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    @bsking - Loser Narcissist - "I look really good coming in last in the race." or "Quadrupling the countries annual deficit looks good when I do it"
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    @bsking - Los·er nar·cis·sist -
    1.(n): Glenn Beck
    2.(n): a punditry figure who truly believes if your not just like him you're wrong.
    3.(n): Someone who could care less about America running around in his magic underwear spreading heresy to please his God that lives on planet kolob, nuff said?
    Example: Glenn Beck is a loser narcissist.
    Ex. 2: The more I think of it Mitt Romney falls under being a loser narcissist also, well I'll be.
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    I wish i could fire people for speaking the prez's name. I already do not listen to him. Can't take his fake accents and contrived outrage. So, im glad beck is attempting to see the humor. I admire him for it.
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    I couldn't agree more...he'll probably come back form Hawaii ( AGAIN,) speaking Pidgin. I can't listen to him as I
    feel every word he says is a lie or disingenuous to say the least...he is a total disgrace to this country and if we
    can still laugh at this point...laugh! He's a sad joke, but a joke none the less! At the expense of every American...
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    @mimi57 - I grew up in CA, but my dad was from Texas and every time we went there for a visit, he regained his Texas twang for a couple of months. Just sayin' . . .
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    Well. Dain didn't tell Beck that he's relevant, but he and politix are the one's who decided he's relevant enough to take something he said out of context in an attempt to call Beck to task for their out-of-context interpretation.

    Interesting how they decided to do this story about Glenn Beck but they didn;t do a story about this other video here...

    It has that evil hater Glenn Beck and the Client #9 himself Eliot Spitzer going head to head in a debate. It's even billed as a brawl between rival Dish Network channels BlazeTV and Current TV... which you know just got bought out by Al Jazeera.
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    Not a Beck fan but I think that's funny. Good idea. I think I will institute the same policy in my company. Lol
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    @Bullitt Thanks for illustrating that "right to work" means "right to be fired on a whim." I've always said so but occasionally people try to claim it's not true.
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    Its just a publicity stunt. Just a ratings grab gimmick now that its a he new year. I actually hope he does fire someone just so I could watch his ass get sued back to the stone age.
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    You people are just jealous of his success. well that and you're blinded by your ideology.
    Contrast Becks success with Al Gore's failures. talk radio shows success with every liberal attempt at it a failure miserable failure. and then you'll see yall go ahead to sell his shit to Al Jazeera
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    @MongoAPillager coming from someone on the right someone who refuses to look at facts and statistics the only number you care about is 47% your Scripture quote means nothing to me. The bible, the best selling work of fiction of all time.
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    @MongoAPillager sorry about the mien kampf,my spellchecker is very defensive and quite possibly dipping into my bathsalts when i'm not looking
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    Should Beck be making jokes about firing people for saying the president's name?

    Any one who seriously asks that question is not likely to listen to Glenn Beck and therefore I don't see why it would concern them. For the Glenn Beck listeners, callers and employees of Mercury One? It will be a fun running gag for a little while.
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    So, would you be ok with your boss having similar policies? Would you happily walk out fo your job just for saying someone's name that the boss doesn't like?
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    @DogLady_1 didn't say I would be happy about it. If the boss said don't talk about it or your fired them you have a decision to make do you go with the rules the boss person who signs your payxhecks, who with his heip feeds you clothes you makes your house car and expences or get a different job where you can speak that persons nAME. You decide. I worked in the medical field. You do not discuss things. My wife and I are foster parents you do not discuss things.
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    @DogLady_1 I'm pretty sure anyone working for Glenn Beck probably doesn't have a problem with the new rule, if it is even real. That would be like Obama telling his minions not to say Bush's name. Doubt they would care.
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    Why would anyone want to work for Glenn Beck? That would have to be the most unfullfilling job in the world. It's all conspiracy theories and secret plots. He's like a bad actor from a cheap scifi channel movie.
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    So? I refuse to watch any of Obamas speeches! I watched one by mistake 2 years ago ,, I was too tired to switch the channel and fell asleep. So three minutes maybe lol.I cant stomach him
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    @mimi57 Hmmm....remind me of something. Hudson, Ohio is a hole, right? I used to live in Cleveland and commuted to Trashadonia.
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    @RobertJHarsh Average home price is about 270, 000. Not sure what your referring to.. and where is Trashadonia?... Sounds a little negative , ummm.. My husband was born in Chicago and lived in San Raphael,
    Cal. for five years, and he loves Ohio. I guess it's all a matter of prospective...
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    Really Topix?
    this website is so liberal. that they attack a "has been" like Beck, who is so meaningless!
    Does anyone even give a crap about Glenn Beck?
    This whole forum is really getting pathetic
    Who cares about Beck?
    Obama is in Hawaii, spending $4 MILLION dollars of taxpayer money, while the people on the east coast cant get any help for 60 days after hurricane Sandy.
    And yet you liberals still bitch that it took 10 days for Bush to respond to Katrina!
    You liberals are one pathetic bunch!
    Glenn Beck?.... Really?!?!?
    Who Cares?
    It's just so hard to believe that you liberals can come up with this bullshit, when Obama is in Hawaii spending money like it's going out of style, when so many folks on the east coast are hurting.
    I suppose you will blame Bush for that too!
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    How can Obama sign funding that hasn't been approved by both the Senate and the House? The President is powerless over the Sandy situation. All the power was in the hands of Boehner and Cantor as the Senate already had approved the bill.
    Boehner and Cantor chose to punish those living in the blue states for Obama's win on the fiscal cliff. So I still fail to see any connection between the actions of the so called GOP leadership and Obama being at fault.
    As for being on vacation President Obama has taken less than 100 fays vacation in 4 years. Do you know how many fays W. took of vacation time in 8 urs? 1022 days of vacation over eight years and one stretch of 5 weeks in a row. That's over 1/4 of his presidency spent on vacation. Its estimated W.'s vacations cost taxpayers over $22 mil.
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    Just so you get this straight, I COMPARED Obama to Bush, I did not BLAME Bush. The blame falls on Republican leadership in the House.
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    Jim, ease down man. You're gonna have a stroke. Every president vacations in their home state (except maybe Clinton, but, well . . . Arkansas). Obama takes fewer and shorter vacations than most presidents before him. Also, he can't do anything for the hurricane victims until congress gets off their collective butts and passing that aid bill, which they should have done several weeks ago. Chris Christie is right about who's to blame for that.
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    Becks business and he can do what he wants. The liberal goverment backed media and all his sheeple has made this man into some kind of hero. I do the same at my house but as long as you talk bad when mentioning Obama, I have no problem. But DON"T come to my house and act as if this man is some kind of God or something,you will be ask to leave.
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