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    Bad idea. Might as well give Comrade Soetoro unlimited Credit Card. SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! Obama's peoples need thems' EBTs!
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    Insanity - doing more of the same and expecting a different result.

    Am I right, raising the debt ceiling only prolongs the inevitable, which is, we will have to pay it back?

    What in the world makes anyone think we will be in any better position to pay it back later? The evidence of the last 4 years sure does not say that.
    Don't hand me any garbage about there have been some positive signs lately, thats garbage. I have never seen one of those little charts or graphs where that little line went straight, as it goes up or down there is always a little zig or zag in the other direction.
    And again King Obama lays down his law, and will not negotiate any about raising the debt ceiling.
    Amazing the Obama lovers really think he give 2 terds about America, if I wasn't American and directly effected by the A--hole President, I would be LMAO at America.
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    @PoliticalSpice But he wants to make the GOP the bad guys again. Every Republican who voted to jack up taxes will not be making back in 2014. Now Soetoro thinks he can get rid of more Republicans in 2014 by suckering them into voting for his non-spending cuts.
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    The best part is that Obama again said he will refuse to negotiate, but watch the left go after the Republicans for not doing exactly as Obama wanted. They will mention a made up mandate, they will ignore the Republicans won the house, and they will say the Republicans don’t care about people (only money).
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    I'm a little offended by the idea that everyone needs to be gouged for more and more taxes, yet this guy wants to spend more and more. If we raise the debt ceiling we need to cut the spending so we don't have to keep raising it. Damn, damn, damn. It's so sad what this country is being turned into. We keep raising the debt ceiling, increasing spending, then raise the debt ceiling so more. It's disgusting.

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    When I was out of work years back, we cut up our credit card because our income was much less than normal. Stopping the excess spending actually gave us some breathing room AND a surplus. Imagine that!

    Obama is holding this country hostage with his unwillingness to negotiate. He's just pulled a Napoleon and proclaimed himself emperor. Will he crown himself in Washington National Cathedral like Napoleon did in Reims?
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    @methinks You cut up your credit card not your credit card bill. The "debt ceiling" is NOT like your credit card it is the credit card BILL.

    The debt ceiling is basically the bill collectors calling and asking you if you intend to pay. If Congress does not act on the debt ceiling they are basically saying that America does not intend to pay the bill.
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    @Waynestew Reread my first sentence:

    "When I was out of work years back, we cut up our credit card because our income was much less than normal. Stopping the excess spending actually gave us some breathing room AND a surplus. Imagine that!"

    The debt ceiling is the same as any one of us asking the credit card company to increase our credit line to continue spending. If we cut up, or curtail, the nation's credit card, then that ceiling no longer needs to be raised. We have a spending problem and we have to do something about it. Ignoring it is no different than out of control spenders going on shopping sprees when they know they have to borrow more money to pay their bills!
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    No, again this is the problem. The debt ceiling is not a credit limit. It is not the government asking for more money. Its more aligned with the government deciding whether they are going to make a payment on the debt on time.

    If you and your wife are having a conversation about paying your credit card bill. You would tell her that she needs to cut back on spending but you would still PAY THE BILL. YOU WOULD NOT TELL THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PAY YOUR BALL UNTIL YOUR WIFE AGREES TO CUTBACK ON SPENDING. This is what Congress is trying to do. It is a bad idea. Once again understand I am not saying spending doesn't need to be cut. However this is not a conversation for that.
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    It is Reagan's fault who deficit spent more than President in History prior to himself. It's both Bush's fault who each deficit spent more than any President in History prior to themselves. It's Obama's fault for continuing to do what every president does. Sign bills that have massive pork spending attached to them. Neither Obama nor those other three have raised voice one against Pork. Clinton did and often said he would not sign certain bills if they had pork attached to them. You right wingers like to blame Clinton for the collapse. That's simply not acceptable because what you're saying is that neither Bush nor Reagan nor your party has even been smart enough to cause problems and still leave the office with a surplus. How stupid do you have to be to allow deficit spending and then leave with things in collapse as Reagan did with the S & L's, as Both Bush's did? I mean if Clinton could do it and leave with a surplus that says the GOP are just flat out stupid eh?

    Debt does not just jump up out of a ditch and mug a nation overnight. It is an accumulation of irresponsible congresses (remember it's the House who does the money spending) and irresponsible Presidents. I, for one am sick to death of both wingers sitting around blaming "the other party".

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    I agree 100%. It is a product of congress the senate and presidents. To blame one person ie bush ie clinton is just ridiculous. To blame one party is just ridiculous. But hey they keep us distracted very well.
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    Thanks Jesse and Clever for using caps, hopefully it will go through some of our thick skulls. ;)
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    @jamesmitchell You know I once pointed out to an ebay seller that he only typed in caps. He then pointed out to me that he had made 87,000.00 in a year. Some things are nitpicking.
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    I want the government to shut down, and stay shut down. It has a proven track record of failure too be fiscally responsible and further, is in fact a weapon of mass destruction, proving to be a clear and present danger to world peace.
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    “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” - Plato
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    "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America 's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government's reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America 's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that,'the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better."
    ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006
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    So where were you guys in 2006 cheering on Obama for being a deficit hawk? Why is it that you not only waited for the entire economy to crash before even starting up a conversation, but waited until Obama was in office before even pretending to care about the deficit or the debt?

