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    now you know you can't do that.. according to Obama's Homeland Security Department they're already at the top of another list a watch list
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    @DomesticG no actually he was proposing a big government agency and call for Congress to immediately appropriate the money to fund it.. that was really the only part I disagreed with his press conference. something like that should be left to the state local level.
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    @bsking ok, my bad there....hadn't had the opportunity to research more on the specifics... Yeah, it may be called a national problem, but it does need to be left to for the state local level to handle. 1) we do NOT need another big government agency ANYway...much less one to gobble up more of the money we don't have. 2) Fed government hands in school business has already done MORE than enough damage.
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    This is a more sensible solution that addresses the issue of school security. Reasonable restrictions on firearms is one thing, but if it is about protecting the children as Wayne LaPierre pointed out, then it makes more sense to have qualified armed personnel at or around the schools. As it is so correctly pointed out: "The only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."
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    @DomesticG That too. In TX, they have what's called a "Guardian" program, where teachers take specialized training in addition to carry concealed training. Another buddy of mine also suggested having bulletproof doors that only open from the inside during school hours. There are plenty of reasonable ideas out there.
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    he made some excellent point in his press conference. of course no 1 will know about it because the media will not report on them . he slapped the crap our of the media and Hollywood and video game makers for glorifying all the violence.. for making a profits off of the violence and the media for its never ending glorification of these killers.
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    @DARSB because a twisted person playing such a game gets their jollies from fantasy of the other examle you noted there is an inanimant object (gun) and a deranged person. the gun doesnt influence the deranged person.
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    ABSOLUTELY! Returning Veterans looking for jobs like icing on the cake.

    I do understand that el presidente and Diane Feinstein will hate it because it won't allow them to grab more guns, but maybe the blood of these 20 children will have to go unexploited by the.
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    I like how you call Obama "el Presidente," it makes him sound like a Central American gun-running dictator... YIKES! ;)
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    @jamesmitchell never had one, but if memory serves it was one of the best selling personal computers at one time, couple years later, poof there gone. My mistake buying ibms and compatibals instead of apple. My uncle tried to tell
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    My high school already has a police officer on campus, but non of the middle or elementary school campuses do. It seems like these should be higher priority, as teens generally would react better in a crisis situation then little kids.

    Granted, the younger kid's schools have less students, but I still think they should have just as much security.
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    @PolitixLisa Nice choice of photos.... The bias in photo selection is disgusting, having comments about it directed to the powers of the forum ignored speaks volumes....

    The National Rifle Association respected the tragedy in Connecticut by remaining silent for a decent period of time and came out with a reasoned recommendation.

    Politix Forum SELECTS a blatantly biased photo.... AGAIN taking a shot at the NRA...

    Is fairness a part of the program here?


    "Play Fair...
    Please respect the opinions of others. Political discussions often breed controversy, and we get that. Disagreeing with differing opinions is expected, but respecting everyone’s right to their own opinion is a must! "

    Having moderators and administrators of the forum showing blatant bias in the initial story is fair?

    "Is Politix affiliated with any political organizations or groups?

    Politix isn't affiliated with any political organization or special interest groups."

    and this demonstrated by the consistently outlandish choice of graphics.

    I understand the subliminal images game.... the Network Propagandists do it all the time... it appears you are learning quite well.
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    I agree. This is a biased photo.

    Politix, I'd like to request you replace the photo for this poll. Perhaps a picture of a guard or police officer or something?
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    It's pretty clear that murderers don't pay much attention to laws. The 'gun-free zone' was ignored by this killer, as was the law against murdering people. More laws will satisfy the liberal hand-wringers, but will have no effect whatsoever.
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    @Jeff_Woehrle Your comment makes to much sense. It has to be the tool that's the problem. You know like matches and lighters are the cause of arson.
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    I just don't get it...blaming the NRA for this incident. How ignorant of a society have we become? I mean you can dislike the NRA, and not believe in their agenda, but blaming them for the shooting is like blaming the liquor distributor for a drunk driving related death. The NRA did not buy the guns used in this massacre, his mother did. The NRA did not fail to have these guns secured, again, that was the mother. The NRA did not cause the assault weapons ban to lapse, that was our politicians.

