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    "moribund"?? Did someone swallow a dictionary?

    As for the Israeli elections, they'd do well to think of Israel first. This administration is more of an Arab supporter.
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    I'm going to answer the question in the headline will American politics affect the Israeli election?

    And I'm going to say yes it had better affect the IsraeliS

    I'm sure they realize that the did ministration Washington is no friend of Israel.
    And to float a balloon about Chuck Hagel emphasize that point.

    But all in all it's a minor point compared to the actions of the administration and helping the Muslim Brotherhood gain control of most of the Middle East.

    so the answer to the second question about Chuck Hagel is it really doesn't matter a whole lot in contrast to the actions of the administration over the last few years.
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    Why not state the fact that the administration in Isreal in no friend of the American Administration. Never before has a foreign minister run TV advertising for a candidate for US President. Tell me how you would have reacted to Mubark's over throw, How would you react to all the various Arab Spring events. Would you leap into more nation building where we are not wanted. Easy to criticize let's hear a solution that's not BS.
    There are 22 Nations in the Arab League They've had the good sense to let the people speak. Please tell us how would you pay for all these wars against the Muslim Brotherhood? What would be your end game exit strategy when the elections are held and the Muslim Brotherhood wins?
    Typical shallow thinking ... make accusations and offer no alternatives????
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    @martydotcom Let me throw the moderate towel into the ring here. Israel receives hundreds of millions of dollars and weaponry from the USA. They will continue to do by treaty. It doesn't matter who is President, whether Israel likes our current president or not. Israel has gone into Gaza/West Bank several times in recent history and stalemated because of world opinion. They went into Lebanon with the same result. It is what it is folks. Institutionalized hatred on both sides and Obama isn't going to solve it and the world isn't going to solve it. You can pick a side and justify your side's actions till you die but it won't change what is actually going on there. The Palestinians owned all of what is now Jordan,. the tip of Syria and what is now Israel and they lost that territory for atrocities committed in WWII against Other Arabs in the name Of Hitler. Nobody advocates giving Jordan back to them. Only Israel. That's not going to happen and they will do this until the day hell freezes over or one of them literally nukes the other. I don't see that it's our right to take sides beyond our treaty. We need to either live up to the treaty or announce the treaty is no longer viable as of such and such date and walk. Either way we should not be bound beyond that treaty. It can't be solved and it's none of our business.
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    @martydotcom you know I can't even make sense of you anymore Marty.. you do know that Mubarak was overthrown? He would not have been but for Obama and the support United States put behind the Muslim Brotherhood. same thing in Libya. by letting our support and that of our friends we ,through Obama gave them credibility, worldwide credibility. Administration officials were on national TV exclaim ing the Muslim Brotherhood is no more dangerous than the Elks Club.
    funny though an uprising in Iran broke out and the Iranians were using snipers to kill protesters... Big O was too busy just kept his mouth shut on that 1 didn't? because the Muslim Brotherhood was not involved in had no chance of taking over Iran.

    And please Marty do some work conditions have not gotten better in Arab states that participated in this phoney Boloney Arab Spring.

