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    Yeah they could try to spend it anyway they want 250,000 jobs nothing the real headline is the number stayed the same... what they should say is all the people that voted for Obama.. or I should I should say sub groups blacks on employment 14 percent... ages 18 to 29 unemployment rate 11.5 percent( very similar to Spain)
    ... and women... 17 percent.

    Now we know how come they had to have more unemployment cash in the fiscal cliff aid package... wouldn't want all those brain dead voters to realize what happened to them.
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    from what i understand all these job are not even covering all the new immigrants being brought in. if all these jobs are not going to unemployed citizens what is the point?this thing needs to stop.
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    Some jobs were during the holidays as temporarity. During the holidays I seen a lot of employees on the floors helping customers. NOW there are very few floor workers.... season ends. jobs gone.
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    Now if the new Congress could stop frightening investors and Wall Street with irresponsible fiscal hysteria...
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    You must have misunderstood Barry. He did not mean to say hope and change he meant to say hope to change this country to a socialist government.
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    I do see signs of improvement but I am concerned about the younger Americans. Almost everyone in my company is 35 or older. We can not seem to find younger people with the right skills or even willing to try. I truly believe they must be out there but there is some disconnect in how to locate and recruit them.
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    WOW..... Dog bites Man. Can anyone here tell me what ALWAYS happens in December around the 25th? Does this event have any chance of effecting the jobs market, such as retailers adding people to cover the possibility of some strange unknown event that may increase the number of people in their store?

    Typical Lame propaganda effort... nobody could have predicted this or have remembered what happened for the last several Decembers.

    The Headline is 155,000 jobs added and the sheep are toasting their boy's success with more Grape Kool-Aid. Anybody notice the 7.8% rate remaining the same?

    How does that happen? Since the unemployment percent is a factor of the total work force and total number of unemployed, if you change one of those two numbers the percentage will change.

    REALLY removing 155000 people from the unemployed rolls would translate to a .1% decrease in the unemployment percentage.

    Since the 7.8% unemployment figure has pretty much stagnated since September, I hardly think we're seeing anything a reasoned person could call recovery.

    Figures often lie and liars always figure.... The stats are here... ....

    The puppet sure doesn't look like much of a wizard right now.... time for a costume change.
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    Idk, u tell me what happend during Bushs last Christams in office when we lost jobs instead of adding them and then tell me.
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    @Johnny Tell you what?

    NEWSFLASH!!!!!!! George W Bush completed his second term in the office of President of the United States on January 20, 2009.

    Some guy from Kenya was sworn into the office on that day with the expectation of many people in the country that HE would take charge.

    Obviously, Johnny, you are among the many who are so unimpressed by his work that you become confused and think George W. Bush is still President. As much as you and I wish it were true, sadly, it's not and this obama boy is.

    Reality sometimes sucks, but it's the only one we have. I'm sure he's really trying to do a good job, but golf, playing superhero and hobnobbing seem to get in the way. Sorry to break it to you maybe next time you'll be more careful with your vote.
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    @Sharpshooter I understand who President is now. I was trying to show you and everyone we are finally doing better with all the tragedys like Sandy, etc we still added jobs. Though people are acting like its not enough adding jobs is ALOT more than losing 800,000 like under Bush. No I definatly do not agree with Obama on support gays or the fact they should have more rights because they shouldnt. Being gay is a sickness of the mind, through the Lord only they can be delivered. Im also against abortions because whether people like it or not, killing is killing no matter how you pit it. let someone abort a puppy and watch activist go stupid! But to get back on topic. Economicly, Obama is doing a good job in a bad mess. At least that is what I pray alot.
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    The real number of unemployed and under-employed is approximately 22.7 million. This means that the REAL unemployment rate is approximately 15% (not the happy-face 7.8% the media wants to tout). The Dept. of Labor has done this during past administrations as well. They fudge the numbers to put a happy face on for the media. Right now according to the Dept. of Labor there are approx. 12.2 million Americans on unemployment. That means the 10.5 million they aren't counting have either given up looking for work or are stuck in a part-time position (also which is not counted by the Dept. of Labor). Of course the Dept. of Labor wouldn't count the REAL numbers because that wouldn't play out well on Wall St., or at the White House....
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    That's just looking at a little part of a much bigger picture. Yeah, it's darn nice that some folks got some jobs but when you consider how many of are are actually out here languishing it's just not something to brag about.
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    Would you prefer the pre Obama years when we were losing jobs ??
    Considering the effects of Sandy, and the CT Shooting. I think the job creation numbers are outstanding. Better to be moving in the right direction isn't it??
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    @martydotcom I'm thinking the vast majority of those new jobs are minimal wage and/or temporary. You wanna impress me tell me my job came back to this shore. I'd like the opportunity to have a positive influence on our markets and productivity once more. These numbers can be quickly traded off for what was lost and what doesn't exist any more and the extent to what they can do for what our economy needs I would be more than a little pessimistic of.
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    @justapirate They are 58 percent low wage... The bigger issue is that there are more than high wage jobs going unfilled or filled with HIB visas from by Indian, Chinese, etc . because our school are not turning out technically capable individuals. Job training has been deemed too expensive by the Tea Party dominated HR. No funding for Obama offered plans. So here are the high paying jobs you'd like to see.
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    @martydotcom Moving in the right direction?

