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    Put the shirts on sale so I can afford to buy them for my entire crew.

    Here again, the PC Nazis are goosestepping through something that's none of their damn business.

    In case the concept is totally lost on anyone... it's called humor and the shirt is clever and funny.

    It's not Anti-Immigrant nor does including the word Offensive when writing a title for a story make it so.

    The tone of the story leads me to believe that not only are Illegal Immigrants above the law, they are now also above humor as well.

    Not for me.... Illegal Immigrants are ILLEGAL and don't have much to complain about until they rectify it.
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    How do we order a shirt? Great sence of humor, if your skin is that thin that your offended by a joke about a criminal eatting a popular food enjoyed by everyone then you need to get therapy !
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    Ok, has this country gotten that touchy/feely? Or is it the media, along with the government, trying to incite the masses?
    Dang, used to be a time we could laugh at each other. Now....everything is racial....EVERYTHING!
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    What happened to freedom of speech, now not being persecuted by the courts, but a citizen witch hunt? Shit it ridiculous. If you want to put an derogatory statement on your company shirt go ahead.
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    It's the leftist media trying to incite the masses. Have you seen Richard Cohen's hate piece about conservatives this morning? No different from this shirt, but his screed is published in Real Clear Politics. No, there is no such thing as free speech anymore. There is only the thought police, made of groups like "Thinkprogress", people like Cohen and websites like Politix. It's a civil war that lacks only real guns. The hatred behind it is real.
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    @kirbstomp1 I think it goes beyond freedom of speech. I guess Political Correctness will never go away. Funny thing about this shirt is (as a true capitalist) I can see several "spin offs" of it being produced. Keeping the same "box trap" concept, how about:
    How to catch the Political Correct (with a pic of this shirt instead of the taco)
    How to catch a Liberal (with a pic of "freebies" instead of the taco)
    Now, this is all tongue in cheek, so please understand that first you have to laugh at yourself, then laugh at the world.
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    @stepped_in_it I know of a T-Shirt company that made a shirt that said "Part of The American Dream involves English". Another shirt said "Press 1 for English, Press 2 to learn English, Press 3 for English". They did quite well with those shirts in the Los Angeles Area. Including selling many to Latino citizens. This is America. When it reaches the point that what you say a T-Shirt is legislated then it's time to leave.
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    Pfffhhh! A few idiots will pay good money for some, but most of the shirts will end up at the Goodwill or the 99ยข store, right next to the Romney campaign attire.
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    Keep doin what he is doin, i guess. That shirt doesn't offend me, I think its funny and witty too. I thought of catching illegal immigrants with a box and a taco, if that would work it would be great.
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    Nothing at all...we have some really good Mexican restaurants here, my favorite one
    is great, the staff are all Mexican, very nice, attentive and always smiling and joking,
    and they always give us a 'complimentary' shot of Tequila... best Margarita's this side
    of the border. However, the 'key' word on the shirt is 'illegal', and if they want to stay
    in the country, they need to get citizenship. I can't believe the over sensitivity of the
    left, so many deviant and digusting things they find funny, but let someone wear a
    harmless, rather funny T shirt, and'd think John Lennon just died. Get
    over it!
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    They should do nothing except maybe hire an accountant for all of the free press they are getting over this that will no only raises their sales, but will probably result in them getting some sort of kickback from the T-shirt company. I think the T is hilarious and in no way do I find it offensive. I say that not out of any type of racism, but as a formula for a joke it does that one thing that makes it funny and that is to take one part of the quip and stretch it out far beyond reason. I would only be offended if that were the actual way illegal immigrants were lured and caught. But the bigger point is I assume this restaurant is not a publicly held corporation or one that is financed by any type of federal endowment, and therefore is freedom of speech. If its so damaging, then why should I care if it brings their business down?
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    I think that the owner or manager who created this policy should do society a favor and stick his head in a fryer.
    Plus the shirt doesn't make much sense if you actually have ever had interaction with Mexican people who are here legally or otherwise. The trap would catch someone who is lazy and stupid. Mexicans don't get their tacos from Taco Bell. They go but all the ingredients and make it from scratch including the shells. An immigrant that snuck across the border isn't likely to fall for a trap set by some failed restauranteer.
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    The bleeding heart has spoken! I live outside of Philly, and Joey Vento, owner of Geno's Steaks, posted a policy of "This is America, when ordering, speak English" and got flack from libs for it.

    So what. It's their business.
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    No shortage of asshats here in America and appearantly the most popular profession (outside of Fox pundit and politicians) is restaurant owner. I've been to Philly and don't recall it being full of people speaking proper English. It's his right to be stupid, but its my right to point out that stupidity and stay away from his business.
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    Nothing they have the right as a business to display their views on topics just as you have the right to do business with them
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