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    This is a direct ploy of distraction to divide the left and the right so both sides ignore the unconstitutional legislation being pushed through Congress and the White House, and instead focus on each other's differences. One cannot say that someone who keeps the company he does has any right to make such claims. If he wants to call out the "Dark Vein of Intolerance" he should probably give up his country club membership.
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    What a shame we miss the REAL ploy that redirects our attention away from America's tax dollars being funneled into the hands of the 1%. Keep the masses busy fighting amongst themselves and they'll never notice anything wrong until they're hungry and homeless.
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    @PayThatCEO Can you name another country where the biggest problem facing the poor is obesity? Park the Prius, burn some carbon credits and visit Darfur or Somalia then you will get a true picture of homeless and hungry. It may just shatter your microcosm. Sure I am a American citizen but I am also a planetary resident.
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    @Buzzfriendly That's kind of what I was thinking during that Newtown shooting. We lost 26 of our own, but we kill people every day overseas. What's the toll so far in our war on terror? Is it 1-2 Million Arabs dead? Wait, we're talking about this Powell distraction. Isn't he one of the war mongers? I wonder how many war crimes he's authorized? Why isn't he standing trial instead of inciting debate?
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    @PayThatCEO The distraction of the 1% brought on by Obama and his Occupukes is certainly keeping YOU distracted. Tax the rich is all we've heard from Obama and his lefty loonies, but in actuality, it won't do a damn thing to help the economy except run the government for 8 DAYS!
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    @AndrewEvans Excellent points. I have been fortunate to have traveled outside of the US on a number of occasions and what I have seen really gave me a more worldly view of what hunger, poverty and strife really are. So when I see people bitching about the 1% but what I hear is that they are only upset that they don't have more of the 1% share for themselves. The poor and hungry argument seems more like smoke and mirrors to cover up jealousy.
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    I was mulling over this whole Sec. Powell thing last night. To my recollection, Colin Powell is noted for being the General in Washington DC during Desert Storm, quitting the Army over DADT, and then doing his part to get us into war in Iraq the second time. One would think that the Liberal media wouldn't be interested in what this homophobic warmonger has to say... Well, one would think that if Powell couldn't be counted on to call the Republican Party racist at least once per interview.
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    According to the more hardcore Democrats, you can't be black and be a Republican anyway, so I guess in his own way Powell WAS a RINO after all, but now that he's bashing Republicans, they'll gloss over all the stuff he was previously involved in that they hated.
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    This man dosn't have to give me any excuses to cover his racism to me. he already proved it along with the rest of the hypocrites when he endorsed Obama. I would have looked over anyone who was black and voted for Obama the first time but the SECOND? The only "dark vein" I see in this country is all the hyprocrites that come out of the left. Why do you racist continue to make excuses for you're own racism. Its gettig old!
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    Oh that is obvious. Colin Powell is racist against white people. That is a 169% proven fact. All the Democrats need to keep doing is running "minorities" for president and they'll keep winning.

    Now what will backfire in the next two election cycles is when you have a Congress full of non-white men in 2020,, and the white men stop voting (which means about 55-60% of the country doesn't go to the polls anymore, and there won't be a viable alternative, that is when oppression and terrorism get started.

    Trust me, we are seeing the last days of the US here. It'll take another 20-40 years but on January 1, 2100, I can assure everyone here, the sun will rise that day on some other country will exist on the land the US once occupied.
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    It's proven huh? Okay give some evidence.
    And believing Obama would make a better president is not racist anymore then believing the opposite is racist.
    Of course, thinking that non-white men comprising congress would be the end of America and will lead to terrorism IS racist.
    Of course, thinking that white men will stop voting if there are no white men running is racist. Racist white men may not vote if it means voting for a woman or a minority, but the rest of us will.
    Of course, your fear that there will be no white men in congress 7 years (or even 20) is just without basis. They still make up a large portion of politicians on both sides. I had no minority option for state or federal office aside from President. There were several women running including my vote for president, but all white women. If their were minority options it wouldn't have mattered. I would have voted for whomever I felt would do the most good/least bad.
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    @Cheenoguy A quick youtube search proves Colin Powell, as well as Sotomeyer are straight up racists. Plain and simple. They are at least their own race comes first.

    But I am curious. I said "I do not think there will be many (if any) white men in Congress in 20 years". I am white. So exactly how is that a racist statement?

