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    Better yet.... Let El Presidente' snap his all powerful fingers to eliminate the red tape and fix it all for them singlehandedly.

    After all, the man who killed Bin Laden while HE saved General Motors and Chrysler should be able to step into a nearby phone booth and pull the Messiah Suit on one more time for all of those good little democratic voters and keep his promise to them.

    Someone please refresh my memory..... How long did the Katrina Clean-Up take? How big a mess was it under the leadership of the arch evil Bush? And last but most important... when are ya'll gonna get around to blaming him for this too?

    Sucks to be exposed as incompetent, when you spend four years telling everyone how bad someone else was at the job. Where's the LEADERSHIP from the White House stepping in and LEADING the congress to accomplishing the necessary tasks?

    Nevermind... I know.... playing golf in Hawaii. ANyone in New York or Jersey want their vote back yet?
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    I agree feel the same way. It's disgusting to say the least. They really need to get with the program.
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    Living in MI I guess the biggest disaster you have to deal with is Detroil and unemployment. I think there are a lot of NYer's NJ's and CT who want their votes back for their GOP reps. in the House. Peter King Mr. GOP big mouth from LI couldn't deliver the pork... get him out
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    @martydotcom The biggest disaster I have to deal with is the regime in the White House. The egotistical puppet Axelshaft and Jarret tricked you into supporting is sad joke that is going to be as ineffective for the rest of the country as he has proven by his broken promise to the Sandy Victims.

    Where's the outcry of indignation for the government not doing enough for the victims like we heard with Katrina? Where is the screaming tantrums from people like you calling for the President's head because the victims aren't being help rapidly enough?

    I refuse to think it's because you people cut the Axelshaft/Jarret Junta's puppet slack due to his race. It can't be because he's black and you hold him to a lower standard could it? I hope not.

    I refer to him as a boy because he doesn't act like a Man regardless his race and I'm called a racist. What do you call it when he's cut slack no other Man in the office would enjoy?

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    @Sharpshoote I trust you're drawing on non existent personal experience???? Do tell about your FEMA tales. I're received aide from FEMA after hurricanes when you couldn't obtain drinking water, a tarp for your roof. or food.. There is a time whem MRE's are appreciated. So get off your silly talking points and get real
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    @martydotcom "There is a time whem MRE's are appreciated." Sure is... especially when you've been carrying them for a few days.

    My FEMA experience is not the point of the comment YOU decided to challenge.

    You're failed effort to detour the point that the problem with Sandy Victim Assistance lies in large part upon the stooping shoulders of the Axelrod/Jarrett Puppet.

    I know it's difficult to see through the fog, but if you take your head out of the Kool-Aid pitcher you might see things a bit more clearly.

    The puppet signed a pre-disaster declaration for NYC on 26 OCT. The Storm hit on the 29th. on 1 NOV the regime had their puppet in front of cameras and mics at a campaign stop promising to “get resources where they’re needed as fast as possible.” If governors and mayors are “getting ‘no’ for an answer somewhere in the federal government, they can call me personally at the White House.”

    Only WEEKS after Katrina hit New Orleans the howling began with cries for Bush's head....

    MONTHS after Sandy, with snow on the ground those same people aren't blaming the presidential candidate who made those promises.... they're in arms about the Republicans in congress (mind you not the democrats sitting in the same houses) not helping.

