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    It's a novel in an idea that you might find in a fiction novel...{sigh} we know why the progressive liberals can't balance the budget...reality...just about any sense of reality escapes them...
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    Not if Congress has anything to say about it.

    "The Congress shall have Power...To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;" Article 1, Section 8

    Too many republicans and democrats as well understand that creating $1T out of thin air amounts to a big middle finger to the rest of the world from America... a big middle finger from current Americans to future Americans... not to mention the people who would be worst affected by the devaluation of the dollar would be people on fixed incomes and the poor...

    All so this current government can continue to borrow and spend at this unconscionable pace... I wonder how what impact that would have on our credit rating? Could it be that the reason our credit rating was lowered in 2011 wasn't that fiscal conservatives were being stubborn about raising the debt ceiling without addressing our spending problem... but rather that they were stubborn about raising the debt ceiling without addressing our spending problem and it didn't do any good?
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    First, trash the paper dollar by coining millions of these Trillion dollar coins. Lets call these coins Rentendollars. Next, reject the old dollar currency and only back the new rentendollars. Finally, remint the Rentendollars without all those silly 0s. Problem solved. Go ahead and keep spending government!
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    Congress cannot deny the US from paying it's debt as it is unconstitutional. In fact, the whole idea of a 'debt ceiling' is unconstitutional according to the 14th amendment.
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    A lot of folks around here think the constitution only has one amendment - the 2nd. And they don't consider the part about "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state" to matter either.
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    @PNWest Don't forget the 1st... gotta have that religious protection and the ability to give unlimited amounts of money to candidates as 'free' speech. After that though it seems to get fuzzy for most people.
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    @AceLuby Youa re correct. I forgot about the GOP 1st amendment that grants freedom of religion for Christians and freedom of speech for corporations.
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    Let's mint one, and put Reagan's picture on it. his idealism is what ran up the debts in the first place.
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    Sounds great! We'll only need about seventeen of them and we'll be all good...
    Problem solved. how simple is that?... lmbo
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    So if Obama would have told you he wanted to fundamentally change America into another third rate Banana Republic would you have still voted for him ?
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    This is a clear indication of the dumbing down of America. While the ultra rich has intentionally caused the citizenry to lose any semblance of real education K-12, it now appears that this malady ha seeped into our federal govt. The mere idea that someone can float an idea like this and the people, from the great unwashed to the hallowed halls of D.C. go ape is about as telling as it needs to be told. If the govt were to put a trillion dollars of platinum at Fort Knox then mint the damn coin. If not, it's worthless. Except for fodder for both sides to argue with each other about.

    Re-elect Nobody 2014
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    Who remembers reading about Germany printing out vast amounts of Deutschmarks in the 1930s? Remember seeing images of people bringing wheelbarrows full of Deutschmarks to the bakery for one loaf of bread or using Deutschmarks as tinder to light their fireplaces? If they mint these coins, as legal as it may be, those paper bills won't be worth the monetary value they claim to be. Not only would stocks plummet but the USA Credit Rating would drop as well. You can print money, but you can't print credibility.
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    So a trillion coin is going to pay our debt ?? What is behind it ? We still are in debt. You cannot get out of debt by digging the hole of red deeper. Unless we have collaterol to back it it is worth NOTHING
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    @mimi57 Well if the coin or coins added upto the same amount of platinum that had that dollar value then the coins would back the debt, just as gold or silver do. The value of the metal is behind it, just like gold bullion was behind the value of u.s. currency until the 1930's. Indeed, gold and silver are mentioned as the only metals the constitution allowed states to mint money under, and gold is recognized universally as payment of debt should you offer it, far more so then printing of paper money. But platinum, although not so recognized is the most valuable metal on earth, I don't know how many onces would by tequired for a trillion dollars, but you can bet if the govt offered bars of platinum as against debt nations would accept them if the weight of the platinim was equal to is market value. Alexamder hamilton did something very similar to
    Pay off revolutionary war debt owed to other countries when the republic was founded and it worked very sucessfully... The deciding factor is not what we think, it is rather, what those who hold our debt think, if they will accept this as payment should we default the problem is solved, if they will not, back to the drawing board. Personally I think its nonsense, that he should invoke section 4 of the 14th amendment and let the tea party cry. Obama doesn't want to go that far, he wants to scare enough of them into voting the debt increase and this is just a type of psychological warfare...
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    One simple question trumps the entire concept.... Who is going to BUY the coin?

    The Axelshaft/Jarrett Junta completely lacks understanding of economics. Minting a trillion dollar coin exemplifies INFLATION.

    The second those people mint the coin, every dollar in circulation is worth about 10% less. There are about $10.9 Trillion Dollars in circulation today, creating a coin worth about 10% of that number will be disastrous.

    The White House Puppeteer, Valerie Jarret's father wanted to bring down the United States; as Svengali to Michele and the puppet it looks like she might just accomplish his mission.
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    You're over thinking have to learn simplicity. See, they're all simple and it's
    really the only way to go...simplicity. I love it! LOL
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    What Obama has a hard time understanding is low interest rates and printing more money or striking in this case only devalues our money. He's not helping the people he claims he's fighting for only harming them cause their money is buying less and less everyday
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    After thinking more about this idiotic liberal idea, I will plant yet another one in their moron brains. How about minting 350,000,017 of the Trillion Dollar coins? 17 to pay off the national debt, and $1T for every American. Then we can say we are all Trillionaires!!! Wouldn't that be nifty for the liberal left - they spread equal wealth to everyone. I bet the loons on this site will actually think this is a great idea. Nobody has told them what that Trillion dollars will buy them after the Idiot Obama has given out his "gifts"....pretty much nothing.
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    HEY.... COOL IDEA!!!! Maybe da Prez can wear it around his neck on a diamond encrusted chain.... The Ultimate Bling!

    Then we can spring for platinum grills for the kids and some massive platinum ropes for Michele to have woven into her hair.

    Gotta love it!
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