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    @LGRepublican - you blame Obama, but in the constitution it states clearly that Congress shall balance the budget. I guess you must either not know the constitution, or you just like partisan fighting. once Congress funds a balance then it goes to the president at which point he can either sign or veto. Therefore complain to your Congressman, he's the one who handles your money, and quit blaming the president. Once more I do not support this president in anyway, but I will not let people be badmouthed when it's not even his problem, it's Congress' problems.
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    @kirbstomp1 - Thank you. Was going to post the same thing but you beat me to it. As for " ... you must either not know the constitution, or you just like partisan fighting." In my experience here on Politix, both.
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    @kirbstomp1 - On second thought, why doesn't Boehner know this? I guess he's waiting for the president to PROPOSE specific spending cuts?
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    @Denizen_Kate - you can tell by their post, it sounds like middle school girls complaining about their ex. Nothing in the post is constructive or has anything to do with proposing a logical solution.
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    HHHMmm.both parties,the press want us to totally focus on this manufactured debacle?i smell a much bigger rat in the background lurking about.any guesses
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    @PoliticalSpice To be honest no,but that has been the MO of the executive branch{not just current},,,I am sure it will be some international treaty or some seemingly innocuous bill,maybe a move by the FEd,got a new tin foil helmet and its not quite tuned in yet
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    Obama intends to raise $85 billion dollars per year in revenue. That is his entire plan to save us from economic doom.
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    It's not the job of the presidency to do the congress's job for them. It's the President's job to either sign a bill that the Congress has agreed on or to veto it. Boehner needs to set his bill in the House and Reid needs to set his in Senate and the two house negotiate and reconcile and send a bill to obama. Cut and dried. That's how our government is supposed to work. Boehner is stonewalling. As usual.
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    @jessejaymes - that's what im getting at lol. It should be common sense since it's required by everybody in 9th grade. I've taken mine a step further into constitutional law, but still, this goes to show how people learn something and refuse to believe bc they don't think it should be that way. Typical though haha
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    As the defacto leader of the party, the president should set a vision or a platform which his party can work from, ie: discuss your ideas with your party leaders. That's how politics works.
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    @Vance1 All spending bills must originate in the House, therefore the ball is properly in the Republican's court.
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    Obama will stonewall the talks until January. He WANTS to go over the cliff and get his hands on all that extra revenue so he can spend it. With the cliff cuts in place, the deficit goes down so he can spend all the extra revenue with little repercussion. BUT....what he does not realize is that the coming recession caused by the cliff will reduce the revenue, not increase it, despite higher rates. That is the big fallacy of the democratic thinking, that you can tax your way to more revenue instead of grow your way to more revenue. Somehow they have rationalized that the "trickle down" economics they deride does not work, when in fact it is the only thing that does work. Tax increases have been met with reduced revenue every time. Tax cuts have resulted in increased revenue due to increased economic activity. But the dems somehow have decided to ignore the real economic data. Too bad, because 2013 could have been a pretty good year. It will not be.
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    This entire process is a joke. Obama got elected with the welfare vote, people living off the Government. Democrats have finally achieved their goal of securing elections by growing their welfare base. Obama is not compromising because he just proved that our leaders no longer have to worry about taxation without representation. They can now say screw you tax payers, we no longer need your vote. Obama will not compromise, he will not seriously cut spending, he wants us to go over the cliff so he can get all that tax revenue from the middle class. He no longer has to worry about Democrats getting elected no matter how terrible they treat the tax payers. America is on the path to bankruptcy thanks to an electorate addicted to free stuff.
    We have another 4 years of class warfare, an administrations who cares not for the America we all knew and loved, but an America transformed into his socialistic vision. SICKENING! The GOP should do what they did with the hideous Obamacare bill. Not vote for a horrific bill. They were totally correct about how this bill would cost America trillions of dollars, raising costs to the middle class, not cutting healthcare costs as Obama claimed. If the Democrats refuse to cut spending and only raise taxes (which will do nothing to stop our debt problem) then let them take responsibility for their actions.
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    BO simply doesn't know how. His claim to fame is a 'community organizer'. He told people how & where to get 'FREE' stuff they didn't have to pay for. For example ; welfare , Section 8 , SSI , free needles , free condoms & yes , free birth control for those (like Fluke) too irresponsible to control who they bedded.

    barry soetoro never had to pay for or earn anything in his life. His education, books, room & board were paid for by ' who knows'? He spent millions to seal his records. Why ? If you went to 3 colleges & graduated from Harvard ,'would you not ' want everyone to know ?
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    spending cuts? good luck with that.his idea of a cut is taking it from somewhere else paid into by those needing it and then call it an entitlement.
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    Neither party proposes spending cuts commensurate with the yearly deficit. Both insist on couching their 'cuts' over a ten year period...seemingly only to make the 'cutting' number appear larger.

