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    Haha, if I were to skip court because I fainted a week ago there would be a warrant out for my arrest. This is a very dramatic dog and pony show
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    @DARSB "Then emulate the Secretary of State - don't be a lawbreaker." and make sure you have a patsy to take the fall for you and a clueless boss. Great advice.
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    Oh my...ya don't say! Well bless her heart. Why not just, umm, uhh, lets just put this bump in the road behind us. Charge onward.

    Who woulda guessed??? Too funny. Thank you for the laugh today!!
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    @marine1 goodness gracious! I predicted something would "come up"...I told family members "something will happen that she won't".
    Little did i know it would uhhh...
    Go down!! Hehehe
    LAUGHABLE. Purely laughable.

    Oh boy. Get ready America for a lot of lumpy bumps in life. Just a heads up.
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    @Just_Lisa Is that a picture of her before she fainted, I'm no doctor don't people with the flu look more pale and weak? She looks healthy to me..
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    This Benghazi thing is nothing more than a republican "witch hunt" anyway....and a waste of tax payer money...They need to be canceled and this nonsense ended....
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    Throughout the history of the US any appearance of impropriety has been investigated.

    Some things have ended in conviction and the guilty punished.

    Others have ended with lack of evidence.

    Throughout the tenures of Governor/Senator/President/Sec of State Clinton there are certainly enough anomolies to make this suspect.
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    These senate hearings have little creditably in my opinion, but I am sure the practice will continue. All the information needs to be accurately presented. As we have seen in the past, one minor slip can dramatically shift the results. Whoever testifies must be knowledgeable and confident. It should be a senior level expert who has experience testifying in these hearings. Is there a good substitute for Clinton, we don't know. It should be up to her and she should be give the choice -- not senators leading the hearing.

    The press and congress will take phrases out of context to prove their side of the issue. These are "witch hunts" but people seem to want these. There is always something congress should look into.
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    @CanisCanemEdit I agree with your initial statement. But this incident all falls on basically what Amb. Rice said---and she was repeating what the intelligence community told her to say....There is no "smoking gun" here...Just more political posturing on the part of republicans...and nothing more....
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    Crocodile tears... fainting spells..... next we'll hear about accidentally erased tapes.

    Even if the hearings are delayed... Hillary will have developed amnesia forgetting anything pertaining to things starting with Be or Ly....

