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    Thug criminals will alwways have guns. They also kill each other making up a good part of that statistic. I want mine to be my equalizer in case of home invasion by whoever is stupid enough to come in unwelcomed.
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    Even those of us that are opposed to guns know that we aren't going to be able to get your guns. There are however steps to take to try and minimize these crimes. We need every law abiding citizen with a gun to declare it. If a gun is stolen it should have to be reported. I think that there should be RFID chips in guns. Limit magazine size. Finally, and perhaps the most important, we need to reinstate the assault weapons ban. Everyone was saying when this massacre happened that it was 2 handguns. Now, they say most of the kids were killed with an assault rifle. If we let you keep your handguns, hunting rifles, shotguns, and muzzle loaders, then would you be willing to keep militarized weapons off the streets of America?
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    Register them all huh? Why so the government can just come to my house with a list when they are ready to take them or they could use the new signed by Obama to just round up any citizen at any time and detain them for any period of time without trial. Lets see who would the government come get first those with guns and proficiency in their use or sheep like yourself who blindly give up their rights to guns?

    Your ideas make me think of one scene from a movie. Ever see the original red dawn? Remember the part where the commander tells his soldiers to go to the courthouse and pull paperwork that lists every registered firearm to every citizen and then they to and collect those citizens and their firearms? That's what your plan would lead to only it wouldn't be a foreign government doing this act, it would be our own.
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    Who in our gov't has ever threatened to take all the guns away?

    If they are registered, people could be held responsible for the guns they own. I have to register my kayaks for pete's sake, but not a gun....
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    @srs606791163 I think these are great ideas, really, but the NRA would go ballistic. One of the problems we have is the big, well funded groups. I think the ACLU, AARP and other groups do not always represent the views of their members. Some of conservation groups do not understand the idea of coexistence. I am a big time tree hugger but can still see how unrealistic some of their actions are.

    Any idea that NRA could represent as limiting firearm ownership will be shoot down. Imagine if we had similar groups for cars, we readily accept safety changes to our cars. Some people choose to ignore them, but for the most we follow along.
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    @DrNickels Why should someone this paranoid be allowed to own weapons. Seriously, if Obama did do that what would you do when the police come knocking? Would you let them have the guns, or would you stand your ground?
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    How many of those gun deaths were caused by law enforcement? How many were hunting accidents? This story is designed to incite people... it is lacking in context.
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    ok, I found some numbers to share... Half of gun deaths were suicides. One in ten were hunting accidents. One-third are homicides. Of the homicides, 1% are deaths of LEA's, 2% are people killed by LEA's, 1% were personal/home protection. (SOURCES: CDC, BJS, Resrach by Univ. of Utah School of Medicine)
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    @DogLady_1 Lea's is this law enforcement? How many deaths are caused by cops shooting unarmed people? Thats what i want to know. In several cities i am aware that type of thing happens several times a year, and it seems to be increasing...
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    I agree with gun control for all Obama-supporting democrats. All good conservative Americans will keep our guns thank you...and you can't take them away from us. Arm the principals and key personnel at the schools....the real answer to school shootings.
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    Absolute freedom is dangerous. With freedom comes responsibility. We are a society of greedy, self centered individuals who care less about their fellow citizens. The need people feel for weaponry is merely symptomatic of a relativistic anarchical mindset. The abuse of weaponry derives from a mindset which places ones self as more deserving than everyone else.
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    >>>The abuse of weaponry derives from a mindset which places ones self as more deserving than everyone else. <<<

    Good thing there is very little abuse.

    The need people feel for opposing weaponry is merely symptomatic of a relativistic bondage mindset.
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    We do have problems with our firearms. I think it is cultural. Our movies and video games promote wild shooting sprees; bad guys seem to die more often then good. Guns are dangerous and we need to enforce many of the good gun laws already in place, plus look at requiring gun owners to learn commonsense gun safety.

