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    But we are dealing with people who really believe that the rich have more than enough money to fund everything from free health care, free college, free everything if only those evil Republicans would get out of the way. That is what Obama is implying here. I have encountered people here on Politix who insist there is plenty of money. Couple that with the people who believe creating a permanent dependency class is compassionate and I don't have hope for America's future anymore.
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    Both have a little trouble with reality and common sense. The previous 4 years of inactivity is coming due and payable until they have to make some kind of move.
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    Does anyone have a copy of "Budget for Dummies" we can send to Mr. President AND the CONgress? Just one copy, as they can all huddle around the campfire and read it together (why singing Cumbyah and roasting their weenies)!
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    For the past four years Barack Husssein Obama has been focused upon Obamacare and his re-election. We hired him to lead...and what does he do? Nothing, Nada, Nichts....that addresses the debt and spending and jobs.
    Oh, I forgot to mention the scandals within his administration that he spent a lot of time hiding from.
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    Yes, it's the spending.. The Bush tax breaks weren't paid for, the war wasn't paid for, the Medicare part D wasn't paid for. All the money for these things were borrowed from China. The constitution says we have an obligation to pay these debts. Quit whining about the small pittance Obama has actually spent and look at that bigger debt, specifically, the first one I mentioned... the tax breaks weren't paid for. Now what do you do if you buy a new car with financing, but can't make the payments? You bring it back.
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    Republicans DO have trouble saying yes. Yes to higher taxes, more spending, more borrowing and limitless debt. Obumble is spot on this time.
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    And "yes" to the first black President of the United States.....And don't try to deny that fact & reality..
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    @Sonny Are you saying that black people overspend? Otherwise, I cannot see the relevance.

    Meanwhile, let's spend more! Let's borrow more! No need to make cuts! Let the next generations pay!

    Happy days are here again!
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    @Jeff_Woehrle Well the fact is that there were several times where the President & the Speaker had come to a deal...Only to have the house tea party...blow everything up. And in many cases there have been proposed laws that the repubs. them selves have supported, but when Obama has signaled his agreement to them---Take a wild guess of what the republicans (lead by their tea party) then did. The fact is--that the republican party is now run by the tea party...And the only purpose of the tea party is to oppose Obama (the first black president of the US)...No matter what...And those tea party amateurs in congress came from those ranks---

    I mean---did they do any of what they are doing to Bush, when he was spending like a drunken sailor on leave?!?! Hell no, they didn/t...So I think their motives speak loudly and clearly for them selves.
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    @Sonny There is a faction among elected Republicans who are against deficit spending, raising taxes and borrowing more money. Those folks are called "Conservatives,"

    We are in the minority, but still have integrity to fight for what is right.

    Sadly, a good portion of the voting public sees no need to limit spending or borrowing.

    They believe (as do liberals in general) that it is morally correct to saddle future generations with the largess that we vote ourselves today.

    Lost cause? Perhaps. But integrity demands nothing less. Which is why I oppose spending beyond our means and expecting our children and children's children to pay for it.
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    @Jeff_Woehrle Well once again...Where were all of you folks when Bush Exploded our national debt?!? So are you saying its ok, if a republican runs up our debt...but not a democrat? I mean how can you have it both ways? You either believe all of the hype you just typed, or ---you don't? So if you believe it---then why now? Why this president, as opposed to 12 years ago? when YOUR guy was doing this? What else could the reason possibly be???
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    If the president won't cut spending then we have to pay for it, simple as that, raising the debt ceiling over and over is " unpatriotic " ( Obama's own words when he was campaigning )
    Obama wants us to go over, higher taxes, huge cuts in military.. It's a perfect event for him.
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    The prez and congress all agree that spending cuts are needed, they're just light years apart on what to cut and how much.
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    Yes they are light years apart I agree, Obama's promice to talk about them in the future but raise the debt ceiling now is just pushing it away, everytime future cuts have been approved in the past they NEVER happen! He wants a band aid to stop the bleeding now and nothing more, Obama Care has already been called a tax so he's already set the biggest increase in taxes on all us in history, now he wants more.. Sadly that's what half the country want, more taxes now... Cut back later on.
    I admire the wisdom of the minority Republicans trying to address the real problem now to stop this!!
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    @Denizen_Kate - Since you're more intelligent than anyone else on these boards, how would you balance the budget and begin attacking the deficit? I'm curious as to how you'd pull that off.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix - why, thank you, Neo. What a nice compliment. Or were you being sarcastic? Since you ask ...

