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    I don't care about this one. I want to see Obama OK'ing the ones from the red "taker" states that want to secede.
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    @Fishbone345 Texas is one of the few red states that is not a "taker" state. They pay more in taxes than they get. Surprised me. All you Texans out there owe me one for standing up for you!
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    @PNWest My statement has nothing to do with Texas being either a "taker" or "non-taker" state. I couldn't care less.
    My statement is supporting their desire to leave. This is something I can wholeheartedly support. Just Google "Texas Secession" or something similar and look how many results you get. They want to go, and I think we should be accommodating.
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    @Fishbone345 I'm a greedy capitalist. Why should we let them go when they are worth more when they belong to us. I'm OK with letting them go but we need to be fairly compensated for our financial losses.
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    How is it these people were able to get online and sign a petition, but can't figure out how to change the channel?
    I don't want to listen to the BS from Fox pundits. I have no plans to petition for their broadcasting license to be revoked. I will simply not watch and encourage others not to do the same.
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    When he uses his platform to attack the Constution of this country, it goes beyond 'changing the channel'. Like many Brits, Piers apparently has a hard-on for bringing the 'Colonies' back down to the level of our former masters.
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    That's right I forgot. I'm dealing with people who think that having regulations on their precious is the same thing as not having any. I forgot that I am dealing with people who think that even though every other right (including life itself) has restrictions and can be taken away that their right to their precious cannot be. I forgot that I am dealing with people who think that a well regulated militia means everyone can own any weapon with no restrictions. I forgot I am dealing with people who refuse to recognize that stricter gun laws have reduced homocides overall in the rest of the developed world. I forgot I am dealing with people who think 20 kids being stabbed with none dead is the same thing as 20 kids murdered. I forgot that I am dealing with people who refuse to even discuss restrictions on their precious even if that means we will continue to see innocent people, including children, murdered en masse. I forgot that I am dealing with people so insecure (hence the craving for guns) that even though they claim persecution if they can't force their opinions on you (even when proven false) they freak out if someone else expresses themselves. In short I forgot I am dealing with insane people.
    Piers is simply expressing his opinion. He can't vote so all he can do is influence others who can by sharing facts and logic. We have as much right to want the "militia" to be WELL REGULATED as you do to bare arms. Afraid of Democracy and want to live in a barbaric world where you can hoard guns and ammo without restriction? Go ahead and move to a 3rd world country instead of making this one.
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    @Cheenoguy how much freedom did you lose with the patriot act and the ndaa,. just how much more are you willing to give up? the only one s who are making this a third world country is corp america ... why dont you take a long hard look at mexico thats what happens when you disarm people. how many dead??? why would you want to do that to the people of the U.S.A. as for pires goes why dont you try to go to britain and try to change there gov and see how long you last.. if you dont like living uhder the constitution of the U.S.A. you are more than welcome to go to britain and take morgan little tea sucking butt with you
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    England, France,Germany, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland.... Awww hell lets just save time and say the civilized world outside of the US. They all have stricter gun laws then the US. You know what else they have? Less violent crime. What does it say about how conservatives view America that you guys keep viewing us as equal to 3rd world countries instead of as part of the civilized world?
    Gun restrictions are not the same as gun confiscation. I know that is really complicated. Lets try an analogy here to see if that will sink in. Speed limits and BAC limits are restrictions, but their being in place does not mean you can't have a car.
    The murder rate in America is the highest amongst developed nations. Why do you want to do THAT to Americans? Because of your precious?
    British laws change all the time. It is structured slightly different then in the US, but it is basically a representative democracy.
    Please do me a favor when you respond. Put more effort into putting your thoughts into a more coherent form. I shouldn't have to decipher your post since we speak the same language.
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    I love how the only time a lot of certain types of posters on here acknowledge the Constitution is when the 2nd Amendment is threatened.
    If its for Censoring nudity on Television? Well screw the First Amendment! They can't be bothered.
    If its for detaining citizens without trial, appeal or a time line of release, that the Government deems terrorists! Well screw Habeus Corpus!
    You people make me sick. You know who you are.
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    The WH should listen to the American people. Funny how Pierce quickly runs behind our 1st Amendment but tries to slash our 2nd! Hypocrite! Furthermore, is he a US citizen that can benefit from OUR rights?! He wants to live in a country with no guns...he's welcome to report back to his own.