    FEMA experience.... I'm sure somehow in a Kool-Aid sugar buzz a connection exists, but Michelle wants you to cut down on your sugar intake.... Something about Obese Kids ya know.
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    Before anybody decides the vote was good or bad they need to read about the pork that was loaded into this bill. If funds are appropriated to deal with Sandy relief then everything in the bill should be for Sandy relief ONLY!
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    I agree with you. From what I saw, the only thing not Sandy related was the Alaskan fishery portion. Everything else was ALLEGEDLY storm related.
    Another part of me says if military bases were damaged, then repair them using DoD funds. If the roofs on buildings in the Smithsonian need to be repaired, then slash your budget other places and pay for it. If NASA needs to replace berms, then stop spending 1 million/ yr developing a menu for a trip to Mars.
    I would like to know exactly who attached these riders to this piece of legislation.
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    I don't think I want to hear another House conservative of any political persuasion tell me what a "Christian" nation this is. In fact, just to indulge in a little Foxian hyperbole, let me suggest the GOP is waging a "War on Christians."
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    I agree let's get all this Christian nonsense out of the way, it doesn't make sense to give 68,000,000,000 dollars to anybody until we find out in whose hands most of the loot ends up.
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    This is what the GOP wanted as a compromise for passing the fiscall cliff bill. Now they can be happy that lots of poor people are suffering on the East coast. Hey to them at least it is a consolation prize.
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    @bsking I agree with everything you just said. Also. providing disaster relief is very different from making everyone affected by a disaster whole. Did nobody along the east coast,which is hit by several hurricanes a year have insurance? I live 2 miles from the Mississippi River and if we get flooded and haven't paid for expensive flood insurance...all we get is asked why we didn't pay for expensive flood insurance. And that's perfectly fair, if you live in an area prone to some specific "disaster" then you either insure against it or suffer the consequences.
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    @PNWest why would the GOP care? Manhattan was the first to get its power restored and everything is back to normal there. God forbid someone's caviar goes bad
    It would be a travesty if some banker was had to drink his scotch neat instead of on the rocks. The important things are taken care of at least.
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    I am absolutely apalled at this inaction. I have lived thru several hurricanes and seen as well as experienced devastation like Sandy dealt out. To all who would willingly allow these people to continue suffering thru the harsh winter, I say: Shame on You. We along the Gulf Coast are very appreciative of the help that has been given to us at times like this. I listened to the congress members this morning and am convinced that they have worked everyway the House of Representatives asked...removing anything that was deemed to be "pork," given every detail asked for, and damned near begged for the help. At the very least, the House should have approved the $30billion, or so that they must give anyway. If there are questions about the rest then deal with that seperately. If there are local bureaucrats in New York and New Jersey trying to profit from this they should be ridden out of town on a rail.
    If you agree with this inaction, I think you should have to experience the same thing in your own life to put things into perspective for you. When you are cold and hungry and your children are crying you will then understand why these people are asking for help.
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    Amen brother! I would not wish living through a hurricane and it's aftermath on anyone. It's bad enough when the hurricane goes through and it feels like the wind is never going to stop but the aftermath of living in the wreckage, try to put things back together, no electricity, no clean water, not knowing when things will get better. It's terrible. The people hit by Sandy deserve our help. It shouldn't be about the politics.
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    @PNWest Politics should NOT even be involved. These people need help. I hope & pray for the victims to get help. Another thing, I hope to see Coney Island Tourist rebuilt.
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    @ConserveUSA I for one will be very PO'd if they don't have Nathan's Famous repaired in time for the July 4th hot dog eating contest. That's my favorite sporting event of the whole year. Can anyone defeat Joey Chestnut?
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    In-freaking-credible!!! How can they drag their feet about the fiscal cliff, graciously decline the raise Obama gave them, Obama runs off to Hawaii and those poor Hurricane Sandy folks have not yet be tended to?? Get your collective ©§§es back to Washington and DO NOT leave till this is all rectified!! I hope their constituents are watching and none of these "gentlemen and ladies" get reelected!!
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    Peter King the GOP rep from Long Island never met a TV camera he didn't love is always shooting his mouth off against everything Dem. just you it shoved up his you know what by all he Tea Party Bud's When you can't bring home the pork when it's really needed get you loud mouth out of congress
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    @martydotcom It can be said for senator chucky cheeze SCUMER he is just as bad a wind bag also & a photo hog.
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    @artjeb I only mentioned King because, in case you weren't aware the Senate passed the aide bil, l it's the HR that didn't Chuck or as we used to call him "The shoo" delivered.
    Make sense to you?
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    Just so you know, POTUS did not give congress a raise. Congressional raises are automatic unless congress votes to NOT accept their raise.
    What the president did was lift the 3 yr moratorium on raises for federal employees.
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    From what I heard the NY Senator's loaded the bill with so much pork that it doubled the amount that would actually go to Sandy Aid. The ones to hang their heads in shame are Senators Schumer et. al., it included the following;

    *Preparation against future storms:
    $13 billion to 'mitigation' projects that prepare for future storms

    *VA Manhattan Medical Center
    $207 million

    *Alaskan fisheries through NOAA:
    $150 million

    *Military bases: Eight along the storm’s path, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
    $41 million

    *Homeland Security and Justice departments for vehicles and equipment:
    $8 million

    *Kennedy Space Center, Florida:
    $4 million to repair sand berms and dunes

    *Plum Island Animal Disease Center, New York:
    $3.3 million

    *Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.:
    $2 million to repair museum roofs
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    80 percent of the 60,000,000,000 dollar bill was pork.

    Call emergency bill but only 15 percent of it was going to emergency measures.

    ..... remember anytime they say you have to vote on something before you read it better read it
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    Another great example: The "Afforddable" Care Act.

    "We have to pass the bill to know what's in it"
    -Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker

    Ended up making the cost of healthcare skyrocket.
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    @Politicskid exactly its Barack Obama's favorite tactic. create a crisis fly around the country like he's on campaign and convincing enough stupid people that there really is a crisis... then make ridiculous impossible proposals for solution that will guarantee a lengthy and wildly opposed debate, then go back out on tour and blame the other party ridicule them on all the late night brain dead idiot shows... then run out the clock until there's no more time to vote... then at the last second tell the American people we have to vote on it now and pass it , regardless of what's in it. and the fools who voted for him sing his praises because he will offer them more unemployment ,more food stamps ,more free phones or flat out lie to them like this last one. then we end up with 70 some percent of the American people getting raised taxes.

