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    Do we know if any of his close friends or loved ones have suddenly disappeared? Perhaps when they were on a tour of a Monsanto plant?

    Personally, I would mainly like to see labeling on genetically-modified foods so that I can make my own informed choices. That doesn't seem unreasonable, to me.
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    @Dan_Tien-- I was thinking that. It's no secret that a scientist who wants grant money should look for a way for it to be climate-change-related... and his comments that are cited almost sound like a pre-prepared by someone else confession.

    Here's the whole statement from him. There's a video and transcript.
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    @Bobolinsky I read a portion of his statement. I saw no reference to genetically engineered strains of plants pollinating natural strands, or that GMO seeds can be patented, giving the owner of those patents power to prevent anyone from growing a variety of plant without paying them, if the unmodified species should become extinct.
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    @Dan_Tien-- Sounds like you have an issue with Monsanto and hybrids, not GMO's. You might want to read/listen to some more. He goes into that as well as the cost of developing new strains... sort of like how pharmaceutical companies spend millions before they get any return.
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    This seems pretty suspicious. Especially since a French study thast you will NEVER hear about on the cable news networks recently linked GMOs to tumor growth.

    from RT:

    "French scientists have revealed that rats fed on GMO corn sold by American firm Monsanto, suffered tumors and other complications including kidney and liver damage. When testing the firm’s top brand weed killer the rats showed similar symptoms.
    The French government has asked its health and safety agency to assess the study and had also sent it to the European Union's food safety agency, Reuters reports.
    "Based on the conclusion…, the government will ask the European authorities to take all necessary measures to protect human and animal health, measures that could go as far as an emergency suspension of imports of NK603 maize in the European Union," the French health, environment and farm ministries said in a joint statement."
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    there is a lot more to this than they are saying. i would have to look it up again to get the name of the seed company that sells one use seeds where before a farmer could use the seeds off the crop to sew again now each year more seeds have to be bought and from what i understand these folks hold the market on almost all seeds that are not heirloom.

    whatever they put into that seed that does this has to be hurting something.
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    From what I understand is that in the 90s, Monsanto hired people to go around and throw GMO seeds in farmer's crops. The seed is so prolific, that all it takes is a few seeds to completely take over the field in a few seasons. Now that seed is patented and is readily identifiable as the Mosanto GMO seed. And Monsanto sues farmers all the time for saving seeds from their crops. This is part of their patent and it ensures the farmer will always need to buy more seed. So these farmers saving seeds from their sabotaged crops get sued. And more GMO garbage is put on the dinner table.
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    In related news a certain British Food Critic was seen depositing a check for 2 million pounds at his local bank three days before his speech.
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    Just label food, and let the consumer decide. Stop the Monsanto tactic of bullying litigation against farmers and companies that dare to announce their product hormone-free or non-GM.
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    It's not by accident . Our Gov't. wants to stop any type of dependency . Millions depend on the supermarkets , projects , welfare or Section 8, etc. to survive . Millions more outside of the major urban ghetto - entitlement environments are far more capable of getting by on their own . The elitist Lords of both parties need to stop this. Example ; hybrid vegetable plants , the Farm Bill - paying farmers 'not' to raise food or meat , Bills prohibiting pellet stoves or supplying your own power or heat ,- even prohibiting in some places from catching & re-usuing rain water . The push is really on to make us all dependent on these new-age Elitist- Lords to live. If their ghetto voter base can't live without da gub'mint to survive - neither should the rest of us . It ain't happenin like that.
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    when the seed producers can mess with a seed so it will produce only once,or the produce you get from the store will not produce from the seed inside i for one am weary of it. there is no way to know what else was done to the seeds.
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    GM food is about at the stage of Marie Curie with radiation. We don't know enough yet to ask the right questions, and we don't yet know the real hazards.
    Proceed with extreme caution, because loose genes are hard to corral.
    ask the people who live near GM corn about spreading genes accidently.
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    Glad he wasn't a politician or he would have never admitted that. BTW the deer and turkey on my property are mmmmm gooood and healthy.
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    Nothing better than a good backstrap prepared right. Of course the way thins are going will be hunting with rocks and sticks soon
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    You do realize that the only true free market in the world is the black market, right? Before you wish to live in a true free market, ask yourself if you like the type businessman who handles heroin and cocaine, and the tactics they use. That's the free market.
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    @DARSB Well, I think the free market won. Sound like the environmentalist agenda just stifled until science proved them otherwise.
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    @Zazziness Thats true. It could take all forms for different cases and so on... But I take it this guy publicly stated it as in - it is all bad sort of way.
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    tut,tut,tut, so much ignorance with these pinkos....
    51%?!? what do y'all know exactly huh? you realize this brit and his kind are responsible for tens of millions of deaths in asia and africa for convincing people to turn down GMO crops? now they're starvin, always fearin what y'all dont know huh liberals? long as it aint foreign, foreign things y'all like
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    I voted yes, they do pose a danger, but not to being consumed by humans, but rather through cross contamination with the gene pool in naturally occurring species.

    This is far different from a scientific consensus being overturned. In the case for anthropogenic global warming, for instance, the peer-reviewed scientific research literature is mountainous in support of human caused warming. This GMO food issue is not based in solid science and is more a product of irrational fear. In any case a single influential food critic changing his mind, never will bring about a paradigm shift in the sciences which may or may not support his former belief.
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    So who does this guy work for now?? Jesus Christ, the guy probably made this statement so he could get a grant from DOW to study Frogs.
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    In farming, these foods can be grown and taken at harvest in much larger amounts because they are engineered to be tougher to harm during drought or flood problems. More food supply means lower cost to the consumer. They are perfectly safe!
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