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    OK this time I'm gonna get into it with the liberals. What else can you expect from a company trying to sell a legal product? They offer zero calorie Coke. Tastes like what I imagine toxic waste to taste like but they do offer it. It's not Coca Cola's place to simply go out of business because a bunch of low self esteem, no self control fat people can't control their own drinking habits. This is more than enough. Don't want to be fat? You have to to quit drinking regular soda among other things. Just the way it is. Coke did not place a guy with an assault rifle in your cart and make you buy it.
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    Gotta love the "free market." Although this looks more like defensive merchandising than innovation, it still gives consumers more choice, which is generally the better thing to do.
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    @DARSB It's what I call cover all the bases advertising. It's saying to those who quit coke as I did to lose weight, "hey we got something that's not that bad for you. Wanna come back?" they are a business. they are trying to make profit and they make massive profit. But they could probably make just as much without the expense of making, bottling and distributing those "slim brands". So they're trying to create a profitable market among the weight conscious. I don't blame them at all. As you say, more choice is generally the better thing to do.
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    @jessejaymes no mention of all the "health benefits" derived from their artificial sweeteners yummiest aspertine. First they cut the coke, then they replaced sugar with corn sweetener, now it's hardly worth getting out of bed to give the kids a soda and chips for breakfast
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    @martydotcom and when is the last time you saw someone forced to buy any soda at the point of a gun? Life is full of choices. Americans tend to make the very worst possible choice it appears. You take out candy, other sweets, chips, hamburgers, pizza and I bet you a thousand dollars to a used condom that America could drink all the soda they want and still be 50% less fat than they are now.
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    @jessejaymes Let's see, in the last 7 decades, I guess I've seen a kid select fruit juice over soda 10 -12 times?? Accolades to Madison Ave advertising agencies
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    I'll add the they can help a lot by taking HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP out and instead putting SUGAR in like they used too. I believe sugar is healthier and less fattening than corn syrup. They need to stop being cheapskates. I don't care if I have to pay more. Sugar tastes better and feels much easier on the stomach. Bottled in glass with sugar tastes much, much better.
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    Beat me to it. HFCS is the leading cause of obesity in this country. It needs to be banned as a food substance and replace it with sugar. Sell HFCS for car fuel.
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    Its not that HFCS is cheaper, its that the cost doesn't fluctuate as much. Also, it may have something to do with government funded corn subsidies, but I'm not sure yet.

    Other than that, I agree with you. I wish we still washed and reused glass bottles instead of plastic for both flavor and environmental reasons. As for sugar, it just tastes better.

    Down here in Texas you can get Coka-Cola imported from Mexico. Made with real sugar, and comes in glass bottle. The taste is significantly better.
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    @DyingBreed I think they should go back to using sugar in everything and canning most things in glass. I'd pay more for glass and it is more reusable and better for the environment. Once in a while I buy the glass Mexican bottled Coke with sugar at Wal-Mart for a buck. You can get the full sized bottle for a buck there and it's a cheaper deal than others stores or getting the smaller glass bottles. Now if they could have a Coke Throwback in the 2-liters and cans with sugar like they do canned Pepsi Throwback with sugar. I think Pepsi Throwback is a buck more but it's worth it.
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    Coca Cola: It's not our fault you're fat.™

    Get rid of that High Fructose Corn Syrup and we'll talk...
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    Looks like Coca-Cola and company know just how stupid we consumers are. Lower calories often equates to more chemicals in their beverages, which already contain enough carcinogens, thanks very much. I especially loved the bit about putting the stuff into smaller cans - right, that's going to help. Kids will drink two cans instead of one, at twice the price. Insidious. (Some of you may need to look that up.)
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    On the other hand Coke isn't forcing anyone to buy their product. I roll right by these days. I skip the ice cream freezers and the chip aisle. So could fat ass America.
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    @Denizen_Kate You know I stand in line behind two obese adults under 30 probably, two 5-6 year old obese kids and I watch as they pile sodas, chips, ice cream, pastry, the monster 30% fat Hamburger tube, hot pockets, TV dinners, and on and on and on. Not a vegetable or fruit in sight. And then the two little whales throw a fit for candy bars. And they get them. And we're gonna blame Coca Cola for that?
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    Thats one of the reasons I have grown most of my own produce forever, along with keeping chickens, turkeys and geese, along with goats for milk and lawnmowing duty.
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    @DARSB did you the all-time most prescribed drug in the usa (and world) of all time in every category is amphetamine?
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    Do you know our Number One Lady_is a Warrior/ for this.. Man don't get me started.. ( look there is nothing wrong with a soft drink, as long as its mixed with a hard drink) spoken like a true alcoholic.. I'm joking.., I'm on the wagon just ask Jack and Daniel
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    Once while in Canada, I viewed all of the ingredient labels on the soft-drinks in a particular truckstop Manitoba .. There was absolutely no use of High Fructose Corn Syrup in any of the products in the cooler.. America needs to Ban High Fructose Corn Syrup and go back to regular sugar ...
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    Does Davey boy have a point of is he just writing to satisfy his narcissistic cravings?