    More borrowing awaits!

    Spend on, liberals! The 'rich' will pay for it all!

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    Very minor political theater, Mr. Speaker, and fairly pointless. Why would the President specify any cuts at all when the sequester goes live in three weeks - and the GOP will get the blame?
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    "Should the president propose spending cuts before Republicans offer their plan?"

    What kind of question is that? I mean... I know The Left loves to ignore any republican ideas so they can then claim that republicans don;t have any ideas...

    But it's only been a week.

    Obama Has Already Rejected GOP's Fiscal Cliff Counter-Offer
    New Republican plan allegedly lacks 'balance'

    But that's just tired old Liberally-Biased Media Strategy and besides the point...

    75 Percent of Obama's Proposed Tax Hikes to Go Toward New Spending
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    Berries plan should have already been out to the public. The clown has been running around saying that he's got one. Where is it?
    The problem is he doesn't have any spending cuts. It's only spend sp.end spend and tax the people who have earned their money. Barry wants the fiscal clifg to happen. Then he can go full force on "fundamentally changing" America to his dream of socialistic utopianism.
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    There are no spending cuts...he's not going to cut spending. He only knows how to spend tax payers money and
    all taxpayers are in for a big tax hike. Middle income, it started with raising taxes on those who made 250,000.
    then it went to 200,000, now it's all of the middle class. I still say, he won't cut spending, fine, go over the "cliff",
    it will happen on his watch...and even when those taxes go up, poor included, he'll continue his spending spree.
    Boy wonder, thinks he can do whatever he chooses and he will. Have at it!
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    Mimi, me and my family have taken precautions and we are prepared for the nation to go over the fiscal cliff. What I wonder though, is once we do and once the economy goes into free fall, will the obama supporters realize the mistake they made in voting for him. I doubt they will, they always have Bush to blame for everything this nation faces from here on out. The president can propose tax hikes, well he can propose spending cuts as well. No sense in putting a bill through Congress just for the president to veto. Might as well find out what he wants in spending cuts first. However, you and I realize he doesn't want any spending cuts. Well, unless they come out of the military that is.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix We are also prepared , as are most of my family and friends , except for the liberal friends...
    my best friend is a Liberal, I love her dearly, but can not understand the mentality. We were both Libs, I've only
    been a Conservative for 13 years...I believed all the things I hear the Left say, bought into Class Warfare, hated
    the filthy"rich", thought Republicans were racist. I wanted everyone to be comfy cozy and living fine, and at some
    point it occurred to me, that's not how life is..Someone, somewhere, is paying the bills and that is the taxpayers,
    and We are the Government..they can blame Santa for all I care, it doesn't change the fact the man hasn't had a
    budget since he's been in office. He is not going to cut a cent, and I don't know what the outcome will be, but he's
    the Prez and in the end, He will own it.
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    @mimi57 - True, he will own the bad economy that follows. He might not get blamed immediately, but in the end it is always the president that gets blamed. Look at the blame Bush takes for the '08 recession that the Senate and House Dems caused.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix My husband made a good point, and he is a political genuis..he said, Obama doesn't care
    what legacy he leaves, he wants a Socialist Country, and if he can get that accomplished, he will do what he
    intended to do from the start...If you look at who he surrounds himself with (when it's not Hollywood), it makes
    perfect sense. Never in my life have I seen a Nation so divided, unless you include the Civil War. He ran on
    "bringing the country together", a "transparent government"...he has done the complete opposite. He's following
    Saul Alinsky to the letter. and the damage he's doing will be irreperable. All that's left is hope and prayer...
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    @mimi57 I hate to tell you this,,,Mimi...But that is Exactly what Rush Limbaugh said this afternoon on his radio talk show...So I don't if your hubby is a genius or just a loyal listener to the "puppet master"..
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    Is he back from campaigning ? Last I heard he wasn't, yes, he's already said he will veto any proposal that doesn't seize more wealth from the successful, we know he wants unlimited debt ceiling. We kinda need to know what else he wants first.. I mean short complete rule like Egypt's ruler wants
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    They should both stop playing games, put your proposal on the board, the Republicans have, now what cuts, real cuts not the imaginary cut of no war spending, that would have been borrowed money, if that's the way things work than I'm going to cut spending by $4 million dollars, I'm not going to buy that house for $4 million. There, I've saved $4 million, in OBAMALAND at least.
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    I think that Boehner is confusing Obama with a leader. He was still out campaigning. He is a little busy with other things right now. Try back later. He will still not have any plans but to spend more.
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    Mary Matalin had a very good idea last Sunday on Stephanopoulis. She said that this lame-duck Congress should pass a temporary extension and let the newly elected Congress decide what should done. Not only did liberal Paul Krugman agree, but they both also agreed that this should be dealt with in a piece meal fashion. First pass tax increase on wealthy, then pass spending cuts, etc.
