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    Worth noting that many countries where people voted themselves four day work weeks are looking for bailouts for their empty treasuries. Why not add another entitlement to the mix right here?

    Unions in America are of declining influence, so I'm not surprised some would try to legislate union demands. Such has the mentality become in this country.

    Hey, why not? It's free! Nobody will have to pay for all that paid time, it's free money!
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    Most employers have a vacation benefit. Everyone qualifies for a one week vacation after some period of time...usually 6 months or a year. Some employers are more generous and that may increase over time to a month each year. Hell, a vacation is a benefit, not a right. The amount of vacation you get is an incentive to stay with an employer after you are trained and valuable to the operation.
    And, with all that said, not every employer can afford to give paid vacations. And, if you force long vacation benefits upon employers, they will only hire part time workers or cut down the number of full time employees they have to give vacations to.
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    1 week time off isn't enough. everyone should receive 4 weeks mandatory paid time off... including part time employees.

    tell me something... is one week enough time to take a cruise, or to travel to europe (or any other foreign destination) very few middle class brasilian families would even think of staying home for their vacation or camping out, sleeping on the ground, in a local park.
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    @dances-weebles I'm not particularly concerned if the teenager behind the counter at McDonald's gets 4 weeks vacation.
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    @dances-weebles Lots of luck...that is what Europeans thought for years. Now, look at the situation there. We see riots in the streets when the "benefits" are taken away.
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    @dances-weebles I thought about this a little more, Weebles. Thirty years ago Brasil had no middle class. There were only two classes, rich or poor...the government was a military controlled democracy. The people were free to do as they pleased but they were constantly going thru military checkpoints as the entered or left cidades or crossed from one estado to another. How well you lived depended upon where you were and who you knew.
    Then the military relinquished power to civilian democratic rule. But, crime went off the charts and people struggled. Then came the petroleo boom. Everyone began to do better and a middle class has emerged and thrived. But, corruption is now the biggest problem and it reaches from top to bottom...almost like a way of life.
    Recently, the large corporation my son works for fired the entire executive management team in their Brasilian operation because of corruption. These people were Brasilians and Argentinians. The executive management team is now entirely expat. American, Canadian, and European. The middle management team is Brasilian.
    With all that said, it is high time that the new laws protecting employee rights for the labor class people were implemented. This is not the case in the USA, The standard of living is great...but Americans tend to pay more for homes and personal conveniences. American also enjoy a better infrastructure. I only hope that Brasil does not go too far toward social benefits and stifle the economy.
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    @jessejaymes if he doesn't, then how will he travel to europe or to the orient with his family when they go on their holidays?
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    I think we need four weeks, but since it would be sticker shock to employers would like to phase it in gradually. Also feel the govt. should give most back in the form of employer tax refund. As a self employed person this would not benefit me, but we need to move in this general direction, and need single payer or national healthcare, not the romney style plan that has us forking money over to insurance corporations.
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    here where i live the vacation time is 4 weeks mandatory paid time off, except for domestic workers who receive three weeks. not only that, but since the wage and salary systems work on a monthly pay cycle, at the end of every year all employees receive a 13th salary mandatory...+ any holiday or profit sharing bonuses...

    and guess what. neither the economy, nor profits are suffering one bit. in fact, general motors of brasil is the only segment of the country that ALWAYS registers a hefty profit right along with all other major manufacturers.

    (and we have socialised medicine which works hand in hand with any (affordable) health care providers that anyone wishes to pay for)
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    I've got a better idea, why not 52 weeks of paid vacation a year funded in the form of an employer tax refund? Yeah! That makes sense!!! NOTHING IS FREE IN LIFE... SOMEONE HAS TO PAY FOR IT!!! IF YOU WANT EXTRA VACATION... PAY FOR IT... DON'T MAKE ME THE TAXPAYER PAY FOR IT!!!!
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    @Heavy-Fed Aside from the exaple provided directly a top your post, most western european countries have laws like this. You beleive in free market capitalism, I do not. But if this ever comes to pass no one will force you to stop working.
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    @Heavy-Fed why is it with all you folks that you seem to believe that vacation time is paid for by the taxpayer or the gov't.
    are you all stuck on stupid?
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    @dances-weebles so as usual the american taxpayer is footing the bill,Hello,GM Bailout.once again socialism works at the expense of the American taxpayer!!
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    I find it interesting that the criteria for an "acceptable vacation" is "going abroad" for one. Personally, after having vacationed in 27 countries I find it exhausting to vacation abroad every year and we finally took one year out of two to simply stay home and relax.

