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    If that is the case, then why are there not more shootings? I mean there are millions of copies of Call of Duty sold every year. With this logic, the more video games, the more exposure, the more chances of violent behavior.

    Lets not forget about violent movies and books then, too.
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    I don't disagree totally.... however following your logic...

    If that is the case, then why are there not more shootings? I mean there are lots of guns sold every year and MILLIONS in circulation. With this logic, the more guns, the more exposure, the more chances of violent behavior.

    Sound familiar? Why are so many of our resident hoplophobs unwilling to consider this as a possibility.

    Remember, many of the things the hoplophobes want to control have existed since the 1930s but the massacres are relatively recent. Naah... there couldn't be a correlation.
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    Good points, there are also millions of assault rifles out there that aren't used for mass killings, we need to start blaming the person that did these crimes!! Not his mom, guns, games, bad milk etc!!!
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    For every "Adam Lanza" out there, there are a million other folks who play these video games and don't go out and commit these acts. Again, if it isn't the firearms being blamed, it's something else. I wonder if Politix will do something on the report of Adam's mother trying to commit him. Here's the link for reference:
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    They didn't help, that's for sure. The mentally ill ( especially young men) have a problem separating reality from fantasy anyway...I personally think we could do with them cutting
    back on the violence in all media, games, etc. The world's crazy enough, games where
    "people " are being hunted down and then blown to bits seems pretty senseless to me.
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    I do think that the separation from reality to fantasy is something that people need to do for video games.
    However, that doesn't mean we should punish the millions of sane people who buy the game, understand that it's fantasy, and further understand that there's typically a reason that you're doing the killing rather than just senselessly killing everyone in your path. The games listed (Call of Duty and Starcraft) both have a reason as to why the main character kills others (War and alien race war). The game shows that these are in no way favorable, and that either is both scary and life threatening. It's a way for the player to feel and understand some of the concepts of war without actually going to war.
    As for the games where you can just senselessly kill people, they typically have massive punishment on the player for doing so. Games like Grand Theft Auto and Godfather, where you have the ability to just kill if you wish, leads to the punishment that everyone comes after you, and typically will lead to either being arrested or death.

    You shouldn't punish millions of sane people for a few insane ones.
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    @Being-Alive I don't really see it as punishment, they can still make them , but I've
    seen a few and in seconds they went straight to hard core violence. I think if it saves
    the lives of others, it's not too much to ask.... we are outlawing certain guns, I think we
    should do the same with games and movies. If people want to go to war, or hunt in real
    life, it would be much more productive.
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    Censoring out certain concepts from the video game or movie industry just because people don't like the concept is a punishment, especially when there's been no proof of such a correlation as people being violent shooters and mass murderers because of these games. I, like millions of other individuals in the world, play games where there's killing in it for whatever reason, and we don't decide to go out and kill people in real life.
    As for going to real war, I can't. I would not be able to go to war because I have such bad eyesight that I would not be able to fight should I lose my glasses. On top of that, I don't want to dedicate my whole life to try and experience one thing. That's why people play video games; to have a million different experiences without the threat of actual death.

    We've seen that there are millions of sold copies of most of these games. You'd think that if there was any reasonable correlation between violence and video games, that we'd see a higher rate of killing in recent years than in the past. You'd think that if games like Call of Duty and Starcraft really did lead to killings, that we'd see more and more killings than in the past.
    However, such is not the case. We've seen all forms of violent crimes in America reduce since about 1990, including murder, assault, and rape.

    I don't see any correlation between violence in the real world with video games that have violence in them.