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    "Don’t throw away a single shot, my brave fellows; ... don’t throw away a single shot, but take good aim; nor touch a trigger, till you can see the whites of their eyes." - Colonel William Prescott ordering his rebels at the Battle of Bunker Hill, 1775
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    Why should the White House listen to 100000 nutcases that want to shut down freedom of speech. Track down the 100000 that signed the list and put them on a government watch list. They are as dangerous as the Teliban.
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    Maybe he can be president someday. Stranger things have happened. And the Constitution? Hasn't been paid attention to unfortunately in any of the last four years.
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    While it may not adhear,whatever that means, to him .it most certainly protects his speech. And who isn't a queen lover? Bohemian Rhapsody was a classic.
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    @Neo_NtheMatrix Just last four? How about the last 44 or 54? That document has been used as toilet paper so many times I'm surprised it's still readable. ;)
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    As i read from my little constitution it starts out, We the people OF the united states, in order to form a more perfect union---- to me this means a LEGAL citizen. Those who do not qualify, deserve no consideration as related to OUR constitution.
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    The 1st Amendment to the Constitution does not limit freedom of speech or freedom of religion only to citizens of the United States. If you would have foreign citizens be excluded from the right to speak freely while in the United States, would you also say that the Pope could not preside over a Catholic Mass while visiting the US?
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    Honestly if I were the President and I was reSponding to this petition, I would say to those who signed that petition. Get a frigging life. You expect me to run a country, get us out of debt, shut down a war, stop trying to buy our friends, deal with ever splinter group crying foul, AND THIS STUPID PETITION. GET A FRIGGING LIFE.
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    There is a reason why free-speech is part of the FIRST Amendment. WE CANNOT DEPORT SOMEONE FOR DISAGREEING WITH US. What kind of world are we living in when we as Americans want to forsake the First Amendment just to protect the second. Especially when the Second Amendment is not in danger.
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    The White House are idiots if they say anything; well nevermind. They will respond. But the UK doesn't want him either.
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    Have you noticed how ugly and mouthy he gets with this remote guests, but never calls names or slander the ones sitting within arms length of him. LOL what a coward!
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    Morgan is as unAmerican as hot tea and crumpets. Why do any Americans listen to his socialist BS? He is just like all the other liberals when he calls names and can't make any valid points in his arguments. The right to own and bear arms cannot be understood by some people like Pier Morgan because they are not free thinkers and they do not know the importance of liberty and freedom. I say send him back to the filthy place he came from for stomping on our United States Constitution.
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    "I say send him back to the filthy place he came from for stomping on our United States Constitution."
    Damn right! And send any a55hole that voted for the Patriot Act, NDAA 12 and supported wire taps without warrants. Get rid of anyone that doesn't support the Constitution. So lets see.... that's most of Washington DC, pretty much all the red states since their elected officials brought it up and passed it, and send the coward Dems that supported it out too.
    The real Patriots that voted against it can stay. So there are 120 from the House, and 13 from the Senate.
    You can view them here.....
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    Deport him is what they should do...but u know hiw that goes.hes not even a citizen and uses 1 st admendment and citizens of here are being threatened of the second screwed up is
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    we have enough socialist in this country,why not deport him,we got rid of the brit's once,if they want to start trouble again,???of course this is giving another Liberal the publicity they couldn,t get any other way
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    I do not believe Mr. Jones is not infringing his freedom of speech. He is disagreeing with what Morgan is saying AND I do not think Morgan has First Amendment protection. But in any case, Mr. Morgan is opening advocating the repeal of the 2nd amendment and I would like to know what this NON US citizen is being given the floor to make his outrageous statements. Jones might be an agitator, but Morgan is on the polar opposite end.

    I would love to see that video of Jeremy Clarkson punching Morgan.
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    Everyone in the USA has equal rights according to our constitution. Anyone can "advocate" for the repeal of any amendment (hence the 21st which repealed the 18th). To advocate for change is the power of freedom.

    I suggest anger management sessions if you think it is fun to watch people get hurt. You have my sympathy.
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    @KPinard 1) Morgan is NOT a US citizen and 2) Why do you think I am angry. If I go see a violent movie that makes me angry? Respectfully disagree instead of throwing insults. But I know commie habits are hard to break.
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    From the 0bama Regime, I predict 0bama tells Alex Jones to suck it up. Lefties like Piers and 0bama tend to stick together...
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