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    The Second Amendment to the Bill of rights of the United States Constitution states "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." In order to understand that right, the modern reader must understand the semantics of the eighteenth century. The term "Well Regulated" meant well trained according to James Madison, the principle author of the Constitution. The term militia, according to the Militia Act of 1792, referred to all able-bodied male citizens. The meaning then of the Second Amendment is made quite clear. It is meant to serve as a chain upon the government to prevent the infringement of government power upon the Civil Liberties of Americans. Further proof of this can be seen in a quote from George Madison. "I ask, Sir, What is the Militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials." (George Madison, Three Elliot, Debates at 425-426). Richard Henry Lee, in his Additional Letters from the Federal Farmer of 1788 stated, "A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves.and include all men capable of bearing arms." Title Ten section 331 of the U.S. code states "The Militia of the United States consists of all able bodied men at least seventeen years of age."

    The founding fathers of the United States believed that government is a necessary evil. They wrote the Bill of Rights, as stated earlier, to serve as a chain, which would limit government power over its citizens. Civilian ownership of firearms would, in the founding fathers' view, be the " American Peoples' liberty teeth." (George Washington). This is to say that, despite attempts by some hypothetical future government to impose a tyranny, the American people would be able to resist it without armed force. The same founding fathers had only thrown off the yoke of tyranny during the revolution. They knew full well the value of an armed citizenry in fighting off tyranny. The minutemen assembled at Lexington and Concord to prevent the Royal Fusiliers from seizing the munitions of the militia as General Gage had ordered (Order of General Gage, April 18,1775). Further proof of the original intent of the founding fathers can be seen in a quote from Thomas Jefferson. "Experience hath shewn, that even under the best form [of government] those entrusted with power have, in time and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny." (Thomas Jefferson, Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge-1788). George Washington stated, " government is not reason; it is not eloquence, it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a feraful master." In this quote, Washington summarized the mistrust that the founding fathers had in government. He realized that government could, like a fire, get out of control. Patrick Henry stated," Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approached that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun."
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    @DerivePI I am sure that Mr. Bannon loathes that document and the rights its imposes. There isn't a single law on the books that would have prevented Aurora or Newtown. Period. End of discussion. Restricting access or even banning guns will not prevent future tragedies. But for what ever reason, Mr. Bannon and his Socialist friends just can't seem to understand that.
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    "The term "Well Regulated" meant well trained according to James Madison, the principle author of the Constitution."

    This is the part that I'm most interested in...
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    @RobertJHarsh they understand,they just don,t care...they live by a "if i conform to PCness then maybe the totalrian government that is coming will kil me last"complex,theydon,t realize that the Star Trek federation was just in the TV and as such will, only work in hollywood
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    Why is the right to bear arms the second amendment and not the third or fifth? Because its the foundation of our republic.

    Law is Force.
    With out force to back up law, law is merely an exercise in words.
    Law is Force.

    We are a free people and we give up a small amount of that freedom to a government, but demand that government operate under law. The Constitution is the law we force the government to abide by for having the honor of governing us.

    Where is the best repository for all the force necessary to back up that law?

    The people!

    That's why it's the second Amendment. The right to bear arms has nothing to do with hunting or keeping the king out of your house. it is one of the principles of a Republic.

    Law is force, And the Constitution is the American people's law by which we control the government. The second Amendment gives the people all the force necessary to back up that law.
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    Besides guns, what did the Congresswoman Giffords, Aurora and Sandy Hook shooters have in common? Mental illness. There is no debate that all of these are tragic, but it is not an issue of gun control, it is an issue of helping those with mental illness.
    The same week that the Sandy Hook shooting took place, there was another attack on a kindergarten class in China. The attacker didn't use a gun, but a knife. Violence happens for different reasons. But gun control isn't the only solution to the problem. It is just the easy target (no pun intended).
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    Mental illness is a big part of it, but what are the real solutions to mental illness? How can you identify them if they can't see a doctor? How can you treat them if they don't have insurance? This opens a whole can of worms.

    Regarding the kindergarten class in China... how many children were killed w/ the knife in how long of a time period?
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    @AceLuby 22 were injured in the most recent. In a previous attack, 20 were killed. I think two of the above shooters were under treatment. I didn't say that fixing the mental health issue was easy. In fact, I said that gun control was easier. But don't we owe it to people to address mental health?
    Link to article about China
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    Yes, they may have been mentally ill, but they still obtained the guns and quite easily I might add. What does that say about our gun control that allows the mentally ill to obtain firearms?(This is framed with James Holmes in mind over Adam Lanza, but it still pertains to both)
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    @Mbjhug The same thing could be said about those who drink and drive. Thousands of people enjoy a drink afterwork responsibly. They let sober friend or a taxi take them home. But there are some a$$holes will try to drive home drunk and kill an innocent family. Should we go back to prohibition?
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    As un reliable as we know polling is I hardly think the idea of shredding the Constitution should be based on any polling data.

    secondly to claim the NRA is the problem in any of the shooting is ludicrous.
    The NRA is simply an organization that is designed to stand up and protect the second Amendment. that is why they're under attack .

    It is shameful how the left uses this violence perpetrated by insane people who is the record shows mostly all Lean left to try and strip or our rights from the Constitution. I read today where the White House is considering some type of executive order .

