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    Prayers for the victims and their family's
    what in the heck is wrong with people? darn we have a lot of defective people .
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    hy would anyone go to a school to shoot people?

    Much less an elementary school???

    That's just insane.

    Lot's of families have been destroyed this Christmas... because one nut had a gun and a bunch of ammo.

    Society has failed again.

    BUT... the failure here is not with our guns laws.

    The failure here lies almost solely with society as it is in general.

    We live in an artificial environment... working artificial jobs for artificial money... to live our artificial lives as we are lead to believe they are to be lead by artificial lies through artificial lines to our artificial eyes.

    It's a wonder MORE people don't go crazy and grab a gun and start shooting.

    Everyone has thought about it.

    If you say that you've never thought of getting a gun and capping someone... you're a liar.

    They have video games for children geared all around that very thing!!!


    TV shows!!


    THE NEWS!!!

    It's ALL about putting ideas into the heads of the public... and controlling them with FEAR!!!!

    Sure, if you scare enough people... SOME PEOPLE WILL THINK THE WORST... AND ACT THEIR WORST!!!

    Wake up people!!!!!

    They will come for our guns for SURE now!!!!

    This school shooting will be used to justify it!!!

    And in the minds of the majority... it will be good enough reason!!!

    Once they do that... we are all slaves forever.

    FREEDOM... will be lost.

    We are ALREADY slaves now!!!

    Our children are slaves to a debt that is not theirs!!!

    A debt that is not even a valid debt... because there was no risk to the lender!!!

    It's an illegal debt... and we don't have to pay it!!!

    Let's throw these shackles of slavery off ourselves... before we lose the keys(guns)to our locks!!!!

    I have not yet given up on my Country...I have not yet given up my freedom...and I will not relinquish my right or my sworn duty to oppose those who seek to destroy my Country or it's freedoms be they friend or foe, enemies foreign or domestic.

    Those that are willing to fight with me are welcome, those opposed...are damned.

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

    Let's hope we all survive it.
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    Thanks for your comments everyone. When commenting on this topic, please be mindful of the victims and their families during this difficult time. This is a sensitive subject, and civil discourse is a must.

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    @Heavy-Fed I have a lot of thoughts on this, but frankly, out of respect for the victims I will not use this tragedy to stand a top sa political soapbox.
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    My thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims family.. It is insane to what this world is coming to and i fear that it just may get worse before it gets better..we may have chaos in our hands.. I pray this does not happen..
    It so sad, I feel for the families..may god bless you and punish the wicked.
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    your going to see a lot more of this .our anti second amendment government is programing young men to do this.this government needs a monopoly on force to usher in this new world order so they have to disarm everyone!! laugh if u want but just hide and watch
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    @Food4thoughts our government has done such things. I wouldn't jump to that conclusion on this story though. I do get a bad feeling about this 1, and obviously for all young children all the Familys destroyed now.. they know who 1 of the shooters was because he's dead at the scene and they're searching a house in New Jersey if there were 2 shooters involved I hope they find the other 1 and kill him
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    @Food4thoughts if u need any proof look no further than fast and furious it started under bush n continued under obama there not trying to turn us against violence there trying to turn u against guns n we all kno guns wont make u want to kill anybody. maybe we should blame the spoon for making u fat!!
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    @humptydumpty @bsking so let me get this straight...the government sent a 20 year old into an Elementary School with intention of killing a Kindergarten class all as a conspiracy to disarm the citizens.
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    I can't stop crying...those poor children, their parents, teachers...the entire nation. Dear God...please help. How can a civilized nation have such evil people to do this to babies? They're 5 years old....
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    Here's a cyber hug for you. Wish I could give you a real one. This shooting is hitting me pretty hard too. I gave my 2 1/2 yr old son an extra long hug before putting him down for his nap.
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    @mtkopf ..Thank you and back to you...I just cannot imagine what those parents are going terrified those babies were...I think all of us need an extra hug today. Hug your little one for me too...
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    @ACTSmom thank you and I will! I'll tell you I haven't had this mix of sadness and anger and outrage since 9/11.
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    I get it, passing on the hug I got from my daugher. I heard it in the car on the way to her house. My heart broke when I heard, those poor parents at this time of the year too. It's too bad that the mentally ill can no longer be locked up and forced to get treatment nowadays. This maybe could have been prevented. Eyes are still leaking.
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    Guns and/or drugs in or within a certain perimeter are serious felonies in my area.
    Plainfield Illinois police chief tried to get an assault rifle assigned to school police officer, locked in a safe in case something happened. People were outraged!!!
    Like an officer with a 9mm with 10 round clip is going to be able to stop a psycho like this.
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    Israel uses armed adult family members, grandparents mostly, to provide anti-terrorist protection for schools over there. These kind of cowards go after the places that are guaranteed by the govt to not have any kind of defenses other than locked doors and a sign in sheet at the office.
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    @mtkopf besides that we need to start putting safety features in schools for this kind of attack. it is happening more often so it needs to be addressed. we have the technological know how and the skilled workers to build and put into place.

    we need a design change and some upgrades
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    Anyone that knows me knows I am no fan of President Obama, but I just watched his press conference and I want to give him his proper due. He said the right things and for the first time I have earned a tiny bit of resepct for him.

