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    Wow! Outrage from the right wingers. Demands for investigations! Who woulda thunk it?

    Embassy attacks under GWBush:

    2002 Karachi
    2004 Uzbekistan
    2004 Saudi Arabia
    2006 Damascus
    2007 Athens
    2008 Serbia
    2008 Turkey
    2008 Yemen

    Demands for investigations from the right wing: 0
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    If I remember correctly, The Bush admin didnt go on 5 morning shows and lie lie lie
    You libbys always Blame Bush and try to make cover for the Messiah Obama.
    Clinton got 4) Americans killed!!!!!!!!!!
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    @Vance1 And the Obama administration didn't ignore at least 28 warnings about bin Laden in the months leading up to 9/11 now did they? Nor did they start a war in Iraq based on trumped up evidence. Yet I never heard a single conservative voice calling for investigations that led to thousands of American deaths.
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    Iraq had virtual whare house's packed with the chemicals to make weapons
    and 500 tons of yellowcake urainum, That is good enough for most people, exspecially after he used mustard gas on the Curds.
    Saddam killing his own people...Good enough for me!!!!!!!!!

    I await Obama doing the same thing here!!!
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    @Vance1 I guess that there are still a few of you righties that still believe that Iraq had WMD. You probably believe that Obama was born in Kenya too.
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    "The stand?" Are you assuming there is some sort of criminal proceeding going on? There isn't. And how does the release of the first of many reports continue a "coverup?"

    I understand you have a sincere belief in a Benghazi conspiracy. I'm not there with you largely because until now we haven't had any thorough, authorized investigation and report. Now we do. Rather than act as though your point of view has been supported by the release of the unclassified report, why don't you explain how today's information supports your position?
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    Hello, Neo! What I have to say now is that except for the part about a riot going on outside the embassy, I was right about security protocols and personnel deficiencies, things that we can fix, and apparently the SOS is working on fixing those problems. I don't know what "stand" you think she needs to take. She's been saying all along that it was her responsibility, that the blame rests with her. What stonewalling, specifically, do you mean?
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    @DARSB - She needs to testify, honestly and openly. We need all the details. I want to know what happened when our consulate people died all alone without any support. How cruel was it for American assets in the area to be told to stand down? This cover up stinks to high heavens, and we need need to uncover this cover up.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix It doesn't take much to understand why rice misled, nor why the information isn't coming out, nor why they have been making political hay of it but not subpoenaing and using there full power. Libya was in the aftermath of a civil war. The cia was in Libya doing three things: trying to gather intelligence, trying to prevent elements hostile to u.s. interest from having too much power or control of the new Libyan govt that will be formed, and gathering intel for ops against al quada. cia agents often act under diplomatic cover and are often aided by the stare dept. State was up to it's neck in this, involved in the civil war, covert ops, etc. Al quada killed these people. I am not saying al quada even knew of the intell operation, they may have been killed just because they were u.s. embassy. But in a full investigation these facts would have come out, and this could have led to the discovery of other assets endangering i.s. personel, informants to u.s. intell agencies, etc. they will delay and obstruct every step along the way to mislead, and slow the release of this information until they feel they can disclose it without a problem. This is no conspiracy theory, this is how it's historically been done.
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    does not sound like mistakes or incompetence to me,it sounds like a traitorous act of sedition to appease Muslims in the area or cover someones ass
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    "But it didn't single out any officials for disciplinary action."

    Make the beurocracy big enough and nothing is ever anyones fault...

    ...and the machine just keeps grinding muscle and bone.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix when our people are in places like this those incharge should look at it as if the president of the USA will be staying there and make it just as secure,after all they are there as the USA. are they not?
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    this is why hillary went into hiding immediately after the terrorist attack.this is why she "bumped her head" ( though no hospital visit or catscan)....;)

    this is designed to give her one last "out" in case she is made to testify she can claim short term memory loss as a result of her self diagnosed concussion. She knows this wll end her whitehouse bid.
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    @Calfkiller the way I see it the only hope for the country is if some of the morons who voted for him actually have to feel some pain the next few years... if they don't it's over.
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    @bsking I agree. I'm mostly focused on my state, my community, and my family at this point. I don't see a way out for the country as a whole other than as you stated.
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    @Fishbone345-- I agree with him. All we've gotten out of this Administration is stuff that anyone could have figured out from the news by September 13th.

    Security was lax? Really? The Youtube video didn't cause it? You don't say? Her testimony would just be the next step in getting to the bottom of who in this Administration decided that continuing with the cover-up by deliberately lying to the American people and attacking Freedom of Speech to boot. I'd also like to know why. Was it just that it was so close to an election or are they covering up for something else a la Iran/Contra... or is there another reason?
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    Yes Iam sure all you Obama worshippers have heard enough thats why you all at Politix even ask this question. The man should have never been reelected but since this country is over populated with blind sheep he was and now is when he should be impeached. He has did NOTHING all the time hes been in office but lie and blame everything else on other people its amazing that you people STILL defend this guy. Whats he got to do for you people to see the LIGHT??????????
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    Maybe if ignored intelligence lexto 3,000 people dying in a terrorist attack, maybe if he started a war based on lies, maybe if blew the cover of a cia agent because her husband leaked that iraq had no nuclear weapons while the white house was spreading lies iraq had such weapons. Maybe then we'd see the light.
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    How much security would it take to prevent an embassy takeover by armed and determined attackers? The American Embassy in Tehran did not have enough Marines to prevent all but a few of the diplomatic staff from being taken hostage in 1979. I wonder if any American Embassy in the world is sufficiently defended to withstand the type of attack executed against the one in Benghazi. Plenty of armchair experts seem to think that embassies are heavily armed fortresses as a rule and the one in Benghazi was deliberately understaffed and sacrificed for some reason.
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    The Liberal Media will never tell the truth and Historical Documents of this dreadful event will never be told in a truthful manner.
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    More to come....this goes all the way to Clinton's and Obama's desks. It will be interesting to see how long they can hold off the inquiries into what they knew and what they did. I say it was Clinton and Obama who made all the decisions on Benghazi in the first place, then got burned and tried to orchestrate a coverup. This is far worse than Watergate, but the democrats will do everything they can to protect our Idiot in Chief.
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    we have learned well enough to put someones butt in jail, but we all know that will never happen! if something like this had taken place in "the real world" someone would be locked up for sure. but you must remember, those in office are untouchable.
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    Look at that man in the picture. Barak Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are responsible for his death. He sent repeated cries for help all of which were ignored. Those two turds with feet had the gaul to make up a story about a laughable at best youtube video which likely cost the lives of or atleast endangered the lives of Coptic Christians in the Middle East. He is laughing in his beer at the Liberal sheep that voted him in for a second term. How can people be so stupid to defend him and his actions?
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    I voted we have learned enough. Not to be different but I do feel we know enough to jail many of the so called terrorist involved, Hillary, Obama, and there are no doubt others, but those two we know are guilty.
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    Hillary's bump on the head...Rice's eagerness to spread lies...Obumble's coverup... The fun never ends! Too bad Americans had to die because of it.
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