    We can start with, weapons should be locked, especially if someone with mental illness or children would have access.
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    This case, involved a rifle, not a handgun. The ad, although it is effective propaganda, powerful from a pr standpoint, really has nothing to do with this shooting.
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    @PoliticalSpice I agree! It misrepresents the facts, as the article says, it doesn't take population into consideration, so the numbers are not being compared in a rational manner. We have the largest population of the group, will probably have the nighest number of deaths regardless. Also, this ad is very, very old. The numbers themselves are wrong

    But boy it makes a statement!
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    When is someone going to talk about the real reason tragedies like this continue to happen? It could not have anything to do with taking GOD out of the classroom could it???
    Could not have anything to do with not teaching our kids it is wrong to kill others?
    Could not have anything to do with Dr. Spock proclaiming it detrimental to discipline our children by spanking them or we might corrupt their precious little minds?
    Could not be because so many parents now treat the schools as babysitters but not allow them to discipline our children in any manner lest they might be slapped with a lawsuit?
    Could not be because our more liberal brethren who have out cried for decades we cannot punish violent offenders with similar treatment but rather just slap them on the hand and them give them early release?
    More and more of these tragedies’ are being committed by children and I believe a lot of it is because so many parents buy them these damn video games that are all about killing in some form or fashion that teach kids that killing is ok but of course the parent could not be part of the problem because they are too well educated to allow something like that to happen.
    Come on people look in the mirror and you will see the problem and it is not a piece of hardware but the fool looking back at you.
    Guns do not kill people, people kill people and everywhere the guns have been severely restricted or outlawed the crime rate has soared. Just look at Australia after they outlawed guns, their violent crime soared because those who will not obey the law to start with then had little to fear from their victims and knew all law abiding citizens were easy pickings.
    Those who believe that outlawing guns will solve the problem are disillusioned and will discover the hard way unfortunately at the behest of the rest of us if they get their way that they will only become the victim when gun controls are enacted.
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    Muslim theocracies teach God in the classroom. David Koresh and Reverend Jim Jones taught about God in the classroom. Shall we teach children that violence is wrong by beating them?
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    No, it didn't have anything to do with following our constitution and taking god out of the classroom.
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    @Dan_Tien NO ONE SAID A WORD ABOUT BEATING THEM there is a differance Dan, the point I was trying to make is they are not disciplined anymore but allowed to do as they please and they know if you try to do anything about it you will be the one in jail.
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    We (USA) will never be a truly enlightened country until we collectively agree that guns have no place in our society. It would probably take us 40-60 years once we make that determination.
    The second ammendment was written at a time when it took 2 days to ride to the next county and we were still defending ourselves against other countries on our own land. It is obsolete and needs to be stricken.
    There is no other way to kill 30 people in 5 minutes except with a gun. At the very least guns should cost more than a tank of gas and bullets should cost more than a fast food meal.
    Anyone that says we need to do something about gun violence while standing by the second ammendment is a hypocrite.
    There are more and greater tragedies like this coming.
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    I am sick of the Republican rhetoric. Every tragedy we hear the same thing over and over. When are they going to realize that this tragedy is the turning point. Americans are sick of gun violence. They keep saying we can't stop crazy people from doing these things. Shouldn't we try? These gun nuts are about as anti-American as they come.
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    "We (USA) will never be a truly enlightened country until we collectively agree that guns have no place in our society"

    Tell that to the armed criminals and watch them laugh. As long as there are armed criminals they will have a place. And as long as I may have to deal with them I'll have a gun.

    "The second ammendment was written at a time when it took 2 days to ride to the next county and we were still defending ourselves against other countries on our own land. It is obsolete and needs to be stricken."

    Ever been to East St. Louis. Even the devil doesn't go there after dark.

    "There is no other way to kill 30 people in 5 minutes except with a gun. "

    Oklahoma City...

    "At the very least guns should cost more than a tank of gas and bullets should cost more than a fast food meal."

