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    No matter the energy source that becomes popular in America the left will work tirelessly to entire block it entirely or make it so expensive that it's not worth it. The left does that with every single energy source imaginable. It's time to start ignoring the left and get America energy independent.
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    @woodtick57 - Being energy independent? Nah, I think America can get independent if we really want to. We need leadership that prioritizes that mission is all.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix no, of course I was referring to your hyperpartisan, unrealistic, unfactual view of the world...
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    Oh man, thanks, this needs to be said over and over and over on a daily basis. The left would have us living in caves but not allow us to have a wood fire for warmth, nope, we would need to set up a windmill and hope for wind. They deal with "feelings" not logic. Therefore it is impossible to have a rational conversation with them, really, Neo, it's just not possible. You might as well try to explain quantum theory to a 2 year old, actually, you may have better luck! Keep the place going, I'm out of the country for two weeks, we need you and the others to keep the libs. on their toes.
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    "The water has always been on fire," he assures, contradicting Damon's apparent depiction of fracking's unique contribution to the problem. "This is because of the naturally occurring gases, like methane, that can rise to the surface with water, which pre-dates fracking."

    Unless there were an inexhaustible supply of methane gas that is naturally mixed with a water supply, the methane would eventually out-gas and dissipate. It is only logical to conclude that fracturing layers of non-porous rock that separate water from other substances will allow them to mix.

    So, who is the real liar and how much is he getting paid by the energy industry?
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    That's the best you going to get off a quasi public intellectual .. Damon is no more of a liar than the other Hollywood self absorbed know it alls

    I especially get a kick out of the idiots that come out against guns well they've built there mansions on expressing gun violence in movies. anyone who takes Hollywood actors seriously gets what they deserve a quasi public intellectual
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    I could deal with a quasi-intellectual. Most actors are not intellectual at all. They are not even quasi, they just make me queasy.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Of course Neo. And that would be the ones that agree with you right? Charlton Heston was one the dumbest people to ever come out of Hollywood. He was legendary Dumb.
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    He's a leftist Liberal who is a tree hugger and against anything he feels is bad for the if he knows! Conservative actors are discriminated against in Hollywoood...there are more than the ones that 'come
    out', but they're afraid they will not work. I've never liked Damon, he is no expert on Fracking, but, then again he
    thinks he is, it's that Hollywood ego thing. Go back to acting or film making and leave the Fracking decisions to
    the professionals, you are not one, as hard as that may be for you to believe! Gotta love the Limousine Libs... if
    they only lived it...there are no bigger hypocrites anywhere, not even in government.
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    "I don't want to call Matt Damon a liar but he's a liar, really,"
    I don't want to, but I'm going to. This is basically the same as people that say, "I'm not a racist, but....." Everything after that first statement is bound to be racist. I really don't get why people try to excuse whatever their big mouth is about to blow out into existence with a prelim statement denying what is evident the minute they say the rest.
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    kind of like people that say they don't want to toot their own horn, but then inevitably do just that...
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    @woodtick57 Not sure if I should agree with your statement or wonder if you are implying something. Sarcasm doesn't translate well in text alas.
    I'm gonna go with "agree with"
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    @Fishbone345-- I dove into this topic a few days a go. Here's a few of the more interesting things I found.

    "Though in the English language there is no standard accepted method to denote irony or sarcasm in written conversation, several forms of punctuation have been proposed. Among the oldest and frequently attested are the percontation point—furthered by Henry Denham in the 1580s—and the irony mark—furthered by Alcanter de Brahm in the 19th century."

