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    I think the people at Westboro are not much better than terrorists. They hide behind the first amendment and then go out and harass, intimidate, and emotionally attack grieving families at the worst possible times...If our laws allow for that kind of mistreatment of our fellow citizens at the hands of these vicious nasty people...then I have no problem with them being hacked...and shown what it means to be harassed by some one else...Keep up the good work on these "fake religious thugs"...and make them "feel it"...
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    This is not a church, it is more of a hate group (a cult if you will), real Christians don't base their religion off of hate, so don't beleive for a second that they represent God, it is about ego to them!
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    I didn't think its was possible, Romney2012---But I actually agree with you 100% on this.
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    A buddy on another form offers this perspective - call them assholes. "Hate groups" can always find supporters, but nobody likes an asshole.
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    Yes I think they are crazy, but they actually just volcalize and make public what many religious people think and say in private.

    That is whats sick.

    Remember this video? Nauseating and its in a CHURCH. Watch as the adults stand and clap as the child sings a derogatory song.

    Religions plant seeds of hate and support the hate by saying "god" is on their side.
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    The westboro baptist church is hate group. They are not affiliated with the two largest Baptist denominations, and their hate includes Catholics and all orthodox Christian denominations.
    And in the video. I personally spoke to a woman that attended that church. It was a wedding and the little boy wanted to sing a country song for his Aunt and Uncle. No one expected him to say what he did. They were not cheering him, they were laughing at him. The poor kid ran crying from the stage.
    Even so, homosexuals will not go to heaven. To be offended by this statement requires belief that heaven exists. And if you believe that heaven exists then don't say you haven't been warned.
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    Really you are proving that groups like this are really just louder versions of Christians. You believe (and often say) that god hates gays and will not let them into heaven, thus meaning they go to hell. You have often said that condoning homosexuality and teaching evolution is why god doesn't love this country. How are you any different then them? Because you happen to not do it at funerals?
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    I didn't say that God hates gays. God loves everybody and wants everyone to go to heaven, but he won't force anybody to go either. God is not controlling your thoughts, emotions or actions. That's all you.
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    No. Hell is a choice and heaven is a choice.
    God doesn't force anything on you.
    I also believe that if someone told me that I wasn't going to OZ or never never land that I wouldn't be at all concerned as you seem to be about going to hell. That's a good thing.:)
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    Westboro deserves anything bad that happens to them. If they had picketed my sons funeral, they would have needed police protection because all the men in his father's family (including his father) would have gone over and beat them senseless(at best) or to death! They say they picket war victims funerals to show how God feels about our country. The men and women represent our country. I don't say they are right, but at least there was this string so small you couldn't see it of the military representing our country. What possible reason could they have to picket small children's funerals? These were first graders who were completely innocent. I hope that one of the families let them have it and the police ignore what is happening!
    I also don't believe they should get a tax exempt status as a church, because they are all family. He is not preaching to a congregation, they are having a family get together where he decides to teach them his lack of principles!
    I am embarrassed that they call themselves Baptists! What he teaches an does in action is in now way in line with Baptist's beliefs. He is not a Christian and he has not killed anyone yet, that we know of; but he is a radical terrorist!!! I do agree that no one should give him the attention that he wants. When he wanted to burn a Koran, no one in the Middle East would have ever known if the news had not reported it! The media needs to stay far away from him and his family members that they call a church. No recognition by the news would slow him down or stop him all together because he would no longer be getting the attention he wants! I would love to see a family that he was picketing one of their family members and beat the hell out of this family. You cannot call a single family a church! Also, did he go to seminary to become a paster, or just decide to be one without any education. Also, anyone can become an ordained minister on the Internet.
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    You know what else was illegal? Assembling and throwing tea into the Boston Harbor.
    And we know what came of that.
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)
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    Hacking isn't illegal everywhere in the world, and Anonymous is a global consortium. As one of my old professors once said, "one function of the Internet is to make geography irrelevant."
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    A simple solution would be to let them turn up, and have all the police stand back and look the other way. They get their free speech. Why should the tax payer pay for their protection?
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    Westboro is not a church. They are a cult family of nutcases using religion as cover to act like hateful despicable inbred hicks. Period
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    God bless these particular hackers and everyone who signed the petition to investigate the tax status of this particular "church."
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    Westboro's founder is an inbred worthless POS!! Doesn't matter what his political views are. And I doubt that he is Democrat, seeing how the Democratic states are the ones voting in Gay Marriage!!
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    I wouldn't care if its founder was a distant nephew of King Tut!...That has absolutely nothing to do with the damage and terror that this group is inflicting on grieving families. So no, its not "worth noting"---and not important.
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    @Sonny For something 'not important,' it sure concerns you.

    Let's let this be a lesson. This 'church' is NOT based on Conservative values and was NOT founded by a Conservative.

    You are welcome!
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    Having read your post in the past, I don't believe anything you say. Indeed, I take your statement as circumstantial evidence the founder is a republican, or considers himself a conservative.
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    @PoliticalSpice Color me wholly unconcerned about what you believe.

    However, I do consider this a teachable moment. For that, you are welcome!
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    Westboro are a pack of scumbags. The current anti-Xitian socialist govt allows them to continue to operate because they make all Xitians look bad, which is something like Comrade Barky has no real problem with.
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    I am at work right now. There is filtering software on our internet, but it's not terribly strong. But here's what happened when I just now tried to look at the Westboro Baptist Church site:

    This Websense category is filtered: Racism and Hate.


    Something is seriously wrong when you get blocked from a CHURCH website. This isn't a church. It's a cover for a hate group and they should be exposed at every corner and level.

    Good for Anonymous. Keep up the good work.
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    Keep in mind that the Westboro Babtist church doesn't represent the tenents of what Christ taught. They are what is commonly referred to in scripture as "Apostates."

    Anyone can call themselves Christian, but that doesn't make it so, anymore than one standing in their garage makes them a car.....
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    I have no sympathy for this hate group, if they like to insert their hate unto the private lives of those in mourning ... then they have no room for complaint when their own privacy is invaded!
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    I don't normally support Anonymous given where they go sometimes, but I stand with them side-by-side on this effort. I echo their call to investigate WBCs tax exempt status.
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    Personally I am usually Very Pro ANON. However this isnt one of those cases.

    See the problem here is that going against the WBC is in direct conflict with the ideology of ANON has been so far.

    You might not like the WBC. The WBC deserves to be curb stomped for their actions, but like them or not, they are an ugly reminder of what freedom of speech looks like. So trying to break them down for expressing their freedom of speech is really no different than trying to destroy freedom of speech all together.

    I hate what they have to say but I will defend to the death their right to say it. ANONs intentions are well meaning, but they are incorrect, conflicted, contradictory and against constitutional ideology.
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