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    "If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
    Samuel Adams
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    They didn't do enough to protect the natural rights of all citizens. They didn't do enough to deal with the corrupt monetary system. What laws they did pass, violated the constitution, stripped away due process, and created a police state. As for this fiscal cliff, the only real response I have to the lemmings in congress is this. Jump you f*ckers.
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    "Much has been said of the GOP's obstructionism."

    How many bills are in Harry Reid's desk drawer? I think refusing to bring bills to the Senate might also be considered a bit obstructive.
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    This what Boehner andcompany have done in the last two years:

    The Republican Record:

    Tax companies that ship jobs overseas – BLOCKED
    The Dream Act – BLOCKED
    Political Ad disclosure Bill – BLOCKED 2x
    Small Business Jobs Act – BLOCKED 2x
    Anti- Rape Amendment – BLOCKED
    Benefits for Homeless Veterans – BLOCKED
    Affordable Healthcare for America – Voted 33x to Repeal
    Healthcare for the 9/11 First Responders – BLOCKED
    The Jobs Bill – BLOCKED
    Wall Street Reform – BLOCKED
    Oil Spill Liability – BLOCKED
    Immigration Reform – BLOCKED
    Fair Pay Act of 2009 – BLOCKED and DEFEATED
    Unemployment Extension Bill – BLOCKED

    33 times they voted to repeal Affordable Healthcare for America - but not once on a jobs bill. They could eliminate the fiscal cliff problem today if Boehner would allow the Senate bill passed in July to come up for a vote. He won't do it even though it would get all democratic votes and enough GOP votes to pass. Obama would sign this bill. The GOP always puts party over country. Disgraceful.
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    @NormalFlora The GOP agenda is to advance the GOP. They do not want all eligible voters to vote - only conservative ones. They don't care about the poor only the rich. They are a slowing dying hateful party against healthcare, against immigrants, against a clean environment, against unemployment benefits, against gun control, against openness in government, etc, etc, etc. The party of NO is the party of rich and the powerful.
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    As usual the left tells part of the story, the House did pass many many bills, all of which the Senate Dictator, Harry Reid filed in the "round file". He would bring up none of the jobs bills the house passed, he would not even bring to the floor for an up down vote, just shelved them. Now, if the House passes a bill and the Senate Dictator won't let it come to a vote, just who is obstructing what? Yeah, I know, all the MSM report that it's the R's. Well, of course they would, they write exactly what Obama wants them to write, the report exactly what Obama wants them to report. But, one can now go on the internet to find out the truth.
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    "But, one can now go on the internet to find out the truth."
    You can also go to the internet to find a bunch of big ol' whoppin' lies, conspiracy theories and propaganda. I think that may be your problem -- assuming any crackpot site that strokes your agenda must be true.
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    Calling a pig an eagle doesn't make the pig an eagle. Calling those bills 'jobs bills' don't make them jobs bills either as they would have to actually... I don't know... create jobs?
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    @Jessie, Ace and Zazzi -???? Sorry, I don't seem to get what points you are trying to make. Better get back with the DNC and get the clarified version of the "truth" DNC style. LOL - Not one, not two but THREE Non Sequiturs in response to a truth filled statement. Need me to post the links stating the number of bills passed by the House only to DIE in the Senate? I can if need be. All you have to do is ask. LOL, you guys really are a hoot.
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    That will be the only thing they will agree on.I wish I had a job where I decided how much of a raise o got.
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    Actually, less is more. The less laws Congress enacts to impose on the freedoms of the American people, the better we are. I'm glad the 112th Congress didn't pass more laws and infringements of our rights. Good job to the 112th. I salute!
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    Most of the Congressional activity has focused on increasing spending and the creation of government programs, it's a good thing that we have a Republican house to tighten the purse strings a little.
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    The less government tries to do, the better off we all are. America would be better off if the entire executive and legislative branches shut down for a year. In fairness, Obumble has tried to do that with his endless vacations and junkets for his wife and kids. Somehow, he still managed to preside over a dismal economy and stunning unemployment.

    Hey, let the rich folks pay! Let's borrow more money!
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    This congress doing nothing is a good thing. ;-] ___ These guys are so wrapped up in protecting their careers and saving face, there's no way in hell they will repair the damage they've created. We will have to do it our selves.
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    It looks like history is repeating itself. Look back in centuries & see how governments have destroyed themselves. Our govt is doing that
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    I'm not sure how to answer this one. Could less bills passed mean less spending and expansion of government?
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    All these new Tea Party imbeciles have spent their time on is busting unions, banning contraceptives and making it so Unions cannot make political contributions since Unions most of the time donate to Democrats. It's funny watching one of the laziest Congressmen of all time John Boehner take all the heat because he's got a bunch of insane uneducated idiots pulling the party to the extremist point ever seen in the United States. The billionaires did well creating the Tea Party so dumb people can vote against their better interest by following even dumber people they elect to office.
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    If the time ever comes that history says this congress was not the most inane, insane, childish, immature, ignorant and partisan congress of my lifetime just shoot me.
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    They are only productive when it comes to voting on things that benefit them. To hell with the American people who provide them with a generous salary and extravagant benefits instituted "by them and for them." And, we thought they were public servants?? They are self-serving ONLY .
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    America is on a sinking ship. Congress has the ors that could paddle us to shore. Yet they cannot decide to go to the left shore or the right shore, So we will ALL die because of it. No matter what side of the debate one falls, survival is better than death because at least you live to debate the subject again. The crazy thing is Conservatives are okay with this "we all die" idea. A lot of them se no progress as progress.
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    This announcement will probably shock many of you, but here it comes...I can no longer say that I am a disenfranchised Republican! In all honesty I am compelled to admit that in fact; I AM A MODERN PROGRESSIVE FASCIST!
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