    I expect you've never bought either a gun or a box of ammunition. Or you've got a big tank and an appetite to match.
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    Ok...agreed....BUT, can we first convince judges/politicians/etc "mandatory sentencing" means mandatory. And, while we're at it, can we also convince "bleeding hearts" that prisons are NOT a vacation and the use of inhuman treatment is way overused. Also, why not have prisoners WORK for their wanton disregard to a civil society to pay back their debts.
    If you can get these minor "requests" accomplished and make me and other law abiding citizens feel safer to walk the streets and live in their homes, then maybe we wouldn't tell you "you'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands"!
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    Let's start with the article.... The timing of the article makes Mary's leaning quite obvious. Anti Gun Image with anti gun facts provided by an anti gun organization with an obvious ox to gore. The timing is perfect because we have just lost 20 children to a CRIMINAL with MENTAL ISSUES using a rifle. They were shot so let's strut out the same old image of a handgun and the question of Handgun violence.

    The article is filled with bias, half and complete untruths.

    Let's start with this one:

    "The UK has banned handguns, whereas Canada and Switzerland have famously laxer gun laws – although not as lax as the US."

    A great example of propaganda writing.

    Muzzleloading Handguns are permitted in the UK.... A six shot Walker Colt Revolver, considered the most powerful handgun in the world until the introduction of the 44 Magnum in 1956. Six shots in a handgun in the UK.

    Switzerland's laws are in many ways LESS Strict than the US with a far lower crime rate. Explanation? The Hopolophobes tell us it's because Switzerland is more wealthy per capita implying that fewer people need to steal so handgun deaths are lower. An interesting assumption that people are primarily (I'm being generous by not saying "only" ) killed by handguns when they're robbed.

    I don't think the Connecticut CRIMINAL Wack Job or the Colorado Theater CRIMINAL Wacko were interested in robbing anyone, nor we they noticeably poor as they were able to raise a bunch of cash to purchase the needed equipment for their CRIMINAL ENDEAVORS.

    Now to the poster... Again timing is everything in the propaganda and ADVERTISING business.

    HCI, the producer of the poster pays Sarah Brady over $250,000 a year. No point in not cashing in on an opportunity to raise cash to pay Sarah and her army of lobbyists.

    20 dead CHILDREN is certainly going to evoke plenty of emotion and such strong emotion will certainly loosen up those purse strings. A quarter of a million dollar salary requires considerable fund raising and the blood of children works pretty well to grease those skids, truth and honesty be damned.

    Now before the resident Hoplophobes fire off a nasty response to be about the above,,, ask yourself.... who's taking advantage of the situation? It's not me. I'm just calling the sleezeballs out, direct your anger where it should be.

    Gun Control? I've asked the following question several times and NEVER receive a direct answer. I get more platitudes and attacks on the right to keep and bear arms,but never an answer to the question.

    We have hard evidence, both statistical and anecdotal that Gun Control doesn't work. Places with strict gun control with high murder rates, places with freedom to keep and bear arms with exceptionally low rates.

    WHY do the hoplophobes insist on ignoring looking at OTHER factors behind these sort of CRIMINAL ACTS? Why is the Mental Health question ignored? Why is the societal or environmental aspect avoided?

    If you're really concerned with preventing these CRIMES, why are you so unwilling to look for answers other than those we KNOW don't work?
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    And how many of those 10,728 deaths were at the hands of law abiding citizens shooting someone who was not in the process of conducting a criminal act?

