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    Borrowing more should be the last resort not the first. Like any household you manage priorities. If disaster relief is more important than some other discretionary spending then shift the funds. Families do that every day, why not the government?
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    I don't disagree but we are talking disaster relief -- people are in need *right now.* This is people's lives and health being delayed. Not sure what the middle ground is.
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    We passed the middle ground a long time ago. We're now between a rock and a hard place. Whatever we do, we don't have the money to do it.

    Emergencies often require borrowing. Our mistake is that borrowing has become our normal operating procedure. Now we're running out of that financial avenue. It's too bad for all of us that our government acts like an irresponsible teen with a credit card.
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    @Thunderchicken You said it perfectly "borrowing has become our normal operating procedure". This is where our government failed us, and now when there's a legitimate need we're in this rock and a hard spot place.
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    Thank you. Having been through some personal financial stress has taught me that borrowing to maintain a lifestyle is a big mistake. It's also an easy mistake to make. And it's exactly that mistake that our country has been making.
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    Why don't you vote to forego your $2000 raise this year? Its not like any of you in Congress actually DESERVE a raise.
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    They get raises? Many Americans have not gotten a raise in awhile, because of the economy, a national problem. These guys are so out of touch with the real world.(Yeah, they have best interests in mind)
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    @UnCommonBoston their raises are automatic. They must vote to pass on the raise to not get it.
    As for out of touch I read about some of our leaders who are "barely scraping by" and "living paycheck to paycheck" with a base salary of $174,000. The bitching about their salary is bipartisan, about the only thing Congress CAN agree on!
    How can we expect these idiots to solve our fiscal crisis when they struggle with trying to live on $174k/yr?
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    @mtkopf But they do vote on it, so they could vote not to get a raise?

    I have lost my respect for congress. How can they help us when they they don't even play by the same rules?
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    @UnCommonBoston before I get yelled at officially its not a raise it "cost of living allowance" which equals 1.1%. Now this is automatic unless s bill is presented to not give the COLA. If no bill is presented they automatically get the COLA.
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    Lawmakers should of spent the money they had more wisely. What are they going to do with all the FEMA trailers that was obtained and not just sitting? The libs went spastic when the dame situation happened after Katrina. Where are they now with the "uproar"?
    Its OK though, the libs know how to spend "other peoples" money so well.
    TAX THE RICH, TAX THE RICH...... Their million caused hurricane sandy! They should pay for it.
    NYC mayor "doom"burg should be told "beggars can't be choosers".
    With all the help that Barry is giving they shouldn't need anything more. That's right, I forgot that was just a photo op.
    Another $60 billion? What union,(Barry supporters) needs to be funneled money now?
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    "Where are they(Libs) now with the "uproar"?" ...

    I figure it is the Right's turn to create the uproar. You seem uproarious, have at it my friend.
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    If the Senate handles this with its usual speed and efficiency I'm confident the aid bill will be passed just in time for the grandchildren of today's victims to move out of those FEMA trailers.
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    The clean-up isn't done yet?

    Where's FEMA?

    DIdn't Axelshaft's Boy promise it would be done without any red tape?

    How long did it take for the bungled Katrina cleanup to happen?

    Nevermind.... it's all Bush's Fault. It's a wonder how effective he was compared to his successor.... "W" has been out of office for almost 4 YEARS and his successor still isn't capable of accepting responsibility for anything.... Incredible.
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    I don't blame either party, our government excels at producing red tape! Congress is busy discussing the safety of vaccinations and other crucial issues. Seriously.
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    @UnCommonBoston I'm not blaming either party either..... just reminding everyone of the promise made by Der Fuhrer regarding eliminating red tape. Interesting how the elimination of red tape only lasted until the election. I guess the investigations and hearings he put off until after the election is keeping him too busy to keep that promise either.
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    @Sharpshooter Eliminating government waste and red tape is an almost mandatory campaign issue. I think most recent presidents have included it in their plateforms. I have friends in DC who work in leadership positions in the government. According to them, each administration adds new hurdles. For example, when people leave, their positions are not filled, but the work expectation is unchanged. I am not sure how you improve the system. The head of the agency is appointed every 4 years, worse, often they know nothing about the agency.

