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    My reaction after watching the whole thing: I really miss living in New York City. You just can't make this sh!t up! Where else in the world can you get free entertainment of this caliber? All this fuss over a movie just because it might hurt the feelings of those who rule the totalitarian state known as North Korea. Where did they find these asshats?
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    Kate, I do believe this is the first time I've ever seen you use the word "asshats".
    It sorta feels like my Aunt just said f%&k. I'm not sure how I should feel!.
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    How long you been on this site? You should know better then to post rational statements. That type of talk is not allowed on politix! If you continue to make sense people will get very angry at you!
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    My reaction? My reaction is, "SO."
    They are mad, they are upset, they didn't get enough attention as a child?

    If the movie upsets you, or may upset you, or you disagree with the premiss of the movie, we do not care.
    Don't go watch it.
    Dang, it's a movie, get over it!
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    I say this about every movie. Do you? Or are you just saying it now because the people upset are Communists?
    Would you tell Christians to shut up and not go see Red State too? I'm just curious.
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    I think Christians should see Red State. Help them see what happens when you act on their beliefs.
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    I sure would tell anyone, if you pay for a ticket to go see something that upsets you, then that is on you.
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    @Cheenoguy tell me, what is going to happen to a Jesus follower?
    And whatever happens because of a persons faith or belief, then I would imagine that would be fine.
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    Never actually met a Christian who was actually following Jesus.
    What I was referring to is this absolute non-Jesus like hatred for homosexuality. Red State is a movie where "Christians" actually treat homosexuals the way Bible says too.
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    Friends of North Korea? Seriously? I think you should move there if you like them so much. Let me know and I'll get you a one way ticket, no charge.
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    I don't have time or patience to watch all 21 minutes.
    But as my Pops used to remind me, "Ke'li, it's just a movie! Don't take it seriously."
    I have been told that it's a better movie than the first because of special effects advances.
    The article calls it a "B" movie, so I seriously doubt many North Korean citizens will see it.
    Having watched 6 minutes of the comments, I agree that we are Imperialists. We are powerful, aggressive. And yes, we the people do need to occupy Wall Street and rebel against our Plutocratic captors.
    But the protests against this inconsequential movie are much ado about nothing.
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    Yes, many Americans are poorly educated and uninformed, but they are as
    capable of learning as any other population. Never forget that it was
    Frum who joined with the stupidest Americans to promote the war in Iraq.
    A breathtakingly stupid war. Frum is not stupid, however. He cleverly
    used Americans to fight Israel's war.
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    The "Friends of North Korea" just sold more tickets to the new Red Dawn movie. The makers of the movie should send them "Thank you" cards.
    Free publicity is the best kind in business.
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    I never knew the movie existed. Now after seeing this I went to Utube and watched the trailer and it looks better than the original (Since Patrick Swayze couldn't act) and I'll watch it on video. Thanks for the up protesters.
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    I'm not going to waste 20 minutes watching that video. But as other people have stated, the captions that go with them seem more than a little odd. Of course the USA has caused many problems for both the Palestinians and Cubans. If the US hadn't subsidized Israel for decades, it would have had to come to some sort of compromise with the Palestinians. In the same way, the US invaded Cuba, foolishly failed to kill Castro many times , and has damaged its economy terribly by an embargo, etc.

    How could anyone with any knowledge or rationality not accept that the USA has hurt these two groups? Don't they need to have some sort of basic knowledge of history and some grasp of the principles of logical discourse?
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    I had to stop half way through and go make some popcorn. Korean slaves in Hiroshima? Seriously? This is better than the actual movie, from all I've heard. Chill, people! It's a freakin' movie! Okay, popcorn is ready, I'm going to watch the rest of the show.
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    Actually, Japan did have Korean slaves during WW2.
    Have you never heard the term "comfort women"?
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    Did anyone actually watch that movie? Anyone who takes it seriously is a moron. Who cares what those idiots think or are protesting about?
    If you want to talk about Hollyweird and propaganda, talk about movies like "Black Hawk Down". Hollywood rewrites stories to make US terrorists look good (and gain "military cooperation" in making movies).
    In the case of "Down", they rewrote history. Ewan McGregor's character "John Grimes" is a fiction. The actual person was John Stebbins, who is currently in a US prison. After returning from Somalia, he raped his six year old daughter. The US military-terrorism complex doesn't want people to know that.
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    Nutballs with nothing better to do , like occupy wall street kooks who wasted how many days of their lives for nothing. The first movie stunk , idiotic Hollyweird needs some new brains , re-makes are always far worse. Where were these protesters when some teroristic mooslems were making walking bombs out of their children & mentally handicapped ? Where are they on the 'women's rights' for those who suffer mutilations, beatings under sharia law ? Where were they when Christians were being killed in certain mooslem nations ? Oh, I see , they are not upset about all 'Human Rights'- they only protest if it's negative toward the U.S.. I'd like to buy one of them airfare to North Korea , but first renounce US citizenship never to return & they must live there . See how long that Gov't. will support you & allow your 'Freedom of Speech'. See ya'.
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    TWENTY ONE MINUTES of this bullshit? You gotta be kidding... TWENTY ONE MINUTES of a message it should take one minute to deliver.....

    I can respond to their ceaseless ramblings with five words.... I don't give a shit.
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    This story is worth telling 2 months later?
    I will say though that a more accurate movie would portray a country who frequently invades others doing the invading. Unfortunately, the only option for that role was already playing the home team.
    Good movie so long as you don't take it to seriously. Just enough different to keep you on your toes.
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