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    Obama the Dictator is doing what he wants. No spending cuts at all. Taxes rising. Obama will spend all the new revenue, and will blame George Bush for the fact that the deficit and debt will continue to increase. Life is good for the moron democrats. Meanwhile they continue to drive the country into the ground. And when they finally succeed in destroying our economy, of course they will say it is all Bush's fault.
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    I wonder if the House inaction is due to Speaker Boehner once again not having the votes - and being unwilling to be humiliated in public by his own party once again.
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    Question is did they "negotiate" deals for themselves to be "exempt" from personal financial fallout for their inability to do their J O B 's?
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    U hit the nail on the head, well they are getting a raise as Americans lose jobs. I believe in pay for performance and in my opinion they have done nothing to earn a raise.
    This whole thing was staged by Obama and both damn parties, it is obvious.
    But listen my fellow Americans, Have a Happy New Year and remember, why we may disagree on many details, I believe we do have America's best interest at heart, wish I could say the same for our political machine. Looks like both parties sold us out to me.

    Have a Happy and Safe New Year
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    I like how the main stream media is blaming the "House" on this.
    The fact is, is that this bill is stuck in the Senate!
    I'm not sure why, but this bill went to the senate, before the house.
    I always thought it was the other way around.
    You can try and blame the GOP all you want.
    But the fact is, is that the dem;s in the senate couldnt agree, and it never went to the House for their approval, or dissapproval.
    It proves what a failure Obama is as a leader, when he cant even get his own people in the Senate to go along with him.
    Obama, and Boehner pretty much had come to an agreement.
    BOTH of them agreed to consessions. Now, what they agreed to, is stuck in the Senate!
    Go figure, the liberal media blames the GOP!
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    I don't follow the changes in the laws and rules as closely as I once did but can't Obama hold them until they come up with something? I seem to remember Presidents basically putting Congress on lock down.
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    It's hype, it's always hype with congress. After they play this partisan crap for a while to appease their voters, they can make their real plan retro active. Then pretend that that was the best they could do, under the circumstances, so they can keep working as elected officials, to make our lives better. The message... We need them to run things because it's much too complicated for the common man to figure out.
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    It's a disaster because the GOP and the Dems in the Senate reached a compromise of some limited sort and the rogue House continues to put their agendas above those of the nation and have in fact declared themselves to be the ruling Junta of America. This sort of thing has to stop.
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    This whole thing could have been averted long ago. The Senate passed the Middle Class Tax Cut Act (SB 3412) in July.( ) Obama is willing to sign it. The bill would pass if it was brought up for a vote but Boehner refuses to bring it up for an up or down vote. It really is as simple as that. This is a case of the republicans putting party before country - AGAIN.
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    @Republican5001 That dog won't hunt. The Senate did come to a compromise. You're off base and defenseless on this one.
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    @Republican5001 The only dictatorship in the senate has been that of the minority republicans filibustering everything in site. Senate Minority Leader and turtle impersonator Mitch McConnell even went so far as to filibuster his own bill.
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    {Sigh} Sanctions against President Hussein Obama and congress until they balance taxes paid by any American...
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    @Knightmare It's kind of hard to figure out.........
    We are in such a debt crisis, and yet Obama gives congress a huge pay raise!
    Some as much as 86%!!!
    Go figure.......
    I wonder if all of those folks who are getting their unemployment checks cut off next week will agree that Obama giving congress a huge pay raise was a good idea?
    Well, they voted for him, so,,,,,,,you reap what you sow.
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    @Jim49418 Change...I'm still trying figure out what change President Hussein Obama was referring to...oh're right...this is what they voted for...someone who says every American {I'll get back to this} needs to share the pain...guess President Hussein Obama doesn't think he is every American...I'd say being president is the only part of that but then again...there is that birth certificate thing...
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    As much as I hate to pay more taxes, like most Americans to simply support the Liberal's illegal alien, welfare breeders & career welfare parasites just to expand a dependant , beggar type voter base - I will gladly do so - IF - it cuts their spending & support of these people & the thousands of Gov't. jobs Welfare has created. Welfare began as a 'hand up ' not a lifetime of generational 'hand outs'. It's simple - you want to eat , get a J.O.B..
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    Welfare isn't the only area of the budget that has to be cut in order to get things back within reason, you realize that right? Defense spending has to decrease too.
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    @Fishbone345 - No I don't. Except to bring the troops home & put them all along our borders to keep out the breeders sneaking in like thieves in the night to take advantage of the new-age socialist-Democratic party running & ruining this nation. You support this - simple - adopt a family . Don't expect us to support them.
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    @mudpike Bringing them home to defend our pathetically open borders has been my argument all along.
    Defense spending doesn't go to the troops though, it goes to corporate whores like Haliburton, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumann. Who charge the US several times what something is worth. Which is approved by Congressmen and women, who are paid to vote by Lobbyists.
    This is why the budget can't be balanced. I agree that Welfare needs reform, but if you dropped it entirely, you still wouldn't be close to managing our debt and balancing the budget. The Defense spending is out if control. Oh and keep in mind that more often than not the military is told what they will be getting, regardless of their objections to it.
    Don't lecture me about Socialist Democrats running and ruining this country, you believe in Income Tax? Guess what? You are just as Communist as the rest. Arguing how much doesn't change that. ANY Income Tax is part of the Communist Manifesto. Second plank. Check out your book sometime. Not to mention the GOP support of NDAA 12, Patriot Act, Homeland Defense and the TSA. And scanning emails, warrant less tapping, SOPA and other Internet bans? About as Commie as it gets there.
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    Didn't care from Day One. When this fails to financially matter (and we're having these same conversations again in a few years), you'll find all the usual suspects still going strong: big corporations, wheeler-dealer butt-head politicians, the military machine, and the same print/borrow/spend routine entrenched in DC.
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    Twin, I said some time ago that the deal wouldn't be reached. The tax cuts really aren't wanted because the fed needs the income. The 1% keeps their rate and loopholes. And programs aren't cut. I don't know about the downgrading the US borrowing rate. That may have happened anyway.
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    Very few people here, academic or uneducated, have a real grasp of the real definition of money. The fiscal cliff has been coming since 1971 when we went off the gold standard. As our currency devalues and prices remain high the middle class gets squeezed out, and it's exactly what has gone on. The only difference is now people see the numbers and call it crazy. It's okay though, the White House is going to wave its wand and make a few Platinum 1,000,000,000,000 dollar coins to pay off its debt. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, instead of disagreeing, read up. Everything Ron Paul has said since 1976 has come to pass.
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