    With no correlation, why punish people who knowingly go into a game understanding that the violence is not something they should do in real life?
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    Too much violence in games, TV and movies, granted. However, the problem I have with "cutting back" is that would involve censorship, and I am firmly against any form of censorship in media. On a personal note, my son has been playing video games since the old Atari and Nintendo days, and he's very non-violent, but then, he's mentally healthy with a full understanding of the difference between reality and fantasy. I still maintain that the answer to these mass shootings is more emphasis and effort on mental health.
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    Anything "could" contributed to the nutball going off the deep end. But the real fact is that he was more than a few sandwiches short of a full picnic basket. Nothing can change that, the need to find a reason for this is just the human minds way of processing the horror of it all. After a while this will fade away until the next unspeakable tragedy hits the nation.
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    Yes watching violent movies and playing violent games make people want to go and act out their homicidal fantasies that's a fact luckily most are not crazy enough to go and act out theses fantasies anyone who says other wise is lying to themselves and everyone else don't listen.To them their idiots just look to the time before like in the 80s b4 games actually got violent and "violent" movies were tame by today's standards how many mass murder school shooting sprees were committed by theses young middle to upper class entitled punk bitch white kids??? None......
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    Of course they 'contribute'..Not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic..BUT many do..The same with video games. It is proven by neuroscientists ..The 'gamers' are acting just like gun owners trying to stop ANY exploration into controlling video violence. We need gun control AND extreme violent video games ( Ex. Skyrim games where you slaughter children,your friends, and families..and you get rewarded) Don't worry will still have your games..just as hunters will still have their hunting guns.. Time to stop being so selfish before a relative of yours will become a victim of 'spree killing' by another vulnerable addicted gamer..Here is the proven study of how your neurons are affected.
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    Video games & movies do something inanimate guns don't do... they evoke emotion, chemical changes in the brain. So you have a simple logic failure. While there are many factors in such cases as Adam Lanza's, it can be boiled down to one thing... his personal decision to do what he did. Doesn't even matter that Satan was urging him to do it. Those who think this wouldn't have happened if we didn't have guns wrongly assume guns are the only weapon or thing that kills. His murderous intent was not gun exclusive.
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    I could have answered either way, they COULD have but who knows, IMO video games could make it easy for the wrong person to think life can be reset easily
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    Liberals never want to blame the entertainment industry for anything. Why should they? Hollywood is a big time contributor to the Dems. I would kindly remind them that the Aurora shooter had red hair like the Joker. But they, and Politix mary, will still keep denying it.
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    Is that why the GOP covers guns? Because the NRA is a big contributor to Republicans?
    I thought not.
    I'm liberal, but I don't blame guns or video games for violence; I blame the people who misuse the guns or weapons.
    Because they're the ones at fault; not the society around them that does fine with these things.
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    @Being-Alive Sure that's why the GOP covers the NRA. No doubt about it. What I was saying is that liberals always want to blame guns but never Hollywood or those who line their pockets. Why is restrictions on guns only beng discussed? Why not limit freedoms that Hollywood currently enjoys so they can take some much deserved responsibility?
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    Video games will not make a person go on a spree killing. But some games do serve as a how-to manual for the ones predisposed to that sort of thing.
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    I'm sorry, videogames alone doesn't prepare how to shoot a pleading real life child. I think these kind of people are into snuff movies and other disgusting videos depicting dying people. I've seen people who watch those stuff, and there's nothing good about them. Banning videogames, is like banning boogyman stories in that sense.
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    I actually agree with you that video games aren't the issue (I think it was more the post-civilization collapse preparation and actual rifle training at the shooting range the mother took Adam Lanza too)... however in a recent version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, you play a CIA operative working undercover as part of a terrorist cell who take over an airport and the game forces you to shoot pleading hostages in order to continue the game (if you don't the characters in the game always kill you and the game restarts). The latest version of the game shows the terrorists setting up a chemical bomb right next to a family and detonating it as a girl walks near it.
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    Our Godless Culture is filled with degradation, immorality and corruption, fueled by Hollyweird, et al, with their continual barrage of gratuitous violence, sex and inhumanity directed to young skulls full of mush as well....Sick!

    Darrell Scott Addresses Congress on the Shooting of his daughter In Colo. His speech was as poignant and heartfelt then, as it is today.....

    "Man cannot direct his own footsteps without God." Jer. 10:23

    "In their case the god of this world [Satan] has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God." 2Cor.4:4.
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    The god culture is filled with gegradation, immorality and corruption, fueled by religious zealots out for their own power and wealth, filling their cult followers heads with mush...
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    Many things have been perpetrated in the NAME of religion, such as the Inquisition, crusades and the crimes foisted on the indigenous peoples of the Americas by the Conquistadors -- pillaging, rape, murder, stealing their wealth and given it to the church. However, none of this can be supported by Christ example or by Scripture. The earth is filled with Apostates. ANYONE can call themselves a Christian, but that doesn't make it so, anymore than standing in ones garage make you a car!

