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    It's funny how everyone is complaining but yet our country re elected the same idiots to do it again. We get what we voted for! All of you that voted for Obama should be ashamed of yourself!!!! He's the lead idiot!
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    Exactly. On a side note, I got a pay raise myself....but unlike the 535 + 9 + 1 + 1, I EARNED my small cost of living adjustment increase. Those (s)elected morons are there for the paycheck and the screw the rest of us over.

    Don't think I support any of these people when I say I am a conservative. I'd rather see Maury and Dr. Phil be put in charge of the country.
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    In manufacturing and engineering today, your pay incentive is generally after your year evaluation review for performance. If I were evaluated under their conditions, not only would I have NOT gotten a raise or cost of living enhancement, I would have probably been fired. Heck, I would have even fired me.
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    Nonproductive, all of them, not one of them deserves a raise, and the Democrats want to raise taxes to pay for more spending, not cuts, not reduce the deficit, but to spend more money. Wonderful, Tax and Spend Democrats are sending this country the way of Greece and Spain.
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    At least Democrats understand that spending needs to be paid for with taxes. All the Republicans have done for 30+ years is spend us to oblivion while cutting taxes at the same time... Hell... Republicans can't even agree among themselves what should get cut and have done NOTHING to reduce the deficit that THEY created.
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    @AceLuby What alternative universe do you live on? The last time we had a balance budget the Republicans were in charge of the House and Senate and forced Clinton to balance the budget. This Drama Queen of a president hasn't even bothered to pass a budget let alone balance it. AND, do you run your household on simply spending and borrowing and never paying down the debt? As to cuts, at least the R's are talking about cuts, the D's are totally all in place with no cuts ever, just tax and spend, tax and spend until we are broke and in shambles like Greece and Spain. How will you libs. like being FORCED to cut your precious entitlements? Rioting in the streets is what the did in Greece and Spain, just more of the gimme, gimme mentality of a typical progressive.
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    I guess liberals are the only beneficiaries of entitlement programs...take off the partisan blinders and stay awhile.
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    @Food4thoughts You, sir, have it right! Barack Obama got elected on the promise of free food, housing, phones, and such. HOWEVER, the folks who WORK for a LIVING will not qualify for his largesss...excuse me, I mean the additional burden which will be put on their backs. Congress not only should NOT get a pay raise, but should have to give at least 60% of their pay from last year back as they did not do the work we hired them to do. Or, we could just FIRE THEIR SORRY ASSES
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    @Tralee No... that's not what happened. In fact, the govt shut down until Congress did what Clinton wanted, which was raise taxes and force Congress to actually pay for bills they sign. Then you have the 6 years of FULL GOP control where they cut taxes, started two wars, started an unpaid Rx drug plan, and balooned the deficit all on their own. They started the phrase "Reagan proved deficits don't matter" and did everything in their power to NOT pay off the debt.

    Not only that, but many of those people are still in Congress, many of which have done a full 180 degree turn and are now self proclaimed 'budget hawks' even though they spent a good portion of their career being the opposite... like Paul Ryan for instance.
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    So many things wrong with this! Our government is broke! They are suppose to work for us! We should be the ones deciding their salary, what medical insurance they get, what their pension is.. From the top down! Executive orders, zars, the whole party not showing up to vote or debate, yet we elect the same clowns over and over!!!!
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    Congress should be ashamed to take a pay raise when our country is in such a state. If they were men and women of character, they would decline the raise. I really don't see that happening though
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    I took a 70% pay cut at the start of the Great Bush Depression and it has improved only slightly. How about Congress votes themselves a 50% pay cut to fall in line?
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    Every single congress clown that has moved into that office over the last 50 years has not always started office as a millionaire but everyone has finished as one, quite a trick on $160K a year.
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    Five years ago I was making right at $100,000.00 a year. Last year was $37,000.00 thanks to congress and Obama. The only way we can stop congress is doing what happened in Lybia. They do not listen nor do they care about the working American. They have never voted a cut for themselves but always the working American gets hammered every year. They even cut benefits for the military! they threaten SSI, Medicare, medicade, tax hikes, bla, bla, bla. Scare the public so they live in fear so they can do what they want.
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    Three years ago the wife and I did $125,000. Last year we did $11,000. Both of our jobs went overseas and I had an inkling it was coming six years ago so we planned for it.
    It's not easy but we're getting by- and without ANY assistance.
    Now to hear that once again that the collection of comedians in Washington are getting a raise without any appreciable production in the year truly galls me. The wife and I were productive taxpayers and they are non-productive drains on our country. Pretty insulting, really.
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    I thought raises were given for doing a good job. They have done the worst job of any Congress I can remember.
    Not only shouldn't they get a pay raise...but, throw all the Bums OUT !!! How come "We the people" have no say?
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    I'm trying to wrap my head around this one...and I still can't get around that many of us haven't had a raise in 3 to 6 years...and cost of living at least as risen significantly...if according to President Hussein Obama we are ALL supposed to share in the pain isn't time he and all of congress do the same? Not only should they NOT get a pay UNTIL they balance budget...
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    If my employees had a track record that paralleled what O see in government they would have all been terminated. These supposedly intelligent people can't even figure out something as simple as having to make money before you can spend it.
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    Where's MINE? I have been building a business for five years.... I know, El Presidente' says I didn't build it but I don't recall seeing ANYONE from the government here to do anything other than tell me how much MORE they get from me....

    I haven't seen a pay raise. My employees do because it's fair to them and the Government does because THEY say so.

    I'm here 75+ hours a week drive a car that's old enough to get it's own drivers license and if I'm walking around with a $20 bill am living high. The last day off I took was Christmas and before that, last Easter.

    The Buffoon in the White House has the gall to give pay raises to congress when there is NO money and not even a budget over his entire term.

    "This is my last election ... After my election I have more flexibility," Thanks a bunch....
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    I'm pretty much on board for a revolution. Step one: arrest, incarcerate, and seize ALL assets of of every elected federal official which will then be applied to the deficit.
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    Step two, arrest, incarcerate and seize ALL assets of every CEO and corporate executive who has abused bailout money or shipped even a single job overseas.
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    @Keyjo step three arrest, incarcerate and seize ALL assets of all PACs superPACs and lobbyists and apply all money towards national debt.
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    To all of you who are griping and complaining... I understand where you are coming from... However, sitting at your puter griping and complaining will not solve our problems. My suggestion is that you check your U.S. Senator's voting record and see who the bums are that voted to continue the payraises for Congress... Also, check your Congressman's record and see if he is a bum also. Then you might want to see who the ones are that voted for the bi-partisan bill that included cutting veteran's pensions. The very veterans and their families who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep these bums living free. Once you have your facts then "Vote the Bums Out"... And if you need some help in how to do some of these things please visit our new group on facebook and ask for membership. We look forward to all input and help in getting the bums out...
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    I think each and every one of the people who take the time to read these stories and post should take the time to check their OWN U.S. Senator and Congressman to see how they voted on these raises. Then check their record on how they voted on "Cutting veteran's pensions". I think you will find, like I did that those who voted for the raise also voted for cutting veteran's pensions. I am from PA and shamefully, one of our Senators fits this category. PA has the 2nd largest veteran population in the country and the piece of shit, Sen. Bob Casey,(doesn't matter if he is R or D) voted to steal money from vet's and their families to line his and his political cronies pockets. I will do "whatever it takes" to remove this scum from office and I ask that all who read this post do the same...
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    It's time to replace all these useless publicly elected idiots. Enough is enough, they all need to go. They all need to be paid minimum wage, use Obama care and pay their own living expenses like the rest of us.....then they might get a clue
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