    Effects of Sandy?

    Wouldn't rebuilding the region mean CREATION of JOBS in construction and manufacturing?

    Effects of the Connecticut shootings?

    People lost their jobs because of that? People stayed home? People suspended their Christmas? Sorry but THAT'S too big a stretch even for Axelshaft and his boy.

    The job market is stagnant.... number of jobs added should cause a decrease in unemployment.... that's basic math. If the unemployment percent is remaining the same with new jobs being created, it means other jobs are being lost.

    Moving in the right direction? Standing Still is NOT moving at all. You can live on "Hope" for "Change" that we'll eventually move "FORWARD" but that's not going to happen with this regime.
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    I'll take a stab, food and drink I'm guessing 100k or more of those jobs went to buspeople, fast food workers etc. Jobs traditionally held by young people but now are filled by anyone desperate enough for an income...assuming they even get hired and aren't rejected for being overqualified. How many of those construction and manufacturing jobs can and will be filled by those intrepid "undocumented residents"?
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    @Real4WheelDrv -interesting. Glad you brought something to the table that makes some kinda since. When in a restarting economy does it matter who fill those jobs? Also a huge argument now is decreasing population. For the past 70 years population has increases dramatically, now it is slowly dropping and the baby boomers are getting older. If population is decreasing in America at a rapid rate, well it doesn't matter which party is in power. All the baby boomers will be running up the debt with their medicare and SS checks. Unemployment will remain high due to companys shutting down because their isn't enough demand in America as their was in the 90s. I see a bleak future for America.
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    EXCUSES are the exclusive property of the Axelshaft/Jarrett Junta, that's what they've done in the previous four years and how they got their puppet re-elected; no point in changing a winning plan, especially when it's all you know.
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    Sorry, we can't make the economy work when we continue to pay people not to work and mooch off of the people who are working? Or do you think only 155K added jobs during the Christmas season is a good thing?
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    @kirbstomp1 - well, THIS baby boomer can't afford to retire. I'll be working at least until I'm 67. That gives me another 7 years to keep paying into the system so that some freeloaders can sit on their butts and collect welfare.
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    These were seasonal hirings for the holidays. Don't drink the kool Aid. On November 20th in the Appalachain mountains of Virginia all tree sellers of fresh cut Chritmas trees hired hundreds of part time cutters and wrappers. Stores opened extended hours and hired thousands of part time workers. This is a feel good government propoganda statement. Just wait till you see January's report and you'll see the decline once again.
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    Okay, so 155,000 jobs were created. That's absolutely terrible! We need like a quarter million to keep up with the increase in workers!
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    I guess any improvement is good news, but lets face it work boots could be the President and at some point jobs would still have to go up. Since at some point companies have to produce more as inventories and supplies, and homes, and roads, etc. all are ultimately needed. With our current leadership and gov't inevitably it is to little to late.
    Besides with the tax increase estimated to kill 600,000 new jobs, the real story isn't the 155,000 jobs created, it's the 600,000 jobs that never will be.
    In my opinion.
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    Temporary holiday employees mean nothing except an opportunity for barry's handlers to try to blow more smoke up the people's arses. Of course , the lame stream media was all over it .
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    Duh duh duh....all these new jobs of December are nothing but hires for Christmas push...come on you guys don't really believe this crap now....
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    Are jobs being lost at free fall speeds? No...
    Are jobs being added each mouth? Yes...
    So the economy is improving however slow it may be even with a Republican Party that is trying to stop and prevent any sort of a economic recovery they caused so just bc a billion jobs aren't being added a month doesn't mean we are not recovering I'd much rather have a slow and steady recovery than an economic boom just to end up with another bubble bust
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    You actually think the economy is improving? This is just enough jobs to support the increase rate in workers; also more people went on social security disability in December then jobs added.
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    @Politicskid yes the economy is improving its slowly recovering but it is id rater have it slow and steady instead of anther bubble and you should stop crying about it call your local politician threaten him to do his job or else bc it's hard to have a strong speedy recovery if only 1 party is working to regain jobs LOST bc of the other parties reckless activity while said other party is doing everything it can to prevent a recovery from a near depression they caused
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    @KyleMFb You're right. We should be mad at the democrats in congress. The problem is my congressmen is one of the most arrogant of them all.
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    You can not put a positive spin on this because it does not paint the whole picture. , the 155,000 is not a NET increase in jobs. The real number would need to also first account for how many jobs were lost in Dec. plus as I told you before the real numbers will show in Feb and March.
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    In the long run, the economy will fix itself.
    The Congress too confused to do anything effective, but as soon as the economy is perking along, some pol will claim credit for it.
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