    How many of these killings were performed by people who were not legally able to have a handgun? My guess is the majority of them. That's not mentioned though because then it proves that gun control does nothing to stop criminals from getting guns.
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    We also have a higher non-firearm murder rate than the TOTAL murder rate of many other nations. If people want to kill somebody, they will find a way to do it. I'm not that comfortable with guns because I am blind in one eye which affects my depth perception....something I realize could be compensated for with practice, so I'm a blade man myself, but a gun is a more definitive way to immobilize someone at a distance. The vast majority of this anti-handgun BS statistic is because thugs can easily shove em in their pants when they go to cause trouble...and guess what...those same thugs will CONTINUE to get handguns even if you take them away from regular citizens.
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    We are a nation that makes it clear that "we don't give a damn about anybody or anything but putting money in our own individual pockets"...Now since that is so firmly ingrained into our national many people---nothing else matters. We are a nation that makes it clear that we "look out for number 1"...So the hell with you...I've got mine, and it doesn't matter if you don't...We are a nation where the mentality is that---citizens prey upon other citizens each and every day of the week....And if I can find a way to separate you from your money---I will do it...legally or otherwise...That is America...And that's why we are so violent...The "bottom-line" all that matters in this society...And with that kind of national mindset.....How could anyone be surprised that this nation kills more people than the next 10 nations combined, each year!?!?
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    @Sonny No question the overall mentality of the U.S. seems to have gotten sicker over time. That's why I'm so paranoid about my safety. If I'm in a high crime area, or if I even ask the wrong person to help me with something I can't reach etc...I could be in trouble because a guy in a wheelchair screams "opportunity"...even moreso if I'm out with my girlfriend. She won't let me teach her self-defense because she doesn't like hurting people...but I carry a weapon with me quite frankly because even if I don't injure an attacker badly enough to cause serious harm, they won't expect ME to put up a fight. And I'll admit, maybe a little of MY mentality is wanting to compensate for my physical limitations, I NEED that equalizer, be it bullet or blade...I just shy away from bullet because I don't want my blindness to cause me to hit a bystander (including my gf) by mistake.
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    @Sonny I will say though, that I was pleased with how many genuinely nice people ARE still left in the world. In November I traveled by bus to visit my girlfriend's family. 36 hour trip there, 48 back because of a broken wheelchair lift. Everywhere I went were nice folks, including a homeless man who snuck in to use one of the bus station bathrooms and offered to help me get where I needed to go in the terminal. I bought him and his wife some food as a thank you and left wishing I could have done more. There are still some diamonds in the rough, it's just hard not to become cynical while looking for them.
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    I believe in some level of gun control, but this picture is entirely inaccurate. All of those other countries are highly more urban (urban countries typically have lower crime rates, as well as more urban cities). It is entirely idiotic to compare a country to another country. Urban areas are much more safe than those which are less so. Downtown areas in the most dangerous cities in the US are actually some of the more safe parts of metropolitan areas.

    Just goes to show what happens when people try to force their opinions on people when they don't have a single clue about how demographics affect EVERYTHING from education to crime.

    You can't compare crime rates in Jacksonville to crime rates in San Francisco. People need to understand such concepts.
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    How many people died violently of other means in these countries? If I wanted to kill someone bad enough I could make do with a pencil... outlaw pencils??
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    so other countries, use more hammers, axes, knives, earthquakes, tsunami's and etc... what are the inappropiate death rates, in other countries. as i think we are all ignoring, the real problem is idolitry. since idolitry promises, increasinly higher inappropiate death rates. and the more idoliterous you become, the worse it is going to get.
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    Now this is actually important. Real stats. Let's decide about whether there's a problem on some actual facts and not sensationalist news stories.
    Still, it's not like all those other countries listed have banned guns. This has more to do with our culture, including America's underground culture. Some other cultures have more emphasis on other weapons. Japan probably has a higher rate of sword deaths than most countries. At first glance that seems safer because they are short range, but if someone knows how to use a sword well that doesn't matter.
    No matter what we do we must maintain the integrity of the Constitution. No matter which side is right about their interpretation a federal gun ban is unconstitutional. If the 2nd amendment is an individual right, then it's clearly unconstitutional. If it's a collective right, then the 2nd amendment refers to a "well regulated militia" for the "security of a free STATE", leaving each state to decide how to "regulate" its militia(the people the state allows to own guns), meaning the federal government would have no say in that and this is something that should be discussed more at the state level.
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    Does anybody else look at the facts behind the stats? Yes we do have a higher rate but what is the per capita rate, bet they are not as impressive. Great Britian bans guns so why is there not 0 deaths for instance. Switzerland only has barely 8 million people compared the the U.S's over 300 million. What about what age groups has the most deaths and why meaning was it during the commission of a crime or domestic dispute.
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    A huge chunk of that figure is shooting by police officers. And you can do a few searches and see that many of them were uncalled for.
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