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    Shelia Jackson needs to worry more about the guns that the crips and bloods use to kill more fellow blacks every year in the USA than all spree killers combined kill. 70% of blacks killed each year are killed by other blacks. And I know damn well the Crips and Bloods are not turning in their guns.
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    @Medicinebow studies in my country of Britain have shown the same. Don't you think America has to Change something
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    @kyam333 Yeh,we need to change the lack of responsibility life style that seems to be growing in this country
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    @kyam333 The big problem here is that everyone wants to blame the conduit and not the source of the problem.
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    No one knows how many guns there are in the United States, but the F.B.I. estimates over 200,000,000. The BATFE estimated 223,000,000 back in 1995.
    Factoring in LEO's, Military, gun collectors and museums, the best estimate is 350,000,000 fire arms in the United States.
    I will certainly never turn in my two guns and I'd expect the number of guns collected in a national turn in would amount to less than .0001 of 1%.
    Perhaps the better idea is to increase the penalties for gun related crimes. Armed robberies and murders and violent 1st degree assaults could all carry a mandatory life without parole sentence.
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    They have no idea . Guns & far more have been sent home with no problem before WWI until about 1967 - 1970 without interruption. Just send it home in the mail . Not counting all that has disappeared from Nat'l. Guard & Reserves training centers & armories . As usual , any info Gov't. related is pure nonsense. How many guns have been passed down thru the family long before registration ? Nobody has a clue . Need a gun - just give a welfare raised crackhead $25 to $50 bucks , grease it up & bury it . Without a doubt , barring airplanes & tanks , the U.S. citizens are by far the largest, most well armed standing Army in the world. And socialists like Soros & his lap dog BO now demand control . Why doesn't BO concern himself with the mooslem training centers in the U.S.?
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    I suggest that everyone do a little research on Shelia Jackson Lee. Check out the violence in her Houston, TX district.
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    no matter what you do, what law you enact, what insane ban you lay down,,,,CRIMINALS ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL GET GUNS!!!!!
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    don't worry,they are working towards that goal,ut first they need a list of potential trouble makers,like some of the posters here
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    Shelia - before you mouth any more liberal BS talking points, please ask barry soetoro, our president this question - why is Chicago ( with all it's gun controls) the murder capitol of the U.S.? Capone is long dead , is it the ghetto mentality that you liberals hate to discuss ?(for loss of votes)?
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    LOL. If it was not for the representative who thought Guam could tip over with more people going to one side of the island she would be the dumbest representative in the house.
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    I really doubt people who turn the guns in are the type of people who might go on a shooting spree,so this type of program is unlikely to prevent a massacre, but program to allow people to turn in unwanted guns are probably not a bad idea.
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    I'm sure the homicidal lunatics and violent criminals believe they "need" the guns they obtained illegally (likely from operation "gun runner"). How else are they going to take full advantage of the Millions of free shooting-galleries our public servants have so thoughtfully provided for their exclusive enjoyment?
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    How clueless can the dumbocrats be? The shooting and the talk about gun control has actually INCREASED gun sales again. The more Obama and the gun grabbing nutjobs talk about restricting our rights, the more guns and ammo the public will buy to protect our second amendment rights. In a way, this is an effective Obama stimulus, unlike the other, wildly unsuccessful one. This is getting the people to invest in real small business sales of firearms and ammunition. Keep it up liberals, you will spur further sales of firearms everywhere.
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    People like her is what our founding fathers were afraid of, give up you're guns so the government can come in and take over every aspect of our lives! NO THANKS MRS.JACKSON !
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    Sheila Jackson Lee is a true welfare state communist, I wouldnt trust her as far as I could throw her.
    She is merely just another loud mouthed socialist democrat.
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    Ummmmmm, let me think about this for a second .......... HELL NO!!!!!

    Raise the age from 18 to 21 to own handguns??? In Tennessee you have to be 21 to buy guns.
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    Exactly , but it's not the hair Bro, it's the mindset . Did ask & now a 3 x PM. There is no Light in the socialist BO agenda. Become a Knight for our cause. Travel well.
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