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    This proves it. Mormons are Christians after all. It's the Christian tradition. Kill anyone not just like them. You know except for beheading and beating women in public the American Christian right is resembling the Taliban more and more.
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    @Sonny Yeah death threats over wearing pants.
    I would have thought religious zealots have more to be angry about than how a person's clothes fit. I stand corrected.
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    @jessejaymes "You know except for beheading and beating women in public the American Christian right is resembling the Taliban more and more."

    You mean the religion Hussien Obama belongs to?(smirk)
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    @InjusticeSucks I know quite a few Mormons, and theology aside, every one I've met has been an extremely good person willing to help you at the drop of a hat. They are extremely family & community oriented, the salt of the earth. From your statement you appear to be biased against them for some strange reason, perhaps some myth you were told as opposed to personal experience. How many Mormon friends have you had in your life?
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    This is an old story, retold from a NYT story, and embellished. The LDS Church doesn't have an anti-pants policy for women, though there's a traditionalist subculture - coming out of the mountain west - that considers pants inappropriate. The "Let's Do Pants" Sunday was overshadowed by the tragedy in Connecticut. It drew grins and yawns but the "threats" and other insulting jibes were typical of internet comments, not unlike the chatter seen on any CNN forum.
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    A BYU student made the death threat. He said “every single person who is a minority activist should be shot .. in the face … point blank". What are Mormons going to be doing about him? One of their own made that statement. Bill, your comment minimizes what happened. What are you doing about that BYU student? Did you contact the BYU honor code standards department? Or do Mormons ignore such horrendous statements from their own members?
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    Yep but then the Catholic church was behind the times then too. Some of the more conservative parishes fought changes such as allowing musical instruments other than the church organ. And the women head covering bit was a biggie too.
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    The Mormon Church once had institutionally sanctioned racism, which "the prophet" announced was no longer the will of God (just in time to avoid problems with the Civil Rights Act of 1964). Now maybe it is time for the prophet to get a message from God about institutional sexism.
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    @PoliticalSpice it depends on the style of the pants. the cute, tight, hip-hugger style of pants are definitely within god's plan as are hot pants and daisy dukes.
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    @Fishbone345 Not that amazing. The TV show 20/20 found a "reformed Mormon" family out in Utah living out of a trailer in a remote area. Guy had 7 wives including one who was 11 years old. 20/20 turned them into the authorities (Utah is more than 70% Mormon and the state Attorney General was Mormon) and two years went by. 20/20 asked why the man had not been arrested. They couldn't find him by golly. Not to be found. Vanished without a trace. 20/20 went back the same location where they had found the man and his wives and lo and behold they were still there. Hadn't moved an inch. And the now 13 year old was pregnant. Strange how God never finds the need, the drive, the desire to protect the children.
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    @jessejaymes I was being sarcastic my friend, I live in Utah. I'm more than informed of the hypocrisy that goes on and the shady dealings they do.
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    Doesn't make much difference anyway, the church has turned its back on God by wrongly keeping Sunday for the Sabbath, directly in opposition to Scripture. They practice a way that seems right unto humans but the ends thereof are death. Billions are deceived, made to believe lies, because of their hardened hearts preventing them from seeking the truth.
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    @PoliticalSpice @WMCOL This is a church that insists that the Garden of Eden is downstate New York, that their second bible is the word of God and was translated with magic stones in a hat, that native Americans have dark skin because they were cursed, that their church leader talks to God directly in the Temple and that God wants them to wear underwear with Freemason symbols adorning them (the same Freemason symbols are on their temples btw).
    They aren't the most logical bunch.
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    I thought Eden was supposed to be in Missouri according to them. Anyway, their religion isn't any more retarded than Catholicism, more mainstream Christianity, etc. It's all made up nonsense than can be debunked with only an ounce of rational thinking and logic.
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    Where to even begin? This legalism is nonsense. In Jesus's time the clothing they wore had almost no difference between the sexes, so I do not know when skirts for women and pants for men became mandatory. It's tradition, not Biblical. In some cultures women have always worn pants. I have been wearing pants to church for at least thirty years. But a few years ago, when we were searching for a church to replace one that had closed, we decided to try a particular church on a Sunday evening. I was wearing pants and I was the only woman doing so. The pastor launched into a sermon about womaen who "wear men's clothing". Needless to say we did not return. That said, there are times when I love wearing a skirt, especially in warm weather.
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    @ctc Something teen girls and young women need to learn is the allure of an ankle length flowing skirt. What you cannot see is far more sexy than baring it all.
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    @WMCOL Skirts are cooler than pants, which is why they are more comfortable in warm weather. It is also why I prefer pants in winter. Even the Amish girls in Ohio wear seat pants under their dresses in winter. To be very honest, after hip surgery, putting on the trouser socks, or hose and boots necessary to stay warm in Ohio is pure torture.
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    That violation of the 11th commandment calls for a stoning. How dare they think they should be able to dress themselves or have a independent thought at all. There all going to hell. Conform now or lose your soul lady's. The call for burkas will be next I'm sure.
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    Well the Baptists think you can go to hell for dancing. I sorta figured pants for women in church would go right along with that.
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    @jessejaymes I have agreed with most everything you say on here but I don't agree with this. I was raised Baptist (don't agree with everything now that I understand more) but Baptists don't think you will go to hell for dancing. Actually some of the churches where I live have a band that plays in the church and everywhere I've went to church, most women wear pants and believe it or not....I live in the so-called Bible Belt!!
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    @Yvonne I was raised Baptist and we were told we'd go to hell for dancing. Maybe it's a some regional thing but I know it is practice in at least some Baptist churches.
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    And the backlash validates the results of the past election and why you won't see another Mormon run for President.......ever.
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    Lol but the Christians went through all that trouble making Mormons just like regular Christians... Now they get to sit in that mess haha
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    The people who made the death threats does NOT represent the Mormon Church. Once again, the way this story is written is a liberal nazi media style attack on God.
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    I'm a practicing Mormon. This whole "death threats" thing is a joke, and the ignorance of the commentors and author astounds me. Mormon women have wearing pants to church for decades. It's not uncommon. I'm guessing that the internet troll who wrote those "death threats" is ROFL in his mother's basement because of all the people who took him seriously.
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    As the usual the patriarchal reply that women's issues are minor and laughable. If you had actually read the article you would have known it wasn't the church that condoned the death threats -- one was a BYU student.
    Apparently if women have been wearing pants for several decade to church in your ward you do not live in some of the more conservative wards. This practice would be highly frowned upon and the sister would be ostracized by those not understanding the lessons about judging. Broaden your horizons and look up a couple of the blogs written about Mormon Feminists -- you might be surprised at how vehement some of the sisters and brethren happen to be about this subject.
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    @Granny_Grey - Did you see the screenshot of the infamous "death threat"? It had the coherence and grammatical skills of a seven-year-old. Many articles like this one (I've read over a dozen), avoided mentioning what the "death threats" even said because it would undermine the supposed severity of the article.