    I have never agreed with anything matalin has ever said before and probably will never agree with her again but on this I think she iscorrect.
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    Disagree. Better to let Bush tax cuts expire and military spending be cut by 50% . This gives ability to negotiate a better deal. It empowers left dems to be able to force Obama to take them seriously and not give away too much..
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    @PoliticalSpice I lean towards the right when it comes to fiscal policy. I believe in entitlement but there needs to be reform.
    I think another recession, which is a very like scenario if no agreement is made, will hurt real people. This is not a GAME! REAL PEOPLE will be affected. There is nothing more I would love than to see the Republican party implode but I don't want to see anothereconomic crisis, which could be longer and costlier than the last one.
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    @mtkopf I get this, and despite the fact I am very far left of Obama, I do believe in conservative fiscal policy, but not at the expense of what is good for the long term development of the nation. There are several things motivating my approach. I usually just put it out there in a manner to annoy wing nuts on this site, but you seem serious enough for actual discussion, so here goes: first military spending is way out pf control. It is impossible to cut cause the companies spread subcontracts to districts all over the nation. They pay for items before they are made, pay despite the fact items are not timely delivered, pay even if the items don't work. These are not items that cost a hundred or so dollars, some cost millions, and as I said cutting them is near impossible. F we go over the cliff and automatic 50% military cuts go into effect the situation shifts. Congress must decide what to exempt from the cuts with new legislation. This creates an opportunity to cut the more wasteful projects out, to direct pentagon to renegotiate contracts on better terms, etc.
    Secondly, repubs want to again use authorization to raise the debt ceiling to extract concessions from obama, that was, from a fiscal perspective the most damaging thing to both national and international economy, that is the direct reason the u.s. credit rating was down graded, if we go over the cliff dem negotiating power to give someyhing the repubs want, say like bringing rated from 39% on top earners, where it goes on expiration of tax cuts, down to say 37%, where it seems white house may be willing to go is far better then giving that up now in return for nothing, which is what obama seems inclined to do.
    More to come...
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    @PoliticalSpice I was in the navy so trust meiI know the inefficiency of the military and I agree wholeheartedly that military needs to get their house in order.
    But these inefficiencies are in every aspect of the federal govt.
    As for the credit downgrade, if we go over the cliff our credit will be downgraded, according to john challenger of Challenger gray and Christmas.
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    @mtkopf part II:
    Matlins proposal also would politically have two consequences i oppose. One, it would kick the can down the road, and two it would allow tea party obstructionist who are still in congress to come up with the blue print for sa plan others must then negotiate. Since the new congress has to work on the plan let them be thd ones to draft it. I also fislike the present power dynamics in the negotiations, obama negotiates mainly with repubs and the dem party is pressured to agree. If the fiscal cliff happens the 2% margin of taxes obama has hinted he will cut off and the military cuts already in effect will enable dems, who also repressent people to require obama to negotiate for their votes. This is a more equitable process. Especially regarding the so called entitlements. Repubs want to raid the ss trust fund, obama gives mixed signles, but ss is not driving the deficit. To take from it is theft pure and simple, and left leaning dems will have more power to block this scam if we have gone over the cliff and there is pressure to resolve things.
    Now the issues we may differ on, i favor an fdr style program to repair infastructure and build national hi speed rail. Economics say the best time to borrow is when interest rates are low. I want a bond program to build this and employ tens of thousands. Never happen, but left dems may be able to get some of it after we go over the cliff. Obamas tepid stimulas is a bad joke. We still use the buildings constructed during the new deal, still use the interstate hiway system Eisenhower put in place. Lets rebuild infastructe in a serious way, the jobs will put people to work, and a nation with crumbling infastructure means a slow decline from a first world country to something less. This is not wasteful spending it is investing in the future, investing and putting tens of thousands to work at a time we need the jobs, the money they spend will move the economy gorward; investing to insure that there is something people will use 100 years from now because of our foresight. And although it can be argued we have too much debt now is the time a good understanding pf economics says that the best way to assure the debt remains manageable is to plan now so future debt payment is low. Selling bonds to fund major projectz now when interest rates are low gives us the loan for pennies on the dollar. We only repay mostly principle. Borrowing in the future will be much more expensive and add more to the debt. So that is my reasoning. Be interested in your response.
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    Nowhere near the same. First round the tea party and repubs had the upper hand, that is now completely reversed. I say go pver the cliff. Bush tax cuts expire, 50% military spending cuts. Win win.
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