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    Cut Military Spending to a reasonable pay out to contractors. There is no excuse for 300.00 hammers. Cut foreign aid. Cut out the Congress yearly pay raises and their ability to write hot checks at the Senate Bank for 5,000.00 a day 6 days a week without being held accountable for it. Stop paying people not to grow food. You do support a free market economy, right? Stop building Nukes. We have enough to vaporize the earth 7-9 times over. Stop giving welfare to non citizens. Period. Institute workfare for everyone on assistance. Even the disabled, which our laws say you have to hire if they want to work. Well if they don't want to work then no assistance. Everyone can do something, even the retarded or paralyzed. Stop all corporate welfare. There is no excuse to be subsidizing Tobacco growers. Or oil companies. Or anyone else. Stop paying for Dental and Hearing for Welfare. Seniors on SS who paid in their entire lives don't get those so why should people who have never paid in?

    Disband all but one of the many internal "security agencies". I don't care who you keep but it's ludicrous to have the FBI, Homeland Security, NSA, DEA, ATF and numerous others when they work against each other more often than not. Roll them all under one tent. Do the same with the CIA and other groups that work outside the country (allegedly).

    Pass a law that once the Supreme court has validated an issue as law that it cannot be revisited by outside money forcing the USA govt to defend these laws on yearly basis at a cost in the billions. There is no excuse for the amount of money that is spent on abortion over and over every single year. And we do it on guns, abortion, religious monuments and everything under the sun. I bet our govt spends a trillion a year on revisiting the same issues year after year in the courts. ENOUGH.
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    What conservatives support is entitlement reform. There are also many redundent programs in the government bureaucracy that can be eliminated.
    Sooner or later both houses of Congress, together with a sitting president are going to have to make some serious, possibly unpopular decisions without partisan gamesmanship. We cannot continue down the road we are on. How much money does our current spending really require?
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    @Thunderchicken Terrifying, isn't it? It's no wonder so many "leaders" are running from what has to be done. We have to stop digging the hole now.
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    You have to start with the Military then move on to welfare fraud by the billing companies and scams, then you need to institute workfare (watch those rats desert the sinking good ship Lollipop) and finally get rid of Corporate welfare. Bingo.
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    We already have "workfare" it never went away under Obama that was just a right wing myth and talking point.
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    I think Jesse was speaking about something different.(And please feel free to correct me Jesse). I think he was advocating for something similar to what the Green Party wants. Instead of picking up a welfare and/or unemployment check when you lose your job you pick up your temporary work assignment for which you receive benefits.
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    @Cheenoguy I see no reason welfare people shouldn't help out by sweeping their own gutters on their street, picking up trash, cleaning abandoned lots or buildings. I have no problem with helping people in need out, but I do have a problem with them not giving anything back for that help.
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    @jamie91 Oh come on Jamie.; Where do you live? I have yet to see a poor neighborhood (and that would be most the people on assistance) that isn't covered in trash. The garbage collectors don't pick up trash on the street. They pick up the cans or the tubs or whatever that is allowed curbside. I'm not talking about them.; I'm talking about LITTER.
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    There are hundreds of political payoff programs on the books we don't hear much about. We don't hear about them because they are piggy back legislation meant to pay off PAC's etc..
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    and this is how they bait there low information voters with crap like this story.
    just look at the responses... it's typical.

    instead of trying to teach the low information voter how the negotiation process works, the fourth branch of government the media , will begin a systematic effort to confuse them with crap like this instead of pointing out and teaching them it is up to the Democrats to offer cuts in this negotiation because the Republicans have offered to raise taxes like Obama wants.

    so the story should have been written to help the low information voter understand that Obama wanted taxes raised ... that was his demand

    the Republicans wanted spending cuts... that was their demand

    eat your side makes their demands then they negotiate.

    so far the Republicans has offered Obama is tax raise

    ....... I'll just wait and see if any of you can figure out the rest of the equation
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    Don't blanket it with partyline semantics. Congress is in charge of the budget. Just goes to show republicans can't even agree with themselves...
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    The radical socialist democrats haven’t passed a budget in more than three and a 1/2 years and not a single appropriations bill has been brought to the floor in 2012 by these liberal idiots.