    And please, do you really wanna bring up who made an ad for Mitt Romney? look back at Obama's first election and his reelection add up contributions it came in from outside of this country Marty.
    No administration since Jimmy Carter has been this anti Semitic. that's just the fact Marty.
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    @bsking It would probably be a good thing if you were accurate. Obama and the USA lent NO troops, weapons or money to Egypt. That was ALL their own doing. What we did in Libya had to do with our NATO treaty and if you don't like that then get us out of NATO *(which I support). Reagan bombed Libya without congressional approval as well. Try and be consistent would you?
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    @bsking - Most of what you've said is based on a few truths, but it is almost all right wing spin. The so-called Arab Spring was not phoney boloney but came about by people being fed up with totalitarian dictators, starting in Tunisia and spreading from there. Mubarak was a dictator, but because he kept Egypt in the U.S.'s pocket he was tolerated by us. As for Libya, Kadaffi was a nut job by anyone's spin and his people were fed up with his BS. The fact that the group known as the Muslim Brotherhood gained duly elected power in many of these countries is because a majority of the people in that region know full well that we, the U.S. of A., have been instrumental in keeping those ruthless dictators in power over them. Obama has absolutely nothing to do with any of it, and that is a fact. What he did was manage to keep our military boots [mostly] OFF the ground during all this upheaval, and relied instead on NATO, led by the French who have a much longer presence in the region, lending a hand only in the form of money and missiles, all of which put us out only a tiny fraction of the tens of billions spent in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is no connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama, other than his acknowledgement of their having managed to get a lot of their people elected to brand-spanking-new parliaments. We want them democratic, we have to allow them to elect whoever the majority wants, and that happens to have been Muslim Brotherhood candidates in many instances. The will of our people may differ from the will of theirs, but IMO we should suck it up and file it under the "careful what you wish for" category. Obama doesn't have as much bias towards Israel as previous administrations have shown, but that does not constitute anti-semitism.

    Those are facts.
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    This article is pro israeli propaganda. Getting involved in mideast politics is what led to the 9/11 attacks. Policy in the u.s. should focus on u.s. interest, not israeli interest, not arab interest, not japanese or chinese or libyan interest.

    What writers like this author pf this article try to do is insert the israeli aspect for consideration into every u.s. policy discussion. The adgenda is to keep israeli interest foremost in the minds of policy makers. There are far more important foreign policy issues: trade with china, immigration, and the fact that pakistan has nuclear weapons and a population sympathetic toward al quada, and N Korea to name a few.

    Israel is creating its own problems by building the settlements. I say the u.s. stop aid to both israel and any country that does violence, including hammas, and any arab state. Let the fanatics on both sides kill each other. We should stay out of it.
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    Why do you think these mooslem countries constantly threaten Israel's destruction & don't react ? Because they know that they cannot individually deal with Israel . Like cowardly bullies , they need a crowd of supporters . Israel is no military lightweight. Here's a question for you kiddie lib-socialists -'how long did the Seven Day War take ?'
    Very good ! So , why do think it only took 7 days ? Cause they 'crushed the bully' & the bully is still too 'skeered'(as usual) to face them alone. God Bless & protect Israel .
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    BO has made sure that the free Gov't's of the world cannot trust him or us . He has bowed & curtsied & kissed rings of the tyrants , terrorists & despots of the world. Why would Israel care what he does, thay are an independent nation & will defend themselves at all costs & do 'whatever' is needed to survive. As they should .
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    There are basically two main problems with Israel. One, I am getting tired of each time anyone questions anything they do, they are automatically labeled an anti-Semite. Why does questioning the actions of the Israeli govt automatically equal "I hate jews"? It's stupid. Second, my tax dollars are helping to pay for the concentration camps the Palestinians are being housed in, illegal buildings of settlements and for essentially legalized money laundering laws to allow the Israeli govt to buy American arms.

    You know. I am ok with the gun running part...and I am happy they are an ally of this nation. But let's get real here with Zionism. Zionism is essentially the same thing as NEOCONSERVATISM. That term ring a bell? It should. The more mainstream term for neocon is TEA PARTIER. In a nutshell, the ultra right runs Israel (almost, some moderates are holding up Bibi in the Knesset.) So neocon = xitain fundie and zionist = jewish fundie. answer the question "will american politics affect the israeli elections" answer is maybe. Because Bibi knowing Obama isn't swearing his allegiance to the zionist cause like the Republicans do, this will give is moderate opposition a chance to get more seats, watering down his chances of attacking Iran (for no good reason I might add) and trying to drag the US into a war against Iran that could take a year or more to fight.