    You presume I haven't experienced many LDS wards. In the last decade, I've attended the LDS church in several states and multiple places within Utah, not to mention multiple visits outside of the United States. I can't recall a single place where women "in pants" did not happen, and never has it been an issue. Sure, I've met several judgmental and inconsiderate individuals, which come in the form of self-appointed "fashion police" or people using church to make political statements. Neither is the purpose of worship services. However, it's still ridiculous to take what an internet troll says and use it to somehow give strength to your side (whether it's mormon feminism, politics, etc.) With the internet, it's never hard to find stupid or inflammatory stuff from the "other side".

    And was the perpetrator a BYU student? I honestly don't know, but I do know that I can create a fake facebook profile in a matter of minutes that says I'm from any place I can imagine. To date, I haven't seen any evidence of it beyond hearsay and that the fb profile listed the BYU network, which means nothing to internet trolls.
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    @Granny_Grey - I read the post and perused the comments. I've read several other posts on FMH, some opinions I agree with, and others I don't. This page proved my previous point- that several individuals apparently felt motivated or validated by one single "death threat," even though, on the internet you can find crazy people in all movements or debates. If you feel validated or enraged by a single comment by an internet troll, then please don't use the internet.:-)
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    The LDS church didn't allows blacks as members until 1978 so this comes to no surprise.

    I hate organized religion more than anything else in the known universe and would gladly hope for the day when this mental illness called religion is abolished from society so the human species can progress and evolve.
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    I just want to know which one of these attention junkie women convinced their mates to write one of these supposed "threats" so they could stay in the headlines a bit longer

    As a 42 yo LDS lady who NEVER wears skirts except to church, a choice I make because it makes ME comfortable. Like wearing shoes when I leave the house or cleaning my house every Friday does. I DON'T CARE whether anybody who is reading this does
    I can say nobody cares if another lady
    DUM DUM DUM wears pants to church

    (insert rolling eyes smiley here)

    Get over yourselves.

    I don't go to church to discuss politics or to critique other peoples fashion sense.
    Nor to critique the cars people drive, the houses I KNOW
    'whisper whisper whisper' they live in, or the brand of cereal they ate that morning...



    To make out like I do,just further emphasizes what publicity junkies you guys with an idea you thought was unique, really are!
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    It was not one of the "mates" and the threats were real. There was a BYU student that threatened to shoot anyone wearing pants to church.

    Yes, there are many patriarchal members that care and there are those that are abusive in nature. The women are making a statement which they are free to do so. Perhaps not the right message; however, because there is a great deal of gender bias in the church they are trying to bring that to the forefront.

    Apparently you also care, or you wouldn't have taken the time to make a comment.
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    Hi Granny
    Yes you're right there in that I care if any nut job is making actual death threats against any other human being, regardless of the topic or the organisation. Having seen women wear pants at church, I am yet to see anybody care about it, let alone issue death threats.Such people need to be dealt with by the appropriate mental health experts. Such threats don't come from the church but by people with actual mental problems and this ought to be addressed appropriately

    My sincere apologies to people genuinely frightened by actual threats.

    But my real care is with people who think my faith is so engendered in whether or not women wear pants, that they think it takes political movement for the church to change their thinking on the topic. That we as an organisation are so 1800's that this topic would raise eyebrows.

    It totally takes away from the gospel. and publicity over topics that actually matter. Because this one so doesn't. Hence my attention junkies comment.
    I think that if it's that important,people should just do it, and that you DON'T need to invite reporters is my point.

    I have seen women wear pants and I have seen that nobody cares or talks about it. I would rather see this issue replaced on news sites with issues such as the churches stance on humanitarian aid for instance and with issues that actually matter.
    Or else let their be silence.

    I don't think we should be allowing irrelevance to take centre stage.
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    Hello Memyselfi, Point made and I understand what you are saying. But trust when I say there are wards that this would indeed raise eyebrows, bring disapproving frowns, and whispered conversation. If you took a few minutes to read the comments on the blog page that is linked from the article you may be surprised at how vehement some of the sisters (and brothers) happen to be on the subject.

    You're absolutely correct when you say that faith should not be tied to what you wear to church. Unfortunately there are those that have not yet looked at the beam in their own eyes before trying to remove one out of another.

    Enjoy the wonder of a new sunrise. Good day.
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    There are other Christian religions in the United States, in which gender roles are heavily defined. Look at the Amish, for example. Very removed from the modern world, yet they tend to keep to themselves and avoid trying to insert their beliefs into modern society.
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