    God is not the problem, but fallible man, because "man cannot direct his own footsteps without God" (Jer. 10:23) There are over 28,000 christian (small c) denominations and sects in the world, whereas Christ established one faith and one church. Obviously, somethings wrong with this picture. Majority of men are led by Satan's influences in this world, by the "god of this system of things, Satan the Devil"

    The pride of the Babylonian rulers indeed reflected the attitude of “the god of this system of things”—Satan the Devil. He too lusts for power and longs to place himself above God, he will do anything to reach that goal.(2 Corinthians 4:4)

    "So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan. Who is misleading the entire inhabited earth." Rev. 20:2.

    "Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger." Rev. 12:12

    "The whole wold is lying in the power of the wicked one [Satan]." 1 John 5:19...

    Forsooth, what could go wrong - hmmm?
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    Yet just about every one of those sects you referenced have done those evil things in the name of their god. This is becuase the 'word of god' is fiction; created by man for the sole means of gathering great wealth and power over the cult members...
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    With all due respect, The biggest critics of God and his Written word are those that are most ignorant of both....<wink>
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    There are always going to be people who can not separate games and reality. Who hear messages in songs. Who are told by voices what to do. Some mentally ill people, regardless of the trigger are ticking time bombs. People can and will try to point the blame, because it makes them more comfortable that outside forces contributed, but the fact is there are mentally ill people out there who are going to snap, and nothing can change that.
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    You are absolutely right. But, this incident was caused by something else. Everyone agrees that this young man was mentally incompetent. Everyone agrees that he should not have had access to firearms. But, IMHO, two things caused this tragedy: First, it appears that he did not receive proper mental healthcare and medication; Second, he spent hours in a basement playing violent video games which "programmed" him to act out the way he did when he became enraged by his Mom's intent to commit him. There is no other way he could have decided this course of action. His Mom paid the ultimate price for her mistakes...but, sadly, so did so many others.
    Since only a small percentage of mentally incompetent people are actually prone to violence, we see only a small number of these terribly violent acts.
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    @seedtick you know these games programmed him for a fact? We're you there? Probably not. The games didn't make him do this crime, he did it. Do not blame anyone else.
    If games cause shootings, every single major shooter release should be followed by waves of shootings, but they never have been.
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    @Coolvoter I do not believe that some mentally unstable people are able to distinguish reality from fantasy. In his case he actually learned how to inflict the maximum amount of harm by practicing on video games before he took revenge upon his Mom...why else would he have dressed as he did, armed himself as he did and attack the school children after he murdered his Mom? She did not teach him to do this. But, I betcha she was in on his learning to use these weapons.
    I am opposed to children, teens, and especially mentally unstable people being allowed to play these alarmingly violent games. I don't care for them myself, but adults should be allowed to make the choice to play or not to play them. And, adults should be held responsible for the actions of their children and the mentally unstable people in their care.
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    @seedtick I agree with your last statement, adults are responsible for their kids.
    I do not agree that games makes shooters, why are there not way more, cod black ops was a huge seller, and I didn't see every other best but get shot up.
    Just because a mentally unstable person is unable to tell the difference between a game as reality(your assumption not mine!!) doesn't mean everyone else is.
    Tbh if your kid is mentally unfit, a violent game isn't really a best choice.
    Parents fault, not gamers
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    @Coolvoter Well, the level of absolute violence and the mindset needed to win is not something a mentally challenged person should be subjected to...much less a normal teenager under 18. To be quite honest you are putting a kid into the role of someone who has had extensive police or military training or is just a criminal or sociopath.
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    A mental health disorder and bad parenting did that.

    I always find it sad when others want to take away all blame from parents and lay it all on inantimate objects like guns and games. Had the parent been more proactive, the kid wouldn't have been exposed to any of it.
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    This is stupid. And even if it were the case, regulating what video game's you're kids play is stupid. Ask yourself: Do you honestly think the politicians in Washinton would do better at raising you're kids then yourself?
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    Asshole politicians like Lieberman are trying to capitalize on the blood of dead kids to further their careers. They're looking to score cheap political points, not address a problem.

    EVERY major study in recent years done on violent video games has shown NO connection between game violence and real violence. It shows the opposite. The ONLY country with high rates of game violence and real violence is the US, everywhere else game violence has no effect on behaviour.
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