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    Let's review. She "fainted", hit her head, got a concussion (which was really code was conferring with her lawyer about how to stay out of jail) so she can get in front of congress and lie. Every word she says will be a bald faced lie. But the thing is the media really doesn't seem to be too interested in this at all. They are still on the fiscal cliff and sandy hook, with some hurricane sandy thrown in. I hate the news. All they do is lie anymore.
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    Her testimony is wanted but we know it will all be lies. Still she is kinda between a rock and a hard place, if she plans on running in 2016. If she tells the truth it may somehow implicate her to some degree. If she gets cought in a lie her party may leave her out like yesterdays trash. She will probably do as Bill did.

    Question; Mrs Clinton, when were you aware that it, in fact, was terrorist attacking the embassy?

    Answer; Could you define the word aware please?

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    @Thegrif Why do you want her to testify I you'vealready made up your mind about the veracity of her statements to come? Sheesh!
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    @woodtick57 because I could be wrong, about her. Maybe she will tell the truth, or maybe no one is to blame for anything here in Candy Land.
    Unlikely, but maybe.
    Regardless, all things considered, even a monkey would have beefed up security on the anniversary of 911, so someone blew it, and we all know who lied about it for 17 days, and yes, I want him held accountable, is that what you wanted me to say?
    Welp, there it is.
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    @Thegrif So do I. Emperor Bush II and his cronies need to be in jail, not living in their luxury compounds.
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    Critics will never be satisfied as long as a (D) resides in the white house. We saw it w/ Clinton in the 90's and we're seeing it now w/ the Obama administration.
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    The conspiracy nuts will never be satisfied. Hey, did you hear that "Hillary" is actually a lookalike actress and the real Hillary Clinton has been in a coma in a secret decommissioned Cold War missile bunker for the last 6 years? That's why Bill always looks so distracted in public. But it gets better. The repugs won't say anything because Halliburton owns the bunker and the round-the-clock medical team. They're siphoning billions in untraceable funds in return for their silence.
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    I would like to see some form of documentation that says she has any reason for not testifying today. I don't agree with her sending out her underlings and either attempting to test the waters or soften the blow. Which is what I see in this.
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    Softent eh blow of what? you still on the conspiracy cover-up kick? that ship sailed and sunk a month ago...
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    @woodtick57 What are you talking about? We have not gotten a straight answer out of anyone. As soon as the 'investigation' was completed several high ranking state department officials resigned. This was a cover up from start to finish. We have been given piecemeal explanations and half truths only as we have figured out details for ourselves and they have attempted to go back and change the past to explain them. Yeah obama said terrorism the day after the attack several minutes after he eluded to it being a spontaneous uprising. I'm not a Romney man so forget that.
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    What half truths are you talking about? The ones the far right put out trying to make this some conspiracy?

    The people that resigned should have. They did not do their job properly in providing proper security for our assets in the region.
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    @woodtick57 I'm not the far right. get off it. I'm not stupid either. If you want to defend those clowns have at it. If you don't see any half truths how about outright lies?
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    @woodtick57 The recently released report confirms what some of us have said all along: This administration played with the facts. There was NO demonstration. There WAS a request for security that was denied. The attack WAS terrorism. Susan Rice DID lie.

    Let's get to the bottom of it.
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    Depends on what she says. Now that the report makes it clear that there was NO mass demonstration and there never was one, perhaps she can shed light on how that tidbit made its way into Susan Rice's lying tour. Saying that the death and destruction was because of a non-existent movie rather than the more obvious cause (terrorism) did one thing only: Shield Barry's contention that AQ was 'on its heels' ahead of the election.
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    It either took four days to find her brain to examine the extent of her "concussion" or to find the definition of "is" that will cause the least damage.

    I'm curious Hillary.... does "stand by your man" go with the marriage license or the Presidency?
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    What Hillary won't testify - We purposely lied to the public by telling them this attack was related to a protest to a movie no one had seen.

    Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty are heroes.
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    Will it satisfy her critics? Is this another trick question? Of course it won't. The unreasonable, illogical right wing extremists will never be satisfied with anything that anyone in the Obama administration says or does. Ever.
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    this just gives her plenty of time to get her stories straight with oblamey and figure out who is going to be the paid scape goat on this one.
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    to me when giving so much leadway it as if they are giving time to get their story straight and run it by a bunch of experts in the field to see it the story flies. things like this need to be done as soon as possible.

    my thought like on f&f all the stalling is only for cover ups.they should be only able to do like an average citizen when it comes to things like this and face the same thing if failing to do as ordered on the spot.
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    Having had my bell rung a couple of times, I can't understand the kid glove treatment that Hillary is receiving. A bump on the head isn't a big deal.
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    No matter what the testimony contains there will be a minority that automatically assumes lies and conspiracies - although what, exactly, is being lied about and conspired over is never specified.
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    I'll be surprized if they wait till she testifies to say she is lying and covering up. Indeed I'll bet you'll see that right on this very thread today!
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    BULLSHIT.... I'll give you a list right now and you'll either respond with some sort of twist to make it Bush's fault, ignore the points with a watery whitewash wall of words in hopes that nobody will remember them OR attack my credibility or person to lessen the blow.

    Here's the list, complied from the report they have assembled WITHOUT her help...

    First and foremost. In “Finding 1” of the Executive Overview on page 4 of the unclassified report:“... The Board concluded that there was no protest prior to the attacks,which were unanticipated in their scale and intensity.”

    Funny..... Presidential CANDIDATE Obama along with his Secretary of State and Ambassador to the UN were very vocal and public in blaming a protest caused by a video....

    WHY did the Administration not know OR lie about this until WEEKS Later? When EXACTLY were she and her boss told about this?

    In “Finding 2”:“Security in Benghazi was not recognized and implemented as a “shared responsibility” by the bureaus in Washington charged with supporting the post,resulting in stove-piped discussions and decisions on policy and security.”

    and later in the same finding....

    “Communication, cooperation, and coordination among Washington, Tripoli,and Benghazi functioned collegially at the working-level but were constrained by a lack of transparency, responsiveness, and leadership at the senior levels. Among various Department bureaus and personnel in the field, there appeared to be very real confusion over who, ultimately, was responsible and empowered to make decisions based on both policy and security considerations.”

    When did she become aware of this situation, what steps did she take to resolve the problems and when did she inform her boss of them?

    Did she notify her boss of the need for additional money to enhance security, when and what response did she receive?

    I'm sure the families of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty would like to know as much as Brian Terry's family would about the MURDER of their son in another exhibit of the gross incompetence of this administration.

    There you go... some QUESTIONS. Over to you....
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    @Sharpshooter The ability to not pin the attack on any single terrorist group has been clearly explained. Yes, the blaming of a video for so long was stupid, how did it any way affect the real investigation going on or anything else for that matter?

    Yes, we have all seen the request for security for Tripoli and the ONE for benghazi by a securty persoell that never made it past the consulate level. Those ar eht people that messed up and they are the ones being blamed. How is this not clear to you?

    every administration has had our foreign assets attacked and killed by terrorists. If you think it can be prevented you are not living in the real world.
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    How many of our consulates or embassies would be able to stand up to an assault by hundreds of men armed with automatic weapons and RPGs?
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