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    We do republicans ALWAYS advocate tax policy that places the tax burden on those who can least afford to pay it?
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    How does a sales tax burden those who can't afford it?

    We don't have the specifics, but every time have seen such proposals food and basic clothing are exempted. The poor aren't obligated to buy "luxury" items and if they chose to do so they can afford to be taxed on them. It's a choice they get to make,,, burden?
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    @Sharpshooter That's certainly not true. Clothing is often taxed as is a good portion of groceries and over the counter medicines. It depends on the state. In many (maybe even all) states home purchases, airplanes, and cars are exempt or taxed at a reduced rate. Why should some minimum wage mom have to pay sales tax on a cabbage patch doll for her kid when a hedge fund manager doesn't on his 10 million dollar estate, tax private jet, and hundred thousand dollar Maserati?
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    @Sharpshooter We have no income tax in FL, and there is sales tax on everything except food and prescriptions.
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    Washington state has a sales tax and no income tax. Each city can add on its own tax to the sales tax though, so although the state sales tax is 6.5%, the sales tax for Vancouver is 8.8%. Sales tax avoidance on portable, big ticket items is rampant near the Oregon border, where there is no sales tax. I can't say that sales tax is a more fair and evenly applied tax than income tax.

    Washington does levy corporate taxes. Eliminating corporate tax is a huge gift from Governor Jindal. I guess he is paying back his campaign contributors now.
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    Refineries, oil companies, hotel chains, food stores, gambling casinos, Walmart, and commercial fisheries would love this because it would make individual people pick up their tab while they keep prices the same and making more money.
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    Oh yeah this should do it. Jindal just moved from the "who is this guy and what is he saying" category to the lunatic fringe category. You eliminate state income tax on the absolute poorest state in America and you ramp up the taxes on their food supply. That makes sense,. THEY DON'T PAY ANY STATE INCOME TAX TO START WITH FOR THE MOST PART. Then you take all taxes off of the oil companies which is the primary source of tax money for Louisiana and then you jack up the taxes for groceries of the poorest people in America. You are and IDIOT Jindal. Get to the back of the line.
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    Some of Louisiana's corporate citizens include BP and Dutch Shell - both already the recipients of fairly tremendous federal tax breaks.

    But I see the BI article mentions his idea is under development (which is a nice way to say "half-baked") so there is a chance he'll want to tax online purchases, too, which won't sit well with . Add in the disproportionate burden sales taxes place on lower income families and this may be much more complicated in implementation than anyone can project right now.
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    It's a simple concept.... you spend more money you pay more tax, save money you keep it. Investing in a business generates jobs and can generate wealth. It's certainly worth a shot... taxing earnings certainly doesn't work.
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    Sounds fair to me. This way even the crack mommas have to pay some kind of tax on what they purchase from legit places.
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    This will not apply in all cases buuuttt, what is fair about taking from those who earn it and giving to those wou won't even try?
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    It always thought that was the fair approach. You buy more you pay more so that covers the rich, you buy less you pay less so that covers the poor. Its simple and its easy for everyone to understand. I see all kinds of crazy minded opposition to the idea but it is just speculation because we have never done it. If it doesn't work you can always go back and no harm done.
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    It appears that the tea party ,neoconservative Republicans are determined to take away from the poor and give it to their Big Business sponsors.
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    Taxes should be balanced among the various types to keep tax collections balanced when the economy changes.
    Sales tax can be made more progressive by not taxing food. And I would like to see restaurant meals untaxed.
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    I agree wholeheartedly. It is a step closer to the Fair Tax system. With the elimination of other taxes, the money normally taken out of your check is left to you. When corporate taxes are cut, the cost to make, distribute, and sell the item is reduced. More money in your pocket, less spent on the item, tax collected thru the business and not your check. No More IRS!!
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    Since 50% of Americans don't pay income tax anyways, this makes sense. Besides, the TAKERS don't have a "Right" to luxury items anyways. If they want said items, then they should pay the tax on them just like any other person who works hard for his/her money.
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    In translation, what he's saying is,"Let's stop taxing the rich so much and stick it to to everyone else."

    He knows that a sales tax is the most regressive of taxes.

    This is a part of the overall neocon extremist campaign to empower the plutocrats at the expense of the rest of us.

    If the voters of Louisiana let him get away with it, then they are even dumber than Floridians would be if they re-elected Rick Scott.

    Carpetbaggers and scalawags are loose in the South once again.
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    Dain...let me ask a question. Your title basically indicates sales taxes going up are a bad thing. In reality, it's not and likely will only happen in the short term.

    When Tennessee abolished their income tax system, yes their sales and property taxes went up to prevent a big bang type of shock, but now, Tennessee is a state that is gaining in population and jobs. Whereas a state like mine, Ohio, with a near oppressive income tax that would please Stalin is running out people for better jobs. Columbus is the only city growing and that is because it is the capital and the government is there. In fact, most jobs there are either related to finance, health care, or government. The Columbus Crapspatch had a article a few months back saying every 1 out of 3 new jobs is government related is some way.

    A better indicator of growth is not income tax receipts, but CONSUMPTION tax receipts. When sales and property taxes are keeping the local govt in the black, that area functioning well economically. Take a place like Detroit or Cleveland, with high income taxes? Doing poorly.

    Income taxes KILL economic growth and that is a foregone conclusion.
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    Awesome idea. I might move him out of the RINO category if he does it. Income taxes are the fastest way to kill any economy.
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    Although everyone likes to believe this is fair it never is. It ends up increasing the tax burden to those who can least afford it. The working poor only pay tax through sales tax as they do not have the income to pay other taxes. Raising the sales tax impacts them. I have a childhood friend who works every day 10 to 12 hours a day at a minimum wage job. He is hard working and a good person he is just not very bright. He should not be penalized for that.
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