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    I don't know about the precinct to precinct comment, but, the rest sounds pretty right! I've been in Detroit and other cities "blighted" areas. Those areas remind me of the bombed out pictures of WWII Germany. Scary enough to make my butt pucker (and I don't pucker easily).
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    Republicans are known to tell endless lies,if you guys are right then maybe next presidential election you should try the same tactic to keep from looking like the sore loser's you are !!!
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    @Rightwing What are you blabbering about? The question is whether or not some of these big cities look like war zones. If you doubt that assertion, it seems like a road trip may be in order for you.
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    @Rightwing Comment really weird. Did YOU look at my profile? Most likely NOT! First, I don't agree with either you crazy Liberals or the crazy Conservatives. Second, I take NO marching orders from NO man (Dem or Repub). Third, I hear the same rhetoric "tactics" from both you crazies!
    Now, they me something. Have YOU ever been in any "blighted" area of any major city (other than your own)? I have! Been to 90% of the major cities from NY to LA, Chicago to New Orleans. And when in those areas, I see the people in those (or similar) "shops" or porches or walking around. It really makes your "senses" come alive, that is, you become extremely "aware" of your surroundings (similar to being in a war zone). Once again:
    Have YOU ever been in any "blighted" area of any major city (other than your own)?
    ps: sick of the rhetoric "right/left" wings that sit in their living room and comment about the world. Please just play your video games and sit....stay!
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    @Jeff_Woehrle Bahaha. Seems you type much faster then I. Nice retort.....think you might like mine....have a great day
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    The statement itself is offensive, the fact that people believe this is worse. Just because people are poor does not mean they don't understand current events or are dishonest. These kind of statements increase the resentment many have for our poor. After all, they live a good life on our tax $$ and they get to vote twice! Seriously? Repeat anything often enough and it gets more and more credible.
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    The problem is not that they are poor, it's that they poor it's that predators hunt the weak and defenceless. Have you seen the price of a good gun. If there is a problem there it's because the law abiding poor are wise enough to keep their heads down. And pray to keep there children as much of the streets as possible. If that's the case who's in the pool halls. My apologies to some pool halls.
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    but I guess it is okay for a Detroit councilwoman to openly ask "where is the money from Obama?" in return for delivering Detroit to him in the election.
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    The big cities have been voting reliably liberal for decades. Democrats promise to lift the impoverished from their plight, yet they continue to fall further and further into debt and poverty.

    Now, big bailouts loom as the cities have spent and taxed themselves to the brink of bankruptcy. There will be little choice other than federal assistance as the problems are simply too costly for states to bear.

    Now that same entitlement/tax/spend./borrow mentality has fallen over Washington as well...and the fate is surely the same.

    Except, who will bail out the federal government?

    Good luck, suckers! Your 'hope and change' is coming!
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    I think the "We need better goverrnment so continue voting for the same party that's been screwing things up for decades" attitude should be mocked.
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    Well the federal govt could cut spending by closing down military bases in countries outside the u.s. and cutting military pork weapons projects, like the F-35 plane and other weapons systems. Indeed, if we went back to the military structure imposed by the constitution, we cut cuts cost enormously. But repubs would never agree to cut what military contractors consider their "entitlement" to waste our tax money...
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    @PoliticalSpice well just for the record up til lincoln just about the only thing the feds did was military so i think the foundin fathers'd be mighty complexed by this whole socialist welfare thing y'all got goin
    sure, close the bases in europe, but ending the f-35 program, expensive as it is, is craziness, we gotta stay a step ahead so we can fight so YOU dont have to buddyboy, unlike welfare which IS an entitlement, defense and defense spendin actually IS a constitutional right, look it up
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    @LikkerdySplit I know the constitution very well, better then a lot on here. Military spending is not a "right" and I don't have time for this today, but I will say the f-35 has cost millions of millions, and they have yet to make it work properly. Since we agree on closing the bases lets just leave it at that, oh but first, I don't believe in wrlfare, I believe in jobs programs instead...
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    i've walked all over detroit, chicago and many other major cities and NEVER once have i felt the need to pucker my butt. it's either all in your imagination, or you've been watching too much television. as far as 'bombed out cities', there's nothing to be afraid of in empty buildings.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix correction. Our nation falls apart when we are not united. It is almost as if you want the entire country to fall because your political affiliation lost. How disgusting. Please tell me more about how active division (not healthy competition) keeps the country together
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    @sevenSecrets Always have the same problem at corporations. They encourage staff to be aggressive and competitive but if that isn't carefully and constantly directed, it turns into internal aggression and division instead of being targeted at actual outside competitors and uniting employees.
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    The the government paid 40 dollars to up grade to HDTV, to save money and lives I suggest that the government give a $40 gift card usable only by the named person. Low income, Non-(felon or domestic abuse), paid up child support, head of household [male or female] to buy buy the guns that are erroneously called Saturday-night Specials since the same study that was used to justify their banning. Also showed that no Rogue-predator in their right mind would be caught dead or alive with the derringers and lady purse guns that could be bought for the price the study showed felons returning to society spent on their new guns. The discounted price fences were charging for firearms purchased buy potential suppliers. Then have the nonprofit arm of the NRA safety and tactics train these folk for CCW. So that strangers wandering through won't have to.