    Regardless of what they do with gun control issue, I fully support armed police on every school campus as well as more security measures which create monitored entry point to get on to the campus and even possibly metal detectors at these entrance points
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    The NRA, along with the gun industry, is responsible for pushing "shall issue" and state-to-state reciprocity laws which make it easier for guns to fall into the wrong hands. The NRA and the gun industry have also shut down federal sources of data on gun use and crime through the Tiahrt amendment. I wonder why they want to control data on gun use in the United States if they have nothing to hide?
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    @Wisdom73 You may have stated the root cause of all this madness when you mentioned this murders mother. Nothing ever happened like this when I was child. Whats different today with kids than it was then? There were just as many guns so that can't be it. There seems to be some correlation when these type of crimes started to happen and when the government started interfering with the raising of our children. I probably shouldn't have pointed that out as the truth is not political or socially correct. Blaming the tool is far easier.
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    They are trying to pass a bill to train and arm the teachers in Virginia if they so choose to be armed... the mass shootings only take place where guns are banned for law abiding citizens ... lets take away the free range for criminals.
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    Obama hits the links in Hawaii
    at your expense.

    his children go to a school protected by 11 armed guards...But he doesnt belive that its right for your children.
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    you need to prepare these kids on how to cope with a prison style environment, armed guards, fences and what not, seeing as how you teach them no usable real life skills and they will eventually turn to crime when they cant find any work other than cleaning toilets
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    Also, in regards to the "blood on their hands" comment, inasmuch as these people pushed and lobbied for firearm access for all, they DID "enable" the killers of our world with the ability to inflict their malevolence upon us so, in this sense, the NRA are the "enablers" of the miscreant amongst us.
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    The solution to ANY problem is NEVER more of the problem...All that you'll accomplish is the exacerbation of the problem beyond any potential for resolution.

    We've already experienced this very scenario in the form of the Nuclear Arms Race wherein Russia was working to out do America as America was working to out do Russia, and vice-versa, with the end result being nothing more than the World being plagued with a non-disposable supply of radioactive nuclear material...Nothing but exacerbation and escalation until there is nothing but a lot of regret and terminally fatal material that you can't get rid of.
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    so now the lefts Spokesman and leader nanny Bloomberg thinks he speaks for the majority of the American people because he's an older rich 1 %'er? really this is the face of the Democrat people? this panty wsist who is affraid to come out of the closet.

    someone who has 24 /7 armed guard security but that's okay because he's deserving of it you're not... you're just a commoner.

    that's how the statist and progressive thinks.... and watch their base prop them up ... it's evidence that their assumptions may be correct, about their base anyway.
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    "Armed police officers in every school"?
    This is a fundamentally bad recommendation. It completely sidesteps the real problem, and creates an even worse problem - trying to mask the original one.

    The problem at hand is the artificial creation (by our public servants) of free shooting-galleries - for the exclusive benefit of heavily armed homicidal lunatics and criminals. The NRA's recommendation fails to address the problem.

    Moreover, their recommendation perpetuates the fallacy that the police can protect everyone - which has been proven (by countless demonstrations) to be absolutely false. And since Columbine proved that "and armed policeman" at the school, is completely inadequate, such an errant approach would necessarily proliferate - without limit - to "every classroom", and "every room" in every theater, mall, church - of every one of the Millions of "free shooting galleries" that have been wrongfully created throughout the country. They are advocating a full-fledged police-state - which will still fail to solve the original problem!

    The ONLY viable solution is to rely on trained (and vetted) volunteer parents - armed of course. The NRA will provide the training, and the local Sheriff will do the vetting. Yes, there will still be deadly incidents, because there's NO such thing as a perfect solution. However, the frequency and severity will be greatly diminished.
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