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    Congress did not deserve a pay raise. Congress should be paid 100% of the median household income in the United States. No more. Their paycheck goes up when everybody's paycheck goes up.
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    Congress should be forced to forfeit their entire pay and show up for work anyway for awhile like was threatened toward federal employees back a few years ago.
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    What should be noticed here is that they didn't refuse the raise until public furor became so loud. Responsible leaders would have cut their pay in half since every damn one of them write hot checks at the Senate Bank, get graft from lobbyists and have a travel, mailing and housing allowance.
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    Now if Americans would stand up and cause furor the same way over other outrages in DC. Won't happen though, laziness and apathy are something we have plenty of in the US.
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    @Fishbone345 I'm outraged at the laziness and apathy of the American people. Polls show more than 90% of voters think congress is corrupt to the core EXCEPT for THEIR congress person so they go right ahead and re-elect their own time after time and they live like feudal lords. And the dumbing down of America marches on.
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    @jessejaymes Agreed. And when they speak out on Congress, they buy into the partisan bulls%$t. You can see it on here, a microcosm of what is happening out there in the US.
    Here is a story about greedy politicians who only decided against a pay raise when Americans got upset about the very idea. And look at the responses, Left posters will bitch about the Right, and vice versa. Instead of speaking out about the WHOLE of Washington being to blame.
    Greed doesn't know a party, and I wish the US would wake up and see that.
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    @Fishbone345 Exactly. Take the case of the demise of Hostess brand. The Executives tripled their salaries during 3 rounds of bankruptcy going from 300,000.00 a year for the CEO to over a million while IN BANKRUPTCY. On the flip side of the coin the Union refused to allow Wonder bread and Twinkies to be delivered in the same truck. So the left blames management and the right blames the Unions and IN FACT IT WAS BOTH. GREED.
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    Do you really believe re-electing someone else would make a difference? The system is broken from the inside out. It is corrupt because money and power are a dangerous combination, especially in politics. As long as we have very rich people in very powerful positions we will never have a government for the rest of us.
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    Just what the hell did they do that made them think they deserved one anyway.
    This is the kinda fruit loop thinking that land us in this crap hole in the first place.
    I believe in pay for performance, in which case they owe us money.
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    I don't think Biden deserves a raise but I do think Biden is just about the most decent guy in the public eye today. He speaks his mind whether I agree or not and I like the guy.
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    It's Clair grandstanding as usual. She's good at that. Even when I agree with her, I no longer trust her motives. (I voted for her in `06 and have regretted it ever since she took office.)
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    They didn't deserve any of them since 2006 when Nancy P and her liberal cohorts vo9ted themselves a $15,000 dollar raise befiore they left for their't annual; summer vacation and left the military problwm hanging. Odd how people forget that or qall the other nasty things the liberal pulled to pass Obama Care which no one wanted and still don't.
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    everyone else is blaming both parties as they should and you're ranting about "liberals". Why is that?
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    @Eady Yeah it really is. But I keep wondering if I'm the only rational conservative left in this country.
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    @jessejaymes - I've wondered the same, Jesse. You may well be the only one left. It's getting loonier and loonier on the right.
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    @Denizen_Kate You know Kate I sometimes wonder if the far right shouldn't just don Nazi Uniforms and call themselves the Fourth Reich. I mean it might conflict on the surface with being fundamentalists but they twist everything else, I'm sure they work it out. But they are not conservatives. They're heathens,.
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    Oh, poor little Congress members. Not getting a raise. 11% of the members of Congress are among the richest 1% in America. There are 237 millionaires in Congress. Let's ask ourselves why these men and women would need a raise AT ALL? Why even a salary? They are well off enough to support themselves without a taxpayer-funded salary, don't you think? Why do they believe the tax payer should support them? And how much does the tax payer pay for the honor of having these so-called leaders? Approximately $95.8 million dollars for all 541 members of Congress.

    Kick in another 4.66 billion for the Congressional Health Care plan, travel expenses, security, and personal spending accounts.

    Here is their vacation schedule:

    January 1st-January 12: 1 1/2 weeks
    February 15th-February 19th: 1 week
    March 29th-April 12th: 2 weeks
    May 31st-June 4th: 1 week
    July 5th-July 9th: 1 week
    August 9th-Sept 12th: 5 weeks.
    October 11th-December 31st: 12 weeks.

    That's 23 1/2 weeks of vacation a year.

    And we, the taxpayer, are stupid enough to believe these fools care about US?
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    And we're supposed to be fooled into thinking it was because they didn't want the money.... Yeah sure.... and Santa's Elves are Teamsters.
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    $900.00 wasn't enough! They should have taken a $75,000.00 pay cut for penalties in what they have done to this country in the last 20 years. NAFTA and other sell out treaties sold this country out, so make them all pay for not repealing it. They only work half the year, travel with no expenses and recieve benefits. Did you ever wonder why a Congressperson spends two million to get elected to a $170,000 a year job with no gaurantee of a career? Does this make any sense? Yes, because they all become dirty and greedy once they get in office. They make millions and everyone is on the take. You are kidding yourself if you do not think this happens.
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    I bet they make far more than 174,000. And have made more than $900 in a day. It's a total farce, the whole system, and they're just getting more powerful, really sucks.
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    Here's an idea. Let's means test legislators' pay. The millionaires get to serve for a dollar a year while the ordinary guys who left a 30K job should get a lot more then they were earning back home.
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    WOW!!! They saved nearly a half million dollars...maybe. That drop in the debt bucket leaves it nearly as empty as this hollow gesture.
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    Actually, they should get only minimum wage with no benefits. Let them try to buy health coverage on minimum wage.
    And they should be forbidden, legally, from taking any other compensation. I'll bet we'd see minimum wage and fair labor laws properly implemented in quick time.
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