    "The irony mark or irony point (⸮)(French: point d’ironie) is a punctuation mark proposed by the French poet Alcanter de Brahm (alias Marcel Bernhardt) at the end of the 19th century used to indicate that a sentence should be understood at a second level (irony, sarcasm, etc.). It is illustrated by a small, elevated, backward-facing question mark.[3]"

    Sarcasm punctuation mark aims to put an end to email confusion
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    @Bobolinsky I'm not really talking about irony, sarcasm and comedy and the difference from racism. I understand the difference. I'm talking about people that try blatantly to persuade people they are no David Duke for making a comment about something they perceive as a "black thing" for example.
    Here, things like this....
    People who begin a statement with a sentence attempting to excuse themselves like looking like the kind of people that make the statement they eventually make, are idiots in my opinion. 99% of the time if you start a statement with "I'm not racist, but...." you are going to say something racist. And those 4 words don't excuse you from that fact.
    So back to my original point, I don't want to call someone stupid, but I'm going to anyway... Why say that? Just call him an idiot and only look like half of an a55hole, or make the announcing statement and go the full monty. Whatever...
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    Wouldn't the proper question be "Why should Damon respond to McAleer?" And don't we all remember fondly those blustery winter days of our childhood when we would warm ourselves with a nice cup of flaming water?
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    Well DUH! It's Matt Damon, he's always on a crusade of some sort, really, is anyone with a whole brain surprised?
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    he cant respond unless he flat out lies and tries to debunk proven science. which is perfectly fine for a liberal hypocrite!
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    @Denizen_Kate that trapped gases in the earth are released in nature as a natural process.
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    @Sabio - Yes, but in nature they are small pockets of gas that dissipate, whereas fracking causes large concentrations of gas that can catch fire spontaneously.
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    Well, you know what happens and it is unfortunately the price of doing business I guess.
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    Wait a minute, Hollywood telling lies? No way.... just because most every celebrity has an armed body guard while they want to take our weapons from us? Just because Obama said he likes having armed body guards protecting his children while soon attacking our right's to have concealed weapons?(now that he is a lame duck of course) Just because these environmental fanatics fly private jets, gas guzzling cars, live in homes that suck more energy in a month than we do in a year? Come on, these are honest folks don't you know? Forget that they want to take our guns to save the lives of 10's of people while continuing to drive cars that kill 10's of THOUSANDS of people each year. Liberals are honest folks don't you know?
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    he should respond to him by sending him a recording of his many interviews on the movie telling what it is really about, which is not Fracking...
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    It is not uncommon for Hollywood to use sub-text and images in order to push an agenda.
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    @woodtick57 There are 2 ways they can push an agenda in a movie, overtly and through sub. Both work well, but sub is less noticed and more insidious. I hate insidious! Let me end, by saying not all messages in movies are bad.
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    Is a movie using fracking to talk about how people define themselves by home and culture subliminal in any way? Ironically, i'm reading Slmon Rushdie's memoir at this time....
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    Damon should look him in the eye and say, "Damned right, I'll lie for money anytime. I don't care who it hurts or helps."
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    Fracking is bad there no question about it it poisons groundwater and causes earthquakes any activity that man does that causes the earth to violently shake cannot be good for anyone man is the stupidest or just plan greediest species their is we poison our only source of life for money you can't live without water butt were all to willing to dump all kinds of deadly chemicals into it so a few corporations can make huge amounts of money capitalism will cause the extinction of the worst species to ever inhabit earth we humans think we're so smart bc of out technology well that couldn't be further from the truth
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    Natural gas made available by fracking is going to produce trillions in revenues to the petroleum industry. Trillions...
    They'll have no problem spending a billion to make sure that the gas flows, regardless of the consequences.
    If you want to see how it's done, refer to the tobacco or climate change debates.
    The 'flames from the tap' argument is a hint of things to come.
    Yes, there has always been methane in groundwater in some places, but it's the appearance of methane where it wasn't found before that is the issue.
    I suspect that a lot of elected officials' staff will end up working for the industry.
    See how it works -
    The lobbyist's playbook
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    He should ignore the pro-fracking filmmaker.
    Fracking is affecting areas where there is no gas by the mining of sand.
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    Don't matter to me. I will never spend a dime of money to see anything else this liar pos is in after him jumping on the anti second amendment bandwagon . I only have one message for Matt Damon -- the life you live and the freedom you enjoy was purchased with the blood of American patriots and while it May be cool or trendy in Hollywood to be a traitor to those patriots, it shows a lack of respect and a complete disregard for the values this country was built upon.
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