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    @DARSB @marine1, perhaps the standard of accountability would be high, but wouldn't that create a few thousand new jobs?
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    Raise the debt ceiling my ass, they first better raise the standard of principle,ethics and responsibility of congress. And we wonder why this country is going down the tubes?
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    @martydotcom Democrats are upset with the GOP. For a couple brief years- the tea party folks didn't play the role of losers as they did the 40 yrs the Dems ran congress. But, now the establishment GOP is playing the role again. Losers when they win- losers when they lose.

    We are beyond the threshold of rational thought in politics. Like him or not- Romney would have won 45 states 20 years ago. Successful family man- with not a hint of scandal. Great looking family and good speaker.

    Now we have a simpleton, totally unqualified. Who would have been rejected for a gov't job with a simple FBI background check. In a time of everyone nationwide cutting back- he's flying here and there for fun, hanging with rappers & passing the buck.

    The only thing worse are the sissified GOPers.

    It's a reflection on us- Style over substance- and take what you can and blame everyone else.

    We have gotten what we deserved.
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    The DCCC recommends that congresspeople spend ALMOST as much time doing their jobs as they do fundraising? Not that this is surprising, but it's disgusting. These two main parties are just marketing entities more intent on perpetuation of themselves over the interests of the people. Anyone who joins one has already dropped in IQ for doing so.
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    Your response is precisely why it continues, plus you're factually wrong. Connecticut, Maine, and Arizona all adopted a system of small-dollar citizen-funded elections. Instead of empty cynicism, join so we can spread this reform throughout the nation. Or just sit on the sidelines and bicker.
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    It's appropriate to check in with your bosses regularly, it's good for your career.
    Too bad the voters get screwed, but that the game these days.
    And it that way because voters let it happen...
    The lobbyist's playbook

    If you want it to stop, propose a law that prohibits congressmen and their staffs from working as a lobbyist or taking employment with any company they helped to regulate for five years after his term expires.
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    .Jack Lew received a $950,000 bonus after Citigroup was bailed out, now he is Barack Obama’s choice to head the Treasury Department
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    Things like this pretty much kill the image of the citizen politician, gone to do his duty to the society before he returns to private life.
    Nope, these are all professional politicians, they don't have any private life to go back to.
    Don't I remember something about a Society of the Cincinnati?
    The Society is named after Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, who left his farm to accept a term as Roman Consul and served as Magister Populi, with powers similar to that of a modern-era dictator. He assumed lawful dictatorial control of Rome to meet a war emergency. When the battle was won, he returned power to the Senate and went back to plowing his fields. The Society's motto reflects that ethic of selfless service.
    Gotta miss the old days...
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    the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee aka The Tax and spend peoples monies group....God I love it!!!
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    Okay, admittedly math was never my strongest subject, but this isn't adding up right. 4 hours of fundraising, plus "one hour for "recharge time," one hour of "strategic outreach" defined as press, breakfasts, and meet and greets, one to two hours for meetings with constituents, and two hours for committee meetings, votes and hearings ... " So the part where they are actually doing their jobs is only 20% of their 10 hour day? Do I have that right? smh ...
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    They just get sworn in & start campaining with 2 yrs to go befor the next election/ WOW talk about work ethics
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    1 to 2 hours for constituents and 4 hours for donors. Is that telling us something about where we are placed on the list of important things to tend to?
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