    You said: "Racist white men may not vote if it means voting for a woman or a minority, but the rest of us will." Tell me, many blacks voted for the first time ever in 2008 for Obama because he is black. Where they racist to have never voted before because there was no black candidate for president?
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    If it so provable give a link.
    Thinking that there will no white men in congress isn't racist, its just stupid. Thinking that it would be a bad thing is racist.
    See you assume that the increase in black voters is based purely on black pride. I see it more as a candidate reaching out to them and them feeling like they actually mattered. It's the same reason women and other minorities came out more as well.

    Funny thing is that you think it is horrible and racist that some blacks started voting because there was a black candidate, but don't think it would be racist for white men not to vote unless there was a white man running.
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    I guess the liberal talk shows weren't interested in any real talking points so Colin had to agree to disparage his party in order to get some face time. Understandable but short sighted. Go join John McCain in the corner. As guess not every black man can be as powerful, corageous and thick skinned as Clarence Thomas.

    As for his criticisms, pick any organization and you can say the same thing.
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    Both parties have dark veins of intolerance... PERIOD! It is time for everyone to live by the golden rule and get this country out of debt, her citizens back to work, and hopefully everyone can live happily ever after.
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    Yes, some democratic friends tell me if I don't vote for Obama I'm racist, some Republican friends say that all minorities are abusing the system. So yes, in my ever so humble opinion, there is intolerance on both sides. I am a fairly intelligent person. To take it one step further, in the world in general, there is rampant intolerance .... everyone is out for themselves. PERIOD!
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    @Keyjo - Yes, they should. Unfortunately too many liberals have infiltrated my party. You can see these RINOs on display, i.e.: Colin Powell, John Boehner, Chris Christie, and Pat Brady. We are in need of a serious purge inside our ranks, no doubt about it.
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    But seriously though, traditional Republican values view government as serving an important purpose but that it should be lean and efficient. However under the GW Bush years the federal government had it's largest expansion since WWII. Homeland security is one example of wasteful spending oppertunities for defense contractors under the guise of fighting terrorists.

    In other GOP-related news that Politix may or may not cover, learn more about the man who is challenging Reince Priebus for the RNC chairmanship this year:
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    Took an hour and eight minutes according to the time listed on NEO post below yours. Give @jamesmitchell a pass, he was just cing up with a movie title...
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    Of course he is a RINO. He has twice endorsed Obama for president, publicly supports Obama/Democrat policies, and publicly attacks the Republican party. How does anyone get away with calling Colin Powell a Republican?
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    I think he wants to better the G.O.P.
    They have been losing ground with everyone but the looniest of loons. He is more in step with the young, future leaders of the Republican party. Currently, the G.O.P. is about to ignore the "Bridge Out Ahead," sign and drive into the river. Then, it'll be, "sink or swim."
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    I'm going to lay any of my bias aside for a few on this one. I read Colin's books,
    "My American Journey" and "The Powell Principles" as I did with Gen. Schwartzkoff's book. They are men whom I hold in highest esteem. What I came away with from the interview and statements is that he was very frank with constructive criticisms that hold an element of truth with general perceptions of the party as evidenced by the electorate outcome. I also plan on reading Ms Condoleezza Rice's books as well. My opinion is that the GOP has very respected members with these individuals. If one chooses to see 'color' on Americans, they also 'happen to be black'.
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    @Rocker well you can live your whole life without fault,but eat one puppy and your blacklisted from Apparently mr. colon has evolved,not well
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    @MongoAPillager - I'm cool. Wife just opens up my cage door, throws in raw meat, a canned coke, and slams the door shut. I get to go out in public with my shock collar and in the company of a mature adult.... occasionally.
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    Has this man (or Obama) ever been around the common African-American? I seriously doubt it. Worried about words like shuckin', jivin' and lazy? Pull your head out of your arse man, your very own fellow African-American's call each other much, much worse! And what's the number one killer of under 30 African-American's. Yep, another African-American!
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    Obama was lazy and yes, his administration has been shuckin and jiven. Why would you go on vacation when you don't have a budget and as the top leader in the country you go on TV and state you're not gonna work with congress. I used to respect Powell, however seems like he's sticking with Obama-maybe race related-but there are no lies in what has been said about Obama. Powell attacked "play on words" by republicans. Woop tee doo! Guess I'll refer to Powell now as Opowell. lol Wait. Is that politically correct? Can I say that?
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    Apparently Topix disagrees. Apparently Topix has no problem with people making racist comments, but if you refer to someone making racist comments as a racist then that is unacceptable.
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    @Cheenoguy "The word 'racism' is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything - and demanding evidence makes you a 'racist.'"
    - Thomas Sowell
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    Powel is a liar and self serving. The Iraq war I responded to another poster.who was calling Powell a hero and then said he was used...