    I think someone prone to fainting probably shouldn't be running for president.
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    @NormalFlora I was wondering why our relations with japan have been so luke warm.... Hillary's head in his lap?
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    @Sharpshooter I guess you're too young to know what I was referring to. The Smart Bush, when he was Pres, also had the stomach flu at a state dinner, fainted sideways and ended up barfing in the Japanese PM's lap.
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    If you were a sitting President and it was discovered that you were openly supporting al-Qaeda—openly supplying them with weapons—what would you do?
    Since al-Qaeda is the sworn enemy of the United States, since al-Qaeda has murdered countless Americans, and therefore supporting al-Qaeda would be treason in every sense of the word, of course you would resign or brace for impeachment.
    But we’re not talking about a normal President who operates within the confines of reason. We’re talking about Barack Hussein Obama, who operates in a strange Twilight Zone type of reality broadcast to the masses via his compliant mainstream media.
    The Syrian “rebels” have openly identified themselves with al-Qaeda. They have openly said,“When We Finish With Assad, We Will Fight the U.S.”, so it’s no secret they are the enemy.
    And Barack Obama has been arming them...
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    Pres. Obama is NOT "Openly supporting al-Qaeda"...What a crock of BS!---And, no, I do not want to read any of your right wing propaganda...No Thanks!
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    I thought you were talking about Reagan's Iran Contra scandal, at first, but instead you're just making up malarky.
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    By the way...the guy responsible for your extreme right wing web site is a guy named..."Floyd Gregory Brown"---A long-time republican operative...who does nothing but go after Democratic Presidents and Candidates...Many in the republican party don't even like or trust him-------He is too slimy for many of them to stomach...and gives the word "sleezy" a bad name...
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    @ACTSmom she is faking. she is claiming victim status so suckers will feel sorry for her.
    she is avoiding testifying .period. she is also sealing her political future.
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    @bsking husband heard about this on the news tonight and he's not even politically minded...barely interested. His take was "how convenient"...lies, lies, and damn lies. I honestly thought she was better than this...
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    Did they force you to run this story Mary? Yes i'm talking to you and I know you see it. It would be more appropriate to ask if you think she did this to avoid the hearings. Hell yes she did this to avoid the hearings, and the Republicans don't have a hair on their scrotum's if they don't postpone the hearings and force this two faced witch to answer for her actions.
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    @Thegrif No doubt. This is vintage Clintonesque politics. I can imagine them forcing Mary to run this crap. I would honestly like to file a complaint with regards to how she words these topics. Typical Liberal scientist.
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    @Calfkiller this crap kills me. If there is nothing to hide then what is the problem testifing? First Obama is all to willing to stand in front of America and the freakin UN talkin crap about a protest in Benghazi, for 17 days. Then we find out from State Dept. and CIA that his ass watched in real time video feed as 2 waves of terrorist attacked our embassy, with RPG's mind you, and within 2 hrs of the attack, we now know, the White House was informed (Obama), and if Obama wasn't told by his own damn staff then he needs to be impeached for being to damn stupid to even pick a competent staff, or if he was told, then he needs to be impeached for lying to the people he was elected to serve. But, when Obama is asked, what does he say, Executive privilege? Same thing he said when asked about the Holde dealr.
    Now Hillary is tryin the same crap? My ars!!! No way!!!
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    @Thegrif Bah!! what can you say? I want to vomit everytime something new comes out about this story. It's almost as sad as people lining up to vote for this charlatan. I'm almost through with the United States. I worry about my State and my family. I honestly hate to say it, but I have to protect myself, my sanity, and my family. You can't help people who can't help themselves. Half of voting America would follow this loon off a cliff like lemmings.
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    She has had circulatory problems for many years, and will be 69 when she runs for president in 2016, taking several weeks to fight off a virus makes you wonder what other health issues she has.
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    I don't know about that. We have been getting admissions from this stomach flu there have been 3 or 4 20 somethings admitted. This virous is really a potent strain.
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    @classychazy Ok, didn't realize there was a bug that bad going around, maybe that's all there is to it.
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    Plus, consider her schedule. She probably rarely gets adequate rest, especially when fighting off a virus. She should have gotten a flu shot.
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    Postpone, let her testify, get to the truth, and take further action if warranted. The only way to move past this is to deal with it properly. She's part of that process.
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    I love the term "witch hunt". I believe one was found.

    Funny thing is the dumbocrats would be up in arms if this had been a Bush fiasco instead of another Obama screw up. Bottom line is somebody in a position to do something to help our military personnel failed miserably. Hmmm... seems like I remember something similar happening in Somalia. What was the name of that guy that could have done something and to what political party did he belong?

    It doesn't matter if the fainting was real or not. Hillary is only being used to provide a buffer for that jughead in the White House. She'll be back in the spotlight soon enough. She's too power hungry to stay away. In a couple years when the sheeple have forgotten everything, she'll be putting in another bid for the presidency. By then the US will have become enough of a third world country that she will probably be elected.
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    How convenient. Obama and company are doing everything possible to keep the truth from coming out. If the real decisions ever come to light, and how this was handled, Obama has a major scandal on his hands and Hillary is toast for the next presidential election. What is faking a little concussion when you have faked your way through a major scandal like Benghazi? It will be interesting if the truth ever comes out. You can bet Hillary will do everything she can to avoid public questions. Just watch - next month she has another excuse.
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    She knew exactly what was going on at the time it occurred, Obummer & his staff LIED to us. Bring them all in and maybe we will see justice. A riot? I do not think so!
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    The hearings is just a witch hunt. That crap about a conspiracy to cover up something is silly. Wile McCain and his cohorts were attacking Susan Rice, they forgot about all the talk they spewed about WMDs during the Bush administration.
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    Isn't the democratic opposition equally as partisan, though?

    One of the advantages of having more then one political party is they hold each other accountable.
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