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    @Zazziness - give Neo a break. If it doesn't say something about Obama in the article, Neo will always add an 'obama' part. Lol
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    If congress doesn't act "an antiquated dairy pricing formula will kick in" doubling the price, is this the best government can do for us? BTW, since 1989 if congress "doesn't act" they get an automatic pay raise, they seem to have gotten that to work well.
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    Is there anyone left in this country that thinks that being responsible for taking care of your self is the way to go?
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    But let's stop and think about this a moment. It's not that the price of milk will double because of a scarcity of supply... It will double because of government intrusion in the first place that was incorrectly dealt with up to this day.

    It's stuff like this that's packed into that 70,000+ pages of tax code.

    Scrap the whole friggin' thing and start fresh.
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    It's just the beginning everything is going to go up in price...I feel bad for people who have young families. Kids
    drink a lot of milk...I can do w/out it, but kids need the vitamins and calcium, as their bodies are still developing.
    It's terrible!
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    Hello Mimi! Hope you are doing well! I have a hard time even reading a lot of the topix here anymore, I sign in long enough to blow my stack and have to sign out.

    All these people who voted in what they did deserve 8, and (14 dollar, Hawaii) milk! I, like you feel bad for the children. The future. Whew. Does NOT look good. I will laugh when Obama starts digging into the ones who are freeloading!! And he will. Give him time. Lol, I look for a lot of that college money he gave so freely to have to be paid back also...we'll sure hear them cry the blues then!
    Just a shame all the rest of us have to suffer along with them. But then, we can make 10 bucks do a 20 buck job. I have enough milk frozen and powdered to last a year. I Stockpile pretty much everything. I refuse to depend on government handouts.

    Maybe in a years time things will improve a little. But I'm really doubting it.

    Anyhow, just wanted to shout out a hello to you! Take care!
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    @Just_Lisa Hi, I've Missed your posts...wondered where you had been. I know I have to get off for a few days
    sometimes as there is so much I disagree with, but don't want to argue. I truly worry about the future of the kids.
    There is still so much I can't understand, sometimes none of this makes sense. We are going to see some bad
    times...It's almost transcending party lines. What is wrong with Boehner?!! He's from my State too.. Crazy. He's
    either tanning or crying. However, we may all be crying soon. Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy
    New Year. I guess we'll have to take it one day at a time. Who knows?.. Keep posting, I enjoy hearing from you.
    Hope and Pray for the Best, that's all we can do.(:
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    It keeps getting worse, doesn't it? We need two functional parties, not one party and a kindergarten class.
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    This where people are really duped. If congress can control the price of milk then why can't they control the price of a gallon of gas. I get tired of hearing that the president or congress has nothing to do with it when the majority of smart people in the U.S. know they get millions for re-election campaign money, and some even have stock in them. I have already started buying things only made in America-therefor I do not shop at Walmart because the majority of their beef is imported along with clothing. Let milk go to $8.00 a gallon and ground beef to $10.00 a pound and you'll see congressmen and women being hung in city streets by angry starving mobs.
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    If Obama had worked as hard on the fiscal cliff as he did vacationing at taxpayer expense all around the world we would not be having this talk right now.
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    @MadAmerican Yet another republican myth...Obama is constantly working on the "fiscal cliff" and ALL of the other problems of this nation----It the man takes one day off the entire right wing is all over his A$$....What you really need to do is tell your repubs in congress to get off of their butts and work with this president to find a compromise---and get off of the Presidents back!!!
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    So true. obama will just give you food stamps for whatever you want to eat anyhow. Our government grows ever more disgusting every day. So sad.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Your statement makes it very clear you have no idea how food stamps work Do yourself a favor -- Google food stamps in your state. You shouldn't have much trouble finding a government page that tells you what it takes to qualify for assistance like that and how much you would get. If you knew the reality, maybe you'd stop being so jealous of poor people.
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    @Zazziness here ya go.

    some states pay more some less. one thing for sure anyone on food stamps if they cannot eat well something is wrong. add in wic and the other new program were other vouchers are given to go along with this so they can use these vouchers at farmers markets.

    a worker would have to make over 20 an hr to get what those on welfare get when you combine all things have to get out the calculator to get the exact amount.
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    @Zazziness the feds have launched a new website to help people cash in. I will not site it, but a local newswoman who reported on it said she "qualified" for 51 different " benefits" avaiable . I am not sure if we are advertising this during mexican soap operas like we were the snap program .
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    I have a question for the Politix people. In the poll regarding the best conservative pundit, why don't you have Michael Savage there? He is the third most popular talk show host in the US!!
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    Are you kidding? That would legitimize him.

    In politix's defense though... Mark Levin, Thomas Sowell, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter didn't make the cut either.

    Look on the bright side though... Politix didn;t insult us by including Dick Morris, Karl Rove, or Stephen Colbert.
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    I'd like to see a poll question like... "Who is the most libertarian pundit?"

    That would be interesting to see who politix and participants alike think of as "libertarian."
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    I was wondering why george will, peggy noonan, pat buchanan didn't make the cut. They actually sometimes make me think about my positions. Rush just makes me laugh...
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    I bought 2 gallons of milk at a gas station 40 minutes away from my residence for $5.00. The expiration dates are long out. Need the milk for Christmas goodies. Merry Christmas to everyone!
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    I don't see how milk is avoidable to buy no matter the price, for those that use the real thing, ESP if you have kids. It's kind of like bread.
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    I say frease all wages to a min/max of 20$ an hour and frease all prices, bills

    Watch equality be acheived once and for all
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    First of all, why is the government buying milk? I have to buy my own.

    Secondly, why would they have to revert to this antiquated pricing system unless dairy farmers insist upon it? Would that still be the government's fault, or could we blame the dairy industry?
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    what are you guys cryin for.. Milk here in Hawaii is as High as 7.64 a gallon in all grocery stores.. Walmart and Costco's are the only places with milk under 6bux on a regular basis.. and thats still no less than 4.99
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