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    @Neo_NtheMatrix my pops used to say,soon there wont be enough sane to take care of the insane. fraid we bout at the tipping point. god help us
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    No change.... Hoplophobes have always been wack jobs.... they're just demonstrating how poor their communication and debate skills have become.

    Never debate using logic and reason... just call names.... Alinsky's rules for radicals... be as big an ass as possible and people won't see your lack of knowledge, skill or intelligence.
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    If by turning point you mean Americans are ready to give up their 2nd amendment rights then no. If by turning point you mean most Americans are ready to engage in meaningful dialogue about how we can reduce violence in this country then I sure hope so.
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    Agreed. Any repeal-the-second-amendment talk is foolish. I do think it's time to consider the "well-regulated" part, though, and how we might use that authority to protect children from gun violence.
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    @DARSB Any violence, discussing regulating required training 'to bear'; state for civil, federal for "militia", and reciprocity, local for safety, would be a good start
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    Written by the liberal nutjobs of the big city. Go ahead and leave your first graders to fend for themselves. The rest of America just might choose to defend ours.
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    Whatever. They are always jockeying for position. Propaganda from both sides.
    Crazy is crazy. You can't prepare or disarm crazy by regulations. The regulations we had keeping these nut balls institutionalized was eradicated in the 80's by the ACLU.
    Perhaps we should be pointing the finger at them!
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    "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun"......Absolutely nothing loony about that at all......Just common sense........huge numbers of firearms owner practice this action every year......
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    Indeed. By slamming Mr. LaPierre’s thoughtful, measured, sensible (though misguided) recommendation, the legacy media revealed themselves as the true “ranting loons”. As another commenter observed, it’s rule # 1 in Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals – always accuse the opposition of one’s own deficiencies.
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    This is just a temporary thing. The NRA still owns too many congressman and senators for effective gun legislation to pass. I think that by the time Hillary is elected in 2016 the country will be ready. Probably not before that unless we have an epidemic of the gun nut killings or a beloved public figure or two gets assassinated.
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    @PoliticalSpice. maybe???, no doubt Thomas, his wife who is a " Tea Party Political consultant. She reportedly knocked down 750k while employed by Heritage Foundation
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    @PoliticalSpice No matter how hard I try I can't get my mind to think of Scalia or Alito as beloved public figures. Now Clarence Thomas... I know he was beloved by all the clerks at the downtown video rental store.
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    LaPierre didn't appear much saner on Meet The Press. I think his vocabulary is such that every sentence must be started with " Finestein's " Bill....
    Surprised that Fox News didn't get the message from Rupert, their still touting the no law will make any difference
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    those in power like this Obama are corrupt hypocrites who have no qualms about the authoritarian use of deadly force when it serves their needs. They just don’t believe you, the individual, should ever have that option.
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    How many of these 'sane' journalists send their children to schools that have armed security? Dick Gregory does. His children attend Sidwell Friends School with Obama's daughters.
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    Let's all hope and pray that VP Biden will get it right and come to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with teaching kids in school that killing people is wrong. Since the Supreme Court outlawed the Ten Commandment--the 6th being "Thou shalt kill" (Ex. 20:13); and so many parents not taking their kids to church, and kids seeing heavy weapons used to kill on t.v. all the time, maybe the country will wake up to the fact that liberalism and the courts and judges are to blame for the killing in the country.
    Now for the news to call the NRA nuts, lets not take the President of the NRA at his word and let's allow the news paper ideal that a good guy with a gun does not stops a bad guy to have a trial run and see how it works out. We can do this by disarming all police officers. Are they not the good guys with guns to stop the bad guys? So lets see if the mayor of New York will give disarming the good guys a trial run at stopping to the bad guys?
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    Shame on the NY POST for running this cheap liberal hit piece! What a bunch of crap!
    Just about everything that LaPierre said was spot on, for anyone to place a megalomaniac like Doomberg ahead of anyone just proves the bias of the reporting.
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    Media forgets Bill Clinton’s call for ‘COPS in School’

    After Friday’s press conference by NRA Chairman Wayne LaPierre, the media and liberals alike have been quick to ridicule LaPierre’s suggestion to put armed guards in every U.S. school. Rewind back to 2000 when President Bill Clinton requested $60 million in federal dollars to fund a program called “COPS in School”.

    The program would have accomplished what LaPierre has proposed, and was endorsed by Clinton on the one-year anniversary of the Columbine school shootings.
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    Feinstein certainly didn't waste any time.... I guess she was making sure the blood of the children didn't coagulate before she started using it to grease the skids on her political agenda.

    Maybe some of the "intelligent" anti rights folks here could come up with an IDEA that works..... theirs haven't

    I'll ask the question again... it wasn't answered before.... being generous I'll assume it wasn't seen rather than just too tough for you....

    Why do YOU so strongly resist the possibility of ANYTHING other than guns to be the cause of problems?

    Semi automatic rifles have been commonly available since the 1930s. The AR15/M16 available since the 1960s with high capacity magazines.