    ....The man Powell was the boss and used intelligence (fake intelligence) he came up with. He was in the know... he had the power and the knowledge yet he lied and did it anyway. So don't be mistaken he was used but only willingly. It is his fault as much as anyone's else s. I find it sad that now he will play the race card to try to become relevant again and fake people into forgetting who he really is. But hey he will fit right in with the rest of the race baiters and will probably be president one day based only on that divisiveness and lies. Fist in the Air...power to the people!!
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    After December 21st the world went nutzoid....more so than usual....maybe that is what they meant by the end of the world?
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    I would like to remind Mr. Powell that the left coddles racists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Black Panthers, and La Raza. Now tell me again Mr. Powell, who has a dark vein of intolerance?
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    Democrats started the KKK, democrats perpetrated Jim Crow Laws, and democrats opposed civil rights legislation as just recently as Al Gore's father in the 1960's. Only recently did democrats change the way they could use black people and In doing so, transferred their racism onto their political opponents.

    Democrats buy votes with government handouts and perpetrate policies that keep black people in a generational cycle of government Dependance.

    Democrats benefit from black people being poor and Dependant on government, so why would they want black people to be succesful and self reliant?

    Democrats need black people poor and Dependant so they can keep getting their vote. Black people are worse off now than before the war on poverty began and Colin Powell is talking about a republican that said'
    "Shucking and Giving"?

    It seems strange that Colin Powell would ignore the obvious and very real economic catastropy black people suffer at the hands of democrats and focus instead on the false narrative that it is really the republicans that are the racists.
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    I agree totally with your statements of Democrates keeping people dependent on social programs to ensures votes. However the Republican party is a racist party predominated by wealthy white men, who would like nothing more than to keep it that way.
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    @kathyparsell its the democrats that are the wealthy ones, not republicans and its democrats that are the racists not the republicans.

    Transferring the democrats racism on to republicans won't work anymore. Calling republicans the party of the rich is another false narrative democrats and that media foist onto their useful idiots.

    Democrats and the media use every opportunity to perpetuate that narrative. A debate over welfare reform is the rich, racist republicans going after the poor and minorities. Reforming immigration is twisted into the racist republicans got their wealth and don't want immigrants to come in to America and take away what's theirs.

    These and many more false narratives are incessantly perpetrated by statists.

    True conservatives and libertarians, much like Capitalism, offers the greatest amount of freedom to the greatest amount of people.

    Now please explain which republican policy or piece of legislation leads you to believe republicans are racist?
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    @Enslaved Blind faith to one party won't work anymore either. No party is without fault for the situation our country is in . You make some very valid points but then your deliberate ignorance of facts makes you seem a closed minded idolater. Look at the composition of the Republican party and then you explain how with so few non-caucasian members you can say they aren't racist.
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    @kathyparsell I look at politics as a spectrum where there are two absolute ends. On the left is complete government control or totalitarianism. Be it socialism, fascism or Marxism its all totalitarianism and its the farthest point on the left side of this political spectrum. The farthest right is absolutely no government or Anarchy.

    Republicans, while severely flawed and wrong on so very many issues align themselves closer to the side of less government than do democrats.

    Are you suggesting that republicans don't allow non white individuals to become representatives for their constituents?

    The black politicians in the democrat party use the black community for power. Black democrat politicians need black people to be poor and Dependant on government so they keep voting for the people who gives handouts. Black politicians trade in fear and hate.

    Do you think Jesse Jackson wants racism to go away? Jesse Jackson needs racism to keep power and money flowing in to him and as such he foments hate and dissension. He manufactures racism where none exists just so he can justify his existence.

    No republicans are not the racists. It's the democrats that benefit from minorities being poor.

    Do I have to give you the statistics that demonstrate just how much the black community has suffered from the war on poverty and democrat policies?