    I would take you guys more seriously if you guys even tried to look partial. I think even you guys can admit that we are in a much different situation than in 2006. You should be looking to eliminate the deficit when we have a full workforce, not in the middle of a slow recovery.
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    @AceLuby Financing our government on the backs of future generations is wrong regardless of the party affiliation. I merely posted a quote, so what makes you believe that I was OK with deficits back in 2006?
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    @IMAQT You may not have been OK w/ deficits back in 2006. I don't know you personally, but you can't deny that our deficits and debts didn't become an issue until after the crash and after Obama came into office. I too was never happy about the 'deficits don't matter' administration.

    My point is that we should have never gotten into this situation in the first place. It's like setting your house on fire and then calling the fire department once the fire is gone. The damage has been done and now we have to look at the best way to get ourselves out of the mess w/out hurting the economy any more. The biggest contributors to the deficit since Obama has take office are less taxes being taken in and more taxes being spent on unemployment, welfare, and food stamps. You don't make this better by putting more people on those programs or by kicking people on those programs to the street, you do it by getting those people to work, contributing to taxes, and taking less from programs. Once we have a full workforce THEN we should talk about what programs should be cut and what reforms need to be made, but to talk about any of that before we tackle the most recent problem of jobs will simply make the situation worse.
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    The Congress, GOP-held House in particular, is being awfully dishonest over the debt ceiling. Raising the limit is necessary to pay for things Congress has already spent money on. Failing to deal with the consequences of its own decisions is childish and attempting to extort budget cuts is completely irresponsible.
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    Ok so it like this. The debt is getting higher and higher. Ok say if you come home and the sewage was up so high and about to hit the ceiling. What do you do? Raise the ceiling or clean the crap out and get rid of it?
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    "This is about paying your bills," - President 0bama. Mr. President, if this is about paying the bills, as you say, then get off your high horse and start acting more fiscally responsible. You could start by cancelling the $20 million hoo-hah you have planned for this coming weekend and early start of next week. You can also start by cutting back on excessive and needless government spending in all areas (i.e. handouts, entitlements, defense, etc.). You Sir, are a hypocrite who thinks money grows on trees. The stark reality is that there are debts to be paid ($16.5 Trillion at last count) and more revenue won't solve the problem of continuous CONgressional pay-raises, lifetime Secret Service protection, increases in foreign aid, welfare, WIC, food stamps, Planned Parenthood abortions,$14 muffins, multi-million Las Vegas convention trips, etc. etc. etc. Cut the spending. You would be surprised that the very people who work for a living (and pay taxes) could spend the money better than the Federal Government can...
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    Wasn't this Obama guy the one promising to work with both sides of the Aisle if he was elected?

    VE VILL NOT NEGOTIATE!!!!! Hardly sounds like working with the other side of the aisle.... Hmmmmm

    Was he lying to us or did he not get elected or does he simply not care about keeping his word... sorta like having the most open government in history and publicly debating his healthcare program.

    I gotta reacquire my taste for Kool-Aid so I can be as happy as everyone else seems to be... I liked it as a kid,but I don't think they made it in Bullshit Flavor.
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    @Sharpshooter Threatening to crash the economy unless someone else meets demands you set forth is terrorism.
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    Well since congress already agreed to make the bills they should just shut and pay them.
    The Republicans used to think it irresponsible to do so when they voted something like 10 times to do so when Bush was president.
    News flash republicans. If your petty BS crashes our economy most Americans recognize your part in it. We aren't going to blame Obama. We are going to blame you. If you want to commit party suicide don't take our economy down even farther to do so.
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    To make a long story short, we don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. The loading of pork onto the Sandy relief bill is ample evidence of that.
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    BO reminds me of the guy at the Casino that has dumped his whole paycheck or life savings into the slots , but still thinks he has the secret to making it pay off. All he wants is for anyone to keep handing him money & hoping it pays off. Big problem is - he is a career loser & he wants us to pay for his failing ways. He never accepts personal responsibility.
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    The Idiot Obama is playing the cards to get what he wants. If the debt ceiling is raised, no way he negotiates spending cuts. He will offer another $15B of cuts in return for another $600B or $800B in taxes. His "balanced" approach is 40 or 50 times more revenue than spending cuts. He has no intention of reducing the deficit. He will increase spending with all of the additional revenue, then add some more to the deficit, and blame Republicans for the effect of some tiny and insignificant cuts. This moron is dangerous, and his agenda will completely destroy our country. Liberals are Obama cult, they don't even know what is coming.
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    Avoid Hurting Economy ? President Obama doesnt give a shyt about that.
    His entire goal and agenda has all been about disrupting our country.
    If you dont understand the liberals progressive transforming actual agenda, Then you shouldnt have been able to vote in the first place.
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    All I know is Obama ran his first term campaign on,
    "4 trillion is irresponsible, President Bush is writing checks with our children's future."

    Wonder what we call Obama's 6.5 trillion?
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