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    I could care less how much money Californians want to sap out of the private sector in their state. What I do care about is that that mentality stays there. As long as Michigan doesn't follow in California's footsteps, and the Federal government doesn't follow along as well, then all is good. From what I understand, California is a cesspool of high taxes and dysfunction.
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    And Michigan is a cesspool of union thugs and dysfunction... but not anymore, thanks to One Tough Nerd! ;)
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    Authors of "Millennial Majority"
    as a former Wolverine I must warn you that Michigan follows California's political lead. Higher taxes are coming your way.
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    I left California in 2006 because it was already an overburdening tax system. If people are foolish enough to stay there in increasingly Greek like conditions, they deserve to be there.
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    I agree with that up to a point,however i would better like it if the decent Americans kicked out their progressive neighbors,California could be a great place to live and there are not many places of refuge left
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    Yes, the anti-tax movement is on it's way out. None of the national GOP representatives had voted for a tax rate increase in 22 years prior to a few days ago. The GOP has only one play in their play book. Lower taxes (mostly for the rich). Common sense dictates that there is a time for low taxes and a time for higher taxes. GW Moron started 2 unfunded wars and lowered taxes. Is it any wonder we have so much debt? With the GOP slowly dying off I expect to see more reasonable tax policies come about.
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    I hope the...lower tax movement is stronger than ever and I DON'T agree with California's brainwashed and pot-head populace in getting government to trick them into bilking them of more money...
    By the way...what is with the term "anti-tax" progressive liberals "anti-abortion" if being for less taxes and less government is somehow a bad thing...I mean we don't go around calling progressive liberals "anti-christs" when they try to denigrate and insult Jesus and God and Holy Spirit and christians do we?
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    "But with the country becoming less and less white each year, it is likely that the anti-tax revolt that started in California will begin to die out across the rest of the country as these demographic trends accelerate almost everywhere in America."

    Based on this racist statement, am I to conclude that only white people want lower taxes and smaller government? So Latinos, Asians, and Blacks are the gimmedat class? Is that what I am reading here? Say it ain't so.
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    Authors of "Millennial Majority"
    It ain't so and we are sorry for the implications of the statement as you read it. What the article attempted to say was that younger voters, much more diverse and pro-government, will increasingly be the majority of voters in the country. As these generational and demographic groups become an increasing share of the electorate in the country, as they are already in California, their pro-activist government attitudes will provide the political support for higher taxes as well as more government intervention in the economy.
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    @Millennials The thing wrong with your response is I think you really meant what you said and your response above only reinforces it, non-whites are not interested in small government and lower taxes. We have a generation of people whom want government involvement in the economy and gimmedats because that is all they have known. Just about anyone under the age of 26 in this country basically has zero idea how government involvement and higher taxes wrecks things...wholesale. Over and over again we have seen every time the government touches the economy or significantly raise taxes, job losses occur. Detroit has often been referred to as a "planned government city"...and it shows. That city is a result of what will happen should these activist groups should get their way on a national level.

    Now back to your statement, I didn't read it wrong and the way I read it was intended by the writer. Minority (now majority...almost) pundits have made it quite clear literally the day after Obama was reelected, the whites needs to get ready for the blacklash because payback is coming. The message is clear....around the 2040s, whites need to be elsewhere. I plan to heed that eviction notice. Now it won't be like South Africa where its was a Big Bang and everyone was scrambling for the lifeboats. The Democrats/Socialists like generational change and it'll happen gradually. South Africa is ultimately what the future of the US will be around the 2040/2050s range should the socialists and these pro-government activists (tomorrow they will be called CADRES) get what they want. I would hoped for a EU type of system, but the racist element involved is too strong and doesn't exist in Europe to the same degree as it does in the US. Not to mention that racism is a powerful weapon being utilized by the socialists.

    The United States of America is like a house that is on fire and there is work crew inside putting up drywall. Is there a point?

    I'll make a prediction. In 15 years or less, there will be government propaganda trying to convince white people to vote. I could be wrong and I hope I really am...but I'm not.

    Have a good evening....
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    I'm well over the age of 26. This is what I remember of the last 5 decades.

    My parents were better off than I am now. My mother never worked, my father retired from the company he'd worked for for 25 years and never worked again. They'd bought their home, had two cars, raised their family then enjoyed a quiet, modest retirement on his pension and SS. Their sense of security was FAR better than mine will ever be. I can only pray for my children.

    What happen? I know it's all Obama's fault, but seriously, is everyone's memory so short? Ronald Reagan never did me any favors. I remember double-digit mortgage interest rates when I wanted to buy a home. I remember realtors pushing ARM's because that was the only way they could sell a house. Thank God I didn't bite at that.

    I watched house prices skyrocket in the 80's. Automobile prices became ridiculous...even after being told Japanese imports would help reduce car prices. The price of everything you can think of suddenly went beserk.