    Start by closing the loopholes that allow corporations like GE to get tax rebates rather than tax due bills. Work out a way to reduce big farm subsidies while actually helping smaller family-run farms. Cut the defense budget by several billion per year, which can be done surgically program-by-program without weakening our military or putting too many aerospace workers out of a job. Decriminalize cannabis and cut a few billion a year from the complete waste that is the war on drugs.

    Good start?
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    If it were just a Hershey bar then I'd say yes. No big deal. However, obama has a whole basket full of goodies, not just for him but for all his friends as well. Imagine you're at the checkout line in your grocery store and one of your children asked for one candy bar. You probably wouldn't think it was that big of a deal. However, what if child asked for 50 candy bars, one for every kid he knows in the neighborhood? That's obama. You'd probably tell your child that the other kids have parents and that their parents should buy them candy, if they wish. Uh uh, obama wants YOU to buy everyone candy, every day. Ridiculous, is it not?
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Very much so. Another thing I have noticed is how rich liberals like obama and clinton always talk about how much they have and would be in the bracket having thier taxes raised to help the impoverished. With a slogan "I got mine, now I want yours, too."
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    You just made me think about this video on YouTube, it's hilarious.
    According to these kids the Republicans are the good guys in stars wars, and the Democrats take care of your teeth. lol
    If your a Democrat then you can solve unemployment by pulling peoples teeth and waiting for to tooth fairy. lol
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    Of course he's blaming others - has he ever taken responsibility for anything ? Hope it's time to stop his whining -'it's Bush's fault' crap . If he worked for corporate America , he would have been gone in 6 months or less - they don't want excuses from the man in charge , period . He really means ,' Republicans have trouble saying yes to my mis-guided socialist reforms '. He's a spoiled elitist , he just can't believe he's not getting his way . Do us a favor , take your ball & go home - to Indonesia or Kenya , wherever.
    Sorry for the rant , was I posting outloud again ?
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    Why will no one acknowledge or address the real problem, Career Politicians? Is it the perception that ousting them seem impossible? Or do we really just like living like sheep?
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    I will acknowledge it & as I have many times before, call for the nation to seen them all back home. It could start here but it won't because people everywhere are programmed now to blame others for their problems and do nothing to help themselves or their fellow man.
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    we the people are to blame, for what our elected officials do. we have been electing, financial incompetent idiots to represent us. i am glad to see, any politician take a stand against this insane financial ignorance. they have all had, more than sixty years to deal with this financial situation. both republican and democrat representatives, have failed us all miserably. it is time we realize, the government can't do everything for everybody. and they should not be doing, for us what we should be doing for ourselves.
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    @kathyparsell i fear that those who claim to be my audience, is highly exaggerated with wishful overcompensation. with the many only pretending to know, what is going on with delusions of grandeur in their own minds. but is not indicative, of what is really transpiring. making all the same mental mistakes, and endlessly repeating their own errant physical results.
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    Oh to those who wax philosophical. So far I follow no one (with the exception of Mimi57), I just admired your words and thought them worthy of praise. No need to worry about a sycophant unless I see more good posts.
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    @kathyparsell well it is wise, to not follow anyone in this world today. as one must fight against the normal flow, and choose friends ever so wisely.
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    As long as Obama wants to add additional spending, I hope the Repubilcans will continue to have "trouble saying yes". We have a spending problem. If all the tax cuts expire it would increase fed revenues by $500 billion annually. The 2012 budget deficit was $1.1 trillion dollars. All the tax cuts expiring would not pay half of this one year's deficit. Tax the top 1%, get $80 billion annually, tax the top 2% get $160 billion annually. Neither does anything for the annual deficit of $1.1 trillion dollars but it's red meat to the democrats who sell it to the masses who don't 'do the math'.
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    Nothing has changed and this President continues to underestimate his opposition.
    First they did nothing in an effort to make sure he was not they will continue to do nothing to ensure he has no legacy.
    Most of this is partisan politics with underlying racism and we will all continue to suffer for it. Some people need to grow up.....its not the 1860's or the 1960's.....its a different world out there.
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    The problem is the Republicans. If they had agreed to raise taxes on those making over 500,000.00 a year and left social security and medicare alone and demanded cuts in virtually everything else then it would be the Democrats fault. But the reality in America is that the seniors control every national election. You go after them, as the GOP wants to do and they're cutting their own throats. Frankly as a member of the middle class with a yearly retirement income of about 100K give or take 5K each way depending on the year, I am sick to death of people like GE paying little to no tax, Rupert Murdoch not only paying little to no tax, but getting nearly a million back on top of that. I'm sick to death of the parasites on this country who won't even work at all, and there is a ton of them. I personally knew a CPA who rode unemployment for nearly two years, laughing and bragging about it and when it ran out, went and got a job. I know a stripper (yeah and it's what you think) who claimed she hurt her back stripping and got workers compensation while working private parties right along. For all I know she's still drawing. At the top we have the ultra rich raping and looting America. At the bottom we have cradle to grave welfare cheats spawning gang members by the millions. What we don't have is enough people in the middle to support all these cheats. Obama isn't even being asked to deal with all these things. The GOP wants to protect the rich and steal more from the Seniors. That's not how to strike a deal.
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    How much revenue would be collected by the federal government if we taxed everyone making $500,000 per year 39%? Do you realize that the top 1% of taxpayers starts at about $330,000 of annual income? If we taxed the top 1% the 39% vs 35% we would collect an additional $80 billion dollars a year.

