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    What are public parks for? God forbid that anyone should go to a park to exercise and enjoy the scenery. I guess that I will have to start paying to do tai chi in the nearby park soon, or stay on the sidewalk.
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    I wonder when the clowns on the city councils looked up the meaning of the word public. Does not the tax money go to the mantance of the park. Sounds like something Obama would do.
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    @PolitixDain How about another option like "only if they are being paid for the class"

    If a fitness instructor is holding a free class or a group of fitness geeks get together without any sort of business deal, it's public use of the park and should be ok...

    If the instructor is using the park instead of paying for a site to SELL services... that is a different story
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    well I think from the city's perspective, either way, sold or free, routine fitness classes take their toll on park property, so they'd want compensation for that.
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    @PolitixDain Sorry... I wasn't aware this was an Official City Referendum. I'll keep my perspective to myself. Thanks for your time.
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    @PolitixDain if they are free classes of course they have no right to be interfered with as parks are designed for people to get out and exercise etc.and i,m sure with the horrendous taxes in such places they have more than paid their dues
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    @PolitixDain - I must agree with Mongo on this (miracles do happen). If I lived in Santa Monica I would already be paying for upkeep of public property through my city taxes, and would therefore feel quite free to use the park for exercising. If I have a group of friends join me for a workout, that shouldn't be of any concern to the city. If my workout companions are paying me to guide them through the workout, I could understand the city wanting a percentage, but they shouldn't be so greedy as to expect 15%.
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    Wow someone has to much time om there hands while riding there office chair w there fat butt
    .as usual someone what's to play boss n wants to think they have the fuzziest balls n the do educated people become such morons when they think they have authority.....gees
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    Ah, who care about the right to assemble and free association the constitution is only a piece of paper. "Constitution!? We don't care about stinking constitutions!"
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    There should never be a fee to use a public park. However If these classes are causing excessive damage to the park, where it makes it hard to maintain, the additional cost should be covered by those who take the class. Furthermore it should also depend on the size of the class.
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    Utterly stupid!
    What next, a fee for jogging, skating, dog walking? How about charging rent for sitting on a park bench?
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    Public parks are there just for that purpose, i.e., for use by the 'public'.

    I'm really not understanding why this is even an issue, afterall, it's not like they're tearing the park up or littering or engaged in some form of detrimental or perverse behavior (you know, like SOME people do in the parks), so I'm not perceiving an issue.
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    Aren't parks for public use? But trainers and fitness coaches charge an arm and a leg so it would be nice to see some of that $200 per client x10 go towards park Maintenance or better playgrounds or crap for kids since their rent is free
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    If the instructors are making money off of the classes of course they should get a permit and licences to use the park the same as someone hosting a concert or similar event. Now if its just a bunch of people getting together just to work out with no one getting paid ,hey it's a public park have at it..
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    When I saw the headline I just knew it. The people's republic of Santa Monica. That city is about the most anal retentive city in the world including Berkley. Parks get wear and tear. People run in the park, play Frisbee in the park, Take their dogs to the park (well I don't know about that in Santa Monica). Parks are meant to be used. The more people in the park the safer the park is. Santa Monica is a joke as a city. I live about half an hour for SM and you can't get me in their city limits. I might be arrested for wearing the wrong clothes or not blowing my nose properly. What a laugh. Santa Monica is watching you. Every minute of every step you take in their city. Don't believe me? Pick up the phone and call them. They'll admit it. they're proud of it, Lenin himself is spinning in his grave at this brand of "liberalism".
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    Seriously? They're public California smoking something...or...oh yeah they are...nevermind...

    Taxes here, fines there...come on liberals leave things alone and let people live...

    The USSA is here I guess...
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    I agree. Really big can of worms, no doubt. Next they will have to start charging the popsicle venders, dog walkers, babysitters, and girl scouts. lol
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    Are they freeloaders or small business people who are only able to provide their service at the price they provide it because they were able to get out from under the overhead both from rent as well as government.

    I guess they'll just have to get a job at a corporation... Maybe they're hiring at Bally's.
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    @AlexMIA-- my original point was that a lot of these independent entrepreneurs are going to have to rent space, get hired by a fitness center or find other work. Competition is stifled.

    And then you chimed in with "Bally's was absorbed by LA Fitness"... just struck me as funny :)
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    The nerve that woman actually inferring that if the city were to charge them to 15 percent they would have to pass that on to their clients? that's outrageous.. what happens when the government raises taxes on corporations ?
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    That's nothing the city will care about. But they also said they might have to move else where! What? Telling a liberal city you guys suck, we're moving to greener pasture is a slap in the face to them! Just ask any of them what they feel about people with money moving out of urban areas into the subburbs because they don't want to deal with their crap! NY is still bitter about Rush giving them the finger and leaving to Fl. Haha!
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    Are public parks not to be used by the public? As long as they aren't trying to dictate other users of the park I don't see an issue w/ a group of people using it for exercise class. Stupid.
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    A broke city needing new ways to extort money from its people. No surprise there. Expect more of this in more and more cities and states the way we keep going.
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    @texas_cutie75 You are absolutely right! But as a city's spending stupidity goes up, their revenue must go up as well in order to pay. In my county they actually proposed a per car fee for parking at parks (I don't think it passed). Point is those people (group excercisers) wouldn't even be on Santa Monica's radar if the city wasn't in such a ditch, and they'll out spend that too, needing to find something else to exploit. It's a never ending downward spiral of a cycle. Government doesn't stop growing unless it collapses on its own or something radical is done to change it.
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    Next in line will be the dog owners...having to pay a fee because their pooch pooped or peed and left an aroma in the air, Krazy Kalifornians
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