    Enter Bill Clinton and things seem to improve, but that may be because my then husband was making a fairly good living. We bought a home in 1987, moved for another job in 1992 and seemed OK until 2000. That's when everything seemed to go to hell.

    When you're young and starting out you think things will get better. Things haven't gotten better. The decline, especially under Bush, has been devastating. I don't know that we will ever be the same again. We can blame Democrats, we can blame Republicans, we can blame Homer Simpson. Truth is, we won't come together and blame ALL those politicians who have put us where we are today. We find other things to blame - like blacks or gays or Mexicans or Baby Boomers or young people or anybody, but we absolutely refuse to join forces against ALL of those in Washington who have created the country we have now.
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    @PayThatCEO "I know it's all Obama's fault, but seriously, is everyone's memory so short? Ronald Reagan never did me any favors. I remember double-digit mortgage interest rates when I wanted to buy a home." If you want to blame double digit mortgage and inflation rates in the late 70's and early 80's, Reagan ain't the guy. He inherited the bad economy and actually brought mortgage rates and the inflation down during his tenure.
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    @PayThatCEO...I agree with was Carter and his tax policies that created the double digit interest rates. But to the rest of your statement, I do agree people tend to chose a person to blame and they have. Whites have been targeted because of their values and typical political nature towards capitalism and low taxation. The other groups generally have been heavy users of government services and basically people whom make over $75k a year do not have access to.

    While I am on the subject of denied access to government services, let me also mention MY combined tax rate that pays for them.

    I live in the state of Ohio, which has a state income tax as well as city income tax (referred to as a city tax). I am forced to pay income to the state as well as TWO cities, one city I have not walked into in nearly a year yet since that is my place of employment, I must pay city tax and get no say in what goes on there. income places me at the 28% tax rate, plus the 7.5% rate plus another 1% since I make over $100k/year. Now my home city and the other city are both at 2.5%. Since the rate is the same, no credit for a lower rate, should either have had one. Let's add those up: 28 + 7.5 + 1 + 2.5 + 2.5 = 41.5% before deductions. If I am lucky, I might have to pay an actual of 34-39% but I typically either break even or owe. I have not seen a refund in over 8 years, at least beyond one of $15 or lower. So I pay more than the 39.6% they just jacked up this past Thursday. And this is just income, not property or sales.

    What pi$$es me off is I get NO ROI on that taxes. None. I get absolutely no return on that "investment" in government that allegedly works for me. Now the gimmedat voters (which is roughly 2/3rds of Ohio) are more than pleased since they live off the government. I also will mention the people have been leaving Ohio for years and our RINO governor has done nothing to remedy this problem. He campaigned on abolishing the income taxes and making Ohio a right to work state yet has done neither of those things. In fact, he screwed up RTW to make it where it won't happen for at least another 10 years. My rep voted for the fiscal cliff deal to jack up taxes last Tuesday....he'll be out in 2014...guaranteed. Probably replaced by a Democrat.

    I want low taxes...and since I am white and most people who want lower taxes are white, I guess I must be the enemy. I just want to know where these pro-government services are I am supposed to be getting that this minorities are "investing" their taxes in? Just tell me that to justify what I pay in.
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    California is great. We have the attitude that anybody working should be paying it all to Sacramento and deserves to pay the highest rents. Still doesn't put a dent in our bills. Not sure how its sustainable but I hope the East Coast Liberals won't mind when we need a 100 billion dollar bailout soon! THANK YOU!
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    years ago, Johnny Carson (moment for you all to genuflect)...did a bit about him using the new 1040 EZ tax form...he stated it had only three lines.

    How much did you make?

    Send it to us.

    Sign here.
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    I hate this state (California) I see you didn't mention the Fire Prevention Fee (AKA tax) that was given to only rural residents. Maybe because we number less than one million no one cares. I don't think the Anit-tax movement is dying, I think more voters are poorly informed or simply can't follow it to a logical conclusion. We are just now paying for what Brown did in 1978. Now that the Governor and both houses are a Super Majority it will get so much worse so much faster.
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    Exactly. Many members of my family, self-employed and business owners, fled California during Jerry Brown's FIRST period as governor during the 70's. They've never looked back, and few of their progeny ever returned, except to visit. California, given all of it's natural resources, has the ability to remain among the most productive states, and a beacon of success. Instead, those 'producers' who wish to live in some semblance of freedom must go elsewhere, and watch from afar as the 'takers" ruin the state. It remains the perfect example of how people can take something so right, and turn it into something so wrong.
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    It's a good thing that there will be so much money in the coffers for Welfare. We're gonna need it as more and more of our checks are stolen.
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    They can do whatever they want in that place.... so long as they promise to stay there. Come to MY HOUSE and talk about me finding a way to pay for their crap and they'll have an easy time of finding the back door..... it's the thing that gave them a concussion as it bounced off their ass on the way out.
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    I'm just wondering how you get to work without driving on the public roads that other people paid for. Or who you'd call if your house was on fire since I'm sure you're too good to use the public service that your neighbors contribute to.
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    @Zazziness That is a ridiculous application of the Axelshaft/Jarrett Puppet's stupid "you didn't build that" argument.