    Pistols with high capacity magazines since the 1930s.

    All of this technology existed for a very long time before these CRIMINAL acts have began to appear.

    If the technology existed and the CRIMES didn't, what changed and why wouldn't you want to focus on that rather than another failed attempt to control something that OBVIOUSLY isn't the problem?

    We've tried gun control, it hasn't worked.

    National Firearms Act 1934, enacted in response to the gangsters of the 1920s..... result, FAILED.

    Gun Control Act 1968 enacted in response to the JFK Assassination passed on skids greased by the blood of Dr. King and Robert Kennedy. result FAILED

    Firearms Owners Protection Act, banning Machine guns.... result.... FAILED.

    Clinton Assault rifle ban including hi capacity magazines... result FAILED

    Shall I continue to list the state laws as well? Gun control has been tried.... it DOESN'T WORK.

    Tell me...Why are YOU resistant to addressing all of the issues?

    It amazes me that people would rather continue to have mass shootings where innocent men, women, and children die then even discuss solutions to the problem...

    It also amazes me that people would rather continue to have mass shootings where innocent men, women, and children die then recognize the solid facts proving gun and/or ammo restrictions DON'T WORK.

    Why should your new angle on the same thing be any more successful than the countless failed attempts we've experienced?
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    @Sharpshooter "Why do YOU so strongly resist the possibility of ANYTHING other than guns to be the cause of problems?"

    I don't.

    However, the NRA is absolutely against even discussing changes to current gun laws, things like eliminating 100 round drums, such as were used in Aurora, CO. Mr LaPierre has called forWhy do YOU so strongly resist the possibility of ANYTHING other than guns to be the cause of problems? a national database of mentally ill citizens but resists closing the loophole that exempts 40% of gun dealers from background check requirements.

    I suggest the zealots are concentrated on the NRA side. For example, when the new President of the NRA, David Keane, takes his seat on the first day of the new year his son won't be there to congratulate him. Mr Keane's son is serving a ten year prison sentence for firing a weapon at a car in a road rage incident.
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    @DARSB "things like eliminating 100 round drums,"

    Like the 100 round drums made for the 1928 Thompson some in the 1920s and 30s?

    The gun control aspect ignores the almost 100 year history of FAILURE of such laws.

    Again, the technology used in these tragic CRIMES existed long before the crimes... how did that happen? No Schools to attack? Nope; in fact classrooms are less crowded than in the past.

    Less crowded theaters? Again.. no, smaller less crowded.

    The gun technology existed and the targets of these Loons are actually harder to attack... what's left?

    A loophole exempting 40% of gun dealers? Did you dream that up yourself or hear it from one of the uninformed propagandists? It doesn't exist.but nice try.

    Background checks predate these attacks... even if your fictitious loophole existed, why hasn't the Brady Bill worked?

    Does Einstein's definition of insanity mean anything to you?
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    @Sharpshooter @DARSB
    Findings from 5 yrs of NRA posts at "armed citizen"
    Private citizens reload in 0.5% of shooting incidents.
    IF a defender fires it will most likely be 2 rounds.
    Shooting distance of defender to attacker is slightly greater than arms length.
    Long guns were used by criminals in 13% of cases.
    The perceived need for massive quantities ofammo, rreloading, and precision shooting is a figment of peoples imagination. There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE to support the contention that any of the stated conditions occur during armed confrontation.

    This all comes from a gun PROFESSIONAL and info provided by the NRA!!!
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    @mtkopf And your point is? Are you saying just because most self defense shootings occur in a span of about 7 feet and the shooter gets off about 2 rounds is sufficient evidence we need to restrict magazine capacity and semi-auto rifles? If that's the reasoning, then with national speed limits at 70 mph and most state and local laws call for much lower speed limits, why do we have cars (which kill more people every year than guns) capable of going 160 mph? If three beers are sufficient to put people over the legal limit, why do we sell cases? Why do we still sell cigarettes when cancer kills 1 million plus people a year?
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    If the NY post says one is a loon, well I've read the paper, and when it comes to loons they know of what they speak. Onteresting they use the word "loon" is that to by-pass congressional action banning the term "lunatic"
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    When you've got The Post, owned by Rupert Murdock's News Corp says you're a loon and The Daily New's seconds the motion , it's official.
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    @martydotcom saw the guy on the sunday talk shows. But the daily news is not a bad newspaper, a bit conservative, but not loony as the post.
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    Nope nothing will be done about gun violence bc it's to "hard" to stop crazy white people from getting assault rifles and it's America capitalism will always be put be for human life if you can't profit from gun control then no one will do it simple as that until someone comes up with a way to profit from gun control theses shooting sprees will continue to happen
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    Said it before and will say it again, i got guns and ammo, you want them? Come get them.
    Roll those dice cowboy
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    LaPierre is crazy? Who are these two trashy rags talking about? It's not like these are legit news sources in the first place.
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