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    If we have learned anything it don't matter. It's going to be Obama's way or the high. He would rather be right than do what is best for America.
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    Well you cannot blame me, I voted for the American. I also emailed every Republican member today, along with thousands of other Americans, and told them to stand firm. Let the fool drive us over the cliff. If it goes against Republican beliefs, then just say no.
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    The last run at significant tax reform took two years to accomplish. Re-designing a major chunk of government spending on the fly is foolish. But so was creating a fiscal cliff in the first place.
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    I think when Bush gave Americans a tax break, and was forced to liltit its length, we all assumed even Obama would not be dumb enough to ignore it. But he did, in favor of lying to win an election, he allowed the deadline to approach. Republicans do not need to carry his ass. Let him take us over. The sooner history can begin writing his legacy of failure as a President the better. Here is the really bad thing Darsb. If he had followed the rules and started his campaign by identifying himself instead of all the bullcrap lies, I, as a fellow black American, would have been behind him. But if he has proven he cannot be trusted, what can he really expect. We are not all stupid. That is just the way it is.
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    The GOP is still standing in the way. They are willing to push the country over the fiscal cliff if they don't get their way on tax cuts for the rich. Another example of the GOP putting party ahead of country. They could vote today on senate bill (Middle Class Tax Cut Act of 2012) SB 3412. The bill has been sitting in congress since July but Boehner won't allow it to come up for an up or down vote. It's passed the Senate and Obama will sign it. There are enough democrats and republicans willing to pass this bill. Boenher is the only obstacle.
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    Here's an idea: Flat tax rate across the board.

    I'm sure many on the liberal side of the spectrum are sick and tired of banks, corporations, ect. with tons of money hiring 100s of lawyers and attorneys to find every single tax loophole in the system so that they can pay almost nothing in tax. All the small businesses out there and the rest of us can't afford to do that though. Shocker.

    But if that can't happen, lets raise the top tax rate to 75%! Oh, and perhaps an entertainment tax for the likes of Damon, Clooney, ect amounting to 70% of their income. In fact, lets tax athletes, sports teams, and every single thing we can. The economy should recover in no time!
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    So sad that these children can't play nice with each other. The words are, mid term, and changes. Dangit. If it quakes tonight, you can bet our founding fathers are rolling over in they're graves. I'm not ashamed of America , But of our government and the elected officials we the people placed there to handle our business. Clearly they need replaced.
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    Once upon a time the GOP agreed to raising taxes because the Dems said they'd go along with spending cuts later and it never happened. The Dems lied. Why should the GOP believe them now?

    The crisis cannot be solved by raising taxes and EVERYBODY knows it. It's not a revenue problem it's the spending stupid and the Dems don't want to make the cuts needed to address the problem.
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    With this feckless group of self aggrandizing clowns I have no hope of their doing anything that would benefit "we the people." All these non entity reps from South Podunk, are so enamored of the opportunity to act like peacocks preening in front of the TV Cameras for the folks back home no end is in sight.
    I heard yesterday that the FDA has banned Orange Color #1 food dye much to Boehner's dismay.. Cause of the ban testicular and frontal lobe shrinkage.
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    Government always approaches budget problems in stages to be accomplished in the future, which are undone in the future by new solutions which will also take effect farther in the future.
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    Although I agree with my above freinds, I think a stop-gap deal is necessary.
    Any agreement although tentative is better than none.
    I look at it from the perspective that we can not at this time risk losing military capability with the insolvency of Syria, Iran, N Korea and other volatile regions in the world.
    Like it or not we keep the world safer a safer place.
    Yes I am aware of atrocities that occur on ours as well as others. However the greater good is served...
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    Been saying this all along. Keep everything as it is now. Then address spending with real cuts. (No baseline smoke and mirror BS.) Then address taxes.
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    I agree, the closer it gets the more ominous it appears for everyone. If it happens
    no one will 'win', it's a lose , lose situation for everyone. Not so bad for us, we are
    pretty good, but I think of my kids and younger people too...
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    If you're meaning the cliff and the probable recession, there will be opportunities. Fortunes have been made during recessions. It's just that there's a lot of hurt that occurs too. I'd rather see calm rational and gradual action. But I don't hold out hope for more than a postponement of the hurt. And the more we put it off, the worse it'll be.
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    @Thunderchicken But I blame a lot on the current administration, I mean look how long they've had and they have done nothing, now here we are at the precipice... we're still going to get hurt.
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    "Then address taxes"
    If by address you mean "get rid of" then we agree. The answer is so simple, but these career politicians that people keep voting for are making it beyond difficult. Ridiculous.
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    We'll always have taxes of some type. I mean simplify the tax code. Eliminate deductions, credits and exemptions. You make X, you pay Y percentage.
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    Abolish the fraudulent debt to the federal reserve, close all foreign bases and end all wars, and go back to sound money. This would solve all our problems, and it's already the law of the constitution. This fiscal cliff is meant to scare people into giving up more freedoms for temporary securies. "Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither" --Benjamin Franklin
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    [__]o here is my cup. Will some of you help fill it with some change you have? I have seen obama's change & thats why I'm holding the cup
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