    You might think I'm joking but I suspect the GOP and the Democrats would be surprised how many they would give out. I'm a Libertarian. I don't hold being poor against any man or woman just don't hold their horns for the slaughters.
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    they are. Specifically the black precincts. Is that racist? Hell no that's the reality of the situation. Instead of whining about racism they should take responsibility.
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    So what did he say that wasn't true? And why are liberals so fascinated with secret recordings? Why don't we follow a few liberals around and record the nasty vile things they say? Over the last few days I've become extremely worried about our nation, something I usually don't do. I think recent events have been a sign of some really bad omens headed our way.
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    Why are Republicans so often saying things like this? All the microphones in the world are harmless - unless you're promoting a point of view people find offensive, a principle henceforth to be known as the Romney Rule.
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    I'm not a liberal, so I don't know they are fascinated, but t seems to me repubs say things about policy they do not want others to know about. Why not? Doesn't the public have a right to know what people running for public office and their political operatives are up to? You seem to think this is a liberal think. Was george bush a liberal? He approved warrantless wiretapping? Was richard nixon a liberal? he hired people to plant microphones in the office of the psychiatrist treating the man who supplied the pentagon papers to the press. This fascination, as you call it, with secret recordings is hardly confined to one side or the other...
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    no, its true aint it? the (democratic) mayor of detroit had this girl killed cause he didnt want his wife to find out he had sex with her, they're killin people on the streets all the time there
    and if you ever heard the election results in these areas and you said they didnt bus em in all over the place then youd be outta your mind
    tell me y'all never heard of the corrupt, black, inner city politican gettin 105% of the vote? isnt that what the dear leader got in parts of philly? with a 110% turnout
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    I don't think the comment is racist, but I Do belief it's stupid...The elections over..quit reaching, we can not change the results. But we can change the climate of our political state. No longer does it have to be politics as usual...
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    well if the problem is as bad as he says, why did he not fix it when he was in the Michigan legislature? Now he is on the repub national committee, considering how useless his service was in preventing the decline of safety in Michigan, why should we trust anyone his committee recommends as someone worth voting for?
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    If the shoe fits, but get some evidence to prove it, how hard would it be to follow a bus and record voters, voting more than once, almost everyone can record video on there phone. Off the story a little when I went to vote there was a woman pointing and telling someone who to vote for someone caught her, and she claimed the person was hearing impaired and needed her help to vote. As far as I know nothing was done about it.
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    Politix David, why this article now? He said this back in August. This seem like another article to get us flinging racially charged and politically biased zingers back and forth. Seems to be working.
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    only i can offend myself, with what anyone else says. and almost all of the time, is not worth worrying myself about it. and there is no such thing, as there can't be anybody more stupid than this.
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    Most urban areas are full of either yuppie democrats or gimmedat democrats. Both groups have no real understanding of how concepts like capitalism work and think money just magically appears out of thin air. However, the GOP still has to try to convert, at least the yuppies, into Republicans. The gimmedats are a lost cause and filler in society.
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    Ron Weiser, finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, and a former Michigan GOP chairman is just saying what the hard core GOP base believes. These guys are cowards too scared to make their true beliefs known in public because they know that decent Americans won't buy this kind of BS. Just look at what happened to Romney after his 47% comments came out.
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