    Prayers to the familes. My heart is truly broken today. I can't wait to hug my 9 year old when he gets home from school today.
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    Very sad. The gunman obviusly had issues with his mother. Out of respect for the victims please lets not use this tragedy to get on a political soapbox. Let's just wish the best to the survivors and families/loved ones of the victim. Perhaps on another I will talk about the politics of this, but not today.
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    I've lost all hope for mankind. From now on when your child asks you if monsters are real, you'll have to answer yes. Sending your child to public school these days is like gambling with their life. The only thing to do now is to have armed law enforcement on every school campus armed to the teeth to deal with situations like this. That and every person entering the campus must go through a security screening process.
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    It's a sad state of affairs...sad for all of us. I'd like to know how he got into the school, into the classroom. It's a horrible day for all of us.
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    It is time for gun control laws. How many more have to die? It was 18 children today, and 8 more adults. I can't stand this violence. This shooting today is the most devastating, gut-wrenching, and sick thing I've seen in a long time. I think a lot more people will start standing up for gun control laws. And to all you gun nuts need to blame the psychos killing people for you losing your assault rifles and handguns. Don't blame those of us sick of watching our neighbors be killed. I hope people will take a stand.
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    Wisdom73- agree with every school needing an armed guard with adequate firepower. If the law is going to prevent teachers and faculty from carrying firearms to protect the children and themselves, then it should be required that a fulltime police officer or guard be allocated to each campus. Of course it would be more logical to simply allow faculty or principals to be armed with a rifle.
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    Reading some of the posts here: Claiming this is our government's fault? Thinking this is appropriate point in time to debate second amendment issues illustrates a total lack of respect for the horror of 20-30 children and teacher's deaths. Really exposes the degree of paranoia existing within the forum.
    Thoughts and prayers for all those affected by this insane act
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    Blessing to every parent who lost their lives today and the teachers, administrators that most likely died protecting these children. What is the sickness that seems to plague our society today can anyone explain this to me? Please light a candle tonight, or pray if that's what you do, that this community can come together and help one another.
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    @mtkopf. Both of mine are home sick today and I already gave them huge hugs while I cry. There are just no words to express my sorrow for these families.
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    @CanisCanemEdit Kill adults...fine. Don't kill kids. Give them a chance at least. What a shame OKC was such a inside job. But I am not going into that right now. Just the wrong day. :(
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    Why would someone do something like this? Not a rhetorical statement because most of us wouldn't do it for any reason but I have to wonder what was in his mind that set him off?
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    Lots of stress around these days. Some people just don't handle it. I can see offing yourself but a bunch of kids too? It's just beyond me.
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    @Thunderchicken You know I have joked in the past about my "hit list" should I ever decide to go off. But I do not understand how someone could make kids their target?
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    I can't believe how hard this is hitting me. I guess because they were kids, and very young ones to boot. I can't begin to imagine what kind of mindset makes that seem right.
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    @Zazziness hitting me pretty hard also. For me bc I look at my 2 1/2 yr old son and pray that he never has to deal with something like this.
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    I am extremely sickened by this incident...I can only think about those parents and all of those little kids...They are on my mind and in my prayers....I can say nothing further.......
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    I heard this on the radio and my eyes filled, how awful, just terrible for those parents, I don't know how they will ever get over this. What brought tears to my eyes, still does for that matter, was the news that an entire class was missing. No, gun laws will not solve this, he'd have found a gun no matter what, but, maybe it's time to go back to involuntary commitment and stays in mental health facilities. This no one can be put in an institution for their own good thing isn't working. 18 to 20 little angels killed, at least 9 adults dead along with his mother, the teacher of the dead children, and his father.
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    I have been saying thus for a LONG TIME "it is only a matter of time before we have a tragic elementary school shooting" And people say "we don't need gun control" BULLSHIT!! It has been 13 years and 19 major shootings since Columbine we still have not learned. SMH Insert right-wing dumbass response here_______. They will say "this could have been prevented by a 5 YEAR OLD WITH A GUN" The NRA has turned America into the Wild West or okay corral.