    When my dad worked in corp America, the CEO of the parent company appointed his golf partner president. The man knew nothing about the industry. Senior managment bailed quickly.
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    "The man knew nothing about the industry."

    Our mamagement called that "Getting new eyes on the problem." It's a wonder that corporate America works as well as it does sometimes.
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    Take the money, convert it to cash, and put it in a huge sports arena. Let those who want the money to battle it out with swords and hammers and whatnot and take what they can. Charge huge admissions for spectators to offset the government spending on the money. Voila! The money cycle is complete and gladiators return! Let Rome fall again!
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    It's outrageous and cold-hearted for the GOP to try to make assistance to Americans suffering from natural disasters contingent on our dysfunctional Congress reaching agreement on spending cuts. The Republican mindset, that cutting government is the top priority in all instances, may be great in the rhetorical abstract and appeal to the GOP's base. But when detailed budget impacts are seen by the public, fair-minded people realize it's unacceptable and impractical -- and inhumane.
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    In answer to senator coburns question whats a lower priority then paying disaster releif for storm sandy: the military budget for one thing, and his senate salary and senate health insurance for another.
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    Completely agree. No more whitehouse, no more number one observatory circle, no more Air Force 1 or 2, no more marine 1 or 2, no more presidential limos or buses, no more Hawaii homes, no more obamaphones, no more secret service cadre, etc ...

    All good places to start cutting in order to aid victims of sandy.
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    Paying the salaries and health benefits of congressmen is indeed a lower priority.
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    @PoliticalSpice Yup, I'm pretty perceptive. I knew you were going to say that 12 minutes before you did. ;)
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    whose falt is it, that the government overspends so much. that they don't even have a kitty set aside, for disasters and other emergencies?

    but spend all the money on even, disaster preparedness agencies for personell and facility operating expenses only. that is like having a fire station and personel, without any money for fire trucks or hoses.

    we are supposed to be holding the reigns, for our government representatives. so just whose falt is it? that the wagon is running away, toward the cliff. with all of us refusing to take hold, of the reigns.

    our responsibility does not end, when you elect someone. its, only just begun again. since their is no way, i can out-vote 100 million or more handouts. even though i consider that, as public bribery for votes.

    heck they don't even try to teach, how to be an american in school anymore. there too busy trying to teach, how to be a mexican hispanic, gay, african american, ancient egyptian or something else.

    our strength used to be in our american unity, not in our this and that ethnic or other diversity. but if we keep up this diversifying, we won't need any enemies to destroy us.
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    Yes the should. They can start with cutting defense spending and that would more than handle the Sandy Relief Fund.
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    My question is why aren't homeowners who have houses on a coastline required to carry hurricane insurance. Even if not required, why wouldn't they, out of a sense of responsibility, insure their homes against such a possible disaster?
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    Maybe if lawmakers weren't so busy spending billions to rebuild countries we've blown up, we'd have money to take take care of our own disasters.
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    So for the soundbites from both parties. i knew this would be the case. Good Luck New Jersey. Like New Orleans, we'll check back in about 5 years and ooh and ahhh at the few homes some celebrities have built for people. the federal money? Money down the toilet. Just like always.
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    Why is anyone surprised? Recently the government has not responded to emergencies well. Why did we expect otherwise? The states might get money for road and infrastructure repairs sometime in the future.

    In the meantime, some schools, librarys, government building are unusable. If you need those services -- expect to drive awhile, when the roads are passable. Most of us would not tolerate this.

    Worse, most home insurance plans were changed recently. People do not have the coverage they thought they did.

    I remember when houses in California fell over cliffs in mud slides. These were expensive homes perched on the hillside. Why did they get government aid? If you can afford the house and want to live on steep hill in place with earthquakes and mud slides --- get insurance!!
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    I'm sure if it was lower Manhattan that took the brunt of the storm there wouldn't be any problem getting this passed.
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