    The internet has done many good things and several bad ones. Online magazines and newspapers like "The Atlantic" opened the door to self serving wannabe "journalists" that couldn't make it in the real world.

    Like keyboard commandos who tout their combat prowess from mommie's basement while sipping Yoohoo and eating Little Debbie's, people like Davey boy Wagner play at being a journalist. Making it worse is they don't emulate REAL journalists, they mimic the hacks.

    Coke PAID for the commercial... PAID FOR IT! They weren't obligated, nor were they ordered to.

    Because the wife of the President decides to make childhood obesity her cause, it's now in the limelight. Realize that SHE legally has even less power than her puppet husband.

    Childhood obesity is a problem, but it's NOT Coke or Pepsi at fault. I know first hand. As a young man my activity level was higher than most professional athletes, 24/7/365. Carrying heavy loads for long periods over long distances in high stress environments uses tons of calories, so I ate and drank whatever I wanted when I could and maintained a rock solid physique.

    Now I don't live in that world, too many injuries and having something called a home life motivated me to leave that world and start anew as a "normal" person with a "normal' career and a "normal" family life.

    Problem is.... I still struggle with not being able to eat and drink whenever I feel like it. Injuries and health concerns as a result of beating the crap out of my body preclude me from exercising enough to eat the way I want. I know the problem, and the solution.... I'm living it.

    Soda contributes to the issue, so does Little Debbie, and Frito Lay and General Mills and Wonder Bread. But the biggest contributors aren't being attacked because the biggest contributors are also big contributors and Michelle likes living in that fancy place on Pennsylvania Ave.

    The Biggest contributors are the entertainment industry and Human Reproductive Units.

    Human Reproductive Units have replaced PARENTS who spend time RAISING children rather than just making them. Parenting sometimes entails being unpopular with your kids and telling them what they don't want to hear. Parenting involves setting limits and investing the time to enforce them.

    The entertainment industry flooding the market with child oriented programming that not only encourages violence, discourages the work ethic by having everyone capable of SOME magical power and not glamorizing physical activity.

    If parents would tell their children.... TURN OFF the TV and Video Games, get outside and PLAY Baseball or Football or even Tag. Stop buying individual serving soft drinks and replace them with single serving WATER. Use soft drinks as a snack, not a beverage.

    Good food, physical activity and constructive interaction with others will fix a lot.

    Expecting Coke to shoot themselves in the foot is foolish, expecting them to pay for the privilege of shooting themselves in the foot is being a David Wagner.
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    education about health and eating habits starts at home - not with a company making a product for consumption. the great thing about America is that if you don't like the product or feel that it is unhealthy, you are free to go and buy another. or, better yet - come up with a product, start your own company, and compete against Coke.
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    Soft drinks are primarily sugar and water. Does anyone actually believe that they represent ANYTHING even remotely connected to "healthy living"?
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    All sodas should be banned from schools and hospitals. Club soda- OK.
    There's not 1 redeeming quality about them, all bad, in all ways.
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    I prefer Coke Classic because it isn't as sweet as Pepsi. I may be an oddball though because I prefer my coffee black and more resemblant of Maxwell House than Starbuck's so take it for what it's worth I guess.

    Should my opinion of Coke be any more in-depth than that?
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    Hey Coke how about taking out the GMO's like Aspertame from your product if you really cared about your customers health! Stop poisoning our kids!!!
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    Gotta love the free market. If you don't like Coke, then don't buy/drink it. Plenty of other alternatives out there...
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