    That would be a huge mistake.
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    You know, I have never actually donated to any type of lobbying organization before. But Mr. Bannon might have convinced me to donate to the NRA. I think I will become a member. I have no interest in buying weapons like an AR-15 and high capacity magazines but the people who do have an interest should have the right to make such LEGAL purchases not be stopped by gun control scum like Bloomberg and Feinstein, whom have no problem turning America into a jail. Bloomberg Gespato NYPD seems to harass and murder people at its leisure. Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens keep government in line. Bloomberg and Feinstein seem to not like the idea of citizens keeping THEM in line.
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    Mr. Brannon, your thoughts in the piece have little relevance to the topic. It's clear that you are a liberal and that facts bear little significance to any argument you put forward. I is also clear that you believe that taking the guns away from law abiding citizens will keep them out of the hands of the criminals and the mentally ill. Mass shootings happen all over the world not just in the US. On a per capita basis Europe and the US are neck in neck in these type of crimes in the past decade but for the most part Europeons have been disarmed. I was in Paris not to long ago and the one thing your see is armed police/military throughout the city with visible assault weapons. Let's be realistic about the problem and not just take a a feel good approach. History proves that taking people's guns away will not make us safer. One of founding fathers make a statement to the effect the giving up your rights for security usually means that you end up neither freedom or security.
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    Around noon today, a robber entered a business in Independence KS with a drawn gun demanding cash and valuables. The owner drew his own pistol and despite being shot himself shot and mortally injured the would be killer/thief! Once again, a good guy with a gun was able to stop a bad one with a gun and evil in his heart. good riddance as far as I am concerned. BTW, I would bet my last nickel that the bad guy did not come by the gun he used legally!!!!!
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    I wonder if he used his own statistics?!

    "Brad Bannon is president of Bannon Communications Research, a Washington D.C.-based political polling and consulting firm that helps Democratic candidates, labor unions and progressive issue groups win political and public affairs campaigns."
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    I'd have been open to the discussion of additional gun regulations until I read this article. Real solutions are immediately taken off the table without thought to desired effect. Its as if any gun regulation is a solution to liberals. Lets give them some other options to not think about:
    - Require left handed gun grips only - Yeah!
    - Eliminate the use of lead in bullets - Bravo!
    - Demand potential gun owners watch a movie about bunnies prior to purchasing - Excellent!
    - Prior to cross state lines, have owners get out of their cars and do 20 jumping jacks in a designated spot - Michelle would be proud!
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    @DerivePI Remember.... da prez said it yesterday.... he needs to get gun control done before the emotions of Newtown pass.

    Just another way of saying that the children's blood is only good for greasing skids for a short time.

    Now Bozo Biden mentions "Executive Orders" to bypass congress....

    Isn't THAT why we have a Second Amendment?
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    @Sharpshooter - After Obama's successful re-election, the politcal strategy for the liberals has been and will be to bring up every piece of legislature that the GOP can't possibly agree to:
    - No to taxes on the rich
    - No to gun control
    - No to women's rights
    - No to blanket immigration
    - Etc...
    The press will continue to be complicit, without any thought to real discussions on the issues at hand.
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    "My daughter is a high school teacher and she thinks the last thing schools need are more guns" - so psycho is in the hall gunning down students one room at a time. The one thing you, as a teacher can be thankful for is :

    A. "Thank God he has to reload after every 8 shots!"

    B. "I'm sure glad the gun he's using to murder my students with doesn't look like a military gun!"

    C. The bastard is dead because, while Mr. Kind across the hall was drawing his attention with his glock, you unlocked your gunsafe in your desk and put the psycho to rest with your Beretta.

    D. The psycho went to the next county's school because your school has an established reputation of armed and dangerous teachers.
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    "More than half (58%) of all Americans support stricter gun control laws"this is why a democracy was so feared by our founding fathers,just let some Marxist leaning mouthpieces convince 51% of the public to give up their constitutional freedoms and Waa Laa!!!!its kind of funny but when a totalitarian government comes into power,these are the first tools they wack,LOL
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    "We'd love to make Politix a welcoming place for activists, intellectuals and others to contribute their views," you left a word out. Leftist should be inserted right before 'activists.'
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    @WilliamWallace I wouldn't worry.... Guest Post is code for Post and Dump.

    Has anyone ever seen any of these guests respond in discussion? They post their diatribes here and leave because they don't want a discussion, only a soapbox.
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    NRA = the only true American organization that stands up for freedom and is supported by more than 90 million adults according to most all polls, even liberally biased ones.
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    Consider the source and I am not surprised.

    Isn't the hypocrisy noted when the 2nd Amendment, Republicans, and the NRA are demonized...
    Yet, the 1st Amendment, Democrats, unions, SAG and entertainers, and the rest who are making billions off of violence, who are glorified and have a right to free expression, but want to blame the conservatives for guns.

    Celebrities Demand a Plan
    &fe ature=youtube_gdata_player
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    No it is cry baby liberals who are the problem. To say that all of the NRA is bad is to say that all Liberals are going to Hell. Some I am sure are, but not all So no this is a stupid article! How does the left wing tird bags get away with making blanket statements like that?
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    This article is pure emotion, with no logic. Tell us where the great magnet is that will pick up all the guns in this country. Just because you pass a law to "ban" something doesn't mean everything just magically disappears.
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