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    1. Thank you Obama

    2. Thank you unions

    3. Change phone companies

    4. Again thank you Obama

    5. Public transit? Is that like a community hay ride?

    6. They still sale stamps?!

    7. More reasons to keep my cows, chickens, and goats.

    8. The players must not make enough money.

    9. Who needs TV?

    10. Even more reasons to keep my cows, chickens, goats, and hogs.( I have to kill my turkey tomorrow. He killed a chicken and I can't have that happening.)
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    @mimi57 The turkey didn't eat the chicken, he just killed it. I think he is just mad and lonely since his girlfriend got ate by my hogs a couple of months back.

    I just have to do it and get him on the table before my youngest kids notice he is missing.
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    Well, since I don't purchase any type of pork or beef that are filled with all types of hormones and chemicals from the market, it probably won't effect me... My dad usually slaughters his own pork, so I benefit from that... Plus I plan on using about 5 acres of my parents land to plant our own vegetables the year!!! I

    All of the of the others on your list, is what you get when you allow a rouge communist government to take over!!! Hope your happy!!!
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    New bill in the works. Growing ones on food is counterproductive to political graff, Personal growing tax to take effect yesterday
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    I live in a small town, and we purchase and trade heirloom seeds each year from the locals. So please let them come and enforce it!!! With the type of locals that I live around, I doubt you'll ever hear or see of the idiot/s who try!!!
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    So we get Obamacare and health care goes up.
    We tax the rich more and still we got to tax the working slobs (me) more.

    I could have done with out Obamas help. Thanks for nothin.
    So what if the rich pay a little more, if everything goes up, then its the same difference to my wallet.
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    Said it before, saying it again, the rich didn't get that way by letting a bunch of political idiots ride rough shot over them. Pass onto others as they pass on to you.
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    @woodtick57 Yeah, you really have to feel for the rich taking it on the chin like they have for the past few decades. Them politicians just keep on whippin the well to do no matter how bruised and skint up they get.
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    @woodtick57 look that tax hike out real good, buried in there is a lot of new tax breaks for the rich. That tax hike was only a pacifier for his supporters. Obama and all his friends are the rich, yea Obama is gonna hurt himself. It was all smoke and mirrors, merely changing the way something looks and appears from the outside. One of Obama's perfect scams.
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    I have been in an economic "idle" since The "One" was elected back in '08. I give only to the church of my choice, I am driving a seven year old car and will not entertain purchasing a new home until the Marxist's are driven out of power.
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    Expect Higher Prices in 2013 , Yea we all knew it,,,Thanks people for Obama
    isnt it great!!!! Liberals are always tax and spend...It always costs everyone more.
    Obama = Thrashing the middle Class
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    I've been preparing. If you just watch closely what Muslim Obama's agenda is and know anything about him you'll see that he is destroying America from the inside out. Even Stalin predicted this. This guy refuses to work with congress, spends as much as he can, and is doing everything he can to bankrupt America. After four more years of this arrogant asshole I don't see us ever recovering.
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    Agree. And to think gas was $1.86 a gallon when the mooslem-marxist went into office. And the moonbats ranted about the 'oil man ' in the White House . So what happened ? barry isn't tied to the oil companies ? Or is it he is related or indebted to the arabs that control our oil input ? Whatever - he's a phony & a liar & most Americans swallowed his bullcrap.
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    @MadAmerican - No, I did not know that . But, I'm not surprised , it seems those on the left refuse to admit that BO is just another pawn in the game to control America. Many of us knew he was a 'manchurian candidate', his supporters lack the backbone & honesty to admit they too were sold down the river. We all make mistakes , but at least admit it & move on . Where is BO's 'transparency'?
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    Health care, public transit, cheese is all on the list that effect me. I invested in "forever stamps" when they were 42 cents, been saving money ever since on postage...
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    @mimi57 but i have about 1400 left tgat i bought when they hit 42 cents. I'm like that, I buy good quality stocks when they are out of favor too, bought fcx at height of the downturn at $27a share...
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    @PoliticalSpice $700 or so in stamps? man i couldn't use that many in ten lifetimes/ are you a hallmark card rep or something?
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    @woodtick57 @mimi57 no i lnew i'd use them over time. a value investing newsletter for dividend playong blue chips. Very good helps pick companies you know at the bottom of stock cycle for those particular stocks.
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    No this will be great I just hope they don't raise the price of lettuce or carrots and I will drive or walk since I don't
    use public transportation anyway I don't eat much meat or eggs and I don't use punctuation either is this hard to read...smiling (:
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    Stocks going up was just a ruse. The Unions are at the center of it, they want the rich to get richer so they can harass them about paying workers more. Workers that shouldn't be harassed about their guns!
    Blah blah blah, other random stupid points about Obama that nothing at all to do with this thread. Patriotism good, Illegals bad, blah blah blah.
    The rich need to pay 76% like in Utopia, France where life is perfect, there are no guns, and people really do shave, unlike the rumors spread here in America. Vive la résistance! Che rules! Add other Liberal talking points here.
    Did I sound like others Jess? I didn't want you to feel like they weren't paying attention to your post.
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    what government idolatry causes, is always upseting. and is always more expensive, than saying and doing, as G-D would have us say and do.
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    Everything upsets my budget but, most pf all the bleeding heart liberals upset me they sit in their mansions and accuse the gop of causing it and say they are the rich will I am a conservative and I am not rich.I believe in paying my fair share but I do not want to pay for all the people that are playing the welfare game.
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    Yes it will. Higher taxes means less income. Higher bills means less money for consumption. Great job Obama! Way to 'stimulate' America!
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