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    I hope he found what he was looking for, thats about the best I know to say when anyone dies. I am wondering what you said earlier that got removed from the SC senator site. Not sure if it was aimed at me but can you censor it and resend? Thats out of character for you darsb.
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    @CATTLEPROD I suspect it involved a certain noun Tea Party people used in their early days that, it later turned out, was also euphemism for a specific sex act. Your post had mentioned a "derogatory" term in a reply to another person's post and I was asking you if that, umm, "bi-defined" word was the one you found derogatory.
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    @DARSB No, I am actually kind of naive about sexual referances. I knew that tea refferance was something in that realm but as usual, I was not in on the joke, but am also glad for it.
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    You should also know that he dropped out of medical school when Pearl Harbor was attacked to enlist in the Army. At a time when Japanese fear put hundreds of families in Internment camps, he was in Europe fighting the Axis. He earned the Medal of Honor for destroying two machine gun nests. To destroy the second, he had to pry a grenade out of his right hand, because a sniper shot his arm off at the elbow.
    He was an American Hero.
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    @FollowTheMoney if anyone earned the right, it was him. Regardless, the people of Hawaii kept sending him, they must had their reasons.
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    @wild_turkey6 Whats good for one isn't necessarily good for all. Long term entrenched incumbents have too much power and influence over those without the tenure. The federal government is meant to serve the entire country, not one state. Term limits need to happen ASAP! It's the only way to move towards solving the nations problem. Career politicians are the single biggest obstacle keeping us from fixing the problems congress has created.
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    @FollowTheMoney I'm not disagreeing with you, just playing Devil's Advocate. But ultimately it is the job of the Congressman's job to represent his constituents. Traditionally this has been done by bringing in money and jobs to the state, (earmarks). I agree with you on career politicians, however.
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    Hero, Serviceman, Congressman. This mans life has been spent doing what others in Congress and the US itself only pay lip service to.
    Rest in Peace Sir. I salute you.
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    I respected the man and his image. I haven't hear much about him in the past 20 years but he was always someone I thought of early on as an American of value. R.I.P.
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    A Medal of Honor Recipient who spent his life demonstrating how the word Honor can be lived.

    I didn't always agree with his politics, but always found him to be a stand up guy.

    I remember him chastising Lt.Col. North during the Iran Contra hearings... he was stern but still respectful when reminding Ollie something about "we always invoke God into our position during a war but need to remember the people on the other side are doing so as well."

    Hell of a man and quite rare to see someone deserving of the title Senator.

    Aloha Sir.... you're already missed
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    Hawaii, I havnt seen him before either I havnt been following politics for very long. Curious about what he did while in office, but he's gone now so, aloha and rest in peace.
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    Read up on how he won his Medal of Honor, and why it took so long to receive it. At one point he removed a live hand grenade from his own hand, which was laying on the ground along with his forearm, and took out the third of three German machine gun positions. All this after being shot in the abdomen.

    Rest in Peace good sir.
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    @Mojave888 dang I'll definitely read up on that. I'm guessing he didn't get a PTSD check every month either. Sounds like a real hero.
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    I have long been an admirer of Senator Inouye. I knew a man who served with him in the 442nd Division. "Go For Broke!" He certainly did.