    At this point, Comrade Barky is not a bad thing to have since I could care less about Iran having nukes and he doesn't seem to be inclined to fight a war on behalf of Israel. Barky has already complained about having to deal with Bibi. Remember last year when that "open mike" caught Obama saying Bibi was a pain in the ass?
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    However the Israeli election turns out, no one who is elected will be looking out for US interests. Why should the US support Israel and its stubborn insistence on pushing the world toward nuclear war?
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    Since you pose the question as "your side" (clearly obvious) vs the other side I will say this. I read the posts here and it's just like always Liberals for Palis and Conservatives for Jews. That "stubborn insistence on pushing etc." statement is the most immature statement I've ever seen you make. Are you ready to give up the USA to the Native American Indian? The only difference is time of possession.
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    @jessejaymes I could live on the Choctaw Reservation if I chose (too bad it's in Oklahoma), so are you sure that you want the answer to that question? I am not supporting the Palestinians either. I just want the US to stay out of it. If Israel is not the most likely trigger for global thermonuclear war, where do you think it is? The mythology of 3 great religions is there (along with their end times prophesies), Israel has developed nuclear weapons with the help of the US, and no country in the area is sympathetic to them. Several middle eastern countries have attacked them in the past. The US would not be involved in a "War on Terror" if not for its support of Israel, so there would be no Patriot Act eroding our liberties as a result. How much more should Americans sacrifice in order to support Israel?
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    @Dan_Tien The only regime I see as crazy enough to attack the USA with nukes today is North Korea. Israel has a right to exist. They have historical ties to the region just as much as anyone else. Man all those countries borders were artificially by England with USA sitting right along side of them. Not one single country has historical boundaries. Jordan never existed prior to being artificially created to reward a tribe who fought for the allies against Hitler. This is what so frustrates me about you left wingers and Israel. You know damn well if we just walk that they will be exterminated. You know damn well they WILL use the nuke if the hordes of Arabs descend on them and they have no backup anywhere. I advocate giving Jordan back to them since it was their country to start with. I'm not fan of Israel and their settlements but this is not as simply as you want it to be. You are in essence saying you don't care that all those Jews will be massacred just like by Hitler. You just don't care. Well I do since the Palis are historically the most brutal, least educated, most violent tribe in the history of the middle east. They fought other Arabs long before Israel and Hamas even admits once they take Israel they're going after Jordan. You support the unsupportable.

    Oh and on the Indian Question? I don't care. If this country will lock stock and barrel give it back I can be gone within a month. Welcome to my house and property. It's the same damn thing man.
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    @jessejaymes The borders in the Middle East may be artificial creations, but the people that lived there were not. How many Israelis are indigenous people? Most of them are Europeans, so what "historical ties" do they have to that region other than the myth that God gave Jews the lands of Palestine thousands of years ago. Apparently, he took them away too.

    "Oh and on the Indian Question? I don't care. If this country will lock stock and barrel give it back I can be gone within a month. Welcome to my house and property. It's the same damn thing man."

    You're right. It's the same damn thing. Jews don't have to keep emigrating to Israel and the Israelis already there can leave, rather than be exterminated. I know an Israeli family who did get fed up and moved to the US.

    There are nearly 6 million Jewish Israelis as of 2012. The US did not lift a finger to stop the genocide of an estimated 1,952,078 people in Rwanda, 2,400,000 people in Cambodia, 1,500,000 in Ethiopia, and didn't even stop Saddam Hussein from killing the northern Kurds after Desert Storm. What makes the Israelis more worthy of compassion than all of the others that the US does not help?

    "the Palis are historically the most brutal, least educated, most violent tribe in the history of the middle east." Contrast that statement with figures that say at least 6,617 Palestinians and 1,097 Israelis have been killed since September 29, 2000. That is more than a 6 to 1 body count.
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    @Dan_Tien Well it should be a 100 to 1 body count. When you decide to give back Jordan to the Palis then we can talk. Until then all you're doing is spewing anti Jew rhetoric.
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    If the President chooses a decorated enlisted man turned politician for the DOD nomination then it's up to the Senate to "advise and consent." I would expect Chuck Hagel to be a damn sight better than Donald Rumsfeld.

    As for the Israeli elections, who cares? Short of making it our 51st state there's not much more in the way of unthinking support we can give the Israelis, regardless of who the Prime Minister may be.