    Roads, I PAID FOR THAT, like everyone else and continue to every time I buy gas.

    Fire Protection, I PAID FOR THAT, like everyone else who owns property do so every year in the form of property tax.

    The discussion at hand here is about NEW taxes to pay for services for people who don't own property. Since they don't own property, they DON'T PAY FOR THAT. Are they entitled the same services I pay for?

    Next time you decide to use "Talking Points" you should probably have at least a passing knowledge of both the subject of the conversation you're intruding upon and the meaning of the "Talking Point" you're trying to use, otherwise you end up looking very stupid.
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    @Sharpshooter Did you pay for them? They're awfully expensive. I think it's actually more accurate to say that the community of which you are a part paid for them. It's not a "talking point" -- it's a fact. You are not an island and your desire to live on one would best be fulfilled by buying one and moving there.
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    @Zazziness Your point was simply a poorly delivered effort at a lame "Talking Point" your response proving the lack of ability or understanding to maintain an intelligent discussion.... I'll save a few trillion electrons by writing you and this discussion off right now... But by all means you should continue to ramble on.... someone probably cares to read your writing.... give your mommy the URL, she'll at least pretend to pay attention
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    lol. I think before you try to promote the concept of "intelligent discussion," you should try to make even one comment without lapsing into insults and vitriolic asides. I've never seen you do it but maybe you have it in you. Who knows?
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    s the Anti-tax Movement Dying?only if the progressive government machine is working??and brain cells are at a minimum...does anyone really realize how much in taxes we pay,151 taxes just on a loaf of bread,and some sheep want to pay more,even the sheep that are willing to pay more are some of the most vocal opponents of waste..maybe as a nation we are to stupid to survive,bring on Darwin's law!!
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    The movement that is growing is the acceptance that all the economists are correct and we need to increase our revenue AND reduce spending.

    raising taxes now is most likely not the vbest answer as we are still recovering from a recession, but it will be needed across the board as soon as possible.(even with massively reduced spending.)
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    Can we talk about massively reduced spending first, then if need be tax hikes? Or do we need to steal more money out of the private sector first and then at some undetermined date in the very distant future we might get to a conversation on spending cuts?
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    That would be the sane way to do it. that is the way all the economists worth their salt say it should be done.

    Wanna bet it won't go down that way?
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    Cutting spending OR raising taxes to combat this is going to be counter productive. If we raise taxes to Clinton levels we're going to lower aggregate demand as there will be less money to spend in the economy. This means less jobs, higher unemployment, and more spending. If we cut spending we will be cutting govt jobs and govt contracts, this too will lower aggregate demand while increasing spending on UE, welfare, and food stamps.

    The fact is that the deficit problem is a SYMPTOM of the core problem... lack of jobs and low aggregate demand. Until we start looking for serious solutions to the job problem (and no, I don't mean passing a generic bill and then calling it a 'jobs' bill) we will simply be circling the toilet bowl chasing our symptoms.

    If you own a failing business it is not uncommon to go a bit further into debt for higher returns later.
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    No, it is not dying. We need to get the damned gov't off our backs, out of our pockets, and away from our Constitutional rights!
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    I'm confessed. CA can do as it pleases as to taxes, why would you think anti-tax movement is dying? One thing doesn't mean the other thing in all cases.
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    There isn't a revenue issue. There is a huge spending issue. How much more money did California get with the tax increases? How much short are they?
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    Yes, the Infra-structure of this country such as the roads and bridges, National Parks and Monuments and other necessary things. Beyond taking care of our poor, disabled, elderly and disadvantaged children has to be the responsibility of the Federal Government. Otherwise it won't get done. A lot of people say that we should leave it to the States, well Kansas was left to do it their way and they've kicked out many of the disabled elderly with dementia who are incapable of taking care of themselves, out of the state run Nursing Homes to get them off Medicaid. The Communities have no place to place to put these people, they have no families, they can't take care of themselves. It looks good on that assho repubs Gov record though that the roles went down, what matter if some old people no one cares about dies, right? That's what will happen if the states run it all. Life would be Crap!
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    I think California should tax its citizens 100%. No money in the private sector, just send everything to Jerry Brown and let hiim decide how much each of you should get. Oh yes, and California need not bother with a legislature at all. Just let Jerry Brown and his buddies decide how to spend all the money. Who needs a government anyway when you have Democrats. The thing I don't agree with the author is that this is coming to the rest of the country. Maybe for the nutjobs in Minnesota...they think a lot like California, but certainly not for most states.
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    Sarcasm does not change the fact that this is nothing more than a thinly-veiled strawman argument. Nobody is seriously arguing that we should tax people 100%.
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