    I also find it absurd that someone would claim that even part time employees should get 4 weeks vacation. Teenagers and college age students burn through jobs as though they are what they actually are. A means to an end. To have money coming in to supplement what they are actually doing that matters to them in life. I ran my own business for 30 years and I assure you it would be a freezing, polar cap type of day in hell before I gave 4 weeks vacation to a kid who works 12 hours a week and needs time off for school events, has little to no skills, and poor work ethic. In your dreams.
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    We don't always see eye to eye, but on this issue, I agree. Part time means part of the time they already are on vacation.
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    What is really scary here is not the subject of required pay vacations, but the number of people that support government policies that burden the very employers we need for economic prosperity. You want better benefits, better pay, longer vacations? Become more valuable to your employer. Is there no end to what you think the role of our federal government should be?
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    With the way the economy is at this point in time I think this is just going to make things worse. Most employers that are able to provide this, already do.
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    I support a minimum amount of vacation, as studies have shown that employees put out far greater output (both in quantity and quality) with sufficient vacation than employees who do not get vacation time. What I do not support is being forced to take 3-4 weeks vacation all around Christmas time. I think the employees should be empowered to decide when to put in for their leave. Many have kids in school, there are family emergencies, etc. Employers should be flexible when doling out vacation to their employees.
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    I don't think anyone is saying they should be required to give/take vacations around the holidays. Personally, I'd be taking mine in the summer. I personally haven't had time off in 6 years. We get no vacation time at all.
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    Exteamist ideas sometimes do rock...
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    My biggest objection to this: It is not the place of the Federal Government to be mandating how many weeks an employer should or should not be giving an employer. Leave this decision to the state local level where it belongs.
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    It could be left up to the states but it would probably be amended to the Fair Labor Standards Act with the 40 hr work week, 8 hr days, and overtime and minimum wage topics.
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    @NormalFlora You either sorely underestimate or are poorly educated about the benefits of a free market on employment.
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    "Free market." In other words where employers, employ as few as possible for as little as possible to do the work of two, or even three people, until they drop. Then kick them to the curb.
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    Sounds great! Except there's that one thing that erks me, us trying to be European again, I don't know how American it would be to have the government force a business to give any amount of time for vacation unless they want to. What is American is to constantly better yourself by seeking better employment, specially when you're not happy. I mean I'm not a business owner now but I may be one in the future. Why would I want the government in my business like that? And lets talk about Europe, tell me about those other countries, you know the ones, Greece? Spain? Yeah, you know the ones you left out of the article ;)
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    I think 3-6 weeks mandatory paid vaca time would be a huge improvement to the individual worker's health as well a economic health by way of increasing production, decreased stress, thereby decreasing the huge problem the U.S has with so many stress-related diseases. There are many studies showing the benefits of a happy, healthy society. I was raised to have an extremely strong work ethic an enjoy working. It's not about a "handout" (a ridiculous notion in te first place). It's about self care and the care of a society to promote success. We all pay taxes. All who work NEED a real break.
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    Wait!!!!! Why not just make the work week 1 day a week long???? Now theres an idea? Or we could all become democrats and not work at all. Welfare can take care of us so long as we keep enough dumb Republicans working to pay our way!!!
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    I wonder how many of those countries could continue their generous social policies if they had to be prepared to defend themselves. The USA provides defense and fat subsidies to most.

    If we were to bring our military back to our shores, except where we were fighting, there would be an immediate affect. No more American bases or personnel to support them and protect them.

    We would save billions, if not trillions of dollars and simultaneously boost our own economy by using the military for our economic benefit.

    There is one more federal economic truth that is being ignored. For a business to survive it has to more than match expenses. Burden a business with an extra week of non productive labor then watch prices to rise or workers to be replaced with machines or doors to be shuttered close.

    It is easy if someone else carries a significant part of your expenses. Maybe we should ask China?
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    The very idea of legally requiring three weeks paid vacation is ridiculous! Americans think that times are hard now .. imagine having no household staff for an extended period of time - meals don't cook themselves, you know! Who would announce guests into one's home? Worse yet - just imagine the number of children running amuck with no governess around! Think about it, people - is THIS a country you'd want to see?
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    I am certain that those who support this idea have never had to make payroll (pay employees out of your very own pocket) , or attempt to keep your overhead at a manageable level and have cash in the bank to pay bills. It is very easy to spend the other guy's money. Try spending your money and, believe me, your outlook will change.
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    It used to be that there was a very active debate in this country about how much vacation should be required. President William Howard Taft, a Republican and one that was considered quite conservative for his time thought we should get 2 to 3 MONTHS.
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    That was the extent of his thinking prowess. Why not deduct a small amount out of each paycheck to cover some of these costs? I believe in vacations, and I have yet to find a
    suitable donor.
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