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    absolutely right.. wasn't the New Jersey governor it was meeting men in a truck stop bathrooms for sex?
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    By breaking the law, he should be removed from his position.
    What is it with democrats and illegals? Then the deviant sexual misconduct they surround themselves with?
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    Well before we make assumptions, first off it would be nice to have a better immigration program, the kid had to be somewhat intelligent to be working for a senator. Secondly you can get a sex offender charge for pissing in an alley behind a bar (I've seen it happen to good people.) He should no doubt be removed from his position as I believe only US citizens should be involved in US politics, and if the DHS new about him, then shame on them for not doing their job.
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    "Zavaleta is currently in custody and facing deportation."
    Good, the obvious is out of the way, now go after the Senator. You have to make an example and set precedence. Until you get the Enablers, people will keep risking crossing the border here. If they couldn't get money, they wouldn't come. Hiring illegals in order to pad profit, or reduce cost should be an act of terrorism. Use that mighty Patriot Act everyone loves so much.
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    is the ethics folks going to check this guy out? he supports illegal aliens so easy to see he knew.
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    @tomincali He should be kicked out of the Senate an criminal charges given. But, it's unlikely.
    Walmart and other shady corporations do it all the time.
    It's all about the Benjamin's.
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    that's a good idea but that'll have to wait until they catch a Republican to make an example out of somebody
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    @bsking Party affiliation doesn't matter to me, I think both suck eggs.
    The real criminals that are enablers are business owners seeking to pad profit margin. It's not much different from outsourcing, both harm American citizens.
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    @Fishbone345 I understand that in your original post you said go after the senator.. I'm merely pointing out that won't happen until the senator has an (r) behind his name
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    What do you mean you didn't know he was illegal? Don't you, like all other US empoloyers, check the citizen status of a new hire? Aren't you required by law? And it's probably a law you voted for! Don't act ignorant... you messed up and you should put your big boy pants on and own it!
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    "Menendez, an avid immigration reformer, said the instance highlights the importance of comprehensive immigration reform ... Specifically, Menendez said such reform could bring immigrants out of the shadows and put them through criminal background checks."

    So he had this Illegal Immigrant Sex Offender working in his office as an example of what NOT to do?

    Typical Democrat.... do as I say, ignore what I do.

    I am wondering if the intern had an appointment to bring cigars to the Oval Office.
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    Oh, they just let any ole body work in a senator's office? And we wonder how terrorists could infiltrate and bring about disasters? Good grief...
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    The failing is those who enable. People like the good Senator, Walmart and other companies that turn a blind eye in order to pay employees less and increase profit margin. If illegals couldn't get money, they wouldn't come here. Simple arithmetic.
    The others failing to weed this out? Homeland Defense. Glad so much of my tax money goes to an organization that is clearly not doing their jobs correctly.
    Our military once patrolled our borders and they do a damn fine job of it. If they weren't spread so thin across the globe, they might be able to actually "defend us from enemies foreign and abroad".
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    Maybe he is a Sex Offender too! His state needs to recall him, I mean how many governement officials in the past had illegal aliens on their home staffs? TONS! And now a Sex offender? This guy has the morals of a mole, he should resign
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    of course there should be stringent background checks. and whomever authorized holding the arrest until after the election should be fired.
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    as long as their, not muslem it's ok. otherwise it could cause a unorganized reaction with rockets, mortars, and howitzers, at an underprotected american embassy in outer slobovia.
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    I think we should put a cap on citizenship period. I mean we can feed the people as it is. So add another one to the food stamp line... Just saying
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    Yes and they do. This another Democratic thing that will not be heard on the on the 10:00 news. HLS should have picked him up in Oct. when they first found out. What type of information he has seen that was sent to somebody else.
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    Really , wow ? Look at the facts , forget the racist B.S. moonbat- libby's favorite attacks . Aren't all of the illegals here breaking the law , simply look at the court records & costs all the border states have been experiencing. Don't whine , look up the TRUTH. Nobody cares how you personally 'feel'- facts are facts. Period.
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    The fact of the matter is most employers dont dig that deep menendez shouldnt be held accountable for her miss deeds when really his background checking procedures are nationaly standered
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    "Should Sen. Menendez and his staff have performed more stringent background checks?" Is this another trick question? Anyone working on Capitol Hill should be well vetted, shouldn't they? Who's doing the background checks for congressional interns?
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    An intern is an unpaid volunteer. He is likely getting credits for school.
    But 18, and my understanding is, his "sex offense" was when he was a legal juvenile. Before an opinion, I'd like to know what the offense was. Here in Oregon, they have become so P.C. paranoid. A couple of years ago, an 8 year old third grader was charged with sex abuse for kissing a female classmate on the cheek!
    People have been charged and required to register for taking a leak behind a dumpster in a dark alley at 03:00 A.M.!
    Not defending the kid, just not going to condemn without details.
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    College interns are unpaid... congressional interns are not necessarily college students... that is what they call a trainee on the Hill. And those kinds of interns have to be sceened the same way an employee does. Why in the world would we want an illegal alien to have access to a US senator's office???
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    That's true. But again, how much access did he really have. I'm pretty sure if he was privy to any confidential information, he'd have been vetted.
    Interns and pages are a dime a dozen and are in and out like in a revolving door.
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    @Keyjo - becoming an intern for a senator is a tedious process with extensive background checks... there is no way this senator can plead ignorance. And any cop will tell you that ignorance of the law is no defense.
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    Persons in heightened positions of influence should have access to more-thorough methods of checking things out. A major goof on Menendez's part.
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    This goes on everyday all over the country. Albeit this is a very high profile instance, it also goes to show how the rush to "help" these "poorly-treated" and "disadvantaged" illegal aliens affects our country. This Democratic Hispanic Senator is a large part of the problem that affects us all...especially in the border states. They want these illegal aliens to become legal without any background checks. American citizens are denied government jobs, college loans, and any job in a school or other place where children are for much less than this. The fact that this is a Hispanic Senator giving a pass to a Hispanic illegal alien does not suprise me at all. There is no telling what we will find if we were to dig into the backgrounds of his other staff members...and even members of his family and close friends.
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