are trying to convince me of what little value his opinion holds. His own words told me that.
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    Reject your base and you will lose by and even wider margin next time. We need some people who are gutsy and proud to be a conservative.
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    punching any one in the face, is not only an act of terrorism. but would do even more damage to the punchee, if the punched turned the other cheek.
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