    Our one year deficit, the amount we added to the debt last year, 2012, was $1.1 trillion dollars. Taxing the top 1% an additional $80 billion will not do much for our spending problem. In fact, if you taxed everyone in the top 1%, 100% of their income it would not pay 2012's one year budget deficit.

    We do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. Taxing the rich will not solve our problem. We cannot spend $1.1 trillion dollars more each year than we take in.

    Perspective: 2007 statistics. Budget deficit $163 billion. Bush tax cuts in full force, largest amount of revenue ever collected by the government in one year. Fighting two wars. Unemployment at less than 5% for 11 of 12 months, December had a 5% rate.

    If Obama wants to spend one more dollar, then over the cliff we go.$16.3 trillion dollars of debt, equal to 102% of the United States GDP Let's hope the Republicans will hold the line.
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    I have trouble in saying yes anything that is Pro-Abortion./Pro-Choice and High Taxes! There is nothing wrong with Obama nor his Skin Color, he just need to change his ways.
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    This is all Obama and the Left Wing Socialists. They have somehow convinced a lot of the media and their sheep that it is all George Bush's fault. Of course, Obama will ride that line all the way through 2016. The reality is that Obama wants higher taxes, more spending, and Zero budget cuts beyond what has already been agreed to 18 months ago. He thinks he has the political capital after the election to steamroll the Republicans and drive us further down the bottomless pit he has been digging for us. Republicans need to stand their ground. Let Obama and the Democrats own this mess. They have the Presidency and the Senate, and they cannot find a way to deal with the real problems other they to try to cast blame. This has little to do with the upper class tax cuts, as Obama would have you believe. It has to do with the much bigger problem of spending - a problem that neither the Idiot in Chief nor his left wing Democrats have any intention of addressing.
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    House Republicans are afflicted by teabaggers, which produces a state not unlike a grand mal seizure. They can't really talk at all. Until it runs its' course, perhaps in 2014, the Republican House will be paralyzed.
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    All this from a clueless joker who says "we have some good leads on who attacked us on 9-11-12..but I cant comment on anything because its an ongoing investigation"

    What an as*hole.
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    The highway between West virginia & Mt Rushmore will be closed.. There is a truck hauling a 236 ton piece of coal for sculpting.
    It was asked what for ? the answer was a bust of potus. a question was why coal ? the answer was because a hunk of crap that big wasn't found
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