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    Obama looking completely cluesless during the first debate and then finding out to my unsurprise that it had no effect because of all on the takers who want thier check.
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    By takers you mean war vets?
    War vets get their check.
    Why do you hate war vets so much man?
    Also what was romneys economic reform plan?(You he apparently had his meds together)
    Please and Thankyou
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    @Coolvoter Why is it you keep coming back to war vets, who I never mentioned, other than to reply to you and say I agree they earned thier money. Do you think war vets are the only people collecting a government check? Are you a democrat/communist plant trying to place false information about something I never said?
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    No but you say all welfare people, and that's not the case at all.
    Some people on welfare abuse the system. That is bad.
    But not everybody does..
    Romneys father did not?
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    The end of it. Campaigns go on too long. If you can't figure out your candidate in a few months, you're not trying.
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    You really want my honest to goodness opinion? I really didn't pay much attention to any of it preferring not to waste my time on millionaire or better politicians (whom we all know will say or play up anything and everything to get elected/re-elected). And knowing full well when it comes down to it, being middle class, working, taxpayers, we will get the green weenie again at first opportunity bearing the brunt of cannonfodder, lay-offs, congressional inactivity, and sundry other burdens, plus getting the blame for everything else.
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    Obama's true feelings.."You didnt build that, someone else did that"
    Obama actually hates the successes of America
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    Indeed so do I.
    47% of the American population is on welfare and they want more from us working folks
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    Vance1 I agree with most of your post, I am a christan first, and a conservative 2nd you both have valid points on the bible, this last one statement was a little much though... Jesus never turned no sinner away, and gives you your life to repent for your sins..
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    How about Fox News on election night when Karl Rove tried to stop the Fox election team from calling the race? Priceless.
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    I wasn't even watching the election results until a friend called and told me to turn to Fox. What a major meltdown! It had so much of a negative effect on Fox that they kicked him to the curb. Wow! All that money for nothing.
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    @Roco What is incredible about it is that Rove seemed to think that if he could only stop Fox from making the call that Romney might still win. He actually thought that Fox News could create reality. I thought that only regular Fox News viewers believed that.
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    The repeated amusement from reading a rightwing shock jock put forth a ridiculous and false talking point (like the people who voted for Mr. Obama were all takers) and then watching unthinking fans make fools of themselves by endlessly repeating them
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    Romney bitch slapping Obama around in the first debate was a very nice moment, I thought.
    Other than that, I thought Newt butch slappin everyone was priceless.
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    Thats right Romney didn't bitch slap Obama in the first debate, Lib media did not even agree that Obama got slapped around, it never happened.
    Hey as long as you are all happy with Obama, its fine with me.
    And you white Libs are in good shape, well as long as you keep siding with the so called minorities you are anyway. Cause thats who won Obama the Presidency, but when you din't agree, on that special day, what do you do then.
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    @Thegrif "Lib media did not even agree that Obama got slapped around,"

    Apparently you missed the Chris Matthews meltdown.
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    @DARSB post the first debale immediately after debate ended almost every chan I turned to was talking down Obama. All the big Network for example. Of course by the next morning it was the typical lib spin.
    Look I get it Obama won and you all are Obama Lovers. All I know is I dont see a better America, I dont see a healing America, I dont see work for people, I dont see a unified America. I see a leader who wants us divided and dependant.
    Obama has been in charge for 4 years so this is on him.
    U dont agree, I get that, but that is my opinion. All I can say, like a close friend told me, prepare for anarchy, so I am.
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    @Thegrif unemployment down, housing starts up, economy growing at around 3%, one war done the other on schedule to end - despite the best obstructive efforts of the GOP.
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    There was never hope for that Mormon fool.
    Aren't mormons a mainstream religion now. Do they get tax exempt status?
    Seems like a smart idea in a fiscal cliff
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    Not just Hurricane Sandy, but Hurricane Christie too. It was sickening to see him campaigning on obama's behalf the last week of the election.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix I agree. It was all encompassing. Then again, where the hell was Romney during that time. He just fell off the face of the earth.

    And yes, Christie makes me sick
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    @RedFloppyShoes - The leftist media wasn't given Romney any coverage at that time. It's how the leftists typically work. It was sickening to see so many leftists fawning and falling over obama in praise for him simply doing the job he was supposed to be doing.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix I guess people were "fawning and falling over Obama" because with Hurricane Katrina we didn't see the President do the job he was supposed to do!
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    Obama did not say "You didn't built that", rightwing media propagandists said he did. Elizabeth Warren said it better than Obama did:
    “There is nobody in this country who got rich on their own. Nobody. You built a factory out there - good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory... Now look. You built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea -*****(religious crap)! Keep a hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”
    As for the best moment of the election, it's not listed among the cherry picked crap shown. Christie removed his fat head from his fat @$$ and did his job, showing that doing what you're elected to do is what matters.
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    I really was rolling on the floor when Carl Rove was denying the reality of an Obama victory. It epitomized what is wrong with that party in a delightful way..
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    My favorite moments were post-election. It's a toss-up between Karl Rove red-faced and apoplectic trying to blame the loss on almost everything but the GOP's disconnect from the public, and Rush Limbaugh virtually in tears and talking about appeasing women voters with free birth control, clueless as usual regarding what is important to women voters.

    If I must pick a pre-election moment, it would be the bayonets comment during the foreign policy debate.
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    The part here Romney never told us his Economic reform plan.
    It's funny how many votes for him even though he REFUSED to share that important little tid bit.

    I feel like everyone with a Romney sticker was drunk.. Noone could seriously think he was a half decent choice
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    Was when the debates were over and I didn't have to hear the lies and bull coming from Obama's mouth. Also, so glad not to have to see him patronizing
    the public and smirking juvenile and un -presidential and quite sickening..
    not to mention that laughing hyena, clueless , nutty Biden. Yep, glad it's over!
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    What was Obama's?He had four years and still didn't put one together! Too busy
    you know, partying w/ Hollywoood , vacationing, golf, etc. All those 'important'
    things, instead of silly little details like trying to get a budget together and run the
    country...who has time for that?!
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    Of the entire election it was watching the local news declare Joe Donnely the victory over Richard "rape is a gift from god" Murdock.
    Of just presidential politics? The sound of Karl Rove's donors' money going down the toilet.
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    Yes, that (and Atkin's defeat) had to be one of the highlights of the political cycle...maybe there is yet hope for the republican party....
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