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    Darn right. That's why the forefathers put in the second amendment to protect the citizens from govt intrusion on the public
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    Not a gun owner and Sandy Hook insured that I never will be.
    Did you people run out and get box knifes after 9-11?
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    Lol are you being sarcastic again....Every girl needs a box cutter. I have one in both my kitchens. They are quite a handy tool.
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    like I said last week there were 300,000,000 Guns and circulation, after Obama announced his grab.... they'll be 400,000,000 guns in circulation.
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    Yep, and did. It will be here come Friday/Monday. And for you idiot "reporters", call it the Sandy Hook KNEE JERK effect. Now, want to clarify something. I not a gun nut. I only want to protect myself and my family. Don't own many guns. Don't believe in it. Only have 2 hands so I don't need an arsenal! I use judgement and have a safe. AND, I have no kids in the house! For you "gun nuts" who have one under every pillow/couch/room, go get some help OR move to a better neighborhood. You're nuts!
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    I'm going to the Nation's Gun Show here in Chantilly, VA on the 28th of Dec. I already have an AR15, a 1911 .45 ACP, and a Glock 19. This trip will probably entail picking up more rounds (have to stock up again after the range). Unless there's a really good deal offered to me, this trip will be about accessories and ammo. I already have mine, and so long as the government doesn't try to take em' away, I have no issue.
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    Once when there a forecast of a BIG snow storm forecasted, I went to the Franklin Farms Giant to do my regular shopping. I had a long list. People sneered at me because they thought I was panicking. Nope, we were just out of stock. Gun owners need stuff too. If you are running low, now is certainly a good time to buy. You were going to buy it anyway.
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    I might stop by that show too, heard it's good. What's a good range in the FFX area? I heard the NRA range is full and not accepting new members. I haven't shot in a long time but was thinking of starting up the hobby again.
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    @FFX_VA The NRA Range is full. Regarding Fairfax County I'm not so sure of ranges. There's Clark Brothers in Warrenton open from 9am to 5pm 7 days a week (closed on certain holidays). No hourly rate, you just have to sign a liability form, review safety rules, and provide your own ammo, hearing, and eye protection. Silver Eagle Group in Ashburn is a good spot as well. There used to be an indoor range I frequented in Woodbridge, but that shop closed down.

    As for the Nation's Gun Show, I have attended twice this year. It's a very good show, well respected. I have seen some very good deals, and not just on firearms, but ammo and accessories as well. If you go, get there early (probably a couple hours before they even open), the lines form quickly and people are quick to snap up the best deals from all the booths.
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    @UnCommonBoston Not very smart people. Buy when prices are low, when there is a surge of demand, a shortage of supply, prices rise. These are the kind of people who lose in the stock market, and cann't figure out why...
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    Absolutely. In my state they are nearly impossible to now obtain. The costs are sky rocketing. It will create a surge in profit for these coveted better firearms.
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    Yes, in California the gun laws are extremely strict. At this point, we have only two rifles that qualify as "legal" semi-auto features that are allowable in every other state. These are sure to be added to the banned list.
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    Whenever Liberals/Socialist threaten "TO BAN GUNS IN THE USA"
    We Americans realize just how willing they are to steal our rights away.
    So gun sale go threw the roof, If they said nothing against we the people this wouldnt happen.
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