    Obama and the liberals seek to sink this country
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    Under the Constitution, all spending must originate in the House. You will, of course, recall the House is under GOP control. You may also recall the Budget Control Act of 2011. Or not: facts don't seem to be your strong suit.
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    I say bring on the cliff. Let's do this thing and move on. I have survived this long. Can't see me not surviving the "cliff". I'm just fed up with the whole thing. Do nothing losers in Congress have become paralyzed by special interests and the big business sector who do not have the country's well being at heart. If some of the moneyed interests decide to pull up stakes and move on, so be it. Good riddance.
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    Can you believe this? The republican party can't even get its act together on what they want to "cut"?!? I have said all along that the very people who complain the loudest about "food stamps" or "unemployment" or "social security", etc., etc., etc...are the VERY people who are RECEIVING those benefits in the first place...Its amazing to see the so-called right wing, buck their own leader and puppet master (rush limbaugh) when it comes down to taking food off of their own tables....But, of course, they still don't want any other Americans to have what they take for granted each and every month...And this poll shows their blatant hypocrisy!
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    Um, sorry to burst your little Obama Bubble, but it's up the the Leader of America, the President, to LEAD and put cuts on the table. Not the false cut of the $716B cut from Medicaid he wants to count as a cut in entitlements (of course he DENIED this cut while running for president) because he just transferred that "cut" over to pay for another entitlement, Obamacare. Now, if you want John A. Boehner to be the acting president, then that's another discussion. Unfortunately you all vote for Obama as president, so perhaps it's time for his to assume the job, you know, lead, be a leader, be in charge, make a decision, advance a plan, do the work and so on. Right? The R's have given him half of the impossible revenue he wants in loophole cuts and caps in deductions, it's now up to Obama to propose a cut or two. His turn so to speak. And, not just the same old budget request he put in last year that couldn't even pass the Senate, not only was is rejected by the Senate, NO ONE voted for it, no one, not one Democrat could vote for it and as usual, no budget was passed, 3rd year in a row, so get off the high horse and ask YOUR president to get the job done, he wanted it, he promised the sun, moon and stars to various target groups to get the job, then he won, so maybe it's time for him to get to work, he's getting paid quite a lot and gets tons of fancy perks too boot, so how about he start to earn it?
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    @Tralee Um...sorry to return your "bubble-busting" favor...But if its YOU & your republican cronies in the congress who are the ones crying about "this entitlement" & that "entitlement" ---and how everyone (except republicans) are so-called "takers:...And its you who want to throw people out into the streets and YOU who don't give a flying damn about whether or not Americans are starving, and YOU who don't care if Americans go without healthcare---Then NO...We (and that includes the President of The United States) are NOT going to do YOUR dirty work for you...If you want to see people die in our streets.....YOU (and your counterparts in the congress) are going to have to be the ones who make those cuts....NOT us!!!
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    @Tralee Doesn't change one bit---what I wrote earlier...If you want to decimate people's lives...YOU do it...NOT the President, or anyone else...YOU (the republican party)..
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    I support cuts across the board, raise the age for Medicare and SS would be a good and sensible start. People are living to at least the late 70's and early 80's anymore, leaving the retirement age at 65 is crazy. Cut entitlements, not the "cut" that Obama did and admits to, "cutting" 716 Billion from Medicaid is not a cut when it's sent over to pay for another entitlement, Obamacare. Funny about this, all during the election process Obama strongly denied cutting anything from Medicaid, now he freely admits that the "cut" to Medicaid of 716 Billion should be counted as a cut in entitlements, even though he took it from "Peter" (Medicaid) to pay "Paul" (Obamacare). So, which is the lie, did he or didn't he? Can the man even tell the difference anymore between a lie and the truth or, as with so many Narcissistic personalities, whatever they believe or say, becomes the "truth"?
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    I read a poll yesterday that 68% now support the Bush Tax Cuts ending and even Cooperate owners and CEO's are contacting the White House to end them. They say the Fiscal Cliff will hurt them more than ending the cuts will.
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    first off even thinking of cutting medi-care is thinking of robbing from a program paid in by those who use it and need it. i hear alot about cutting ss and medicare yet nothing on cutting from those able bodied folks who have never in a life time contributed yet have taken from others as a way of life. how about starting with career do nothings?
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    I guess this shows that Republican leadership is really working for the few, the proud, the people who bought them positions of power.
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    I think they should start with their own salaries and work thrugh the rest of their bureaucracy then move on to the pork and finally their waste and fraud.Lead by example you half wits.
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    The whole basis for this article is bogus. To say that X does not want to cut a specific program does not equate to "they don't support ANY cuts". The writer could stand a course in basic logic.
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    The problem is the government got too frivolous and liberal with entitlements. And they raided the social security fund.

    What is needed is means testing on who needs it the most.

    And I'm for raising the social security cap and repealing Obamacare. Personal, tax exempt savings accounts are the best way to go.

    Since the great society welfare program the government has spent billions on the war on poverty and has not made one fractional percentile dent in it, in fact they have increased government welfare dependency.

    I don't expect to get medicare as by the time I can qualify for it- it will be a joke. Medicaid is worthless to me. It's another outlet for big pharma to peddle their drugs.
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    the GOP supports reform to entitlement programs. the Dems have not mentioned anything about cuts. the fiscal cliff bologna is an ideological battle that Obama is trying to win; raising taxes on the "rich" will run the government for just 80 days. that is a drop in the bucket.
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    well since the irs, consumes 1/4 to 1/3 of the revenue recieved. i say we start with reforming, that inept wasteful worthless system first.

    and possibly replace it, with a sales tax system. which is more efficient, and costs next to nothing to collect sales tax. as it is automatic, and not partisoned, or ethnic or otherwised prejudiced. and is self regulating, even if the government screws up the economy. when the economy is bad, they suffer like all the rest of us too. and might be a good site, to see you congressmen in the unemployment line, or applying for food stamps for a change. they should not be allowed, to have more of these benifits than the public they serve.
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    End all military contractors. End the unwinable ear on drugs. Cut foreign spending. End corporate welfare.
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    I don't trust anything that you can add one letter too and get "Marxist".

    No, but seriously, this comes from a college, so it's probably unscientific and preformed by many liberals. It's probably biased.
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