    And what happens to those black individuals that become conservative?
    They are attacked and maligned by the open minded and thoughtful left. They are called racist terms and denigrated by the compassionate and tolerant left.

    Democrats USE black people and all you can do is point to the actual numbers of minority republicans?

    Ever read Thomas Sowell or Walter E. Williams?

    Minorities are slowly waking up and seeing the democrats for what they truly are, power hungry, control freaks, that lie and misrepresent themselves and their political opponents so they can strip wealth and power from the very people they represent.

    Democrats are the worst thing to happen to the black community since the democrats started the KKK, imposed Jim Crow laws and opposed civil rights legislation.

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    @kathyparsell How is it that the party of Lincoln, a party that led the way in opposing slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynching, the KKK, poll taxes, led the way on integration and voting rights for black Americans, and percentage wise, voted for the 1964 Civil Rights Act in greater numbers than Democrats is now only getting about 10% of the black vote? Democrats say racism, but any objective observer would quickly discard that explanation given the significant number of popular black Republicans. If even a large percentage of Republicans were racist, certainly Allen West, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Tim Scott, Mia Love, Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Star Parker, and Larry Elder couldn't exist, much less be popular with conservatives. Additionally, although Republicans don't support Affirmative Action, very few black Americans actually benefit from it and many are harmed as well.

    So, why are Republicans doing so poorly with black Americans?

    1) Economics: Black Americans are suffering economically compared to the rest of the country. "In 2009, the average net worth for white households was $113,149 and $5,700 for black households." 14.1% of black Americans are unemployed compared to 7.4 percent of whites and "black households’ median annual income fell" more than twice as much over the last two years as white Americans.

    Since black Americans have been monolithically voting for the Democratic Party for 40 years, those numbers are actually a terrific argument for voting Republican. Unfortunately, as a practical matter, it doesn't work that way. People who are doing poorly economically tend to welcome any short term help they can get, even if the increased dependence on the government ultimately makes it more likely that they'll remain mired in poverty. Combine that with the fact that black Americans are dramatically over-represented amongst government workers (11.6% of the population vs. almost 20% of the government work force) and there are strong short term incentives for many black Americans to stay in the Democratic Party even if they'd ultimately benefit more from adopting a more conservative philosophy.
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    Powell is a Republican in name only...It is a typical ploy the Left uses. If you can distact people from the real issues and keep them fighting with each other, then of
    course their attention will be directed elsewhere, and that's really what this is all about. We need to be dealing with foreign policy issues, the economy, and a host
    of other issues instead of wasting time and energy with partisan nonsense. It's
    ridiculous and serves no purpose. It's time Obama stops hiding behind partisan
    'Marlacky' and shows himself to be Presidential. So far, he's failing.
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    Democrats have a Dark Vein of Stupidity. They are truly the racists. And Powell long ago turned into a RINO....he should just call himself what he is, another card carrying member of the Obama Cult.
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    Hey...I am a Republican and I can tell you for sure that the Republican party is the most racist organization in the US today, followed up a close second by the Southern Baptist Convention. I find it deplorable that racism, homophobia, and misogynists run the party from the top down. It is a white's only club and everyone else is secondary.

    Why I am still in? Well in America you get two choices and you take the good with the bad. For example, gays want civil rights but the Democrats also want higher taxes and punishing people who make a good living. So they take the good (civil rights) with the Democrat's bad (high taxes, killing businesses).
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    Powell ever learn, obviously, Republicans don't look down on minorities....Republicans look down on those who refuse to help themselves - those with an entitlement mentality. I am sure to Powell, he doesn't see it that way, because, SO MANY of the minorities he knows are not givers but rather takers.
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    It amazes me that we disagree about a person's job performance as president and disagree about certain lifestyles, we as Republicans are called Racists. Many people disagree but we are not out there to hurt people. There are dark veins in Democrats and Independents.
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    Okay....Colin is WAY off base...and needs to jump ship over to the progressive liberal side where it seems his ideology is more in tune with. With the hypocrisy of progressive liberal tolerance he is showing here, he might remember that the Democrats support abortion at all costs, discriminate against christians, family values, and redefine marriage, have major problems with tolerating Jesus but have no problems embracing mohammed, have a vice president that insults racial our president, vote for president based on skin color, have racial and gender quotas....
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