    This is what it looks like to fundamentally change the United States. congratulations commies.
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    Serves them right. It wouldn't bother me if all the Obama-voting sheep in NY and NJ didn't get a single dime in aid. You voted for the messiah, now you get what you deserve! Where's your messiah now?
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    There must be away to blame Bush for this? Come on guys! Every thing about Katrina was his fault! Surly one of us can think up some way to blame him? I got it!!! Lets just blame him, we don't need a reason!
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    I'm going to upset my liberal friends here but I agree that this bill should be passed with riders for other things in it. ALL disaster relief bills should be stand alone bills with ALL funds going directly to the victims of the disaster be they individuals, towns, counties or states property. NO to tag on bills for Alaskan fisheries. This has to stop.
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    Why is the Federal government paying to rebuild people's homes? Were they not insured? The last report I read had the total economic impact (damage and economic cost) of Sandy at $50 billion, so how is the aid package this much greater than the total economic impact?
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    Never been hit by a tornado in OH. I've endured four hurricanes and anyone who thinks FEMA when administered by a professional, not a Brownie, can't do their job is sadly mistaken. Talk to those who have been victims
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    @martydotcom FEMA is worse than any storm. Ask the people who have fallen to their victim post-any disaster.
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    @RobertJHarsh I found their help post hurrican Frances, Wilma, and Jeanne fantastic. How many times have you required their help
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    @martydotcom Thankfully ZERO. But I have friends in New Orleans and New York and they have reported those FEMA F---KS have made life 10,000% more miserable. I am guessing you have missed stories about FEMA ordering the cops to arrest people who left town and trucked in gas and those who bought food for an elderly home and got roughed up by the cops? Most of New Orleans is still trashed from Katrina. And don't play the cite the source game with me, son. Google it. In fact, you don't have to. You KNOW I am correct.

    You have got to stop living in this commie fantasy world you believe exists.
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    @RobertJHarsh Sorry you choose to believe what you were told and what you heard happened. I lived it not once but four times. Where the commie references come from is truly bizarre. What do commies have to do with being delivered water and MRE's when none was available.?
    Guess what this is the 21st century even China is moving to capitalism. You and the soon to be Ex Rep Allan West appear to have an absurd fear of commies
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    Ah, the fickle finger of fate.

    Before Hurricane Sandy, these same Republican leaders in the affected areas were screaming for spending cuts and demanding that Americans be responsible and take care of themselves. They bemoaned the national debt and thought nothing of wanting to take things away from other Americans.

    Now, when it's THEIR turn to be in need and surprise, surprise. Their own party has turned its back on them. The party is only holding true to its convictions, the very convictions many of the storm victims themselves upheld until they lost their homes.

    I feel sorry for the people affected by the storm, but you can't have it both ways. Nor can you expect help for yourself while thumbing your nose at everyone else. Is it fair for the rest of the country to rebuild your beach home that you failed to insure? Should my tax dollars go to help you replace your ocean-front property while, just a few months ago, you thought nothing of wanting to take away the mortgage deduction on my modest little home? Shouldn't a responsible home-owner carry the proper amount of insurance for their area and potential risks and not have to rely on the government and the tax payer?

    See how it sounds when it's turned around and it's YOU who is suddenly facing your own critical sentiments. That's why it's so dangerous to have a haughty attitude. Very few of us are in a position of being untouched by fate.
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    They should vote, but I understand that the house is paralyzed by the teabagger's jihadist martyr complex. There will be fewer of then in the next congress, and fewer still after 2014.
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    I just watched Governor Christie's press conference and he called speaker Boehner and the House repubs on the carpet for their unforgivable partisanship. "No, we're gonna hold up the bill while people freeze to death because there MIGHT be something in there that we object to."
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    Here's an idea, why don't we move a few industrial refrigeration units into the Congressional chambers? Set em for a nice balmy 7 degrees or so...the "feels like" temp in Utica New York last night, then lock the doors from the inside. See how fast they sit their asses down and negotiate and get the yeas and nays counted.
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    Why do it only for this bill why not all legislation. I'm sure there would be more bipartisanship. I'm picturing McConnell and Reid huddled together sharing body warmth while negotiating spending cuts.
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    They won't accept it anyway, everybody knows that. About two thirds, or $40 Billion of that piece of junk the Senate throw together is unneeded waste.
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    Did I read this right? They didn't vote on a relief bill, one that obviously should have a little fat trimmed from it in any case, and they are delaying until Thursday? Isn't that tomorrow? Are we making such a big deal, and trading insults and blasting each other with right and left rhetoric, over a matter of a day or so? Seriously, people, get a freakin' life!/sheesh! for the second time this morning .../
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    No tomorrow means the bill has to start all over again in the Senate. Which, Lord knows, is not a very quick process. Now, I'm not an expert but I think it would be at least a week before anything could be passed again.
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    @mtkopf - Well, that's bad for the people needing the relief money for sure, but maybe it's also an opportunity to get the pork removed? Just a thought ... which I will pass along to my own reps, for what it's worth (yeah, I know ... virtually nothing).
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    @Denizen_Kate the ONLY way they will listen to you is if you have $omething for them<wink wink>
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