    I was having a discussion with someone on this site about the dangers of abortion and how he must "protect" the most innocent of lives . And as I say no one ON THE RIGHT cares about the lives of children once they are born. Just pop a gun in little Timmy's hand slap him on the ass and send him on his way.

    The NRA should be leading the charge for gun control not lobbying against. Every tragedy happens the NRA will have some type of rally in Taki fashion as they always do .

    But at the end of the day if you can't beat them join them this is the world that the right wants us to live in so everyone please go out and get it done stay strapped and pull your gun FIRST or else you, or your children, could be next.
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    yes, because CLEARLY banning all guns from every person would have stopped this. you can write all the gun laws you want...criminals dont obey laws....never have never will. proof that these laws have fail? fire arm within a schoolzone, broke that one, loaded firearm with no permit, broke that one, KILLING INNOCENT CHILDREN pretty sure murder is a crime...when are you lefties going to understand that more laws only HELP these criminals out by providing them no resistance to what they are doing to do. these cowards go after easy targets they know will not be able to defend themselves...more laws, less laws it doesnt matter...someone sick enough to do this isnt going to change his mind for fear of breaking the law
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    @its_my_freedom As I said insert right wing dumbass response here_____. Thank you for your obedience. This is the problem all you right wing people think it's all or nothing. Am a gun owner I believe and the Second Amendment I believe in peoples' right to own firearms. I just don't believe it should be easier to get a legal "war machine" then it is to get an illegal handgun. I should not be able to buy a gun while I'm out shopping for milk and cookies. There should be waiting periods more permits. NOT BANS. BUT I KNOW LOGIC IS LOST ON YOU.
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    @Waynestew I am not right wing OR left wing, I am just sick of you anti nra folks thinking that making laws stops criminals. they are criminals because they have already shown what respect they have for laws. you think making this gun or that gun causes the guns to just POOF, disappear?? a person who wants a gun will get one, whether it be by legal mans or not. All the gun laws do is make it harder for law abiding citizens to obtains means for their own protection. simply putting a ban or requiring a permit on a gun is not going to stop someone who doesnt follow the laws in the first place. when will you understand that? These laws do nothing to stop this kind of tragedy. for instance, the guns this man used today...were they purchased and registered legally? did he have a cc permit for them, no...was he required by law to obtain these legally and have them registered to his person? was he legally required to have a permit to carry that 9mm he concealed? yes....did he ignore those laws? yes. did he ignore that law stating he could not carry in a school zone? yes. tell me did any of those laws stop this from happening today? the laws were there....he just didnt follow them...what makes you think adding more laws will stop this?
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    This murderous rampage, the Portland mall rampage, the Colorado theater rampage,...
    Blood on the hands of the NRA.
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    First my sympathies and prayers to the families of the victims. That should always come first. The NRA supporters will claim that the if teachers were packing heat that this wouldn't have happened. Of course this is pure and utter BS as one, none of the teachers would have been trained in taking out a lunatic in a situation like this and two, the cops would have probably shot any of the teachers that did fire off guns.
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    @PNWest three this wackjob had a bulletproof vest and at least one assault weapon. Do you think a handgun is gonna stop him...don't think so.
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    @mtkopf A handgun wouldn't stop him. But serious gun control would have kept him from getting an assault weapon and prevented or at least minimized the chances of this and the other recent gun tragedies. Thanks NRA. By the way NRA supporters can you post some links to instances where something like has ever happened where someone with a concealed carry permit ever stepped in and saved the day? I don't know of any?
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    @PNWest trust me I'm so totally with you on gun control. I'm sure the founding fathers would be proud of our country today, proud that any wacko could get their hands on and use a machine that is intended to kill dozens of people in mere seconds. I'm sure that is what was intended when they wrote the 2nd amendment. I shed tears today for those who were killed. I shed tears for the thousands of people who are affected by this tragedy. I shed tears today bc for the first time in my life, I hate this country.
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    @mtkopf The Founding Fathers would have wanted things to change with the times. The very nature of the Constitution provides for amending it. Hence, the Amendments. Its supposed to be amended, its supposed to be rewritten for hells sakes.
    Look what Thomas Jefferson said about it...
    "Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of nineteen years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right."
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    Im a disheartened for the families with lost ones. This is a shame. If only officials in the schools (principal, vice principal, etc.) had a concealed carry, along with carrying at schools for the protection of the students more lives could have been saved. Criminals will find guns regardless, and I would want to know a responsible adult on a schools campus has the means to protect my children and others.
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    @FollowTheMoney Isn't It strange his mother was the teacher of the class he attacked? There seems to be something more this story.
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